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Alrighty, I’m finally going to change this thing.

Basically to start, I’m just your average girl obsessed with Lord of the Rings (thanks to Legolas and Billy Boyd’s way sexy accent). I am also adding Harry Potter to my obsession list (mainly thanks to Sean Biggerstaff’s sexy accent). I’m working on some stories for that at the moment. So basically, here’s more information than you could possibly want about me:

Place of Birth- Belarus (look it up, it’s in Europe between Russia and Poland). Yes, I speak Russian and a bit of Belarussian, I lived there for 10 years before coming to glorious California (that’s where I am stationed at right now).

Favorite books- Lord of the Rings (The Two Towers is my favorite actually), Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban being my favorite there), Janey’s Girl, Shade’s Children, and the Odyssey. If you haven’t already noticed, with the exception of Janey’s Girl, I don’t read much of anything except fantasy.

Favorite movies- Take a small guess. Yeah, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings of course but other than them I like:
·Moulin Rouge
·Cool Runnings
·Many Disney animated movies, but favorites are Aladdin (hands down), Mulan, Anastasia, and The Little Mermaid.
·Out to Sea is definitely my favorite older movie (Walter Matheau and Jack Lemon are my Gods!)

Weird Obsessions-
·Scottish accents (I’m absolutely serious, and I’m the original one too, I’ve been obsessed with them for as long as I remember, people now just say they like them cause Sean (plays Oliver Wood) is hot.
·Grammatical correctness. (My friends hate me cause I always correct them, well only one of them actually, but yeah, it’s annoying, sorry, it just bothers me SO MUCH when people say “me and him went to the mall”. Arrrrg, it makes me sooo mad!!! Or the “your and the you’re, and the there and their and they’re”. Come on people, you’ve been speaking this language for 10 years longer than me! It’s really not that hard! How sad is it that I correct your grammar?!))
·I’m a perfectionist and I like things done my way or I’ll do it myself. (I hate that about myself cause in group projects I always get the hardest job and usually end up doing it all anyway. Hey, I said WEIRD obsessions.)

Some Random Things I Like-

·Speaking French (I don’t actually speak it, I’m learning it in school right now but I absolutely adore it! It’s such a gorgeous language!)
·Music, mostly though I like classical, stuff I can play myself. I play the piano (and I don’t suck completely either!) and I play the clarinet (Yes, I am a band geek and darn (sorry, this is supposed to be rated G) proud of it!)
·Reading fiction. I strongly dislike nonfiction books, I really like fantasy and futuristic books, I don’t really read much else.
·I absolutely LOVE history. Not American history so much because all it consists of is government, but I’m completely mad about world history (probably thanks to my great history teacher). It’s so fascinating, I just LOVE it sooo much! Ahem, yeah I guess you’re getting that I really like history.

Things I Strongly Dislike-

·Needles, I’ve been terrified of them for as long as I can remember. It’s not funny really, I had to get blood drawn a little while ago and I was so scared I started crying. There were only 2 doctors there (thankfully) but it was still sooo embarrassing and I couldn’t stop, I was completely terrified! To make it even better, it hurt like heck (yeah, the rating thing again) and the guy missed the vein! They had to do the other arm too! I was so mad! But then my mom did take me out to lunch (we went to my favorite Chinese restaurant) so I guess it didn’t work out too badly.
·I hate when kids younger than me try to make me feel dumber than them. It’s so annoying and do they really think they are? I mean I’m not conceded or anything but I think I’m smarter than a kid 5 years younger than me! (Well, I certainly hope so anyway.)

Alrighty, I gotta get off the computer again, but I’ll finish this thing soon.

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At the moment, ff.net is being mean to me and not letting me upload anything to my document manager, which is really annoying since I actually typed the chapter already and everything. Well, I'll be trying as often as I can and hopefully that's just a short glitch.

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