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Hi all,

I know I've been a member of FF for a while and just never bothered to update my profile, if I had a reason I would put it here, but I don't so, settling in for some serious random. Because frankly, I just have some time on my hands right now and this is more appealing than doing my laundry, or whatever.

I am way older than I should be for loving Twilight, but in my defense, everyone, I don't care who you are, EVERYONE is attracted to sparkly things. So, with that logic in mind, even those who claim to hate Twilight, will stop and stare at the sparkliness...so, yeah. I know that doesn't really make sense so, just ignore it if you like. In defense again of myself, Twilight isn't all that I enjoy (obsess) in life. I am a lover of music, all kinds and in a moment I will list my favorite bands, singer/songwriters etc if you identify, please let me know. I love sharing music with people so, be my Playlist Pal (PPF). I also love movies, obscure, Indie films are my thing, but I watch pretty much everything, even stuff that is considered total shit by most. I think if someone took the time to write and film it, we should all take the time to watch it. That includes smut/porn. Hey man, it takes a lot to make oiled up, bubble boobs and veiny penis' look interesting, its art man, I don't care what anybody says. I like to also tote myself as an intellectual, but, I'm really just a chick that enjoys pretending I know more than I actually do. I have an opinion on everything, a bit of a smart mouth and well, that's appealing to some. But I'm no genius, my mother thinks so, but, she's menopausal and might be a little bias.

Okay what else:

I'm a mom, but don't always enjoy it.

I'm a Social Worker, but I don't always enjoy it (almost never).

I'm a writer, artist, singer, songwriter...but I'm not very good at either.

I'm a bit of a slob, a procrastinator, and generally lazy.

I lie (alot) and I'm very good at that.

I have a very strange sense of humor and no filter which gets me into trouble most of the time.

I hate Facebook, but I have one.

I hate Twitter, but I have one.

I hate cell phones, but I have one.

I love the smell of cellophane which is why I still by CD/DVD's verses buying all my music/movies on line.

What I am really is a hodge podge of lots of things that hold no meaning for most. And I'm okay with that.

Favorite Music (subject to change like any minute):


Elliot Smith

Ray LaMontange


Jeff Buckley


Joy Division

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Kings of Leon

The Kooks

Velvet Underground

The Clash

Nina Simone

Nancy Wilson

Sarah Vaughn


Noah and the Whale


PJ Harvey

Bon Iver

Smashing Pumpkins


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Violent Femmes

William Fitzsimmons

And that's just a few

Guilty Pleasures:

Backstreet Boys (Don't judge me)

Keanu Reeves (I don't really feel guilty)

Hummus (the spicy kind, I don't know why I feel guilty about liking it, but I do)

Chowder (Cartoon Network cartoon, I watch even when my kid isn't home)

Porn (all kinds, again, don't judge me)

Favorite Movies:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Myth of Fingerprints

Gross Point Blank

The Last Kiss

There are many more, but I'm lazy.

Favorite Authors:

PK Dick

Neil Gaiman

Anne Rice

My Fics:

Although they are listed below, I feel the need to explain the One Shot series. I, am not very good at finishing things and when I decided to purge the stories in my head on FF.net the need to feel some sense of accomplishment took precidence over people actually reading my fics. Now, I understand most people don't read One Shots and choosing to write this series this way is alienating alot of readers. I get it and the plan is when its all done to condense all them into one story and call it The Episodes. The goal right now is just to finish them all and hopefully when its all done and out of my head I can go back to writing some of the other stuff and started and can't seem to make myself finish. If that's confusing, I get it, but its my process and I don't plan on apologising for it. Unless you consider this explanation an apology...tomato...blah blah blah.

I think that's it for now. Thanks to all that read my stuff. I appreciate every alert, favorite and review. For those lurking, don't be afraid to tell me what you think.


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