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Author has written 15 stories for Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Fate/stay night, Soul Calibur, and Mega Man.

: Seia Konigawa

Age: 22

Likes: Reading, writing, drawing, graphic designing, watching anime, playing games, cosplay

Current Planned Fanfics

NOTE: Titles, Genres, Pairings and Summaries might randomly change due to countless ideas popping in. Also, if you have any suggestions or questions about my fanfics, feel free to message me and I'll see what I can do.

Title: Fate: Calamity Trigger
Category: BlazBlue/Fate Stay Night (Crossover)
Genre: Adventure/Mystery
Type: Multi-Chapter
Pairings: Jin X Saber, Jin X Rin, Ragna X Noel, Hints of Jin X Tsubaki, and Shirou X Sakura
Progress: In-progress
Summary: A BlazBlue and Fate Stay Night (Crossover) Fanfic. The plot is focused on the storyline of BlazBlue. But, there will also be focus on the storyline of Fate Stay Night. So, this will contain major spoilers. The Holy Grail War has begun once again. New enemies and new allies arises. But, is the end of the Holy Grail War truly the ultimate goal? Someone is manipulating the strings of fate. The balance of the world is distorted.

Title: Yuki Onna
Category: BlazBlue
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Type: Multi-Chapter
Pairings: Read to find out.
Progress: In-progress
Summary: Based on Talon Silverwolf's Guilty Gear fanfic story: "Lady Thunder". There is a girl in Jin's life. She was found naked after a fight with two mysterious people, and now she never leaves his side. Just who is this girl? Jin's life began to take a turn once this girl started becoming a part of his life.

Title: Scarlet Adaptation
Category: BlazBlue/Touhou (Crossover)
Genre: Adventure/Mystery
Type: Multi-Chapter
Pairings: Jin X Patchouli, Ragna x Flandre
Progress: (W.I.P)
Summary: A BlazBlue and Touhou (Crossover) Fanfic. The story centers around Jin and Ragna being summoned to the Scarlet Devil Mansion by accident. Stranded, the two brothers struggle to fit in with the strange beings not only within the said mansion, but with the inhabitants of Gensokyo as well. Will they be able to go back home? Or is their new environment serves as a chance for a change in their lives?

My Top Favorite Pairings

Guilty Gear - (Ky Kiske X Dizzy)
(The Knight and The Princess. A match made in Heaven or Hell.)

BlazBlue - (Jin Kisaragi X Tsubaki Yayoi)
(A longing Princess separated from her Knight in a cycle of endless tragedy.)

BlazBlue - (Jin Kisaragi X Rachel Alucard)
(The Warlock and The Witch. In a different time, in a different place.)

Naruto - (Sasuke Uchiha X Hinata Hyuuga)
(Silent hidden affection. Susano'o and Kushinada-hime. We are different, yet so similar.)

Soul Calibur - (Siegfried X Sophitia)
(The Darkness can never exist without The Light.)

Yu-Gi-Oh - (Yami Yugi X Dark Magician Girl)
(Childhood friends meet again incarnated in millennium's time.)

Code Geass - (Lelouch Lamperouge X C.C)
(The Warlock and The Witch.)

My Top Favorite Characters

Guilty Gear - (Ky Kiske) - (Positive Traits: Bishounen, Sexy, Hot, Child Prodigy, Extremely Intelligent, Talented Tactician, War Hero, Christian, God-Fearing)/(Negative Traits: Naive and Stubborn)
- A young and beautiful Knight and a firm believer of God. He is an extreme example of a gorgeous Knight in Shining Armor, however, that's only in terms of his outside demeanor. Inside his exterior, I see a man full of struggles and conflicts for his beliefs, doubtness on his actions, and regretness on his views. Outside, he is a perfect Holy Knight. But inside, he is a tragic Holy Knight.

BlazBlue - (Jin Kisaragi) - (Positive Traits: Bishounen, Sexy, Hot, Child Prodigy, Extremely Intelligent, Talented, Tactician, War Hero)/(Negative Traits: Ambitious, Prone to Jealousy, Anti-Social and Obsessiveness)
- A young and elegant Knight and an extremely accomplished War Hero. He grew up never experiencing any close bonds with anyone except his older brother, who also abandoned him. He was adopted by a noble and powerful family and gained everything that any man would fight and die for. Yet despite all of this accomplishments, he felt completely empty. For all his life, he had been only following orders. Beneath his elegant and icy facade, I see a man filled with emptiness and abandonment, only wishing to find the exact meaning of what he is living for.

