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I'm a 28 year old male and a mix, half Brit half Chinese. I live in Hong Kong, majored in History and can speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese. I love crack pairings.

Avatar is Hatsune Miku, a Vocaloid.

A/N: For some reason, my CPU couldn't access this site. Hence the absence. Conspiracy, I say.

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Winter 2015 anime currently watching/will watch:

Needs updating.

(Bolds are recommended, italics are quite good, underlines are alright. All in one? Godly.)


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Stories in progress:

A/N: I WILL finish what I post, because as a writer, I feel I should give my readers a complete story. So chances are most stories will not be posted unless I've completed and re-edited them first, or after I'm certain where the story will be headed. Expect weekly updates. And I will do my absolute best to make them as presentable and enjoyable as I can.


"There's Always a First Time..." : Akatsuki Crackfic starring Hidan. Will be multi-chaptered due to the expected length. This took me a whole week of planning and revising.

Description: Humour. No pairings. Reduced to 9 chapters. Rated M for Hidan's mouth.

Progress: Fully planned and started. Chapters 1-6 finished and revised. Started on Chapter 7. Word count is currently at 45, 697.

"N/A" : Second Akatsuki Crackfic. This time it's about Itachi.

Description: Humour. No pairings. Oneshot. Rated T.

Progress: Fully planned.

"Let There Be Crack": A series of unrelated crackish drabbles and oneshots. No longer restricted to only the Akatsuki.

Description: Humour. Might include pairings. Rated T. Expect non-regular updates.

Progress: Already have six or so stories planned.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai / Haganai:

"10 Years Before, 10 Years Later...": Yozora-centric, written in her POV.

Desription: General/Angst. Slight one-sided KodakaxYozora. Oneshot.

Progress: Started. Word count is currently at 1, 307.

Possible future stories:

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai / Haganai:

"N/A" : This series has annexed my brain. Novel-length story. Probably diverges after book 7. Will follow the novel's style.

Description: Romance/Humour/Adventure(?). Multi-chaptered. Eventual KodakaxYozora. Currently working on developing the other characters.

Progress: Planning. 30%.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai / OreImo:

Oneshots (already have three planned, no pairings, focuses on lesser characters) and possibly a full-fledged multi-chapter story (KyousukexKirino, of course).

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Writing Tips:

General guidelines:

1) Always warn readers in the summary about possible slash, be it Yaoi (shounen-ai) or Yuri (shoujo-ai), even if they're on the sidelines. The same goes for gender bending, M-Pregs, harems, lemons, crossovers, songfics and High School AU fics.

2) Stick to your plot and avoid writing unnecessary drama that either does nothing to advance the story or, most often, created solely for character bashing. If you think a certain paragraph/arc can be omitted entirely with no influence to the plot or the characters, then it probably should be crossed out (I know. It's hard).

3) If it's not for the sake of humour, then resist any form of character bashing.

4) Always proofread before posting! Check your grammar, layout and spelling (never misspell names, places or important terms. And don't forget to capitalize them!). This includes the proper use of punctuations, capitalizations and paragraphing. These would be among the first things that readers will notice from your story. Remember, first impressions mean everything, so don't screw up. One simple rule is to reread your work after every two or three paragraphs. This is because you're bound to miss a mistake or two, or skip certain parts, if you reread the entire chapter in one go. Another thing is to never post straightaway. Wait for a few days first, then reread and reedit until you're satisfied with it. Now I don't expect it to be squeaky clean. We're only human. So a few or minor mistakes are acceptable. Seriously, these can really ruin the story and most of the time, people won't even read it at first glance.


Be very careful when writing OCs. The idea that OCs are nothing but self-inserts and Mary Sues is pretty widespread on this site. I can almost tell you for certain that no one would enjoy OCs that aren't their own. Sad, but true. Besides, most people prefer reading about characters/pairings that they've come to love.

You may ask what defines a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. To put it simply, it's when your character's either too perfect, a miss/mr know-it-all or the center focus of the story. This is most common with self-inserts. So, creating an OC as Naruto's landlord is ok. Giving him overwhelming powers and more screen time than or on-par with Naruto himself is not, the matter is especially worse when said OC's an overly friendly guy with good looks and unmatched powers.

