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Update~ School and Life is interfering.. I want to do finish the one-shot before re-checking the last chapter of 'Leaving ain't an easy matter' :P Sorry for the delay but a recent obsession with an online game, a new after school activity and school ain't helping (23/5)

Content page xD (use cmd+f or ctrl+f and copy+paste the title below to jump :) or you can read the whole profile :O It's exactly in the order as I paste here :P)

1) Dates

2) Profile

3) Favourite characters,parings and series

3.1) Skip Beat!(Slight spoilers)

3.2) Resident Evil(slight spoilers)

3.3) One Piece (Slight spoilers)

3.4) Fairy Tail

3.5) Final Fantasy XIII

3.6) Bleach(Very slight spoilers)

3.7) Beauty Pop(spoilers)

3.8) Fruit basket(Spoilers)

3.9) Artemis Fowl( Slight spoilers)

3.10) Fullmetal Alchemist

4) Story (Singular for now)

5) Plot bunny section! xD

1) Dates

Yay... 151210 is when I decided to revamp my whole profile xD Mainly because I'm procrastinating and secondly because my old profile was all over the place. Ah, enough rambling and let's start with my profile xD

191210-Edited some mistakes and decided to continue with the list.

Fixed some inconsistencies.- technically 12.45 am here 201210 (I'm back again... since I'm stuck in a script writing for my assignment)

221210- Yesh, it seems like I'm sort of obsessed with letting everyone know my favourite character from each series and the reasons why =.="'

020311 Published my first story :P And bold the dates so it's easier to read. Changed a bit at the One Piece, Bleach and Fairy Tail section. Decided to add a longer summary and explanation for my story. Oh and created a plot bunny section xD So the stories' ideas that I place at the series is moved. Changed the way it's organise so Find function can be used.

190311 Updated several info on my story.

280311 Added an Update~ section.

090411 Changes done to Bleach and Fairy Tail.

2) Profile

Name: Not gonna write it here :P Call me felix, juz, cat or wateva is fine xD I dun really mind. I rarely give my name out in the virtual world anyway.

Age: Let's see... I'm currently not legal to drink, I have my IC though... (at least it is that way in my country..) So wat age do you think I am?

Bday: 3rd last day of the month of the first two digit month :D

Hobbies: Reading :D, Writing, Drawing I suppose, Gaming and playing Netball xD

The main reason for getting this account is to save my fav stories and to get updated when a chapter is written ^^

So I live in the small red dot :D [No, please don't stalk me ] Despite my androgynous name, i assure you, i'm female (: so maybe that's the tendency to go towards romance :O ?

JuzSomeone can be found here and in ijji Gunz.. relax, both are me.. :D so any haters of me, come to ijji gunz to find me ^^ Why this name? I also dunno, probably becuz my just is short form to juz and It's Someone becuz it not SoBored.. Yea, I got another character in Gunz which is JuzSoBored, stolen from my cousin :D his virtual name for SuddenAttackSea is JustSoBored :P okok, it's Someone because i couldn't think of a better name and it's mysterious doncha think? :D

I eat fiction books and a variety too :D I dun touch sci-fic though... I got a list of favourite authors :D young adult and adult... talk to me and let's see what we have in common :P

haha... most of the stories under favorites are simply my favorites! I usually save completed stories but if I find that I'm interested in uncomplete ones, I save them too ^^ My fav list is long and story alerts list is longer. I try to review when I read finish a story or newest chapter

If u got any fanfics that are nice to read or has an interesting plot, pls recommend. Well, my knowledge of manga and anime are not wide so most popular series I won't touch. Then again if the plot is special and interesting lemme know.

3) Favourite characters,parings and series

Let's see... Onto my favourite series and characters k?

3.1) Skip Beat!(Slight spoilers)

Fell in love with it since the airing of the anime. Got hooked on the manga once the anime runs finished. Am a faithful follower ever since xD Interesting and lovely idea of the story taking place in the entertainment industry. Interesting main male character (Ren not Sho ). A bit cliche but so damn funny main female character (Kyoko of course). Funny relationships all over the story (Sempai and Kouhai, best friends, sisters and hate relationships). Crazy antagonists (Sho and Reino). Super interesting roles/faces of Kyoko. Lovely best friend xD( No i shan't give the name here if not it's kinda of a big spoiler) I do hate the breaks in between each chapter though D:

Favourite character:Natsu ( She's so refined, sly, cool, fashionable and I would really like to know her more about her past,etc.. (: Juz avoid being on her bad side k?)

