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See the blue streak rushing for the horizon?
That’s me.
Hear the bang shattering the limits of sound?
That’s me.
But blink once…
and you will have missed me.

- Sonic, ending words of "Relativity"

Hi there and welcome to my profile (read: messed up info dump). First of all, you may call me Speedy. Now if you feel like it, you can find some information on me directly below.
Below that, you'll find a list of authors I'd like to recommend. As fanfiction readers and writers we all struggle trying to dig out a good piece to read between all the random nonsense spamming the archives, so I think we should support each other a little. I've seen other people here making a list of story recommendations, but I'd rather like to recommend the authors behind the good stuff.
And below that, you'll find my thoughts and notes on my own stories, the completed ones and whatever is in progress at the time. Hope you'll find something to your liking. :)

Personal Trivia

Regarding my pen name: I'm called Speedy because I'm a pretty good sprinter, a hyperactive freak (I need my runs, y'know) and generally like everything that's fast. Thus, a buddy I used to play soccer with called me that and it was the first name I was ever given I liked and so it stuck with me ;)
1236 is the speed of sound measured in dry air of twenty degrees Celsius in kilometers per hour. Simple as that.

Likes: writing and reading, playing Sonic (big surprise here, huh?), listening to rock and metal music, hanging out with my friends, freetime, having fun, drawing, driving around in the car, forests, eating pizza (Italian food in general), rollercoasters, dreaming, paprika crisps, shiny things, photography, inspirational stuff, airplanes, laughing, almost all kinds of sports, nature, thinking, and running.

Dislikes: Boredom, studying (to a passion), being held down when I have plans, rap, noise, snobby or intolerant or just dumb people, fish, prejudices, getting wet, pain, waiting, vegetables (a lot of them at least), people telling me what I have to do, stress, cities, too spicy things, and most of the stuff on TV

Favorite Game: Sonic Heroes. That's top of the list. As for the rest, it's kinda hard to say. Any Sonic game, I guess, with a little preference for the 3D titles. Sonic Unleashed, SA1 and 2, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations... and yes, even Sonic 06. It's not near as bad as people make it. But generally, if it got blue hedgehogs running around, chances are I'll love it. I'm very predictable there.
Far as non-Sonic stuff goes, I happen to have a slight addiction to Audiosurf. (And Diddy Kong Racing... Seriously, that game was my childhood.)

Favorite characters: Knuckles and Sonic, first and foremost. You won't really find any story here that doesn't have at least one of them, most of them feature both. Other favorites include Tails, but also Blaze, Omega, Espio and a few others.

I can’t really say that there was any character I ‘hate’. In the worst case, I’m somewhat indifferent towards them. I guess every character has some likable attributes.

Contacting me: PM's should work. If you got a question or feel like a chat, drop me a line, I don't bite. In fact, I really like talking Sonic, characters, theories and writing in general with other fans. Don't worry if I take some time to reply, though. :)
Note: As with review replies, I generally have a policy of replying to all PMs I get. However, over the last year, I've received an increasing amount of messages with no content, or just full of nonsense. I have decided to ignore those. If you wish to talk to me, really, I'm friendly and I enjoy conversations with people, but you have to tell me what you want from me. A simple "Hi, I would like to talk to you" will be quite enough. Sending me messages that contain only my pen name, a set of emotes, gibberish, or anything of the sort will be ignored in the future.
Also, I don't roleplay.

You can also find me here:

DeviantART (speedy1236.deviantart.com)
This is where I mostly post paintings of technicolor woodland creatures and glowing things. Lots of somewhat story related artwork, too, if you chose to look for the connections.

Look at some of the random few poems I sometimes write, but I haven't posted anything there in quite a while now.

SSMB (board.sonicstadium.org/profile/4403-speedy/)
But I'm a lurk and don't talk much there, in fact, I tend to disappear for months to come... It's more a place to look for Sonic news at for me.

