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My name is Clara Stone and I basically love all things Phantom. Well, except the Phantom movie. Please don't be offended if you love it, but I really couldn't stand it. If Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler are your quintessential Christine and Erik, well... you and I have incredibly different views. I love Susan Kay's novel and do not like other women phictions. Some people like them, but sorry, they're just not for me.

I am a Drama Major (and Creative Writing Minor)at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. I live in the West Village and love (aside from Phantom)New York, musicals, Joe's Pub, Italian food, POTATOES, Harry Potter (LOVE HP), Philip Pullman novels, Victorian novels (Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte especially), Steven Sondheim, Bernadette Peters, Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, Buffy, Angel (especially Wesley Wyndam-Pryce), Neil Patrick Harris, James Barbour, Mandy Patinkin, Nathan Lane,Tim Curry, Doug Sills, Sutton Foster, Fight Club, Tim Burton films, Disney animation, and a lot of other stuff as well!

Fav Musicals: "Phantom of the Opera," "The Light in the Piazza", "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee", "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,""Jane Eyre," "Sweeney Todd," "The Secret Garden," "Into the Woods," "Rocky Horror Show", "Thoroughly Modern Millie", "Jekyll and Hyde", "AVENUE Q", "Dracula - the Musical", anything SONDHEIM!

I've started the Phantom Writers Yahoo! Group. It's just a place for phiction writers to meet, chat, discuss, get help, etc. etc. If you would like to join, email me at phictionchic@ or go to Yahoo! Groups and sign up for yourself! Hope to see you there!

My Stories:
Holy Darkness -- Work in progress. My personal favorite and what I consider my best story. It's also the thing that is dearest to my 's so hard to write a summary for this story... but read it anyway. It's set after the story, Raoul and Christine are married, but Erik's not out of the picture. E/C tendancies as ALWAYS, but very kind to Raoul. I can't summarize this thing! Argh! But all I can say is that the story (IMO) is just getting better and better. When I look back on what I wrote a year ago, I can't believe how awful some of it is. After I finish it, I'm going to go back and rewrite some parts. The chapters are getting longer and more intense. (1/8/06) After Chapter 13 drained my soul, I put HD away for four months, but now it's back and in time to celebrate Phantom becoming the longest running Broadway musical ever!
Reality Issues -- Currently on hiatus... Actually, on hiatus for two years. It doesn't look like I'll be getting to it anytime soon, but you never know, inspiration could strike at any time! I promise that I WILL finish it one day! E/C per usual.
Mademoiselle Daae is Dead -- One-shot, finished. It's okay, read it if you want. I once thought it was a good story, now I really feel that it's kind of OOC for everyone and completely not realistic. But it was a fun little story to write.
Very Funny Fan Fiction -- A short little humor list parodying types of really bad fan fiction (IMO). I still think it's kind of funny, and always relevant, but I don't think I'll ever add more.
Box Five -- Poem, finished. Written back when I was obsessed with writing Phantom poems. Told from the famous box's perspective.
Guidance -- Poem, finished. I don't really like this one anymore. Written again during my poem phase.

Stories to Come:
Holy Darkness Sequel -- But first I've got to finish Holy Darkness! In development.
Untitled Persia Story -- I've been working on this one for years. An adaptation of the Persian section of Susan Kay's Phantom (and my personal favorite part of the book!). This story will arrive online only when I've decided what version to use (I have 3, no kidding) and have time to dedicate myself to it fully (AKA, when HD is done). 6/29: Had quite a breakthrough with this two nights ago while falling asleep. I finally know how to approach it right, so that readers will understand what I'm driving towards straight from the get-go.
Untitled Jack the Ripper Story -- Uh, yeah. I love Jack the Ripper stuff. I love Phantom stuff. They were bound to collide at some point. So far, this story consists solely of notes I wrote during my freshman year of college. Not a priority, but something I like to think about. Erik and Jack would have quite a showdown, don't you think? (Not that that actually happens. Erik and Jack probably wouldn't ever meet, it would just... Oh, never mind.)

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