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I'm getting really bored lately, i'll tell you that much. I have one story pass right now...

"What Ikuto Had Done" - Original by Hitomi Kaetie. One of her fans wants it to be a lemon, so im making it into one... yeah.

But i want to write more; Goths get bored too. God.

Somebody... Ideas? Requests? Any lemon you want to see?

~Bee. DontMakeMeStingYouBastard!! (The DMMSYB dim-sub rule.)

Hey there...



About me.

Well. I'm a goth. Deal with it. I like Death poetry, and screamo, and lots of makeup and all that other junk.

Gender: Who cares.

Fave TV Shows: Teen titans. Danny Phantom. 6Teen. blah blah.

Hobby: None of your business.

Occupation: None.

Relationship: Just got dumped...

Sexual Preference: ...

Favorite class: Chemistry. I like to blow things up.

Favorite animal: Vampire bat.

Description Of my outer appearance:Not. telling...

Best form of exercise is: Hate to admit it, but... Dance.

I live in: Nobody needs to know...

How many relationships i've had: -.-

Religion: Christian.

Best friends name is: Daigo Kananishika.

Prized Posession: Machete my older sister gave me before she died. It's engraved- Live Laugh Love. Very strange to find that on a weapon, but i still love it.

Favorite rhyme: K-RuptDaniLuvr told me about this thing she saw on someone else's profile, so whoever it is, if you're lookin' then yeah. Thanks for putting it there.

Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack, All dressed in Black Black Black, She had a Knife Knife Knife, Stuck in her Back Back Back, She cannot Breathe Breathe Breathe, she cannot Cry Cry Cry, For She Wants Wants Wants, She Wants To Die Die Die.

-Miss Mary Mack, i assume.

Do I write songs: Yes.

My favorite is: OOPS! I just stabbed you!

My favorite band is: Linkin Park.

My favorite meat is: I'm a vegetarian dolt.

My favorite VEGTABLE is: Idk. Spinach. I like popeye.

My Favorite song is: Them Bones by Alice in Chains.

Favorite drink: French vanilla coffee with mini marshmallows, hazelnut cream, chocolate powder, and a squirt of irish cream syrup.

Favorite color: Black.

Favorite COLOR, not favorite NEUTRAL!!: Fine. Red. BLOODY red.

Note to all readers...

Throughout my stories, i may seem hostile towards myself, to you, etc, etc. I just don't like what i write...

Also, i do not write lemon/lime, etc. I do write sex scenes, but they aren't stupid crap like those. I also write slash, but in a quite tasteful manner. Some are rated M.

Fanfiction Friends...

Hitomi Kaetie- You're pretty cool for a hyper-active chick. Thanks for helping me through some tough times, and giving me story ideas. You have a great imagination, and you write amazing poetry. Send me some more of those poems to me again, like the ones you did before. Hope to hear from you soon.

Mysterious Angel Girl- You like crack pairings (mostly yaoi..?). You are funny and don't really care that I'm almost totally heartless. You're one of the few people in the world with some integrity and decency. Thanks for being...Well. You. I guess. I'm not really hearfelt, so I don't know what to say. -Solstice.

You made fun of me for the first while there, haha!! But you're still pretty cool. I forgive you!! :) -Eclipse!

Alright, this is an update. Screw my old "I dont write lemon/lime" thing. I wrote a lemon, sorry if that caused a commotion.


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