Couples I ship: RenXKyoko (Do i need to say more? They are so made to being together :D) HiouXMoko (A bit strange but I prefer them to be together :D He juz makes her so different and vice versa.)

Couples I dun ship: Kyoko and Sho (Come on.. Them together is ABSOLUTELY not going to happen. If it does, I'm so gonna abandon the manga =.=) Moko and Yashiro (Well, can't say I really hate this pairing, it's juz that i prefer MokoXHiou. Though this pairing seems more likely to happen. Also, there's no way that I can avoid reading this in some fanfics...Sigh)

By the way, Skip Beat! is the main reason I stumbled onto this site and the main reason I'm still staying on and definitely the main reason I became a member.

I love any stories with Natsu xD

3.2) Resident Evil(slight spoilers)

Played the game before but didn't find it interesting. The story plot I mean. The game floored me since I'm not too good in arcade games. Never paid much attention to the game ever since. The movies,on the other hand... Watched the second movie, Apocalypse once and that's it. I'm a goner. I kept it in my mind but never went to buy the series because I dun feel like it. Never watched it in the cinema before because I hate horror. But made an exception for the 4th movie. (Afterlife) I care for the story plot though the main reason I stay is because of the main character xD

Thus, Favourite character:Alice(kickass, gun-wielding heroine, cool yet caring, loner yet helpful and really do I need to go on more?)Claire Redfield (Well, I suppose she's fine too :D Never really notice her until the 4th film) (:

Couple I ship: AliceXCarlos (technically Carlos well...Died =.=, still it was kinda sweet seeing them together)

Couples I dun ship: Anyone else together I guess..LOL

Nah, I'm not so into fanfic fandom for this series.. I'm only following one story for this series.. :X Though he/she is not updating anymore..

3.3) One Piece (Slight spoilers)

I'm counted a new fan I guess..I only started this year.. Never found it interesting until the wanting to know what happen to Vivi's country is too much to bear xD Then Robin joined and well, I managed to not get so hooked yet. But Water 7/CP9 arc did me in. I was utterly hooked. I follow the manga though.. Not the anime. I do see anime for fillers though ( I know.. It's so strange that everyone else avoid them but I get so happy about them xD ) Got to say the idea of this manga is utter genius. The devil fruit power's are amazing. The plot throws me off time and again. Love the weekly updates. It's still not fast enough though :P

Favourite character: You guessed it, Robin ( So calm and collected, strange appearance (sharp nose :O). I did not favor her earlier until her past came to light. Then she became my favourite. Yes, I was so crazy about her that I search for fillers. No, crazy in the sense of her personality and her morbid quips. She's so funny with her morbidity. She's tough yet vulnerable.cool. So strong ( though there isn't much solo fights compared to the monster trio.) level-headed yet controlled by her emotions. Oh and smart :D Is there any reason not to like her? :O )

Nami (Main reason for liking her is because she, like Usopp, are the only humans in Strawhats crew. By human, I mean she doesn't have a ridiculous high threshold of pain. Not a devil fruit user. She is smart, sassy, caring, vulnerable (look at her past!), she tries to be strong (sacrifice herself for the crew). She's awesome in being a navigator. Oda-sensei was pure genius when he gave her a weapon that is to her strengths. Yep, I love her weapon a lot xD)

Couples I ship: RobinXZoro or ZoRo (Well, initially I don't like any pairings in this series... But after reading some fanfic.. Well, I ship them now xD The two of them are so alike..:P It's fun to see how the fanfic author brings them together.) NamiXLuffy(Ok, so this couple grew on me after ZoRo did xD )

Couples I avoid or dun ship: Robin and anyone else... ESPECIALLY Luffy. Sanji is fine though there aren't many fics of them together :O (Oh come on. Robin and Brook? Robin and Chopper? Robin and Franky? Robin ain't for anyone else other than someone as strong as her. Strong in personality sense. Not fighting prowess only. Robin and Luffy is juz plain absurd... I mean come on, them together is so crack =.= Robin and Chopper is juz plain impossible.. In fact.. Chopper with anyone is impossible.. Robin and Brook is strange.. Anyone with Brook is strange.. Unless it's another skele. Franky and Robin *groans* I dun get it...how can the two of them be together? I prefer them to be siblings only... :X)

Nami and Zoro( They are juz so strange being together...)Usopp and Nami (=.= you gotta be kidding me...) Nami and Robin( Yuri? Really? After all the guys on the crew, they gotta turn to each other? Sheesh... I read them for more Robin though.. Since I can't tolerate Robin with anyone else... :X And have exhausted ZoRo stories..)