Now, I'll be honest, it is hard to avoid writing Mary Sues when the OC plays a role in your story. There are a few simple rules that would help readers to accept them. First rule, NEVER name your OC after your own name. Also, give him/her a name that makes sense. You can't have an OC with an English name in the Naruto World now, can you? Secondly, refrain from having them as non-existent siblings/family members/cousins/children of canon characters. Thirdly, OCs should never take the spotlight. Next, try not to pair OCs with canon characters. Most important rule of them all would be to avoid idealizing the OC.

Here are other things to think about. Why is your OC invaluable to the plot? And no, to pair him/her up with a canon character is the worst possible reason. Try giving him/her a character flaw. A person is defined by his shortcomings, not his qualities. Develop your character as the story goes. Keep said person interesting/mysterious to the readers. Most important of all, is whatever people say about Mary Sues, it doesn't necessarily mean the story can't be good. But you better either have great confidence in your writing skills, or great resolve in the face of criticisms and flames (or lack thereof. So also be prepared for only a handful of audience).

Personal advice:

1) Know the language or the word's correct usage before using, specifically Japanese. Refrain from using those you don't know or those you think you know (most likely from an online dictionary/translator). Do a bit of research beforehand, although personally I would advise not to use foreign words if you can help it. It actually makes your work look less professional (-san, sensei, senpai, etc. are alright, since it's hard to convey their meaning/function in the sentence in English). Nevertheless, here are a few examples for Naruto writers.

The most noticeable misuse is "teme", like "Sasuke-teme" or simply "the teme". First of all, it's "temee". Pay attention to double letters, as well as the "n"s and "u"s (like arigato or ohayo, which are wrong. It's arigatou and ohayou). Secondly, temee means "you", not "bastard". Now the Japanese are very particular about the tone of the words they use. For example, there are loads of words for "you", like anata or kimi. The difference is the tone they carry. Anata is the politest, while kimi is best used for younger generations or among peers. Temee is one of the rudest words for "you" (the rudest would be kisama), with an underlying implication that resembles "you bastard". Hence temee is commonly referred to as such. While it might seem to be grammatically sound to use "Sasuke-teme" (Sasuke you bastard), it isn't in Japanese. Like I said, temee means "you", a pronoun. So the correct usage should be "Sasuke! Temee...!" as two separate sentences. (Sasuke! You (bastard)...! I used a bracket for bastard since Temee CAN be used simply as "you" without it's vulgar implication, especially when used jokingly or the person is a close friend.) As for using "the teme", it is wrong in whatever way you use it. Try using "yarou", which on its own DOES mean bastard/jerk. "Baka-yarou" means stupid jerk, "ano-yarou" stands for that bastard, "kuso-yarou" means shitty bastard and "Sasuke-no-yarou" means the Sasuke bastard or the bastard that is Sasuke. (Similarly, you can also use "Sasuke-no-baka". The "no" is necessary in connecting the two nouns, like "Bunshin no jutsu".) I hope the above was of some help to writers.

Next, "hai". It means yes, as most people know. However, it is very formal or polite, something that a brash/cocky character would not say (which most protagonists and even some antagonists usually are). Try dragging it out like this, "haaaiii..." as in like a defeated/bored tone. Other than this, you can also use "hai hai" (similar to "yeah yeah") or "aa"/"ou" (both are informal ways of saying "yes", feel free to use "ah/oh" if they sound too weird/confusing). "Yoshi" (yes, it's yoshi, not yosh but again it's ok so as to avoid confusion) usually stands for "alright!" and not "yes".

Lastly, names. In Eastern countries, the surname/last name comes first. So it's Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki would only be correct were "Naruto" an English first name, which it is not; It's Japanese.

2) Try to stay as close to canon as possible. I know this is fanfiction, but what's the point if your story has almost no connection to canon whatsoever? Normal AUs (usually when authors deviate from a certain point from the canon storyline, also known as "what if" stories) are ok and encouraged. A lot of people prefer stories that uses the original universe from the game/manga/movie.

3) Harems are best avoided. Even so, try not to include more than two girls. When stories pair a ton of girls with a single guy you know it's going to be nothing but smut and lemons.

4) God-like protagonists, especially those that acquire such overwhelming powers straight off the bat, kill stories. A good story must have conflicts - parts where the main character fails, struggles, and only manages to succeed though guts and hardships, be they in battles, in normal everyday lives, or even with themselves. Without conflict, a character falls flat. Without opposition, challenge and obstacles to goals, the story becomes boring and predictable. No one wants to read about some John Smith and his easy life where everything goes his way. And the worst part? The God-like protagonist's character almost always deviate from their canon self, turning them into someone entirely different overnight. It's OOC and practically screams self-insert, especially since these stories usually come with eye boggling epic harems and character bashing as well, both of which most people frown on.

