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Hey:) My names Monica, I'm thirteen years old, my birthday is August tenth. :) I'm always laughing. I can be really emotional. Music is my life. My favorite pairings are Will/Emma; Rachel/Finn; Booth/Brennan; Edward/Bella; House/Cuddy; and Angela/Hodgins. :) I am absolutely in love with The Twilight Saga, Bones, Glee, House, and Family Guy. I'm not very good at sports but I like to do them anyways:) I cheer lead; play volleyball; and swim. I love to sing. I love summer. I HATE wearing shoes. I have two dogs, Spencer and Casey :) I'm pretty crazy. I love music. I love the sun. I have more freckles then you can count. My friends mean the world to me. I love meeting new people. I love Broadway, but I don't like New York. I love Washington D.C. I love going to the beach. I'm a leader. I love being in charge of things. I say things I regret sometimes, but doesn't everybody? I'm a pretty average teenage girl. I love my cellphone. I over think things. I'm kind of OCD at times. I love to tan. The beach is my favorite place to be. L o v e's just another word I never learned to pronounce. I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic. I love reading FanFictions. I don't update my stories too often. It's hard to explain me. I'm a bubbly person. Want to know more? In-box me:)

You know you're obsessed with Glee when...

once the recap person says, "And that's what you missed on Glee" at the beginning, you get angry and yell, "I missed nothing you ignorant slob! Shut up and show me my boyfriend!" Definitely

You say things, then stop and go, "Wow, that was so harsh, it was almost Sue. Yup:)

you start thinking of your personal style in terms of whether you are a Rachel, Quinn, Emma, Mercedes, or Tina And my friends, too. Hahaha

when someone mentions Cheerio's, you think of the cheerleading team, not the breakfast cereal Of course!

you will never think of the "Single Ladies" dance the same way again! Kurt

you wish you and your friends could spontaneously break out in perfectly choreographed song and dance to express your feelings My friends and I attempt this.. Bahaha.

you argue with your friends about which couples you ship - Quinn/Finn and Rachel/Puck or Quinn/Puck and Rachel/Finn Mhmm. And we FLIP OUT over Will/Emma

You secretly want to move to Lima, Ohio. Secretly?! You've gotta be kidding me here. Its definitely NOT a secret.

You've now know most songs in the top Broadway shows Yup

"Slushie Facial" takes on a whole new meaning. Yess.

you find your bank account a bit lower because you buy ALL of the Glee songs as soon as they come out. Well, duh.

You wonder how on God's green earth you ever hated musicals before this show. Eh I didn't hate them

You start dreaming about where you'd be in the GLEE club if you went there. Yes

You actually start missing high school, if only to go to show choir. Haven't gone to high school yet:)

You've Tivo'ed, DVRed, Hulu'ed all the episodes of Glee and know all the songs by heart. YES. I have the dvd.

You read/write/review GLEE fanfiction. Mhm.

You're at school and start thinking "What would Rachel Berry do?" Everyday of my life. I started signing my name with a star:)

You now own ten pairs of knee highs. Well, durr. Gotta be like Rachel:)

You've spent over 30 worth of Glee ringtones. Well i got them for free. But i think that still counts. I have themm.

You follow the entire cast on Twitter. Nah I think Twitters lame.

you own an "I'm a gleek" t-shirt. Yup.


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