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11-02-19: I'm very much inactive here and, though I don't write much anymore, any new works will be posted to AO3. Valk on AO3
For those of you looking for the full scenes from Sunset Horizon, you can find them at the below sites (Remove spaces and exclamation marks):
First one: vvfanfiction. livejournal. c!om/8325.h!tml
Second one: vvfanfiction. livejournal. c!om/11000.h!tml
Eventually, I'll repost the full fic with these scenes included on AO3, but this'll have to do for now!

7-16-2012: Hey, I think FFnet fixed their own transitions! All my triple asterisks are back and so are the scene transitions on my profile! Whoo-hoo!
Sunset Horizon has been removed by the FFnet admin.
7-31-2012: Sunset Horizon is back! Same name, same story, but now with censors redirecting you to my LJ for certain scenes.

Hello! You can call me just about any form of ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie you can think of. I used to sign off as OCV, but I've switched over to Valk.

Yay! A new avatar! A pic of Rinoa from one of those iOS games. I think.

I am...

Age: Almost 30
Gender: Female
Location: Somewhere on the other side of eternity (which is somewhere after today but before tomorrow) [Quote by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra]
Muse: A cat-like creature with black and white fur that sits on my shoulder. It (I don't think it has a gender) has emerald green eyes that sparkle in the light and a long, bushy tail that it lets me stroke when I'm sad. Oh, and it has really puffy cheeks and pointy ears. If you don't think I'm crazy, then kudos to you.
Other Boring Crap: I want to be an author someday (And make money off of original works) and I have several novels in the works. I design all my own avatars and wallpapers, too. I finally got my own apartment and my cat, but I'm still looking for a job. If I don't update, I'm probably either busy or dead. I do quite a bit of beta-reading and wallpaper/avatar/signatures, so if you'd like my assistance, just shoot me a PM!
Story Updates: Honestly, do you really want to read those? I mean, why not read the stories instead? I'll mark it as 'Complete' once it is, so you'll be able to tell and just look at the 'Updated' date to see if I'm actively publishing. I apparently have a reputation for writing twisting storylines, so I really can't give updates here without spoiling the stories. Enjoy!
Fun, Fun: Now, courtesy of City of Dis, my muse has a demonic wolf puppy to play with! I named him Snuffles :)

Future Fics

(In alphabetical order by fandom)


Final Fantasy ??? on Drugs - FF???
I have several ideas for every FF on Drugs, including Dissidia, DoC, CC, and ACC. I won't start any others of this collection until FFVII is done, but I thought I'd put up the post. If you don't know, the Drugs series is complete crack of the original games. (T, Humor/Adventure)

Originally my project for NaNoWriMo 2011. FFIV/FFXIII crossover. Time is coming apart at the seams and only a small handful of people can remember the original timeline. It falls to their hands to restore time to the way it was. Kain/Lightning, Cecil/Rosa, Edge/Rydia, Snow/Serah, Hope/Lightning, Hope/Porom, Palom/Leonora. (T, Drama/Romance)

Gungnir and Zantetsuken - FFIV/FFXIII
My brain has been running away with me and expanding on the oneshot already posted. Basically, I'll be adding on a bunch of additional oneshots telling their story after their initial meeting, branching into their bond beyond friends and beyond marriage. I'm considering moving this to Dissidia to get more views. (T, Romance/Adventure)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Life Happens
A complete mess of a fic created by selecting several pairings across the FF spectrum and playing the Game of Life with them. Each chapter would be one turn and written out to show what happens. FF's I-XIII including Dissidia and Versus XIII. Now being co-written with Truth-Unspoken and Sin and Punishment! (K-T, Humor/Drama)

Herald the Day
"Herald the day the Righteous One appears. Bask in Her glory, and know that ye shall be complete." Everyone knew it was a part of a poem about the demon god of destruction, but they also thought it was fiction. Who would've thought the god existed and would be born as a human? How does an ethereal entity handle the bearing of human high school? Kain/Lightning (T-M, Romance/Supernatural)

