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"Keep me save inside your arms like towers..."

Enlightened Life. A life which has been touched by a define light, uplifted with visions of hope. Relighting the hope.

Who are I? A girl who was once asked to write stories and present them here. I suppose you could call it a bit of a promise, so I'll keep it. My name is Zoe, but most people refer to me as 'Haz', which is the most familiar and common nickname. 16 years, that's how long I've walked this earth. I was born and raised in England, The United Kingdom. My interests include Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasies, Friendship, Love, In depth conversations, Video-Editing, and a slight bit of writing. But like I said, I'm here out of a promise. I may enjoy it but it's not that much of a pursuit or 'hobby'.

"Live the life you've got.. before it all fades into the back of your mind. Your last moments, wasted on trying to breathe."

A few upcoming ideas I had:

Unforgettable: After Xemnas was defeated and all was slowly returning to normal, Kairi rests on destiny islands, still unsure of what her destiny may be. But what will her destiny hold for her when her past appears before her, and the future suddenly falls onto her shoulders.

Game: Kingdom Hearts

Character(s): Kairi-centric.

Genre: Drama/Fantasy

You can't be serious:Namine was always the type of girl who hung out at the side of the wall with her head low, destiny was something she loathed so much, although she soon realizes how much it can change a life. She recieves a strange star shaped charm in her mail one day from a boy she's never met. "We'll meet in destiny, I promise."

Game: Kingdom Hearts

Character(s): Namine, Sora.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Washing Tides:He promised her he'd come back. She waited, and waited, and waited on that small island. She was about to give up when a boy with such a similar face to his made his way to the island. Little does she know, meeting this boy may complicate her waiting more then anyone knows.

Game: Kingdom Hearts

Character(s): Kairi, Roxas.

Genre: Drama/Romance

The world that never will be:It's such a sad place, The World That Never Was. No place for a young nobody looking for her heart. The organization may find a use for her, but will the mischivious girl find more in this world then she bargined for?

Game: Kingdom Hearts

Character(s): Namine, Roxas.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Heartless (Debating Title):"Do you think it will ever be the same between us?" the soft voice spoke, still cowering. She could no longer feel anything but imagines that her body would be trembling in fright right now. That is, if she still had her heart. "I really don't know, Kairi..." He looked down at her with half-closed eyes. The droplets of water stained the soft sand for a brief moment before dispersing again. Kairi looked up to see the eyes of the boy above her under attack from emotion. She tilted her head ever so slightly and sighed. "I can't remember... how it feels to cry."

Game: Kingdom Hearts

Character(s): Kairi, Sora.

Genre: Drama/Romance/Tragedy?

Tricks, Guns, Murder (Debating Title): After finding out that their parents have been brutally murdered in cold blood, the twins, Kairi, and Namine must pack their bags and go into hiding with another very... different family. They may be the next targets. Will the twins survive the hunt? But first of all, they have to survive this family's very own twins, Sora and Roxas.

Game: Kingdom Hearts

Character(s): Namine, Roxas, Kairi, Sora (and others).

Genre: Romance/Tragedy

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