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Welcome to the HMS Awkward!

Captain: Jillian S. F.

Bo'sun: Jasmin S. J.

Now do you get our penname?


No, we don't ship Jacky and Jared. Well, I do, but Jill is dead set against it.

Avatar is by Blackfriarsbridge on deviantart. Neither of us can draw... for cereal. We're artistically challenged. I blame my mother.

Here's a little bit about us. More like more than you will ever need, or want, to know.

FAVORITE OF THE BLOODY JACK SERIES: UNDER THE JOLLY ROGER! I told you! I'm in love with Jared! Mississippi Jack, of course. The presense of Jaimy's dirty mind just seals the deal for me. Might I note that I caught all of the innuendos the first time I read it and she only noticed them about a month ago? Yeah...that's sad.

FAVORITE COLOR: Classic question. Red, probably. I'm not exactly a colorful person... PINK!! freaking everything I own is pink! like my computer, my cell phone, my straighting iorn, my skin... long story on that one...

RACE: I happen to prefer the tri-athlon, personally. No, I'm indian. The real kind. The kind that Colombus was looking for when he found this miserable piece of land. Um...Jew? I'm pretty much a little bit of every single North-eastern European country. I'm a mutt!

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to eachother! ...on FACEBOOK! We're just totally awesome friends who met last year-ish. Technically, in elementary school. She was in my 1st grade class and I was totally jealous of her hair. My only memory of her. The first thing she said to me (after being re-united in High School) was, 'Wow, you're really pretty.' What? It's true...

FAVORITE SUBJECT: Naptime. Also known as English. History. Also known as naptime. Which is pretty bad considering I sit front row-center.

WORST SUBJECT: Lunch. I failed it becuase I haven't shown up all year. Math. I don't think I need an explaination for that one.


-JSF's dyslexic. Except not really because its only numbers to letters, oh and H K and W... weird I know... It's genetic. I blame her mother.

-She's also really super squeemish. She was in my biology class last year. She fainted...a lot. Especially during the Reproductive System unit. Is this turning into 'rag on JSF time'? Any time is 'rag on Jillian' time!

-She's really short. It ought to be a handicap.Hold on one second takes out JSJ and beats her up in a dark alley Oh please, buttercup. I could squish you with my pinky.

JSJ has no social life. ...no arguing that one.

JSJ eats babies! JSF used to have a little sister. Not anymore!

-JSJ is a cheater... She cheats on me with a future child molestor. Technically, the aforementioned child molestor and I are only engaged. Sheesh. So touchy.

-JSJ wears pants! JSF rarely does! (note from the authors: JSF wears dresses full year round, she doesnt like pants...) she likes the breeze! (Do not!)

Anywhom, (-cough looser cough-) We're not crazy, as our writing would otherwise suggest. We're just here to provide crack-tastic bloody jack fanfiction. We feel that Jacky doesn't get enough credit for her awesome-ness, and so it is our task to change that. And save the world. But we only do that on weekends.(Saturdays to be exact, She cant work on Sundays and I cant work on Fridays... damn coflicting religions. Our first task is to get McCain into the White House. We failed the first time, but we won't let that stop us! Except the whole "not old enough to vote" thing but we're ignoring that for now... We have older siblings for that!


JSJ's Pet Peeves #1: People who unnecessarily repeat letters.

JSF's Pet Peeves #1: People who DONT unnecessarily repeat letters. (And AU, oh sweet jesus I hate AU)

JSJ's Favorite Hobby: Internally laughing at the dyslexic kid as she attempts to type words and gets them wrong anyway. There's an apostrophe before the 't' in 'don't', dear.

JSF: Screw this, You dont pay me enough to put up with your critisism (I CAN'T SPELL!)

Oh dear Jesus...

By the way! I'm just going to take a moment to shamelessly advertise a youtube sensation named BO BURNHAM. Specifically his song called 'Rehab for Fictional Characters'. Pshaw, 'Cookout' is soooo much better. That's just because you love anything to do with burning crosses. Jews... Well you love anything to do with Cocaine, Child Molestation, and HOOKERS! Oh yeah, I said it! Touche, freaky gnome sized human. Touche.

As JSF cannot retaliate to that, She is going to start writing the actual story. "She" is also a diety now, dontcha know? She capatalizes her own pronouns.

She likes to radomly capitalize things, Damn SAT prep is killing her soul. God save the juniors...