5) Most people prefer happy endings. Feel free to try out a few character deaths, as long as it doesn't involve anyone from your pairings.

6) Pay attention to your summaries. There are tons of stories here for readers to choose from. A decent and captivating summary can make your story stand out from the rest, as well as a fascinating/imposing opening chapter (one that would have you on your knees for more, or clicking the 'add to favourites' button like mad). Try to look at summaries as an advertisement for your story, created to convince the readers why we should click on your story's link and not the others. So try your best at it, and remember to keep it grammatically correct! I can't stress this enough. Would you read the story when the summary goes something like "thsi is a luv stor yabout parry HOtter & hermione! plz read!!1!" Again, see what I mean about first impressions? One final tip, avoid using "story is better than summary" or "summary sucks" as well. It's not exactly convincing when even you doubt your own capabilities of writing two lines about the story.

7) Let your characters drive your story. Use dialogues often. The plot is important, but it's the characters that breathe life into your story.

8) Show, don't tell. Don't say something is beautiful, describe it to the readers and make them feel that it's beautiful.

Concerning romance:

1) Do NOT rush relationships. The best thing about romance is the development. Rushing through it kills the pairing. Slow burning or "will they, won't they?" romance keeps readers hooked. Besides, love is like a marathon not a race. It takes time, and should be subtle and realistic. This is especially true for fanon pairings. I'm sick and tired of seeing two people fall in love in just two chapters! They meet in the first chapter, proclaim their undying love for each other in the second and start fucking in the third. The forth? There ain't any because the suspense is no longer there, so writers are not interested anymore. Honestly, how can you love someone when you barely know them? That's called a crush, not love.

Also, you need to take into account of canon pairings/affections for someone. There's a reason they got together/like each other and they're not likely to SUDDENLY split up/fall for another person without a good reason or a sufficient amount of time to think/figure it out. And please, the "I've always been secretly in love with you and not him/her" plot is a lousy, lazy, unconvincing and overly abused way of explaining fanon affections.

2) Avoid overdoing the romance. Random fluff and smut for three straight chapters, only to be repeated time and time again? It becomes boring, tedious, random, and really bogs down the story. Stick to your plot, keep the romance at the side lines or integrate them into the story at appropriate moments. The biggest problem, however, is that they often make people look out of character. When have you seen Jack Sparrow needing to kiss more frequently than he needs rum? When have you seen House get all soft and lovey-dovey with people? You get the picture. To me, romance doesn't have to be explicit, a fond smile of affection or something that only two people share is better than a full blown make-out session.

Also, in eastern countries, people are more reserved when it comes to romance. At least, we don't feel the need to show our feelings constantly and openly, especially physically. It's a culture thing. Holding hands, hugging, or a quick peck on the lips are acceptable nowadays, but sitting on someone's lap or sucking someone's face off, especially in public? Not likely. Here's a little tidbit, did you know in Japan, couples rarely say "I love you" to each other? This is because they believe that love should be "felt" intuitively and not verbally expressed - and that doing so would make it sound cheap and forced.

While on that matter, another tip is that we don't have to see the couples or would-be couples in every chapter. For example, your story is a NarutoxIno and you want to build up the friendship first before heading into romance. Now that's good, but it doesn't mean we need to see development in every single chapter. If all they're doing is just plain small talk, then either skip it or keep it short. Go in depth if it'll be significant to their relationship/the plot. Feel free to have Ino absent for a few chapters, it'll help you focus more on the plot and less on the romance. Plus, it'll make the little NarutoxIno moments that much more memorable.

3) Stick to your original pairings. It is not wise to suddenly change them or worse, allow readers to decide. If indeed you do decide to alter your pairings, remember to warn readers beforehand, both in the summary and in A/Ns in the FIRST and CURRENT chapters. Afterwards, change the character filter. There's a reason why people ship specific pairings.

4) This is for the anime writers. 90% of the time, when the girl decks the boy, it's not out of disgust or rage, but created solely for hilarity's sake. So don't try using it to denounce a pairing. Example? Sakura from Naruto. You can argue about it if we're talking about Sakura in early part 1, and I'd agree wholeheartedly, but depicting her as the same bitch in later parts or in Shippuden is nothing short of bias. People change. Look at Sasuke.