I adore Robin nakamaship stores :D And any stories with Robin that doesn't have any of the characters I dun ship :D

3.4) Fairy Tail

Follow this manga since it's so funny, entertaining and fun xD The anime cracks me up too :D Interesting enough storyline. Innovative ideas on the powers. Throw in Laughs, Angst, Sadness and a healthy dose of friendship and voila.. A manga that I follow.. I gotta say the latest arc is interesting. The anime drew me back in and therefore, this is one series that I'm following both anime and manga!

Favourite Character: Erza (Cool, Heroine, Self-assured, Funny, Strong, Vulnerable, More often then not is guided by feelings, Caring, Her powers are awesome, Past is so interesting, Love it when she dresses in something other then her 'armor')

Juvia (My spelling is this way.. Deal with it!)(She's awesome for her love for Gray. Especially the fight against one of the seven sins(?))(I like her when she is serious and not when she is fangirl-ing over Gray :P)(Her union magic with Gray in the anime is awesome!)

Couple I ship: ErzaXGray (And again, Fanfic scores one. I like this couple after reading a few stories of it.) GrayXJuvia (Cuz Juvia chases after him so badly. He needs to notice her good points..)

Couples I don't ship: Erza and Natsu (not sure if there's one... Juz that they dun go together.)

For some reason, fanfic I touch and go only.

3.5) Final Fantasy XIII

Haven't played the game yet. Need to get a PS3 to play it. Am planning to get it, by hook or by crook though. Haven't played the game yet so it is hard to read fanfics for fear of spoilers. Adore the game once I knew of it. Doesn't care much except for the main character xD Had thought Fang was a guy =.="' Am gonna get it soon xD

Favourite Character: Lightning(really do i need to say more? :D Cool, Strong, Awesome, Love the weapon she is using (gunblade.. omg xD), Supportive, Natural leader. Like I say, I haven played so I do not know much about her other than the trailers... :D )

Couple I ship: None as of yet. I don't really read any fanfics yet so.. yea.

Couples I dun ship: Lightning with anyone not in FF13 ( Oh come on.. Crossover? Srsly?) Lightning and Snow( Snow belongs to Serah =.= Get that into your heads) Any Yuri pairing involving Lightning( No, I dunno if there's such pairing around)

Only touched a couple of fanfics involving Lightning. Can't really say since I refuse to touch those that might contain spoilers

3.6) Bleach(Very slight spoilers)

Ah yes, my current obsession. My brother recently got my interest piqued again by this series. Haven't really followed it since the last time I watched this series till 100+ and lost where I was. Kinda cliche hero with all the crazy powerups. Love Ichigo bankai though. So cool :D He overuses it though. Follow the series for one character only. Watch certain arcs becuz it's cool :D (like the zanpaktou rebellion)

Favourite characters: Yoruichi (Throw in a cat-like woman with awesome pwnage powers and you got a fan. xD I'm a sucker for cats and having a woman that can transform into a cat, have some cat-like features and is nimble. Well, I'm lost. :D She's so awesome with her purple hair, her strong skills in fighting, her strange humor, her guidance as a mentor, her title as goddess of flash and awesome way in fighting.. :D Yep.. She's my favourite character in Bleach :D Unfortunately, being a side character.. she rarely gets screen time or any fights. Soi Fon vs her was cool the first time round though I wished she fought seriously. Vs Aizen and Vs Yammy is too short to be called a fight. Vs the zanpaktous.. Ok, it was enjoyable xD Still.. I scour the anime to search for more of her and her fights :D )

Soi Fon (Yes, she's a bitch when not around Yoruichi. Especially when we first see her.. Stepping on another person is juz plain wrong.. =.= I suppose her shikai and bankai is unique enough. I suppose I notice her because of Yoruichi xD Yea, i'm that desperate. She's an awesome fighter too :P Her best fight is against the no.2 arrancar or was it espada :X whatever.. Against time. Her interactions with Yoruichi is so funny xD) (She's starting to grow on me..)

Lisa Yamadoru (Ok, she's my favourite vizard :X Ever since the pendulum arc, I began to like her :D I didn't really notice her before.. :X But after the turnback arc, she became one of my favourite xD So calm and collected and proper. Frankly, I dunno much but I like her ever since I see that arc xD )

Coyote Stark (O.o look! Finally a guy character enters my list :D He doesn't appeal to me when i first saw him but after he shows his ressurcion(sp?) form, well, i'm gone xD Awesome gun wielder + the clothes = a fan in me :P I love the idea of him and Lillinette too :P It's a lot like father and daughter. Doesn't know much about him but his form appealed to me :P)

Couples I ship:YoruSoi( I ship although I'm a bit uncomfortable with it. Yuri or Yaoi doesn't sit well with me ._. I would like to see Soi Fon being the one in control of the relationship some time though xD No, I don't read Mature tags because of that.) LisaXShunsui ( Because they are meant to be xD The turnback arc clearly shows it! I would like to see Shusui clean up too :P Lisa could be less cold too :D) RangikuxGin (This happens only with the revelation that Gin made. Well, it's a sad coupling though. I mean, they were so meant to be! He tames her wilder side and she makes his closed side more open.)

