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Tata! Currently unleashing my feral adoration for S.A.!! The most romantic funny shoujo anime! Wheeee... I'm all arms for it. XD

Meanwhile, I spend the time reviewing in the following fandoms:

-Hellsing (ongoing)

-Special A (already ended it; reading through the manga)

-Darker than Black (ongoing)

>I've already or currently watched these series so I have a decent amount of info regarding them. n_n

Now, about me...

I'm half British, half Filipino teenage female living somewhere in the Philippines. I'm interned in a well-known university that likes harassing/bombarding its students with a hell lot of homework, schoolworks and exams (yeah, I hate it) meanwhile keeping a keen eye on the potential students (sad to say, I'm one of them. ohohoho) Fortunately, I get to enjoy the free internet offers they have. X) I have one elder brother years older than me who's been taunting me ever since I know what a taunt is, a father who's working abroad and a wonderful mom. I'm a rabid fan of computers, game consoles and shoujo looking men. (swoooon) whahahaha... In our school, I'm quite known for my...wicked laughter. hehe. Talents? If you call writing a talent... :)

I'm currently writing several blog accounts scattered and forgotten across the net, in a literary website in our school and beta-reading in my spare time.

There's nothing special about me except the fact I've recently finished Special A and I have all intentions to own something about it! XD I'm completely, totally, deeply, addicted I've finished all the anime episodes in 2 days during exam weeks, and that's something to say for. It really took off my mind, detached, completely.

BUT so much for the ramblings... As for me, I love anime (obviously) enough to consider myself an otaku. I'm endeared to watch romance with lots of comedy, the most recent that blew my mind being Special A (S.A.!S.A.!S.A.!) I'm especially thrilled by the pairing Kei and Hikari mainly because Hikari's denseness and Kei's introvertedness and uber intelligence make a beautiful, hilarious tandem. The other kanon pairings look good too (Akira and Tadashi's love story just feels cute. Megumi and Yahiro looks like a fairytale, which is cute. Jun and Sakura is sudden as it is compatible with Jun's other side and Sakura's nature. Now I just have to look into Finn's background for Ryuu... hmhmhmhmhm...)

Other than that, as much as I love fluff, my darker nature compels me to anime like Hellsing, Blood + and such, and more often in the Rated M. :D I'm also enamored to reading dark, horror novels esp by Stephen King. XD

Preferred: kanon pairings (esp. kei and hikari), the kanons are in character (meaning they keep their original personality or at least exude a presence of it), Rated T or M, funny/comedy but not enough to feel like its overreacting, choice of words (esp. british or authoritative/justified type), horror~~

NOT preferred: yaoi or yuri (don't bother), anything with too much Japanese tag lines -san, -sama, -minna etc., especially if it's using english as medium language (some may be bearable and can blend into the story enough to be negligible as fault but don't make it a habit. It tends to become an eye sore >_>), anything with bad sentence structure or sequence, and lastly, what the author's notes say in the beginning might also affect my thinking process. Also, too much bad grammar is definitely a minus so don't count me in to read it till the end, or review for that matter. I'm also not a fan of bad "deus ex machina" endings, but if the tweaking was convincing and necessary enough, i'll reconsider if its good.

But other than that, I love S.A. (for the nth time...) n_n Currently, the number of fics in this fandom are not that high. (Is 69 high? ...maybe.) but I hope it'll grow...soon enough.

I'm already starting to do the counting...

If you have been reviewed (by me), that means it's good. If it's not, then it has at least good structure and impact, if I may say so, enough to compel me to submit a review. n_n

I'm on the hunt for good kanon pairings, esp if it has something to do with Hikari and Takishima. XD



(diabolical laughter)



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