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Ok so this is my first time ever writing Fanfic and I hope I'm doing it right!

What does my pen name mean?

The River Styx (Greek: Στύξ, Stux, also meaning "hate" and "detestation") (adjectival form: Stygian was a river in Greek mythology which formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld (often called Hades which is also the name of this domain's ruler). It circles the Underworld nine times. The rivers Styx, Phlegethon, Acheron, and Cocytus all converge at the center of the underworld on a great marsh. The other important rivers of the underworld are Lethe and Eridanos, and Alpheus. The ferryman was called Charon.

The gods respected the Styx and swore binding oaths on it. Zeus swore to give Semele whatever she wanted and was then obliged to follow through, resulting in her death. Helios similarly promised Phaëton whatever he desired, also resulting in his death. Gods that did not follow through on such an oath had to drink from the river, causing them to lose their voices for nine years. Then, being exiled from the council of gods for nine years after that. According to some versions, Styx had miraculous powers and could make someone invulnerable. According to one tradition, Achilles was dipped in it in his childhood, acquiring invulnerability, with exception of his heel, by which his mother held him. This is the source of the expression Achilles' heel, a metaphor for a vulnerable spot.

Styx was primarily a feature in the afterworld of Greek mythology, but has been described as a feature present in the hell of Christianity as well, notably in The Divine Comedy and also "Paradise Lost". The ferryman Charon is in modern times commonly believed to have transported the souls of the newly dead across this river into the underworld, though in the original Greek and Roman sources, as well as in Dante, it was the river Acheron that Charon plied. Dante put Phlegyas over the Styx and made it the fifth circle of Hell, where the wrathful and sullen are punished by being drowned in the muddy waters for eternity.

In ancient times some believed that placing a coin in the mouth or two coins in the eyes of the deceased(only in Movies never in myths), would help pay the toll for the ferry to help cross the Styx river which would lead one to the entrance of the underworld. If some could not pay the fee it was said that they would never be able to cross the river. This ritual was performed by the relatives.

The variant spelling Stix was sometimes used in translations of Classical Greek before the 20th century. By synecdoche, the adjective stygian came to refer to anything dark, dismal, and murky.

Probably more information than you really wanted right?

For my pen name I chose Rivika for river and Styx because my mind always is full of vampires, were-creatures, magic wielding badasses, mystical swords and out of this world places. Unfortunately, I have manuscripts all over my floor, saved on my hard drive, and floating around in my head either half written or never submitted. I hate the corporate world, detest my own writing, and usually critics consider my work dark, dismal and murky (and that's the nicest thing they say). One day, as I was browsing the internet for yet ANOTHER book I was working on, I came across Greek Mythology and the meaning behind the River Styx. Suits me perfectly.

So that's all about me, pretty simple.

Until ...

My daughter actually read some of my stories and began accusing me of writing what she labeled "Impala Porn". I didn't get it but apparently I attribute Dean and his sex appeal with his hot car. Then I realized that I really liked Sam's Charger in S6 Pilot "Exile on Mainstreet" and suddenly I get shiver's every time I see one now. Funny huh?

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