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Hey Whats up Well do to some internet connection difficulties i can't really be here much or update anyof my stories so im on wait for the time being hopefully ill be back in a month or so. For right ppl that like my stories please be patient with me(^-^;)
Aaaanyway this is my profile. Feel free to browse around or not free country.
I've been running here for nearly three years now. YAY!!
Anyway for those who are new welcome to FF and I hope your ideas flourish and for whatever reason your writing for, good luck with it :). FF is full of amazing authors and readers. Heck some of these stories will inspire you to create your own. You'll be surprised at what ppl create here and alot of them are very creative and are amazing story writers.

My name:Bee Bee (What everyone calls me outside.)

Age:younger than 20 older than 14

Birthday:Sept,23( I'm a Libra ^_^) You'll have to guess the year.

Gender:It shouldn't be too hard to guess.

Favorite stuff:Music, Martial Arts (I'm an blue belt now ^-^),Parkour(I guess it counts as a martial art),Heights.

Sports:Basket ball(my team is and i went with my older bro the Celtics the rest of my family loves the Lakers),Football, Baseball(I hope ppl can relate but i like playing it but watching it bores me)

Books:(So many Books so little time)

Location:Small town in california

Height:5'10 (I grow up so fast)

School:All done :)

Nationality:Black,Mexican,Native American,(so so so so much more i dont want to go into so lets just say Blaxsican ight)

I like anime,cartoons,comics,mangas,shows that interest me with stuff i never knew,animal planet(love learning about animals) Laughing at random accidents(It's funny cuz u never see it coming) People who always put me in a good mood(never turn your back on that people),People who smile alot(need i say more),Reading(I joined FF duuh) writing(FF again people),And that V8 commercial(Hate the drink to death tho) and I love Music.

Dislikes:People who smile way too much(and i mean that crazy grin smile-shudders-)Being bored(can i get an amen),people who shouldnt be together and yet they still are(aint that weird. You'd think one of them if not both would just leave),Deceivers(who can blame me),people who can't take a hint(no comment),and people who can be a little too harsh,oh and almost forgot.Women we get how some of you are around cute things but I'm saying this now DO NOT CARRY A CHIHUAHUA OR ANY KIND OF PORTABLE DOG AROUND IN YOUR PURSE.Sorry that is just creepy. Oh and the Jonas Brothers(Why huh women why do you like them so much they suck okay deal with it.)

Favorite shows:Deadliest Warrior(I personally think that Spike tv is like a mind reader cause for any body who loves violence that is your program) UFC,MMA,Strikeforce and any other cage fighting show Tosh.0(Funny as heck)

Favorite Anime:Soul Eater (Ten minutes into the show and it was already Epic) Devil May Cry(Dante freakin awesome),Air Gear,Naruto,Bleach,Medabots(sigh classic)Boondocks(is that even an anime btw)DBZ(Best just...just the best),One Piece, And lot's lot's more.

Favorite Cartoons:PPG(Sense i was little) Avatar the last air bender(all about the Fire Nation baby,Viewtiful Joe(Huge fan when the game came out imagine the surprise that came to me when the show was on.)Dexter's Laboratory(Call me crazy but there were times i could have sworn i saw him on the PPG.)KND(Who knew little Kics could do so much.)and Zim(Need i say more). And much much more from back in the old days.

Favorite pairings:I wish this one was on TV back when but Brick and Blossom(who would've guessed),Butch and Buttercup,Boomer and Bubbles,Naruto and Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura,Joe and Silvia,and so much more pairings anyone can discuss with me.

Favorite Authors:Well one of my favorite authors was my first friend i've ever met here on FF Tweek Tweekers, But the rest are at the Bottom of the Page. Pretty much all of them are my friends too.They're stories are amazing and are some of the first i read here

Favorite Heroes(Marvel):Captain America(Patriotic),Wolverine(Farrel),Gambit(Awesome),Spider man(hmm should i say Spectacular or amazing),Deadpool(Funny and annoying but awesome),pretty much name the Marvel Roster and that them the rest of the heroes well too much so i just named marvel.

Favorite Villains(of all time):RRB(Cause i think they represented all boys their age if we had powers)Red Skull,Venom,Carnage,Agent X(Crazy as heck)

So anyway feel free to Message me anytime. I like a good conversation X). Anyway with that i bid you a have a nice day XD

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Strange things have happened sense our three heroes had last battled HIM 3 years ago. Three familiar boys have moved back to town on a business call. But that call meant more than they knew. Rated T Language and violence.
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A God's Task reviews
The RRB and PPG are ancient God's in Ancient times. Brick-Sun,fire,music and archery. Blossom-Wisdom,ice and Poetry. Butch-War,Conflict and Stone. Buttercup-Chaos,Battle and Wood. Boomer-Sea,water,and art. Bubbles-Love and wind.
Powerpuff Girls - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 4 - Words: 10,462 - Reviews: 78 - Favs: 70 - Follows: 58 - Updated: 8/12/2010 - Published: 11/27/2009 - Brick, Blossom
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"His eyes...They're darker...Emotionless...cold"
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