Rules with reviews:

1) NEVER demand reviews! Polite ones like "please R&R" or "the more reviews, the faster I'll write" are perfectly ok, but "I'm not updating til I get XX reviews" is just plain childish, manipulative and downright blackmail. Do you honestly want a review like "Alright, here's your review/ransom. Now update"? I know it's upsetting to see thousands of hits and only a handful of reviews...writers need a pat on the back once in a while too. However, don't take such drastic measures. It really does no good other than drive readers away.

2) Be glad when you receive constructive criticisms. Know that readers don't do so to bash you, but rather help you improve. They're merely pointing out the mistakes YOU made. Be grateful and take heart to what they have to say.

Be a responsible writer:

Finish what you started. If you post a story, then do your best to finish it. Please don't start stories on a whim. At least plan out your story or write a few chapters first before posting. In other words, always write ahead. It gives you time to re-edit your story. Trust me, your initial plot/idea/draft will never be as good as the second or third ones you'd come up with later.

In my opinion, one should never start writing more than three multi-chapters stories at the same time, and even that's pushing it. For one the updates would be slow and two, you're most likely going to have conflicting ideas or forget some minor details of one of the stories. Worst case scenario, you lose interest in one of them. Sure, sometimes an idea for a new story just sticks to your head and you just have to write it down. I get that. What I don't get is why'd you have to post it straightaway? Chances are these stories are results of sudden inspiration or a plot bunny, meaning they most likely will never get finished. So please, one at a time.


And most important of all, write whatever you want and enjoy it! Oh, and I want to say this. Don't support canon pairings blindly. Just because it happened doesn't mean we're to stick to it. Your preference is what matters! Anything is possible. So don't run us down for liking non-canon couples/breaking up canon couples just because "it didn't happen in canon" or "it's impossible" or any other lame excuses. Non-canon pairings are just as believable as long as the writers make them so. You say crack? I say undeveloped potential. Don't like it? Then just stay the hell away.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." - Adam Savage.

For the particularly enthusiastic and studious authors, try the link below: How to Write Better Fan Fiction for more detailed, professional advice.


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Pairings I love:


Ace Combat 5 (The best game in the series. 6 bored the crap out of me.)

BlazexNagase: Loved it when I reached "White Noise".

Dragon Age

AlistairxMorrigan: From simple bickering to all sorts of snide remarks; It might not be what I'd call sexual frustration, but it sure as hell is funny to watch.

Drakengard 1 & 2 (Drag-On-Dragoon in Japanese)

NowexEris: Seriously, if you have beaten the game all three times (hence seeing the 2nd Ending and the secret scene between Nowe and Eris available only on the 3rd play-through), then you'll find that they really belong together.

Final Fantasy VII

CloudxYuffie: Cloud with Aerith or Tifa are okay (especially the latter), but their fans though...:shiver: Rabid, violent, and extremely territorial.

Final Fantasy VIII

SquallxSelphie: Never liked IrvinexSelphie. Hiss! If Rinoa can fit, why not Selphie? And here's the kicker. Did you know that SquallxSelphie was originally going to be the canon couple before Square came up with Rinoa?

Final Fantasy IX (The best RPG I've ever played)

ZidanexDagger(Garnet): Finally, a canon couple done right. Since Square(Enix) has a nasty habit of making me dislike their canon couples...

AmarantxFreya: Can't really find a more matching couple. And their fics are usually of standard. Lani's alright though.

Final Fantasy X/X-2

TidusxRikku: Definitely a die hard fan and what should have happened in the game. Remember "syopa cusatyo" ?- Al Bhed meaning "maybe someday" =)

Final Fantasy XII

VaanxAshe: Although I personally hated the game (honestly, poor excuse of an RPG), I am for this pairing. The game would have been better, in my opinion, if it did happen.

Final Fantasy XIII (I really enjoyed this game, despite the massive amount of hate it receives)

SnowxLightning: Sorry, I just don't know Serah enough to care for her. And HopexLightning is so wrong in so many ways it ain't funny. For those interested in decent SnowxLightning fics, read Symphonic Silence's work.

Hyperdimension Neptunia (Just favourite characters)

Blanc and Noire.

Prince of Persia

PrincexElika: Just got hooked after reading two stories by Shadowhawke. They are "I Believe" and "Grains of Sand". Absolutely brilliant and worthy to be called masterpieces. It adds a whole new depth to the game, as a reviewer simply put, "Forget the game. This is way better."

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Mainstream Manga/Anime:


OgaxHilda: Canon, probably. Not to mention it'll probably piss Oga off to no ends, and that as we know, is a selling point in itself.