Couples I dun ship: Yoruichi with anyone else (Cuz they are not meant to be xD Ichigo is seriously too young. Ulriqquo( wateva name) is juz plain wrong..For some reason, reading her with Urahara has lost it spark now..)

I watch the anime and jump around while at it too.. So I missed most of the other fights. I'm fine with it though. After all, I watched this series juz to see Yoruichi :D

3.7) Beauty Pop(spoilers)

This happens when I pick up a random manga to read in the library xD Got quite hooked on the idea of a quiet haircutting genius against a famous haircutting genius. (Both are around the same age. ) Love the times when she solves haircut problem :D Interesting enough story plot.. Lovely techniques too :D Love the ending :P

Favourite character: Kiri Koshiba(Who doesn't love her? Lazy personality that hides a caring and compassionate side. Sucky drawing skills but genius hair cut techniques. Great development of her character throughout the series. xD )

Couple I ship: KiriXNaru :D (Cuz it's written that they are together.. The part where she fly off is so touching too :D and Naru isn't such a snub once he knew her :P )

Couple I dun ship: Kiri with anyone else :D

Nah, not much here. As much as I like the series. I don't have the feel to chase the fanfics.

3.8) Fruit basket(Spoilers)

Lovely manga :D My cousin has the full set (in english xD ). Interesting concept and funny situations :D The identity of Akito threw me... ._. Love the interactions among each couple and friends. A-not-so-cinderella-story cracks me up! (: Great emotion roller coaster too :D

Favourite characters: Tohru Honda (Well, she is so naive, innocent, steadfast friend, loyal , poor past, strong.. :D Seriously.. nothing to dislike here xD First character that I like)

Arisa Uotani (Favourite out of all listed here. Like her since I saw her.. :D Loyal.. Funny.. Hides her kind heart behind a facade.. Lovely past with Tohru. Begun to love her since she noticed Kureno and begun to chase after him :P)

Saki Hanajima (This character is really funny! Kind, creepy-in-a-fun-way, lovely, her past with Tohru is to be enjoyed too (: Understanding.. she reminds me of a mother :O Her bro is quite cool too! The house visit? Hilarious!)

Kureno Souma(Notice him but never wonders why he is always with Akito. Twisted relationship that is.. Lovely after he got together with Arisa :D Second guy to enter my list! )

Machi Kuragi (Found her interesting and was proved right when she became more than a side character :P Love the interaction with her and Yuki! )

Kyoko Honda (Poor past she had... But she was a great mother and played many key roles in the relationships around too :D )

Kyo Souma (A guy that turns into an orange cat?! Sold! Haha.. Like him ever since I saw his transformation! His dark side was surprising.. Brash and young... His character development was the one I enjoyed the most xD Third one :O)

Couples I ship: ArisaXKureno (So cute being together :P I love the idea of them.. :D My fav couple..in the series. Love the peek to their future :D) MachiXYuki (SO cute! Yuki became more teasing.. Machi is more open and caring.. xD They are so meant to be together :D I disregard my cousin's cry for Yuki and Tohru!) KyoXTohru (Their interactions said it all.. :X She saved him so obviously...)

Couples I dun ship..: Anyone else and Anyone else that is not written/drawn together :D

Lovely series that wrapped up nicely xD I haven touch the fanfic in depth for here.. but soon xD

3.9) Artemis Fowl( Slight spoilers)

Picked up the series from The Eternity Code and is a loyal follower ever since xD It's juz so funny with all the wisecracks. The variety of the characters. The idea itself is quite unique too. (How many turn-good-young-genius-criminal-mastermind have you seen?) The limitations of given to the various races are funny too. It also got to be one of the more absurd yet common sense situations each book have. They link nicely in each book albeit missing some characters here and there. Yet as a standalone, each book is enough so that you won't miss much too.It brings together many different mythical races too :O I never knew pixies can be this evil.. brrrr... I think I miss mentioning the progress on the personality of each character. Unlike some series, the characters in this series actually grows with each book.