Apparently, all links to the outside internet are broken on FFN, again. I tried inserting URLs, now, hopefully those will stay alive for a while. In case they don't, my DeviantART has the same name as this profile, so if you want to look at some of the supposed to be linked at artwork by me and others, you will find it there.

People to visit

The following guys and girls (in alphabetical order) are some of my very favorite authors here and/or friends that have enriched my time on this site for a long time already. Go check them out, read their works and give them some love!

Awdures - Her stories were among the first I ever read and still rank high on my all-time favorites list. She basically failed to write a single Sonic story that I didn't adore to bits. Has some of the best Knuckles characterization on the site. Especially a recommendation for all fans of the red echidna. ;)

Child At Heart Forever - My favorite resource for great adaptions/novelizations. Child has a knack for adapting games and staying incredibly close to canon with it while still adding her own touches, giving the characters life and soul and spicing everything up with a dose of humor. If you're looking for a game adaption, pay her a visit! She's a great person overall, and I love to talk characters and canon stuff with her.

DC111 - Deep, not always light stories full of thought and spirit. Her stories have great insight on characters, especially Sonic and Tails, and never really fail to captivate you.

Dr Namgge - I think I came to Namgge's stories through his Sonic's Wasted Time stories, a couple of oneshots parodying common things in fanfiction. Found them hilarious and checked out more of his writing. I didn't only find a great talent for parodies, some neatly slipped into the subtle space between two sentences, but also a collection of worthwhile long stories with a complex (sometimes mind-blowing) concept behind you don't often encounter.

Frozen Nitrogen - Another one of the writers whose stories I found in the beginning of my stay here. Deep, often somewhat dark and complex stories with excellent vocabulary. A recommendation for folks looking for great characterization of Dr. Robotnik/Eggman, insight on robots and sometimes mildly disturbing sci-fi concepts, always elegantly worded.

Hawki - A writer I kind of admire for the amount of stuff he gets done (and how well organized it all seems). Has over 1000 stories on his profile. We shall all bow to that. He writes stories for a great bunch of different fandoms, Sonic the Hedgehog just being one of them. I tend to especially enjoy his game-verse and SatAM-based stories for their often unique and creative ideas and nailed characterization. Has made oneshots out of ideas I'd never thought you could.

JudasFm - Jude's 'Guardian's Choice' was the first fanfic I read in my life and along with her other works it greatly influenced at least the base of what I can now call 'head canon'. Awesome plots and characterization; sadly some of her stories are still unfinished and have been so for years. But if you haven't read anything by her yet, you really should.

NetRaptor - I wondered for the longest time if anyone needs to recommend her at all. Kind of true to her name, NetRaptor is a fossil. Her first stories have been posted on fanfic.net in 1999, and after all that time she's still around. By now she's mother of her own family, but she still writes the occasional Sonic fic. As for those fics, they're all somewhat AU, with several OCs, but she's one of the few writers that have a lot of OCs that never felt forced to me. Somehow, it all works out. And really, especially her older works are somewhat classics of Sonic fanfiction, a literary trip back to the time when Sonic Adventure was new and when Sonic fanfiction started out. Probably every Sonic fan should have read at least one or two of those stories. :)

Nik159 - Not from FF.net, but he really deserves a spot up here. He's the amazingly talented dude from over at DeviantART who keeps drawing incredibly awesome pencil illustrations for my stories. I never thought I would get art for my stories, let alone something so beautifully detailed. I am insanely flattered and grateful. Thank you, Nik! :) Go check out his gallery, he draws great original stuff and fanart alike!

What to expect from my writing (the short version)

- Friendship. Like, loads of it.

- Sonic, Knuckles (and Tails)

- No shipping. I don't ship.

- I'm long-winded. I utterly fail at short, and I love to include background concepts and elaborate character moments.

- More focus on characters than plot. A lot of my stories are mainly character driven (and some honestly have no plot to speak of... ehm).