FuruichixLamia: Cause it'd be hilarious for Furuichi to get paired with the one girl he so desperately doesn't want to end up with. And just imagine what would ensue: a jealous Alaindelon fighting for his man. XD


Opinion: Although the series has really lost its charm since the Heuco Mundo arc, it's still miles better than what Naruto has become.

IchigoxTatsuki: "Just what am I to you!?" Tatsuki to Ichigo, ch. 239, vol. 27.

Crack pairing, ish, because I find them to be a solid one. She really understands and cares a lot about him, and they're best of friends since childhood. They're a probable pairing, and easily my favourite one as well. If I'm not mistaken, they're the third largest Ichigo het pairing behind IchigoxRukia and IchigoxOrihime.

Others: IchigoxRukia, IchigoxSenna (from the first movie), ByakuyaxRukia, ZarakixUnohana (holy crap, from crack to canon?), HitsugayaxMatsumoto, NnoitraxNelliel.

Crack ones: IchigoxSui Feng/Soi Fon, ByakuyaxYoruichi, KeigoxChizuru (oh the hilarity XD).

Detective Conan

ConanxAi: Don't really feel for Ran much...plus, it's obvious Ai is smitten for Conan.

Fairy Tail

NatsuxLucy: Definitely canon , though I'd still support them even if they're not. Although I have a liking for NatsuxErza as well.

Others: GrayxJuvia, GajeelxLevy, ElfmanxEvergreen, AlzackxBisca.

Fullmetal Alchemist

EdwardxLanfan: Apparently, I found myself a fan of them over any other pairings. Come now, they're actually much alike than what most people would think.

Others: EdwardxNoah, EdwardxRose, RoyxOlivier.


Opinion: One of the funniest anime/manga I've ever seen.

GintokixKagura: Cause Shinpachi is a pair of glasses wearing a human skin. I wouldn't bang mine.

Hayate the Combat Butler

HayatexMaria: A rather odd choice I know, but I honestly think they are the best match when you think about what kind of person they need (as their significant other) in their lives. Hinagiku and Nagi would probably tie in second place.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

TsunaxHaru: It's hard to explain this. I will admit part of it is because I don't think Kyouko is a good match; and TsunaxHaru makes a much more interesting and dynamic pairing.


Opinion: Pre-Shippuuden - Outstanding. Shippuuden (especially ever since the KakuzuHidan arc) - Absolutely disappointing.

NarutoxSakura: Canon. Yes, obviously canon. Since reading the manga, I was pretty sure I'd be a solid NarutoxSakura shipper. Heaven and Earth, how much more fitting can a pairing get? Their relationship/bond has developed quite nicely throughout the story and thus provided a solid base for it to develop into something more. The guy has done so much for Sakura that it would be preposterous if his feelings wasn't returned in kind. Plus, isn't it obvious that Sakura is also falling, if not already fallen, for Naruto? No, I do NOT hate Hinata. In fact, I quite like her. She's a nice and lovable character. I just don't support NarutoxHinata as canon. NaruSaku makes more sense as the canon pairing, especially when you consider the abundant amount of panel time/development they have shared so far - something that NaruHina has not and, no offense, will probably never have. (The anime is NOT canon, at least not with the fillers: where 90% of NarutoxHinata hints took place. Only the manga is canon.)

It's 2015 now. And well shit. That has to be one of the weirdest canon pairing I've ever seen.

NarutoxIno: My no. 1 top pairing and current obsession. I am a rabid fan of them. I support them over ANY other pairing, including NarutoxSakura. In my opinion, besides Sakura, the most suitable kunoichi for Naruto would be Ino. The pairing is actually very believable and highly probable when done right! They can complement/balance-out each other's personality perfectly, and have traits/qualities that both would expect to look for in their significant other (outgoing, outspoken, fun, loud), as with NarutoxSakura. Hence I highly suggest NarutoxSakura fans to try them out. Would it surprise you if I told you this pairing has the third largest Naruto het fanbase other than NarutoxHinata and NarutoxSakura, and is the second largest Ino het ship behind ShikamaruxIno? It surprised me. There's a reason why they're popular, despite being a crack pairing. Somewhat crack, anyway. Like I said, they're a plausible couple.

InoxNarutoxSakura: Ah, as much as I dislike harems, this pairing is purely a godsend...I mean, NarutoxSakura and NarutoxIno in harmony? It's a dream come true. I swear, this is the only mini harem I like, blame my love for both pairings.