Upping the Ante
AU. Kain and Lightning are two childhood friends playing at lovers, but when she is chosen by the village protector to become the god's pillar, he leaves town to find a way to save her. But while she is frozen, he returns home, beaten and bloodied. What happened to him? How will they handle each other's chosen path? Kain/Lightning. (T, Romance/Angst)

Lord of Hell and Final Heaven
Tifa awakens with no memory of who she was inside a tower reeking of evil. As she attempts to escape, the proprietor catches her. But... Why did he let her go? What is she forgetting from the previous cycle? Mateus/Tifa. (T, Romance/Drama)

Final Fantasy VII - (Chances are, these won't ever happen)

Mystery and Remorse
Cloud Strife is your average journalist, working to support his future when word of a horrible accident occurs and turns his life upside down. Can he find peace with a wounded woman who has no idea of her past, let alone her own name? (T, Romance/Drama)

I Wish You Were Here
Challenge fic with Valentine'sNinja that doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. Teenage love that never faded, an over-protective loved one, and a woman who's lost hope of finding the one for her. Cloud/Tifa, Genesis/Aerith, Vincent/Yuffie. (M, Romance/Drama)

Final Fantasy VIII

Junction Switch
Rinoa is a SeeD cadet just about to take her exam. Squall is a resistance member fighting for the future of Timber. Lives will change and hearts will cross in this alternate universe version of the original game. (T, Romance/Drama)

Mortui Hortis (Dead Gardens)
Vampire fic! A coven of vampires is struggling to blend with the human society, but in the process, an arranged marriage with a human becomes a stairway to a rogue vampire's desperately desired power. Now, it's left to the one sent to guard the human girl to right the wrongs that he allowed to happen, except... he winds up falling for the very human girl once he once hated. Squall/Rinoa/Seifer. (T-M, Romance/Supernatural)

Wings of a Lion (Re-write)
Basically the same thing that was up, but rewritten to avoid plotholes, pointless banter, time frauds, and plain ol' grammar mistakes. Squall/Rinoa. (T, Romance/Drama)

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem: College Years
Modern AU. The Lords of Fire Emblem face a brand new challenge: The difficulties of college life. They face love and life in a very different way than ever before. Lord pairings include: Marth/Caeda, Alm/Celica, Sigurd/Dierdre, Seliph/Yuria, Leif/Nanna, Roy/Lilina, Eliwood/Ninian, Hector/Lyn, Ephraim/Undecided, Eirika/Lyon, Ike/Elincia, Micaiah/Sothe, Chrom/FeMU, MU/Cordelia, Lucina/Inigo. Parent/Child combos are now siblings or cousins. (T, Romance/Drama)

Fire Emblem: Awakening second-gen High School AU. When Severa's father winds up in a political race for an upcoming election, she and her sister are shipped out of the country to stay with her cousins and out of the paparazzi's eyes. Her life is dull, until a random happenstance leaves her in the hospital and a mysterious new friend. Who ever knew Ylisse had such interesting people? Gerome/Severa, Laurent/Lucina, Inigo/Lucina, Chrom/FeMU, MU/Cordelia. (T, Romance/Drama)

Severa always wondered what went on behind that gaudy mask of Gerome's. Now might be her chance to find out. This is probably going to end up as a oneshot collection of fluffy pieces. Gerome/Severa (K/T, Romance)


SSL AU. Shinsengumi High is just the average school with nothing special. However, when terminal illnesses, depressed teens, and inappropriate teacher/student relationships arise, things get messy quickly. Hijikata/Chizuru, slight Kazama/Sen, others/OCs. (T, Romance/Drama)

Headcanon. A retelling of the canon story, but with my OC ladies mixed in and a few tweaks to things like the Fury powers and the like. Mostly a romance fluffpot. Hijikata/Chizuru, others/OCs. (T, Romance/Drama)

Jelsa (Rise of the Guardians/Frozen Crossover)