What to expect from my writing (the way too long version for the few souls who might be interested)

I write because it's fun. I write to get what is on my mind off my mind. I write because I dream. I write to dream. I write to feel.

By now, I think I am a little notorious for my friendshippers. Most of the things I write are friendship stories in some way. I can't help it, and I don't really want to. I'm a sucker for friendshippers. Because friendship is the most precious thing in the world.

When I write, I don't only write stories; I more likely write character studies. The characters are much more important to me than the plot in a story. I write about journeys the characters take and about the experiences they make shaping them. I like to explore characters, how they work, who they are on deeper level, and I like to see them interact with other characters. Characterization and getting into a character's head are probably among the things I think I am best at when it comes to writing. I also got told I am good at imagery and word painting. (Not to forget all the corny, mushy friendship stuff.)

Like everyone else's, my writing is far from perfect. I am not overly great at planning a plot for example, because I tend to focus more on other things (like characters and them doing detours, heh). I am also not too fond of my summarizing skills. I just have a hard time squeezing twenty-something chapters into a few short lines of text. Coming to think of it, 'short' is something I am pretty bad at either way. I would say I try to improve, but I think that would be a lie.

I've been making up stories ever since I was a kid. I never got the idea of writing them down, though... Until I - by mere chance I must add - found out there is a thing called 'fanfiction' and there are a lot of other people creating stories about their favorite characters. So, I tried myself.
I didn't write my first stories to publish them. I wrote them just for my own entertainment. It was more than half a year after I wrote my first fic that I decided to get an account here and publish the story. The idea behind it is simply that I enjoy reading the stories others posted here, and that if I publish mine, other people can maybe get some enjoyment out of them, too. Simply put, I'm here to share. Give and take, that kind of thing. I don't write for popularity, or hits, or anything of the sort. I write for fun, because I have stories to tell, and if just one reader out there gains one nice moment from any one story I wrote, then I think it's a win.

As probably everyone here, I like getting feedback. Helpful critique is really appreciated, and I generally reply to all signed reviews, no matter how short or long. I tend to refer to what reviewers say, so a detailed review is likely to get a detailed answer, and vice-versa.

A note on language

As you can easily see from my home country, I'm no native English speaker, or writer, so be a bit friendly. If you find big language flaws, I'd appreciate if you tell me, I like to learn! In fact, all the things nice people here told me already help my English skills a lot.
I didn't actually decide to write in a foreign language. Fact is, I was down to five thousand words of my first story until I noticed what I was writing was English. I write in English because I can't creatively write in any other language. The freaky grey substance filling my skull commonly called a brain likes it. No idea why. I screw up summarizing a silly newspaper article in any other language... Okay, maybe that was exaggerated now. It's not that bad. Not quite.

MY STORIES (Or, the author’s mad ramblings about the products of the chaotic process he dares call creative writing)

General story universe info

Since the Sonic franchise is so varied with its spin-offs and alternate realities (games, cartoons, comics…), I thought I'd provide a small explanation what kind of universe my stories are set in. This generalized note applies to most of my fics; unless a story is set in a specific universe, place and time, in that case it will have a note on it in its summary.

Most influences for my stories are taken from the game canon, for it is what I like Sonic stuff for, what I got into first and the most, and what I've always seen as the 'core thing'. The second thing that has greatly influenced my today's head canon is the 90's Sonic comic published by Fleetway that I enjoyed reading a lot. You may spot a bit of Sonic X ideas here and there, too, and if you've been around for long enough might find a few influences/ideas taken from other fanfiction stories, too.

A note on Chaos

Chaos is something you won't get around if you read more of my stories than a few of the oneshots. After more than five years of writing in this universe, I suppose a lot of background and worldbuilding have been written, and a lot of it resolves around Chaos. It's a common thing in the Sonicverse after all, and I admit I am too fond of it and probably use it too much. Already canon uses it too much... We have the Chaos Emeralds, Chaos Control, Chaos the character...

