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Welcome to my page!!

As you can see by the stories I have so far, I am an MPREG writer. Yes, I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with mpregs; both reading and writing. And that what you'll find from this author. Every story I post on this site will be an mpreg! So keep checking back for more!

Mpregs are by no means easy to write for; it's a subject that you either find squemish or disgusting, or you're always looking for more detail: how he became pregnant (This one is extremely important), his reactions to pregnancy and of course, ahem, how the baby gets out...because c-sections really aren't all that interesting... And in my past year of reading and writing mpregs on this site, I've realized that you can divide all the mpregs on this site into three main writing catergories:

1.) The Harry Potter Files: This one is the easiest and most popular catergory to write for, simply because it's the most popular character and the easiest to explain everything. With the usage of potions, spells, curses, etc; there are several different pathways to go with an HP mpreg. This also allows for a natural delivery since that tends to be more interesting than a c-section. And why is Harry preggers in most of them??

2.)The Non-Human Files: Not as easy to write as an HP, but not as difficult as a Fangirl, this catergory covers any character who isn't human. This includes, (just to mention some of my favorites...) Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Vampire Knight, Smallville, Transformers, Star Trek, etc. Since most times the pregnant male isn't human, this means you can go the path of, 'He's not human, so why couldn't he have the ability to be pregnant and give birth naturally?'

3.)The Fangirl Files: In my opinion, this catergory is the hardest to write for because 9 times out of 10, the characters involved are completely human males and there's no way in heck it could happen, but we're so obsessed with the character, actor or pairing that we just make it work. But really, if you're not so completely worried about details, they can be really enjoyable. (These are also my favorite to read!)

The best tips I can give to anyone considering writing an mpreg is:

1) Know your characters! A little OOC is fine and can even be funny, but too much and you've lost your reader. Or if you don't really know your character, at least put in the summary that it's OOC and the reader can decide from there to read it or not.

2.) DETAILS!! In my opinion, the more detailed something is, the better. Some of my favorite mpregs have been not from shows and movies I was a die-hard fan of, but since I was familar with the character and had enough details, I could get a good mental picture and really enjoy the story. Especially add details with the delivery scene; this is what I read mpregs for and I can't count how many times I've been engrossed in an mpreg, only to be disappointed when the whole labor and delivery scene is written in less than 100 words...

3.) Don't let the impossibility of it keep you from writing it. Sure, Kurt can't become pregnant in real life or on the show. Sure, Tamaki doesn't have the 'parts' to deliver naturally. And I'm not really sure where it comes out of... But chances are, if you post it, likely there's someone who's just as obsessed as you are and would actually enjoy it.

More tips may come later as I think of them...

And to the Mpreg critics and haters, I just want to say: We put in the summary that it's an mpreg. If you don't like mpregs, don't read.

It's as simple as that.


Hope you enjoy my stories as they come!

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A Child Is Born reviews
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