Post-Frozen. Spoilers. Queen Elsa had finally learned to love and let people in. When two orphans turn up in Arendelle, looking for a place to stay and food to eat, the queen decides to take them in herself. Jackson and Halle Overland become permanent residents of the palace and adopted children of the queen. As Jackson grows, he finds himself thinking of Elsa not as a mother, but as an attractive woman. When tragedy strikes, their lives are turned upside down and everything goes awry. Jack/Elsa, Kristoff/Anna. (T, Romance/Drama)

Persona 3

The Unforgiving
AU. Persona manifested in almost everyone, but only emerged in a select few. Of those few, the Persona took control of the host and caused havoc in the Dark Hour. Some Persona take it upon themselves to stop the greedy of their kind and work with their host. But why, then, does an Unforgiving fall in love with a Corrupt? Yukari/Minato. (T-M, Romance/Angst)

Letters to No One
"We, the members of SEES, would like all of you to know what we've been doing these last five years. So, we wrote a collection of letters to tell you. This is our story." FeMC version. Akihiko/Mitsuru, FeMC/Shinjiro, Junpei/Chidori. (T, Adventure/Drama)

Holding Back
The responsibilities of the royal heir are heavy. No one understands this better than Shinjiro Aragaki, crown prince of Iwatodai. Since the beginning of time, every country's heir has had to fight the Shadows that threatened the night. But with the disappearance of the ability to fight them in the Tatsumi family line, Shinjiro has taken it upon him to fight their Shadows for them. But... who's that girl with the power? (T-M, Romance/Drama)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

I seem to have conjured up a continuous post-show headcanon, including the identities of Team 5D's/The Enforcers' kids. I'm thinking these ideas will be expressed in various oneshots. Yusei/Akiza, Jack/Carly, Crow/Luna, Kalin/Misty. (K-T, Family/Romance?)

Heavenly Bride
Akiza, Jack, Crow, and Luna are the Kings of the Four Corners of the world, governing its nature in distorted harmony. When the King of Soil, Akiza, takes a human under her wing, she gets a surprise she never saw coming. Don't worry, the title makes sense. Yusei/Akiza. (T, Supernatural/Romance)

Missing Identity
Slight AU. Yusei and Z-one both crash into the core of the Arc Cradle, leaving Team 5D's to mourn their leader's death. Years later, Akiza finds Yusei, but... so did Crow. How? Yusei/Akiza/Z-one. (T-M, Romance/Drama)

Eternal Bonds
In a world where the Zero Reverse never occurs, Yusei is raised by his parents in the Tops. While attending Duel Academy, he meets his best friends, Jack, Crow, and Kalin, and also the estranged psychic duelist, Akiza. Even in a fluke of time, certain bonds cannot be forsaken. Even in a fluke of time, the future is still lost and the present is threatened, giving rise to the Signers of the Crimson Dragon. Yusei/Akiza, Jack/Carly, possible Kalin/Misty, and, of course, Dr. Fudo/Mrs. Fudo. (T, Adventure/Romance)

Chemistry in Physics
A oneshot showing the meeting and bond of Dr. Fudo and Mrs. Fudo. Two people who never thought they could get along suddenly find a link between them even stronger and more mysterious than the particle they're studying. Unfortunately, all blessings must one day end. Dr. Fudo/Mrs. Fudo. (T-M, Romance/Drama)

Medieval AU. A usurper of a throne. A missing heir. A war of countries. Caught in the middle of it all, a mercenary named Yusei and his band of allies are caught with no escape option. Their only choice is to keep fighting and continue surviving. Yusei/Akiza, Kalin/Misty, probable Jack/Carly, Crow/Luna, and Bruno/Sherry. Still in development stages. (T, Adventure/Romance)

Songs Inside My Pockets (And My Heart Upon My Sleeve)
They said goodbye without knowing when they would see each other again. Even so, they never gave up the hope they would reunite, the friendship they had formed, or the love they would one day confess. If only life can permit the time to explore this feeling... Yusei/Akiza post-show headcanon delving into their relationship. Basically, a filler between the show and my upcoming next-gen (M, Romance/Drama)