Now, when I say Chaos or when any character references it in any of the stories, it is very rarely in reference to the character from SA2. In old Fleetway manner, I often call the character the Chaos Creature. If not, I make an effort to make sure it's clear we're talking about a character and not about a concept.

The concept of Chaos is something you'll find everywhere in my stories. It is a concept of sometimes abstract nature, and the way it is looked upon varies from one character to the other. The most common way Chaos is encountered in the stories is in the form of Chaos Energy, that includes the Chaos Emeralds as a sort of crystalline Chaos, the golden rings and similar objects, but also chaos fields, which can be viewed as a multi-dimensional equivalent to magnetic fields.

To some characters, the Chaos Energy and corresponding phenomena are science. Characters like Tails or Dr. Eggman are used to run machines on ring energy or Chaos Emeralds.

To other characters, the subject of Chaos is of a mythological kind. Especially to Knuckles, who grew up among the relics and legends of his ancestors on the Floating Island. In a lot of stories , the ancient echidnas look upon the Chaos Creature (especially its Perfect Chaos form) as a demon ("God of Destruction" in SA1). But they built a temple to the Emeralds before Perfect Chaos' rampage, so I believe they worshipped the Chaos Energy and its affected objects before they even knew of Perfect Chaos. After all, a force that can make pieces of landscape float, give incredible power to its wielders, protect you against injuries or magically heal them must seem like a god-given thing, especially to folk that don't seem to have done much science.

In a lesser extent, that applies to the other Mobians as well. Even for the more educated societies, not everything Chaos does can be explained and it retains a magical nature at times. The Chaos Energy has always been a part of their world, so I think it is natural it has a deep effect on their culture. In my stories, this impact can be found in the form of many sayings for example, used even by the more rational characters.

To me as the author, both sides (science and magic/mythology) of the subject of Chaos are of equal importance and validity, and the narration never fully tries to side with one. The Chaos Energy does inexplicable and unbelievable things, and yet it follows some internal rules. Every reader can decide on their own what they want to make of it.


Kept here for archives purposes, nostalgia and the enjoyment of those who liked/faved these stories. I always hated it when an author deleted an old story of theirs I liked, just because it doesn't fit the author's quality standards anymore. So, I decided that these ancient stories shall stay on my profile. Don't sue me for their mistakes though; I was young and didn't know any better. ;) Either way, they're part of my history, part of a learning curve I can't and don't want to deny, and I hope if you choose to read one of those old stories and one of the newer ones, you wil be able to see I got at least a little better with practice. :)

"hot spot" – My first writing attempt ever. It's a little crude in places, stylistically and when it comes down to grammar, but I still like the plot, anyway. Although I think if I'd write the same story again now, it'd be at least twice as long...

"Diamond's Mystery" was an attempt seeing where you get if you leave out Eggman and Chaos Emeralds and instead send Sonic and friends on a treasure hunt, with mysteries, puzzles, freaked enemies and traps. There are things about it I would have done differently now, especially about the first chapters of it that really stalled the story early, or about the OC villains, who ended up being plot device and not characters, really. Chapters 6 and onwards that actually deal with the treasure hunt adventure thing I wanted to write this story for in the first place have some nice action scenes, I enjoy how the booby traps turned out, also the ancient underground maze in the end and the story's mysterious glowy object of doom. And since major portions of this story, especially the action-filled part, entirely focus on the two main characters 'cause there isn't actually anyone else there, it is full of Sonic/Knuckles interaction, banter, bickering, friendship and the occasional little argument alike. By now I think it kind of worked out the basics for how I write their relationship now.


"The Taste Of Speed" - The first of my short stories, taking a brief look on Sonic running.

