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Okay, first things first. Before i start ranting on the things i dont like on fanfictions, let me just start saying this... I tend to get attached to fictional characters that remind me of myself or people I know, that, AND i'm not very forgiving to those I don't like. That might answer some of your questions about any reviews I might give out or any kind of bashing on fics I might write (In the far off future, maybe).

Now for what i DON'T like to see on fics:

Yaoi...it's disgusting. Now I don't mean any prejudice, what i mean is that some sick "people" turn a pair of guys that are nothing but good friends or rivals into gay LOVERS for some odd reason that i still haven't been able to wrap my mind around (mainly because i just avoid the fictions and authors altogether, i've been reading fictions as an anonym here for over 2 years), that's crazy, and I can' t really say that I don't think it laughable.

Yuri...its also disgusting. For the same reason all over again. some might wanna ask: "But it's two girls, yadda, yadda..." or "It's cute, etc. etc...". Whatever floats your boat. But i don't like it, i'm a male with straight sexual horientation, I like relationships BoyxGirl and that kind ONLY. Besides all that, if yaoi fangirls catch wind of a guy being a yuri fan...well, then we don't have any arguments against them.

Overpowered OCs...do I even need to say? That's what One could also call a "Mary Sue", oh boy, do I hate it when a story gets one of those .

Now, About another thing: Self Insertion Fics...Okay, that might come out alright (although I myself haven't seen any good result thus far, only people trying to "SHOW THEM HOW I KICK ASS!!")

Besides all that, I think myself as a pretty open-minded person, I'll take any kind of BoyxGirl pairing, even Harem also some kinds of AU (although the "High School" thing is getting kinda old dont'cha think?).

Well, that's about it, fell free to PM me on whatever, even death threats (I'll feel free to completely ignore you if you do that one though).

Qualquer hora eu Talvez traduza esse profile...(ou não) XD

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