In a strange twist of fate, two beyond-strange strangers show up on the front steps of Yusei's and Akiza's homes. Something is familiar about them, but not at the same time. The blank cards in their deck cases reveal the truth. Somehow, Stardust and Black Rose have come to life as humans with no knowledge of how to act like one. Now the two teens are left to teach them what is right and wrong in the real world. Fluffilicious mess of fluff. Yusei/Akiza, Stardust/Black Rose. (T, Romance/Humor)

Broken Dream
Yusei is a child born to the Cosmic clan with the ancestral gift. He has the ability to see glimpses of the future, but his gift is abnormal in that he cannot choose when and what he sees. Several visions come to him, showing him an image of a girl in pain. He wants desperately to help her, but the village elders dismiss him as a failure. He alone can help her, and he will do so without the help of his clan. This one would feature sub names. Because I can. Yusei/Aki, Jack/Carly, Crow/Ruka, Kyosuke/Misty. (T, Romance/Drama)

Prison Island (Working Title)
AU. In a corrupt world where all lawbreakers are sent to a prison island for life, there's no telling who one can trust. With no laws or police to enforce the island, all of its inhabitants are left to roam freely on that patch of soil. Satellite Island has been home to Yusei Fudo for his entire life. He is a second generation inhabitant who has never known his mother. Kalin Kessler, Jack Atlas, and Crow Hogan lead similar lives, the four of them forming a gang for the sake of survival. New faces and mystery of the mainland continue to plague the four of them at every turn, but what could possibly be waiting for them in the future? Yusei/Aki, Kalin/Misty, Jack/Carly, Crow/Ruka, Papa Fudo/Mama Fudo. (T, Romance/Drama)

Posted Fics
(In alphabetical order by fandom)

Code Geass:

Morning After - Complete
You Found Me - Complete
History Affair


Dress for Success - Complete
Fair Game - Complete
Gungnir and Zantetsuken - Complete
Monster - Discontinued

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Dating Game: Final Fantasy Style
Blush - Complete
Sense of Adventure - Complete
The Final Fantasy
Snow Daze - Complete
Let's Talk - Complete
He Knew - Complete
Underneath This Skin


Tintinnabulum - Complete
Come for You - Complete


Doubt - Complete
Haunted - Complete

FFVII: - All on Hiatus

Blood, Sweat, and Tears
CloTi Fluff an' Other Stuff
Fill My Blank Page - Complete
Final Fantasy VII on Drugs
Intoxication - Complete
Midgar Mash
My Heart Bleeds for You
Of Mako and Promises - Complete
Short Skirts vs. T-Shirts - Complete
Stargate FFVII - Discontinued
Tangled Web
The Future is Now - Discontinued
Words Aren't the Only Way


For a Loyal Knight Was He - Complete
The Poet
You Are My Angel - Complete


Marionette - Complete
Ordinary Day - Complete

Fire Emblem:


Gundam 00:

Close Your Eyes - Complete
And I'll Close Mine - Complete
Seventy-Five Cents - Complete



Persona 3:

SKiN - Complete
Sealing Our Fate - Complete
Tears to Roses - Complete
Our Story - Complete

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Sunset Horizon - Removed
The Winner Takes it All - Complete
Questions Without Answers - Complete
Sunset Horizon (Re-post)
Whispers in the Dark - Complete
Thirty-One Days of Halloween
Carly's Promise - Complete
Dreamless Nightmare
Just a Dream - Complete

My favorite pairings:
(In alphabetical order by fandom)

Code Geass

Lelouch & C.C. (I love how these two clash repeatedly, but still work together and care for each other in the end.)
Gino & Kallen (I absolutely adore these two together.)
Lloyd & Milly (Oh, I don't even want to think about the chemistry here. But these two are too damn hilarious to ignore)
Xingke & Tianzi (Cradle robbing, anyone? With him being sick, the dramatics between these two are too grand to miss.)
Suzaku & Anya (Yeah, I went there. I can't really say much else until I try writing them.)
Guilford & Cornelia (Teehee! Too... knightly. I adore how convicted these two are to their goals.)