Favourite characters: Holly ( ^^ Besides the reason she's the first female captain in LEP? (Or something like that... I forgot exactly...) She's funny, caring, loyal and smart. She thinks quick and is a ready friend. Haha... There's no reason to not like her!)

Minerva (Another genius? This time a female? Her short but wow progress in that book is loved too :P Haha.. she's kind but she doesn't want to admit it.. Sadly, not much is known about her. Since she debuted in that book and had never appeared ever again =.= Hope she appear in the next one D:)

Artemis (No really, it's so hard not to like him :P Even when he is evil.. Plus his sort of strange humor.. xD It's interesting.. The way he thinks :D Fiercely loyal despite his cold exterior, very compassionate, those he calls friends.. well he trusts them wholly. :D)

Couples I ship: Well, MinervaXArtemis (Both are geniuses...She's the first to challenge him xD Both are the around the same age? Furthermore, he changed her :D I was hoping for more interaction but Minerva disappeared =.="')

Couples I don't ship: Holly and anyone else including Artemis..(I admit I can't envision Holly with any fairies, centaurs, pixies, dwarfs, trolls xD, etc.. Holly and Artemis would be perfect if there wasn't the age gap thingy...)

I love stories of friendship for this series. I haven't look very in-depth for fanfic for this series so *shrugs* Holly and Artemis have some very special bond.. this I admit but I dun think I can ever see them together :X

3.10) Fullmetal Alchemist

Not too sure when I actually started to follow this series seriously.. (no pun intended) I mean, I always knew that the series is around. But I'm a bit fuzzy on the exact moment I picked up this series to read and actually follow it online.. :X It has a unique element here. Alchemist + Metal limbs? You got me there :P Then the different characters, the plot twists and the enemies... got me hooked. Never actually had a favourite character till much later :P Many growing up and truths realised in this series. All in all, it's a very enjoyable trip that I had reading this manga :3 Well, I do have some gaps in my memory.. but it's fine :D I'm more concerned of the recent and last few tens chapters xD

Favourite Character: Riza Hawkeye ( Gun-toting gal. Strict yet kind. Cold yet warm. Hides yet shows. Really, nothing to hate about her. Other than her crawling relationship with Roy :P She's also my choice of my first cosplay xD.. No, it haven't happen yet. :P I'm still gathering materials for it :D)

Couple I ship : I dun really mind the other established couples xD I love RoyXRiza or Royai (Someone explain why it's called Royai? :O I'm still new to the term ._. They juz belong with each other. Enough said xD )

Couples I dun ship: Ed with anyone else than Winry. Riza or Roy with anyone else xD

4) Story (Singular for now)

Leaving isn't an easy matter- This story started out as a whim about a number of months ago. I was re-watching this particular arc. It's one of my favourites after all xD And I wanted to write a story out of it.

I could understand the reasons behind some of the actions, words she spoke and choices she made. I also felt that there were some unspoken statements in the anime. So following the whim, I wrote out a 4.9k story (most words in a story to date) over a span of months. After, I publish it, I continue writing.. so obviously the max words aren't the same.(I know, I write slow ._.) After finally coming to a standstill ( I quite like the current way I end but I have the urge to continue writing some other parts.), many changes to the original story, I decided to publish it (before I lose my courage :X). Oops, too long an explanation. Onto the summary now...

Summary: Robin is used to being alone, to being unwanted and despised. So she cannot understand why does this particular crew does not want to let her go despite her trying her best to make them let her go. No, she can't fathom the reason that this particular crew wanted to hold on to her. After all, the tactics she used on this particular crew (to let her go) was more effort then she usually put into. Usually, when she wanted to leave, the pirates would let her go (Cursing or hating her). However, this time round, when she made up her mind to leave, a string that is desperately protected by the crew, continues to tie them together... PS :( spoilers for water 7/ CP9 arc) Also, I've no idea if the anime and the manga is the same. But I based this on the anime

5) Plot bunny section! xD

Skip beat!- Thinking of writing in one of the side character's POV regarding Natsu but I currently am stuck and have thrown the work aside. So we see how k? :X

Something along the theme of manipulation. An unusual AU story..

Bleach- YoruSoi( I always find that Soi Fon accepted Yoruichi too easily) The events after their fight.. The road to mending their friendship. The road to remove that awkward silence. Yoruichi isn’t the proactive one...

Lisa, Kyoraku and Nanao. Their interaction after the Aizen fight.

Yoruichi's return after a century...

Fruit Basket- Maybe I should write a ArisaxKureno *ponders*

FMA- I feel like writing a story with Riza's POV.. There doesn't seem to be much of that around :O

A crossover of bleach and one piece. ._.

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