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Carlisle and Bella Mystery Story

Like i said in my fourm i am looking for my story. It's a completed story but i can't remember if it's a M rated or T rated and it's, obviously, a Carlisle and Bella story. The details i remember are small but their what i remember from it. She's pregnant with triplets...i think if not then with twins. Sometime during the story she starts to think that Carlisle is only with her because she can bear his children but he really isn't with her just because of that. If you recognize the story PLEASE tell me! i finished it but i would like to read it again! If you haven't read it i would suggest you do because it's a good story :) thx!

My stories

1)Decade after decade

Bella Swan is the coven leader of her two favorite people in the world...Emmett and Jasper, her blood brothers. She gains a new power every decade but the pain increases each time for 24 hours. Her and her brothers go to Forks for Bella's change birthday and her REAL 18th birthday, so after 100 years she'll gain her tenth power, but what happens when Edward Cullen finds her while she is enduring the pain?

2) Perclight

Bella is the younger sister of Percy, and the daughter of Neptune. She and Percy both leave New York so their mothers can live a 'monster free' life, they moved to Forks where Bella's first step-father lives. But what happens when she falls in love with our favorite vampire and a new 'monster' is out to kill her?

3) Finally alive again

Perclight but through Edward's eyes, you get to see his reaction to the Capture of the flag, his first night stalking and his love for Bella. Starts from chapter 5 of Perclight and continues from there.

4)Is this really happening?

Paul is the 'loner' of the pack until Isabella Uley comes around, but she has a secret too, not only is she Sam's sister but she has a past that no one was expecting. What will happen when 8 wolves come by and start attacking the Cullens? What will Sam do and more importantly what will Paul do?

Ideas for stories

My Jasper and Bella (i have not made a title for this but i do have the summary let me know if you like it!)

148 years have passed since the 'death' of both Jasper Whitlock and Isabella Whitlock, now they both reunite but what will bring them closer together? And what will make Jasper get sick in his mind when Alice falls in love with his son?

i am also thinking about another type of a Jasper and Bella but a crossover with Avatar (The movie). i know it is a little weird but i have a good idea! let me talk about it with my beta.

Two Alphas+One Pack=Disrespect for Bella Black. (kinda long but I'm working on it! I got the whole Bella Black thing from another story that i forgot the name. so again THAT part is not mine)

Bella Black is the older sister of Jacob, she was the first to transform into a wolf, first she had respect because of her strength and wisdom, but what happens when Paul and the other wolfs think Bella isn't good enough for being Alpha and want Jacob instead? What happens when The Cullens are back to Forks...and what happens when Bella imprints on Edward?

PS For this story i am thinking about making the imprint Jared or maybe Sam...someone from the pack. tell me what you think!

The Girl who lived (i got the whole 'the girl who lived' idea from I'm Not Exactly Human. So THAT part is not mine! I request that you read that story its AWESOME!~)

Bella Swan is the girl who lived on the night Voldemort tried to kill her, its 6th year and things are starting to slow down, but what happens when 7 vampires enter the school and the triwizard tournament is up again? Will Bella agree to the new rules? Will she enter? Will she fall completely in love with Edward Cullen? or will the fear of losing him hold her back?

or the same title but i was thinking of starting with the first book because the way i want this one to go will NOT make sense unless start from the very beginning. PM me if you want to know more. i am thinking of making a poll as well but...who knows?

Band of love

Bella, Jasper, and Emmett Swan are in a small time Band called, Vamp, mostly because of all the legends they heard about Vampires. And they move into a small town named Forks, ALONE. Renee is in Chicago and Charlie is in Phoenix. Rosalie, Alice, and Edward go and check out the newbies before school starts again after the break. Will love be found? ALL HUMAN.

I am Also thinking of doing some Anime Stories so here is one!

For my anime stories i have this idea since i was a kid when i first watched inuyasha, it may sound weird at first but all my friends like it so i am hoping to make it into an fanfiction series!

The Higurashi Clan: The story begins...(not offical title but still working on it)

The Higurashi Clan is the most feared demon clan in all of Japan and that all changes when Kousei, the next heir to the Higurashi clan, mates with Hisaye and bears Kagome, a half-demon child. The girl who will change the faith of the Higurashi clan and possibly the world.

Anyways this series is all about the Higurashi clan but...all the animes that i have read and liked in the past and currently are all tied together somehow. For example, Kagome and Sesshomaru bears four children, Kagome's first child Shirori (and yes the same Shirori from the bat episode i'll explain some other time), next Yuki a girl that Kagome bears sometime during that fanfiction, and then Tai and Kari (From Digimon).

Kari is the youngest and is the next heir, after Kagome, to inherit the power and title of the Higurashi clan and so forth...such as Pokemon, DNAngel, Prince of Tennis, the list is endless. All the couples that i prefer in each anime would be connected to each other some how.

I know it sounds weird and most likely does not make sense but if you have any questions fell free to PM me. i'm still working on the Higurashi Family tree but i have a general idea!



Kouiji+Izumi (but i might use 'Zoe' instead)


And thats about it, i am always changing my mind somewhere after this but there is another section i am concrete about too:


Minako+Ren (Two animes in this one Sailor moon and Chibi Karin)






And again sometime after this i always change my mind But i like the pairings! Again i know it sounds weird but i think it would be fun to read and write! PM me if you have any questions~!

The Twin Teen Princess of the Mysterious Star: (Fushigi boshi no futago hime is the real title or the Twin Princess of the Mysterious Star)

Princess Fine and Princess Rein are known as the 'most unprincesslike princesses since the beginning of the Mysterious star' but will the prominence change that? or will Jena Ezmar change them? Just like the show but it is on a whole new level, notice the 'teen' part!

