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As usual, I have something more pressing to do so I have decided to update my profile. In a lot of ways, is like my drug where I go through these all-absorbing crazes where I spend all my time on it, and when I am finally forced to go out and do something, all I can think about is getting home to my computer. I dream about the kind of stories I want to read and write long after the well is dried up until finally I realize that I have exhausted my resources, both in the ff archives and in my own realm of creativity, and that I am sick of running around in circles and finally am able to pull myself away. Then flash forward a few months when I get that same itch and with the influx of new stories and fandoms as well as allowing old stories to develop I return and repeat the cycle all over again. This is of course enabled by the many quality stories out there and the knowledge that there are millions of gems out there just waiting to be found.

For those of you who have read my story "The Original Puppy", formerly known as "Man's Best Friend", thanks and I hope you enjoyed it. I did a few cosmetic changes on the title and the summary and am thinking of re-writing the beginning of the first chapter which never sat right with me. I never had any plans to do a sequel or anything like that but if I ever got it together, my only idea would be for a spin-off involving the scientists' shenanigans with Genesis from Ch. 6 in a kind of one-shot. Anyway, I had a great time writing it and I look forward to having time to write other stories and getting back into the process. I have a few ideas floating around but haven't had the time to really develop them let alone getting around to writing them.

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New beakers? 100 gil. The latest model microscope? 2000 gil. Turning your son into a sanity impaired megalomaniac hellbent on blowing up the Planet? Priceless. But you still have to itemize.
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Eventually lemonscented sequel to Government Bloodhounds. Seifer sits on a beach and thinks about what he did, and Quistis helps him to forget.NOW COMPLETE
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Government Bloodhounds by xahra99 reviews
Summary: Seifer comes out from Time Compression, drinks a lot, and gets chased into northern Trabia by a lot of very angry Galbadians. Quistis is sent to rescue him. Eventually SeiferQuistis, for now just Seifer vs. Quistis. Illustrated!
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The Original Puppy reviews
Before Zack came along, meet the inspiration behind the nickname. This is the tale of when Angeal got a dog. Man's best friend? Well, no one ever accused Genesis of being a man.
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