Soul Calibur - (Siegfried Schtauffen) - (Positive Traits: Bishounen, Sexy, Hot, Extremely Intelligent, Talented)/(Negative Traits: Naive, Obsessed with Atonement)
- A young, gorgeous and powerful Knight. He seeks atonement for the sins he had commited in the past. However, overtime, his atonement furthered into obsession. To the point of shunning anyone trying to help him. Even though his atonement is "To Live", he simply cannot let go of his past and guilt.

Code Geass - (Lelouch Lamperouge) - (Positive Traits: Bishounen, Sexy, Hot, Caring Brother, Extremely Intelligent, Talented, Tactician)/(Negative Traits: Manipulative, Liar and Obsessiveness with Revenge)
- A young Student known for his "Brilliant but Lazy" attitude in his school. He is a Noble in secret, and has a deep hatred for the current state of the world he lives in and for his lineage. He greeds for power to change the world, and to make it a peaceful sanctuary without war. However, when he got this power, he became manipulative. He doesn't care if he has to lie or manipulate his friends, companions, siblings or lovers, so long as he can achieve his goals.

Yu-Gi-Oh - (Yami Yugi/Atem) - (Positive Traits: Bishounen, Sexy, Hot, Extremely Intelligent, Talented, Caring Friend, Strategist)/(Negative Traits: Destructive, Aggressive and Stubborn)
- A Pharoah of Egypt who saved the world from a great calamity 3000 years ago. He was awakened by a boy named Yugi, and his soul now resides within him. They can switch between the two personas at will. Yami Yugi looks like Yugi, but their personalities are different. Yami Yugi is more aggressive, destructive and stubborn than his counterpart, to the point that he almost killed someone. But despite this, he cares very deeply for Yugi and his friends. His true name is Atem, a 3000-Year old Pharoah of Egypt.

Naruto - (Sasuke Uchiha) - (Positive Traits: Bishounen, Sexy, Hot, Child Prodigy, Extremely Intelligent, Talented)/(Negative Traits: Ambitious, Naive, Prone to Jealousy, Anti-Social and Obsessiveness with Revenge )
- A young, beautiful, brilliant, talented and extremely powerful ninja from the noble and prestigious "Uchiha Clan". He has an extremely traumatic past that virtually diminishes all of his gentle demeanor, enough to become extremely cold towards others. Because of this, he swored to become stronger and to exact vengeance. With his exceptional talents, he is considered an "Idol" at his academy, and completely tops and overpowers anyone that goes against him. Beneath his cold facade, he is actually very ambitious, prone to jealousy over the improvements of others and obsessed with vengeance.

Other favorite Characters

Guilty Gear - (Sol Badguy) - (Positive Traits: Badass, Sexy, Hot, Extremely Intelligent)(Negative Traits: Cocky, Lazy, Foul-Mouthed and Hates doing his best)
- The first prototype Gear ever created from a human and the rival of Ky Kiske. He was originally a genius scientist named "Frederick" who worked alongside his companions on what is known as "The Gear Project". He vowed to rid the world of all the Gears after his transformation. As a prototype Gear, he possesses extraordinary powers beyond that of any human capabilities. His true powers are suppressed, therefore it is unknown how powerful he is. He is nicknamed "The Flame of Corruption".

BlazBlue - (Ragna The Bloodedge) - (Positive Traits: Badass, Sexy, Hot, Caring Brother)(Negative Traits: Destructive, Naive, Trouble-Maker, Cocky and Foul-Mouthed)
- The destructive individual known as the "Grim Reaper" and the older brother and rival of Jin Kisaragi. He has a traumatic past alongside his younger brother, and swored to destroy the one responsible for ruining their lives. He is very powerful, but he cannot control the full extent of his power. He is a troublesome person, rushing headlong into trouble without thinking of the consequences. He killed every man, woman, and even children that got in his way of destroying his obstacles.

Melty Blood/Tsukihime - (Nanaya Shiki) - (Positive Traits: Badass, Sexy, Hot)(Negative Traits: Destructive, Killer and Stubborn)
- The "Nightmare Version" of his counterpart summoned by White Len and also her master. He is the manifestation of his counterpart's fear of murderous intent and lives only for his next kill. He is smooth, confident, and treats life and death casually. He never learned the value of living, and recognizes the real world around him to be just a dream.

My Top Hated Characters

Yaoi - I always avoid this. I'm not interested in Boy-on-Boy Romance. Because, I'm very straight. I can tolerate Yuri, though.

Mary Sue/Gary Stu - I absolutely HATE Characters with these Traits. Perfect characters with no negative traits are outright stupid.

Characters that talks nonsense too much - They make my ears hurt.

Perverted Characters - They make me sick.

Characters that don't have any development - They should never even be in the story to begin with.