Mikan and Natsume Still haven't givin a name but working on it!

Mikan Sakura has more than the nulification Alice (A bit of Naruto but just the Jutsus) she goes to the Alice academy early because she cannot take her 'mother's' beatings anymore. But ;itt;e does she know she will met her father and will fall in love when she arrives.

Ryoma and Sakuno Again haven't givin the title but working on it.

Sakuno is-well was the most popular girl during elementary. but then a few years before high school, age 14-16, she changes because...of what? now Ryoma is back from the states and meets here for the first time on the train.Will she fall in love with not only with Ryoma but with Tennis again?


This is the Link to the Petition that i mentioned in my author alerts!

I have recently heard that M rated stories are being pulled out by Fanfiction. Not I only have one M rated story and currently it has no Lemons but I am planning to put some! And I agree with Shortbritches85’s thoughts about it. Now this is to EVERYONE!

If you DO NOT like the rating of the story or the plot or whatever you don’t like about it…DON’T read it! No I have gotten some complaints from PM or review small ones and sometimes big one, depends on how you look at it. But I have never put them down because well it’s your views and your way to express your thoughts of my story, or any story for that matter.

I got a complaint on my story, Perclight, not too long ago and I was planning on not removing it. But what got me to remove it was that this person insulted you, my readers, and that was when I deleted that review. You can say anything about my story and how your opinion is, but it depends on the author, but…once you call my readers, you guys, idiots for reading my story. That is uncalled for, come on what are you 5? Just because you don’t like it because it’s not in a way you like it to be don’t call other people idiots because they like it. This is applying to everyone, not just a certain person.

Reviews are certainly welcome to any story, depends on the author, but again not every reader is a harsh strict critic. Read for enjoyment or escape, don't try to look for the mistakes or...things that are 'improper’ or ‘rude’.

I personally love M rated stories, not just because of the lemons but because it is real. M rated stories have the reality of the world. Not everything is all pixie dust and fairytales and it’s nice to have some reality once in a while. You may not like it but yes, there are rapes, murders, psychos that run around, child molesters, teenage pregnancy, sex…EVERYTHING! And M rated stories show…some of these, maybe not everything but who knows? I have not read all of them. So please sign this Petition by Shortbritches85.

It will also be on my profile along with my statement, pls sign it, get your friends to sign it and help Fanfiction keep these awesome stories. Also Shortbritches85 has a few lists of some stories that were taken of the site, and I would like to take this moment to say that I am so devastated that Jasper’s Black Rose’s stories got taken off, I love her stories! Here is also her site, take a look at hers and see for yourself.

And please remember that if you do NOT like the stories don’t read them. That is top problem of the M rated sites being pulled off because a lot of readers, and or writers, complain of the graphic description of M rated storied. Guys comes one, it says no one 18 years or older and for adults only. Even if you are at that age I am thinking that you are still 10. And don’t bitch at me about it; it is based on your actions.

sigh sorry for the long lecture but I had to get this out of my system. Please sign this Petition and try to get more ppl to sign it, everyone needs to know and decide on what to do!



~:~Pains and Memories~:~

Bella's charm bracelet:

Bella's Whistle

Bella's sleep wear: ~the Slip~

~The Slippers~

~:~He is not like him~:~

Bella's Andres Sardra shirt:

Bella's worn out jeans:

Bella's flat black suede boots:

Bella’s Sidekick LX Midnight Blue:

Percy’s Sidekick LX green:

Bella’s 2009 HONDA DN-01:


Percy’s Black and grey leather jacket:

Bella’s Red and white leather jacket:

Percy’s helmet(there isn't tainted face mask so pretend there is):

Bella’s helmet(there isn't tainted face mask so pretend there is):

~:~My Crush, My Love~:~

Bella's BabyDoll:

Bella's Hair clip:

Finally Alive Again-


Bella's Whistle

Bella's sleep wear: ~Slip~

~The Slippers~

Is this really happening?-

~:~My Yellow Rose~:~

Paul's outfit:

Bella's outfit:

~:~At the Beginning~:~

Paul's House

Paul's room

Paul's bathroom

Paul's living room

Paul's Dinning room

Paul's kitchen

Guest rooms

Guest bathrooms

Paul's Shirt

Paul's pants that Isa forced him to wear

Paul's car

Isa's guitar

Isa's design on her guitar

Video for How do I live

Video for Bokura no Love Style (version 1)

Video for Bokura no Love Style (version 2)

Video for At the Beginning

Lyrics for Bokura no Love Style (version 2):

Chatting w/ some girl as your watching

Oh No No No
I'm showing off to make you jealous

Oh Yes Yes Yes
My darling please, love is more exciting,

My darling please, if there are some obstacles in it's way

That's our love style, our way of loving
I need you, I want you forever
this is our love stylem thoroughly our love style
you are mine, I'm yours forever only you, love you

Maybe I overdid it a little... did I make you really angry?

Oh No No No
I'll give you a hug, lets make up.

Oh Yes Yes Yes
my darling, please our bond
becomes stronger and deeper if we overcome our insecurities

That's our love style, that's how we go ahead
I need you, I want you forever
This is our love style forever and ever our love style
you are mine, I'm yours forever only you love you

Decade after Decade-

~:~100 years=10 abilities~:~

The Castle:

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Jaz's Stained glass:

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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,789 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 1/23/2014 - Published: 12/3/2013 - Kagome H., Sesshōmaru
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