"Shiny Big Rock" – I still love this story. It's a Sonic/Knuckles friendship oneshot, told from Sonic’s point of view. It is a mixture of stream of consciousness and dialogue that explores the differences between the hedgehog and the echidna, Knuckles’ sense for guarding this shiny big rock of his, and Sonic's understanding (or lack thereof) for it. If you like a bit of humor and interactions between Sonic and Knux, check it out!

"Changes And Chances" – Post-Sonic Heroes oneshot resulting of bad weather, me being bored and coming across philosophical quotes after playing way too much of the aforementioned game. I ended up writing Knuckles' reflections on the events considering his life before and his relation to the other characters before and in/after the game. Not very long, but I like how it turned out.

Now has artwork, once again by the amazing Nik159: nik159.deviantart.com/art/Changes-And-Chances-401819607

“Cloudburst Flight” - That one’s different. Besides being a story about flying, about the struggle to understand other people’s feelings, about the brotherly relation between Tails and Sonic, it’s mostly a oneshot about Sonic’s strange relation to Amy Rose. It really isn’t a Sonic/Amy story. Quite the opposite I suppose. You can have multiple versions of Amy’s suffering from her one-sided crush in various sorts of fics; I somehow happened to try writing the other side of the coin ‘cause I got kinda annoyed it’s always just the girl’s point of view shown in fics.

“Relativity” – Another fairly short idea I got while running in the forest. It starts with a not quite completely scientific conversation between two very close but very different friends and ends with Sonic taking a joy run. It’s funny how I every now and then end up typing something like that… Maybe it’s just natural, one fan of running writing about another one. :)
Spawned the half-poetic lines on top of this profile that I'm still pretty fond of in spite of their age. Apparently I'm not the only one even... Interestingly, a few people actually quoted it on their profiles. I felt totally flattered. Still do, for a fact.

"Killer Chao?" – A small, 1000 words thingy about these strange little chao creatures, based on the Sonic Advance games mostly.

"Between Red And Blue"– Inspired to equal parts by the fanfiction archives main content category and Sonic Chronicles, this short story is a bit of a parody on various more or less popular pairings, poking a bit of fun at this slightly overrated romance idea and the usual lack of considering male characters in it. Aside of that, it's a Sonic/Knuckles friendship oneshot. What a surprise...

"These Roads" - Short poem inspired by an awesome piece of Sonic fanart. Pretty much a mood piece, I guess.

"It's In The Shoes" - A short idea that came up when I was aimlessly drabbling stuff into Word. Set in Sonic Chronicles, this oneshot presents a humorous solution on how the various power-ups in Sonic games might work.

"The Last Ring" - Very short oneshot about Sonic trying to make his way to one of Dr. Eggman's insane headquarters and suffering a tragic loss in the progress... Well, sort of, anyway.
In case you're interested, I drew a picture going with it. Don't think it's half bad, actually. You can check out my painting skills here: speedy1236.deviantart.com/art/The-Last-Ring-290759207.l, like me,

"On The Edge” Slightly dark-mooded Knuckles poem, written down based on the feeling probably everybody knows once in a while of being stuck on a narrow ridge between two world or ways and having to decide if you dare to jump into the unknown. Knuckles is and probably will always stay a character that is stuck on an edge like that, between traditions he never saw lived by anyone and what he sees with Sonic and the others, between duty and personal needs, between seclusion and a natural desire for company, between past and present, between a world that is for long gone he’s the only relic of and a world that’s too strange to him to become a full part of. I think it stays quite in-character with its conclusion, and I’m kinda fond of the ending verses.

"Your Fault" - A oneshot I wrote for the Kelviniana Mistletoe challenge. It was to write a story that involves mistletoe. The challenge also said that plotless romance would be frowned upon, but you get an additional point for writing about a pairing you don't like. I didn't manage that. It has some obvious Anti-SonAmy (cause that's how I roll) and a bit of one-sided KnuxAmy. Don't even know how that happened, I didn't intend to write that. Ah well. Other than that, those of you who know me and my writing get something not so uncommon: a conversation between Sonic and Knuckles. I enjoy writing that too much. Apparently it wasn't bad either; it scored me a very narrow third place in the contest.