Final Fantasy

Cecil & Rosa (Cecil's kinda cheesy in Dissidia, but I love him in FFIV. He and Rosa are so cute.)
Edge & Rydia (Edge is just too awesome to ignore, and Rydia's such a toughie. She'll literally whip him into shape.)
Bartz & Lenna (While there aren't any canon pairings in this game, unless you count Krile and Mid, I can still see Bartz and Lenna getting their happy-ever-after...)
Edgar & Terra (Due to Dissidia, everyone knows Terra, but nobody knows anyone else in her cast... I actually like Edgar and Terra together, despite his skirt-chasing antics)
Setzer & Darill OR any other woman (I just love him. 'Nuff said.)
Kefka & Terra (OH, MY GOD. WHY DO I LIKE THESE TWO?!?!?!)
Genesis & Aerith (A random crack pairing that just kind of happened in one of my stories... I find myself liking them more and more.)
Squall & Rinoa (They're so cute! I love how Rinoa just twists Squall's tormented little emo soul.)
Seifer & Quistis (Weird, but somehow cute.)
Laguna & Raine (Hey, Squall came out of their relationship. 'Nuff said.)
Laguna & Julia (Hey, 'Eyes on Me' came out of their relationship. 'Nuff said.)
Irvine & Selphie (Yes, they rate lower than Laguna and Rinoa's mother. I don't mind them and I think they're a cute canon couple, but I wouldn't look up stories focused on them.)
Zidane & Garnet (So the guy has a monkey tail... Big whoop. He can still get some love.)
Snow & Serah (The whole game is pretty much based on this pairing.)
Fang & Vanille (The first girl/girl pairing I truly like. They have a cuteness to their bond that just screams 'adorable!')
Hope & Lightning (Only with older!Hope, and Light still gets priority with Kain. But these two are still cute now and then.)
Emperor Mateus & Tifa (Don't ask why, but I love these two.)
Kain & Lightning (Love! A big thank-you to V-Ninja for introducing me to these two.)
Bartz & Prishe (They both love to wander. Why not?)
Warrior & Cosmos (It's obvious the guy is in love with her. Might as well be canon.)

Fire Emblem Series

Hector & Lyn (It's great how these two just drive each other crazy. They're both such hotheads.)
Eliwood & Ninian (The noble and iconic pairing of the game. I don't think anyone who likes fluff can hate them.)
Ephraim & Eirika (Judge me all you want. IT CHANGES NOTHING.)
Innes & Eirika (Epic. Win.)
Seth & Eirika (But I like her with Seth, too.)
Roy & Lilina (Especially with Roy's new FE13 look. Enter drooling here.)
Chrom & FeMU (Her name is Reflet in my head and I ship them. Haters gonna hate.)
Inigo & Lucina (At first, I thought they would only work as siblings. Now I can't see them as anything but a couple.)
Gerome & Severa (I ship them SO HARD. It's just... ARGH!)
Lon'Qu & Nowi (A random pairing from my first game of Awakening. Now I can't see it any other way.)
Basilio & Flavia (Just don't ask.)
Sigurd & Dierdre (Yeah, I found the Seisen no Keifu manga. And shipping occurred. Like, hardcore, man.)
Quan & Ethlin (So much squeeabliity! Eee!)
Lewyn & Fury (Because I hate Sylvia)
Eltoshan & Raquesis (He'll always be Eltoshan to me. Don't even try to change my mind. And he's a lefty. I was bound to love him. And I read the manga, so this pairing is canon in there.)

