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I know it's been a while since I updated, and to the readers who've seen the Mediaminer note, you may know why. If not, I'll do a little FYI over here too. I have a congenital heart condition, and had a little problem with built up scar tissue. It's nothing to be worried about, I just had to go in for laser surgery to remove it. I've had more surgeries and a short time ago, was in a minor accident. Still nothing to be too worried about though. I should be fine, but it's still not leaving much time for other things.

There's been a minor change to"By Any Other Name" on Mediaminer. It's still the full story, but it's been Featured and the name needed to change for the search engines. It's the same story, but the title changed to "Par Tout Autre Nom." So as long as you're of appropriate age or willing to claim thusly and absolve me of any guilt regarding what you choose to read online... The alternate version, complete with the "adult"material is up at Mediaminer: http:///fanfic/view_st.php/49664
Slight variation on the username... On Mediaminer, I just use "Deviation."


Recently I received an email that actually addresses something that's had a big part in my reasons for not updating. I've made no secret about how much of my stories I pulled from Ookami-chan's ideas: specifically "Turnabout is Fair Play" and "Grey Eyes and Golden Nightmares" for "By Any Other Name", and "Cabrit Sans Cor" for "Best Laid Plans."

However, as much as I've said that, I continue to see things I've taken being used in other stories without any sign of mention where they came from. I don't mind the changes like referring to Kurama as an avatar, or hybrid for Hiei, because God knows those are more accurate than some of the things they've been called. Especially the old habit of calling Hiei a koorime, a term which is gender-specific in its translation to ice-maiden. What bothers me is knowing that certain things Ookami has allowed me to use and that are essential to her plots are being spoiled by my own use of them and the resulting re-use of them by other authors.

I feel it would be disrepectful of me to continue updating those stories before Ookami-chan has finished the stories that inspired them since it seems that no one cares where the ideas originate.

I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but I can't spoil her work or ideas like that.

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