"Chasing Horizons" - I love this story. It's a very personal piece, maybe a lot more personal than anyone might notice upon reading it. Like several other ideas I get, this one came to me on a run, or at least that's when it really became clear in my head and I found I needed to type it out. It's a little bit of philosophy, a runner's thoughts on the nature of the chase. Writing it was a very relaxing and satisfying experience. I hope some of you will get just a little bit out of it as well.

"Aftermath" - This oneshot is a tag to the awesome Dr Namgge's "Another Setback" and its sidestory "Pressured Into It". At some point during a PM conversation about his stories and various other things, the idea came up that I could try writing one of the end of story monologues I usually write for Robotnik in my own stories. Eggman's reflections are always fun to write for me; I guess they are what I like best to write about his character. Now, I had the chance to write one of those reflections on a failed attempt at world domination that was much more brilliantly planned out than any of the things I ever come up with for Robotnik. Thanks for the experience, Nam.

"Pathfinder's Apprentice" - A short Knuckles fic. It's set in SA1, directly at the beginning of Knuckles' story. It's nothing that has never been adapted in fanfiction before, but I had the idea for a while and it fit with the lost/loss theme of the Kelviniana Forum's contest, so I decided I might as well write it now and see where it gets me. Was quite successful with it, too. :)

"Bird's Eye View" - Spontaneous little idea typed over the course of an evening. Set shortly after Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Bit of an early Team Sonic friendship piece. The cover artwork is part of this picture: speedy1236.deviantart.com/art/Island-of-Angels-676625975


The Triple Threat Series is... not exactly what the name makes it sound. It’s not strictly a series in the sense of starting with story one and the rest being sequels. It’s a lot looser than that, especially for the earlier installments. All TTS stories have in common that they’re set in the same universe and resolve around the trio of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Each individual story can stand on its own, but there are subtle references between them since they – for me being the writer – have for long become continuity. So, I figured I can as well go ahead and call them that, right?

Chronologically "The Wind In The Abyss" is kind of a prequel to the series that develops some concepts and establishes a few universe-related things. Chronology for all other Triple Threat stories is simply the order I published them in. You don't have to read them in a particular order, though. Each story is complete and can stand on its own. A few things, especially in the latest additions to the series however, will make more sense to you if you've read the previous stories.

TTS’ timeline fits loosely between Sonic Adventure 1/2/Sonic Heroes and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. So, you can usually assume everything aside of the events of Sonic Chronicles happened. This restriction wasn’t applied because I dislike Sonic Chronicles or something, I actually like it a lot, but because of the open ending I find it hard fitting a story after it and making sense with it. (Whatever happened to that sequel? Yes, I’m looking at you, Bioware!)

The gem of my collection… and prequel to the Triple Threat Series

"The Wind In The Abyss" - partly AU, basically a transition from STC into game universe, set in a timeline starting with the Fleetway canon and going into a pre-SA2 game timeline.
It features quite a few Fleetway-exclusive characters and uses ideas from both game canon and comics. It’s based on various theories I made up over time on the differences between the Fleetway comic universe and the game canon, starting with big, obvious things such as Fleetway's demon Super Sonic, but also covering a lot of smaller things. I guess I went the other way around than the writers of STC when they adapted Sonic Adventure's plot into their universe. This story adapts Fleetway ideas and characters into a game-inspired universe.
Other than trying to combine two canons I guess you could call this piece of writing a character study, or a concept study really (or, as DC111 called it, a 'character exploration story with a lot of depth'). When writing it, I deliberately decided to shove the ‘heroes try to stop villains’ plot into the story’s side arcs and focused my attention on something that has been a main interest to me for quite a while: the matter of Chaos Control, how it works from the point of view of the individual using it. I tried to work out the nature of Chaos Control, of the Chaos Emeralds themselves and how they affect the individual coming into contact with them (and vice-versa). It’s not a typical adventure story; it’s more of a concept story, or a concept building story, and goes much deeper into its subject than anything else I’ve written could. Go check it out! :)