Tomoki Sakurai - (Sora No Otoshimono) - (Hate Rate: 10/10)
(Why?: He has a potential Mary Sue/Gary Stu quality and he is extremely perverted. He is also dumb and naive. No, I don't find his comical situations funny, in fact, I find it irritating. And he has literally no character development all throughout the series.)

Tsukune Aono - (Rosario Vampire) - (Hate Rate: 10/10)
(Why?: He is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. His antics are annoying and he has no character development whatsoever.)

Mahou Sensei Negima! - (Negi Springfield) - (Hate Rate: 10/10)
(Why?: He is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Personality-wise, the only things I hate about him is that he's wannabe and irritating, and worse is he is loved by girls who are much MUCH older than him despite him not doing anything in that lifestlye of his. I mean come on, the least he could do is say to those girls is that he's just a kid. He would have been less of a FAIL that way.)

Soul Calibur - (Rothion) - (Hate Rate: 10/10)
- (Why?: Okay, so he's not really a playable character, per se. But, I extremely detest him. Firstly, I don't even know his personality and background that much, and yet, he got engaged to one of the finest women in the series. Yeah, Rothion.Must.Die. Period.)

Chobits - (Hideki Motosuwa) - (Hate Rate: 10/10)
- (Why?: As I stated before above, I hate perverted characters. And he is one of the top on the list. Depite him being an extreme pervert and being completely dumb, he is still loved by some of the girls in the series, he has no improvement on his character, and he doesn't amuse me with his corny-ish antics whatsoever.)

Clannad - (Tomoya Okazaki) - (Hate Rate: 10/10
- (Why?: He is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. And being a delinquent doesn't excuse him for that. I don't find his antics amusing. He is somewhat dumb, a jerk, and a complete nobody. And he doesn't even work a single bit to improve those qualities of his. Girls still love him despite him being a jerk to them. Oh, and I just want to respond to all of you who are fans of Clannad and especially him because I've had enough of all of your self-righteous statements - He is NOT handsome, He is a Bishounen-wannabe. There I said it. Now, sue me!)

Angel Beats! - (Yuzuru Otonashi) - (Hate Rate: 10/10)
- (Why?: Oh sure, most will feel sorry for him, but I don't. His naievity throughout the series really annoys me. He has no sense of direction. All he does is whine and complain without even asking for reasons first. What even annoys me more is the fact that his friends just simply leaves him like that.)

Melty Blood/Tsukihime - (Shiki Tohno) - (Hate Rate: 10/10)
- (Why?: He is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. He has a dramatic backstory, more than half of the girls in the series are in-love with him, even the girls who are supposed to be cold towards others and not interested in a relationship are in-love with him, the girls still love him despite him being a jerk to them sometimes, characters that hate him are portrayed rather unpleasantly, he can defeat enemies that cannot be defeated by anyone else, and the list goes on. Yup! a complete Mary Sue/Gary Stu.)

Fate Stay Night - (Shirou Emiya) - (Hate Rate: 9.0/10)
- (Why?: He has a Mary Sue/Gary Stu potential and he is also naive and stupid. He wants to be a Hero of Justice? How naive and stupid, indeed. He is weak, but has a potential for greater power and he doesn't very much know about it. And he also has a healing factor that drove him practically immortal. Above all, I can see no improvement on his character.)

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - (Kyon) - (Hate Rate: 9.5/10)
- (Why?: He is weird, dumb, perverted, and he talks too much. And I hate the fact that almost every girl in the "SOS Brigade" admires him. Someone, just make him go back to where he came from!)

Neon Genesis Evangelion - (Shinji Ikari) - (Hate Rate: 10/10)
- (Why?: He is stupid, outright dumb, and extremely perverted. He'll be better off dead in the series from the start.)

My Favorite Pairings

Magic Knight Rayearth - Lantis X Hikaru

Digimon - Tai X Sora, Tai X Mimi

Card Captor Sakura - Syaoran X Sakura, Syaoran X Tomoyo

Code Geass - Lelouch X C.C, Lelouch X Kallen, Lelouch X Shirley, Lelouch X Kaguya, Lelouch X Milly

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles - Syaoran X Sakura, Syaoran X Tomoyo

