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After five years I feel it's time to re-introduce myself:

Esashar is an acronym. I have seven names. But call me Esa'.

I write Naruto fanfiction - or rather, Kakashi fanfiction.

I never start a story I don't intend to finish.

I never write a multi-chapter story that I can't update regularly. (i.e. not counting sporadic one-shots.)

I consider regularly to mean once every 7 - 14 days.

My first two stories are typical Kakashi-based adventures, they contain violence, strong language and occasional innuendo. My third story is a collection of ANBU-Kakashi one-shots, which contain more vivid violence, stronger language and direct sexual reference - hence the M rating.

Read, enjoy and PLEASE review! If you give me feedback I will always respond to it, in the form of a PM and also by reflecting your comments or advice in my work. No review is too short, even writing simply, 'UPADTE PLZ :D' is valuable feedback in that it tells me you enjoyed the chapter and would like me to write more. Otherwise, how would I know?

Thanks for reading, reviewing and for sticking with me all these years.

Still Sincerely and still Yours,



And that, my friends, is that. I've been writing this story (off and occasionally on) for well over a year now. There are several avenues I could have continued to explore but better something ends a little too soon than not at all. Through writing this collection of one-shots I feel I've developed my style as a writer. I've aimed to improve my concision and tighten my plotting. Now I need to get used to writing multi-chapter pieces again. I already have a story that I am planning but it'll be a while before it sees the lcd light of publishing day. At the moment I would like it to be a continuation of One Hundred Hungry Ghosts, the first chapter of ANBU Wolf, mapping Kakashi's struggle to make the transition from ANBU back to Jonin. If all goes according to plan it'll continue in the same tone as ANBU Wolf: explicit in the majority of senses. So watch this space (intermittently, because you might be watching a while).

Thanks so much to everyone who read, followed and favourited, it is for you that my stories are no longer just kept in my head. A special thank you for every person who reviewed. Reading your thoughts has brightened my day on so many occasions and given me inspiration and motivation to carry on, I can't express my gratitude enough.

Finally thank you for reading this thank-you note, and letting me ramble at you - I've missed doing so!

Until next time,


ANBU Wolf Chapters:


Title: One Hundred Hungry Ghosts

Published: 22/06/12

Characters: Kakashi, Genma

Premise: Genma and Kakashi return from a mission and we find out why Kakashi left the ANBU


(Dedicated to the wonderful and perverted LGold)

Title: A Dream Senpai

Published: 28/06/12

Characters: Kakashi, Yamato/Tenzo

Premise: Yamato reflects on some of the things that Kakashi has taught him in the ANBU


Title: The Secret

Published: 08/07/12

Characters: Kakashi, Itachi

Premise: As Itachi watches Kakashi sleep, he wonders what reward awaits loyal ANBU


Title: One More Step

Published: 03/08/12

Characters: Kakashi, Minato

Premise: In the wake of the Third Shinobi War, Minato has been instructed to recruit Kakashi into the ANBU


(A birthday giftfic for LGold - in other words, blame her for everything!)

Title: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Published: 28/10/12

Characters: Kakashi, Asuma

Premise: Asuma helps Kakashi overcome some of the more obscure challenges that face elite ANBU


Title: Scarecrow

Published: 16/11/13

Characters: Kakashi, Sakumo

Premise: Sakumo’s dying regret is that he has condemned his son to life in the ANBU


Title: The Price of Loyalty

Published: 20/11/13

Characters: Kakashi, Sai

Premise: A boy with no name is given a mission: follow the Wolf and make sure he's still a loyal member of the ANBU


Title: Wayward Uncle

Published: 29/11/13

Characters: Kakashi, Jiraiya

Premise: Jiraiya gives Kakashi two presents, providing him with a means of escape from the pain of being an ANBU


Title: Man's Best (and Only) Friend

Published: 06/12/13

Characters: Kakashi, Pakkun

Premise: Kakashi recruits the first of his eight Ninken, who will fight alongside him in the ANBU


Title: The Copy Ninja - Part 1: Cats and Dogs

Published: 28/01/14

Characters: Kakashi, Tenzo, Danzo

Premise: The Copy-Ninja calls upon the Wolf one last time, as he remembers how he made a name for himself in the ANBU


Title: The Copy Ninja - Part 2: A Choice Between Death and Death

Published: 03/02/14

Characters: Kakashi, Tenzo, Danzo

Premise: The Copy-Ninja calls upon the Wolf one last time, as he remembers how he made a name for himself in the ANBU


Title: The Copy Ninja - Part 3: Things He Wants To Protect

Published: 11/02/14

Characters: Kakashi, Tenzo, Danzo

Premise: The Copy-Ninja calls upon the Wolf one last time, as he remembers how he made a name for himself in the ANBU

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