[/shameless plug]


"Fireworks" – Two-chapter action/friendship ficlet. Pretty much a typical Eggman vs Sonic and Co. scenario. Oh, and quite a lot of stuff blows up. 'Cause explosions are great. By the way, countdowns are too. ;)

"Winter's Fun?" – Another friendship piece featuring Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. Highlight should be the dialogue between Sonic and Knux again, but I think it’s a funny story overall. I got the idea for it while climbing up a snowy slope with a sledge on my shoulder. :)

"Not Quite As Planned" – Typed down in honor of Sonic's birthday. It includes a bit of everything I find makes out what his games are: a track through Eggman's base offering a bunch of places to almost kill him, a boss fight, Tails being his back-up... and of course as it is a birthday story a bit of a party, although nothing about it turns out how Sonic thought it would...

"The Night Of The Potted Fir Tree"- Christmas oneshot with Knuckles taking the leading part. It isn't long and certainly not deep or anything, but I like how the humor turned out. Not much to say to this one... other than that my personal favorite character in it is the title-giving tree. :D

"From Me To You" - Another Christmas story. Written from Sonic's point of view, it takes the reader along on the blue hedgehog's quest to find appropriate presents for his two friends. It's probably something everyone of us encountered sometimes before the holidays. Not overly creative, sure, and I don't know how funny it turned out, but I guess it got a christmassy spirit, a lot of friendship and should be kind of heart-warming. Feel-good writing, I suppose. :)

"Carvings And Relics" - Wasn't sure if I'd publish it at first. It's an idea I had for a while and never really sat down to write. Bit angsty at the beginning, pretty fluffy at the end. A fun fact about it is probably that it's one of the very few stories that gets labelled as Hurt/Comfort, although I write rather much that would fit under this genre. Also, the first Knuckles/Tails friendship oneshot. Way past time for that one, I suppose.

"Best Intentions" - Sort of a slice-of-life piece from Knuckles' point of view, revolving around him taking up an invitation of Sonic and Tails for a winter vacation. It was supposed to just be a short piece, but it had a mind of its own and ended up including a lot of elements of Knuckles' different cultural background (because it's not just that he grew up in isolation, whatever he had to culturally identify with on the island belongs to a culture not only long extinct, but also presumably rather different to the other characters' background). Unlike most other stories I write that touch on the subject here and there, this one is a setting without a world-endangering crisis for the characters to solve, and it gave me the space to explore some character elements that had been on my mind for a long time. I think a real lot about how I see Knuckles in my head canon can be deduced from reading it.

"Flying and Soaring" - A bit of fluff in which the Triple Threat head out ski jumping.


"Chaos And Confusion" – In spite of its several years of age, I still like the plot and concepts of this story and the way everything turned out, especially Eggman towards the end and the dialogues with E-123 Omega. Contains references to several games, mostly the Sonic Rush series, Sonic Heroes… and a bit of others. Main characters are Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, but it has two or three more or less parallel story lines. Aside of the main cast there are Shadow, Dr. Eggman, Rouge and Omega, the latter two trying with limited success to safe their third team member from Eggman, and himself, as usually... Meanwhile Dr. Eggman - how overly creative of me - is once more after his regular schemes while Sonic and Co. are pretty much in the dark about their archenemy's plans 'cause they're busy attempting to get through a bunch of Chaos Emerald trouble...

