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Ah, it's been more than a year since I've even been on this site! Shame! Blame my senior year in highschool and my first semester of university, not me *nervous laugh*.

I'm currently starting back up on my only published story Je Me Sabotage, as well as an untitled Ouran High School Host Club fic. Its rather close to publication, but I hate to make promises and not keep them.

A few of the stories I've contemplated posting. Tell me what you think!


Like Its 2012: France and Britain are at an 'End of The World' party, when the gentleman pirate (who could once hold his liquor) gets drunk. "You, me, a bed, less clothing. I think it may be entertaining." *Francis rolls his eyes*. (rated M in my head and human names used)

Pasties: Arthur's little sister, Adelaide, arrives for a visit and disrupts his *ahem* "relations" life with Francis. After having been deprived for a few days, Francis decides to take matters into his own hands. (totally M, interpret the title as you wish and have a Brit/American war over what I actually mean by it)


Trouble with the Quadratic Curve Inoue Orihime is easily one of the most beautiful girls at Seireitei School for Literary Excellence, but when her marks in Maths began to flag, she was set up with a tutor. Kuchiki Byakuya, her tutor and boys' track star, is found out by his teammates to be a virgin. Inoue-chan can't help but want to help as thanks for the assistance in her maths studies. (M, and AU, I also know that Byakuya and Orihime are no where near the same age. I don't care.)

Home: Ichigo is working in his hospital, when a young mother is lost and her child is left with no family. When he presents his proposal to keep the little one to his boyfriend, Renji, they just don't see eye to eye. (M, AU)

My Hobbies

I'm currently in university, in pursuit of my BFA in Musical Theatre, so that has attributed to my lengthy disappearance from FFN. I obviously enjoy singing, dancing, and acting, and I recently made my university debut as Logainne Schwarzandgrubbeniere in The 25th Annual Putname County Spelling Bee. It was extremely fun, but time consuming! AH!

My Favorites!!!!

Old T.V. Shows (from my childhood): Hey Arnold, Phil of the Future, That's So Raven, As Told By Ginger, and Lizzie McGuire

Anime: Hetalia, Naruto, and Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club, and developing a liking for Attack on Titan.

Books: Harry Potter!!!! (Screw Twilight, though the movie was aiite. I know; I'm a hater.), Hunger Games, Unwind, The DaVinci Code, etc

Music Artists: around October of 2011, my friends got me hooked on K-pop. SHINee takes the cake, and shall forever have a place in my heart, while i also enjoy Super Junior, Teen Top, BigBang, and EXO-K/M... If anyone would like to suggest any new artists to me, I'm always open to them! Eminem will always have a place in my heart (a very Dark, Lusty place, but yeah...) and Daft Punk is a recent development. I still listen to almost anything else (except country).

My Faaaaavvve Pairings

Bleach: Bya/Ren, Bya/Ichi, Bya/Gin, Bya/Yoruichi, Bya/Sous, (anything Bya!!!!) Hitsu/Gin, Hitsu/Ichi, Kisuke/Yoruichi, Kisuke/Ichi, Ichi/Ren. Wish I could find a good Bya/Hitsu, but my efforts have so far proven futile.

Hetalia: US/UK, Japan/China, GerPan, ItaPan, Germany/France (though I've never read one, seems interesting), Austria/Hungary, Franada, and even AmeriPan

Harry Potter: Draco/Blaise, Draco/Hermione, Draco/Harry (Draco, Draco, DRACO!!!!)

Ouran: Kyoya/Tamaki (although finding a good story of them is difficult), Kyoya/OCs (if they aren't a Mary Sue or Billy Bob!), pretty much anyone and Kyoya

I haven't watched enough Attack on Titan to develop my favorite pairings.

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