Vampire Knight - Zero X Yuki

Slam Dunk - Rukawa X Haruko

Naruto - Sasuke X Hinata, Sasuke X Tayuya

Bleach - Gin X Rangiku, Gin X Momo

Fushigi Yuugi - Tamahome X Miaka, Tamahome X Yui

Death Note - Light X Misa

Gundam Wing - Heero X Relena

Gundam Seed - Kira X Lacus

Suikoden - Riou X Nanami, Riou X Millie, Riou X Meg

Resident Evil - Leon X Claire, Leon X Ashley

Soul Calibur - Siegfried X Sophitia, Siegfried X Cassandra

Guilty Gear - Ky X Dizzy, Ky X Jam, Ky X Millia, Sol X Aria

BlazBlue - Jin X Tsubaki, Jin X Rachel, Ragna X Noel, Ragna X Nu-13

Wild Arms - Rudy X Cecilia, Rudy X Mariel, Rudy X Jane, Jack X Elmina

Tekken - Jin X Lili, Jin X Asuka, Jin X Xiaoyu, Jin X Julia

Weiss Kreuz - Ran X Sakura, Ran X Aya

My Hated Pairings

Magic Knight Rayearth - Eagle X Hikaru, Ascot X Umi, Clef X Umi

Card Captor Sakura - Eriol X Tomoyo, Eriol X Sakura

Code Geass - Suzaku X Nunnally, Suzaku X Kallen

Digimon - Matt X Sora, Matt X Mimi, Davis X Kari

Naruto - Naruto X Hinata, Naruto X Sakura

Fushigi Yuugi - Tasuki X Miaka, Hotohori X Miaka

Resident Evil - Leon X Ada, Steve X Claire, Albert X Claire

Guilty Gear - Sol X Dizzy, Sol X Jam

BlazBlue - Ragna X Rachel

Soul Calibur - Sophitia/Any Characters except Siegfried, Raphael X Cassandra

Tekken - Jin X Christie, Hwoarang X Asuka, Hwoarang X Lili, Hwoarang X Julia, Steve X Lili, Steve X Asuka

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Tales of Vesperia: Azure Grimoire by Cypher0120 reviews
The concept of parallel worlds is not unknown, though seeing it being brought into play is an interesting sight to behold. When a certain white-haired man is brought into play within Terca Lumireis, how much will the original timeline change with his involvement?
Tales of Vesperia - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 7 - Words: 26,003 - Reviews: 56 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 12/27/2012 - Published: 9/25/2010 - Yuri L., Sodia
Tales of Vesperia: Calamity Trigger by Cypher0120 reviews
A powerful new enemy, said to be from a different world has arrived. Initially, the plan to destroy it is simple but...someone else is pulling the strings. Duke is helping as well, along with questionable new allies. Part 1 Finished!
Crossover - Tales of Vesperia & BlazBlue - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 41 - Words: 92,458 - Reviews: 67 - Favs: 54 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 12/30/2010 - Published: 9/9/2009 - Sodia, Jin K.
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The Warlock and The Witch reviews
"If you are the Witch, then I am the Warlock." He had always thought of her as just an arrogant girl who acts like she knows everything. But, an agonizing scenery changed his views towards her, and their hidden affections for each other. Slight "Code Geass" Parody. Moonshipping (Jin x Rachel) ONESHOT
BlazBlue - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,113 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Published: 8/25/2013 - Jin K., Rachel A. - Complete
Yuki Onna reviews
There is a girl in Jin's life. He found her lying naked after a fight with two mysterious people, and now she never leaves his side. Jin's life began to take a turn once this girl started becoming a part of his life.
BlazBlue - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 12,033 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 12/31/2012 - Published: 4/9/2011 - Jin K.
Behind Closed Doors reviews
Behind all those insults, lies and pain she inflicted towards "The Hero of Ikaruga", a hidden feeling of guilt, remorse and obsession lingers. Jin X Rachel *Rachel's POV*
BlazBlue - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,122 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/18/2011 - Jin K., Rachel A. - Complete
Snow Girl reviews
A summarized story of Yukianesa. Jin Kisaragi's Nox Nyctores. Her story when she was a human until she came into the possession of her beloved master.
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One-shot. A chance meeting in the past bonded them from the very beginning they met each other. She is special to him and he is to her, in every given way. Trigger X Yuna
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"You will always be my first. My last." Siegfried X Sophitia, Sophitia's POV.
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One Shot - Saya the Imperator Librarius asks for one final reunion with his beloved brother. Jin X Saya, Warning: LEMON and a bit of spoilers ahead!
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A Code Geass Parody - A cat stole something important from Noel. With that, a chase was started in the Academy where anyone who catches the cat will receive a kiss from a student council member of his/her choice. Slight Jin X Tsubaki
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The Holy Grail War has begun once again. New enemies and new allies arises. But, is the end of the Holy Grail War truly the ultimate goal? Someone is manipulating the strings of fate. The balance of the world is distorted.
Crossover - Fate/stay night & BlazBlue - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 8 - Words: 19,877 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 28 - Updated: 3/31/2011 - Published: 9/26/2010 - Saber, Jin K.
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She took my place as Jin's Secretary. She took everything away from me. If only... She would just... Disappear! Jin X Tsubaki *Tsubaki's POV* *Continuum Shift - Really canon Jin X Tsubaki Spoiler moments ahead*
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