Gundam 00

Allelujah & Marie (Expect to see quite a bit of these two. I'm in love with this pairing.)
Setsuna & Feldt (Now that I've seen the movie, there's no stopping my fangirl soul.)
Lyle & Anew (Lockon version two-point-oh is great with Anew... I love that scene with the unexpected 'I love you...')
Tieria & Mileina (Don't judge me.)
Regene & female!Tieria (Just... please... don't judge me...)
Billy & Sumeragi (Hey, I think they're cute together!)
Hallelujah & murderous intent (...No comment.)


Hijikata/Chizuru (I want to thank AnimeKiwi369 for getting me started on this wonderful ship T_T)
The rest of the cast/OCs (Yeah, I know. It really can't be helped with a fandom like Hakuouki, though.)

The Legend of Dragoon

Dart & Shana (Most people hate Shana, but I don't really get why, beyond the terrible voice acting...)
Zieg & Rose (Honestly, anybody who's played the game and needs to ask questions should be shot. Zieg is just too cool.)
Lloyd & Miranda (Don't ask why.)
Albert & Emille (Cuteness. That is all. Besides, Al's such a sap.)
Guaraha & Meru (You know, I still wonder how old Meru is. Somehow, I don't think she's just a teenager. But I like the idea of poor Guaraha trying to wrestle her down into a relationship. Poor guy's a lot of work ahead of him.)

Persona 3

Shinjiro & Minako/FeMC (The whole reason I started paying attention to this game.)
Junpei & Chidori (SQUEEEE!!! That is all.)
Akihiko & Mitsuru (They're both so serious. And by VG standards, they have to end up together)
Ryoji & Aigis (Man, I love these two and I have no idea why.)
Minato & Yukari (Eh, why not? They are cute together)
Minato & Aigis (More canon than any other pairing, though they're not way up there.)

Persona 4

Yu & Rise (I couldn't decide who I shipped the protagonist for a long time, but the anime sealed the deal XD)
Kanji & Naoto (The only pairing I really liked after playing the game. I started some fics for them, but they haven't gotten too far.)
Yosuke & Chie (Mostly for comedic purposes)
Chie & Yukiko (Yes, I ship yuri. It's practically canon, anyway.)

Valkyrie Profile

Lenneth & Lucian (Not many people know VP, I think, and most who do like seeing Lenneth with Lezard, but I just love how dedicated Lucian is to her. They died for each other!)
Arngrim & Hrist (I just love both of these characters. No real reason why I stuck them together.)
Suo & Shiho (Again, no real reason. But... He did die because of her...)

Vampire Knight

Zero & Yuki (I think this is my OTP of the series.)
Kaname & Yuki (But I can't bring myself to hate this pairing, either.)
Ichiru & Shizuka (I know she was in love with that other, nameless ex-human, but I ship them all the same.)
Akatsuki & Ruka (Hey, I'll ship it.)
Senri & Rima (I love they way she gets riled up during the Rido subplot.)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Yusei & Akiza (ASDFGHJKL; THEY ARE JUST TOO CUUUUTE!!! Also, I finally finished the subs. Expect headcanon soon.)
Jack & Carly (I am so disappointed with Jack in the ending. The idiot changed his whole outlook on life because of her, then he just leaves her behind? Puh-leese.)
Crow & Older!Luna (There's a disappointingly small amount of these two, but I'll ship them, anyway.)
Dr. Fudo & Mrs. Fudo (I made up names for them, don't worry. I love Yusei's dad way too much, especially my version of him :D)
Bruno & Sherry (Even if one of their only canon meetings was when they were trying to kill each other, I can still see chemistry)
Kalin & Misty (Two tormented souls, trapped in a similar fate... They can make it work)
Stardust & Black Rose (Because it's getting to the point where I ship them beyond their connection to Yusei and Akiza.)


(In order of publication date)

I am dedicating this place in my profile to all of you wonderful people who make so happy by favorite-ing one of my stories or myself as an author! If you did favorite me and your name is not here, let me know and I will add you. Without further ado, in order of publication date by story, my favorite people!

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