“The End Of The Rainbow” - I find it hard to say what this one is about actually. Is ‘adventure story’ too unspecific? There are too much elements in it to pinpoint a more specific genre… From treasure hunts, wild goose chases, mysteries, possibly unexpected character developments... There’s a bit of everything. It's probably not a typical Sonic story... if something like a typical Sonic story even exists. Oh well.
References Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure more than other games. A bit of an homage? Maybe. ;) Features the Triple Threat of course, and has appearances of Dr Eggman, Team Chaotix as well as Amy Rose, Cream and Cheese.

OMG... Nik159 drew a scene from chapter 22, Sonic, Knuckles and Tails looking at the carpet picture. Isn't it totally amazing? :D (nik159.deviantart.com/art/Unusual-treasure-366602305)

"Watch The Hourglass"... doors close when time is up. (Omochao, Sonic Adventure 2)
A Triple Threat story that transcends time and space. Yes, the time travel fic I always wanted to write. A bit of sci-fi, a bit of background exploration... and some other things that shall not be revealed here. Main characters are Sonic, Knuckles and Tails (yeah, big surprise), but it has cameos of a couple other characters.
Like most of my longer stories, it's a story focussing less on the theme of heroes vs villain, but a story about a journey. This particular journey is a lot more random than some before it. Nam called it episodical, and I'm just gonna use that word, 'cause it hits the nail on the head. :)l, like me,

Check out the full size and resolution of the cover artwork. It's looking awesome. Heck yes. (speedy1236.deviantart.com/art/Out-Of-Time-347929750)

Holy freaking Chaos Emeralds, this story now has fanart, too! Look, a moment from Chapter 15, Sonic and Knuckles gazing at the future city. (nik159.deviantart.com/art/Night-410858375)

"Mirror's Edge"

Triple Threat adventure/fantasy/sci-fi fic. It sees the return of an old foe, a trap laid out for Sonic to run right into, a dimension only two people have ever been in that is almost impossible to escape from, Tails becoming the target of a mad scheme that could destroy the very world... And it is LONG.

Full view of the cover artwork: speedy1236.deviantart.com/art/Mirror-s-Edge-Cover-491783069

Look, Mirror's Edge has been featured on TSSZ News' Fan Fridays a while ago! Nobody bothered to tell me about it and it had been online quite a while before I found out. Thanks to Shdowhunt60 for recommending it! (tssznews.com/2016/05/20/fan-fridays-speedy1236/)


- a few game-verse-y shorter fics and a Triple Threat short story, in various stages of completion

- the next actually long fic

I'm not promising any publishing dates or whatnot on any of those. The shorter ones (or at least some of them) will probably make it this year. The next major fic will be a while. Early to mid 2018? Feel free to watch this spot for updates and further details to come later. :)

Reading is going on a journey on the wings of your imagination. Writing is building these wings.

Disclaimer: The crazed nutjob responsible for this profile does not own any of the Sonic characters or related things like locations, magical gemstones of awesomeness or other items, but does own the stories listed below. The owner of the work is not liable for any mental or physical damage taken during exposure to the featured fictional content, or induced as a result. All rights reserved and copyrighted by Speedy.

Artwork used as story covers as well as my profile avatar are pictures of my own design, or are used with permission of the original artist.

Thank you for reading.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Moments out of Time by Awdures reviews
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Adventure - Chapters: 90 - Words: 100,983 - Reviews: 64 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 30 - Updated: 3/24 - Published: 10/11/2013 - Sonic, Fang/Nack, Charmy, Blaze - Complete
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 40,056 - Reviews: 39 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 12/2/2015 - Published: 1/10/2011 - Sonic, Knuckles
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Collection of drabbles and oneshots, some based from themes, some from songs (but no songfics), set in various timelines, canons and/or AUs. Expect the unexpected; anything goes. Primarily features Sonic, Tails, and/or Knuckles, a lot of bro bonding and character studies. Various genres. No pairings (except maybe background Silvaze if they appear). Rated based on possible language.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,462 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 8 - Published: 9/15/2015 - Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman
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