NejixHinata: I'm really starting to like them as more than a minor pairing now. Ok, I know what some of you are gonna say. Hear me out first. They're cousins, not brothers and sisters. So, at least in where I grew up (and in lot of societies, including Japan), it's not incest. Now I know that quite a few Americans include cousins in their definitions, and I fully respect that, but please understand that I was brought up that way, same as you. And no, I didn't ship it for the pureblood cause or whatever. I honestly think they'd make a good pair. Who better than each other to understand one another's past or pain? Who better than a calm, calculated, powerful, mature and dominating man like Neji to match Hinata's shyness and taciturnity?

But as I said, I respect those who have their own opinion on the whole incest issue. I only ask that in return, you can respect mine, and other people's cultures. But maybe, just maybe, try and look past the "incest", then you might be able to see and understand my reasons for embracing NejixHinata wholeheartedly.

Other minor pairings I support are NarutoxTenten, NarutoxTayuya, ShikamaruxTemari (and to a small extent, ShikaSaku or SaiSaku for crack), JiraiyaxTsunade, KakashixAnko, LeexTenten, SuigetsuxKarin, YahikoxKonan.

I may not like Sasuke, but I can definitely see his reasons for becoming the man he is. I'm not saying I condone his actions or his way of thinking, I just feel sorry for him.

Romance aside, I like humour fics about Akatsuki members, especially Hidan (preferably with Kakuzu. Not yaoi! Seriously, cut that out) or Tobi. I HIGHLY recommend "One of the Cool Kids" or "Inamorato" both by firefly. She is one of the best Naruto writers here and a lot of her stories are extremely entertaining and hilarious. These two stories are some of the best crack fics you'll ever read. Do try them out.

Finally, Danzou stories. A controversial villain, but a very interesting character.

Nurarihyon no Mago (Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan)

RikuoxTsurara(Yuki-Onna): Canon. What started as a crack pairing on my part, has turned out to have a crapload of development to a point that I'm seriously considering them as canon. Yura would be next in line.

One Piece

Opinion: No matter what anyone says, One Piece in my opinion, is the best shounen manga there is out there right now. Hands down.

Frankly speaking, I never thought about shipping before in the One Piece fandom. Until the Amazon Lily Arc that is. I supported LuffyxBoa at first. However, my interest died quickly. It doesn't really work in my mind. Luffy needs someone to keep him in check.

LuffyxNami: Ah, a king must have his queen. The most probable outcome if there would be romance (yep, canon, in a sense) and they fit perfectly. Come now, we saw Luffy give Nami his strawhat three times, his most prized treasure. This speaks volumes about their relationship, romantic or not. Also, remember Drum Island, where Luffy risked his life climbing a mountain with his bare hands, a sick Nami strapped to his back, during a blizzard, just to find her a doctor? Or at Amazon Lily where Nami's begging for Luffy's help was at the forefront of his thoughts? And do I even have to mention the whole Arlong Park arc? Now we even have the movie Strong World to back it up!

And has anyone noticed in numerous artwork drawn by Oda himself Nami's constantly holding/wearing Luffy's strawhat? I realise that Oda has no intention for romance or pairings in his manga, but the LuffyxNami hints are simply just too obvious to be overlooked.

LuffyxVivi: Yeah, conflicted, I know. I really am confused on whether I'm more pro-LuffyxNami or LuffyxVivi. Strangely, it's the former, more canon one...

ZoroxPerona: Now this is something worth writing. I recommend "Horo Horo Samurai" by RezleVettems. ZoroxTashigi is alright.


AshxMisty: It's been years since I've seen the anime and I've only played the game up to the gold/silver version. Don't have the faintest idea of the new ones. But this pairing has stayed with me since the beginning.

JessiexJames: As if they aren't obvious.

Sket Dance

Yuusuke(Bossun)xHime(Himeko): Canon, obviously. Those two have the best chemistry.

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Light Novels/Anime/Other Manga:

AN: Do note that quite a lot of them aren't even animated yet.

AN2: Do not ask me for links for English translations, I buy all my light novels and manga locally or directly from Japan.

Amagami SS

(Only the anime, not the visual novel)

JunichixMiya: Personally I found their interactions and relationship to be the best, and that they get along perfectly. If I had to choose between the six heroines, then I'd go for JunichixKaoru.

Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu (Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts)

Opinion: Holy crap this is funny. I highly recommend watching/reading this.

AkihisaxMinami: She's the better choice than Himeji IMO.

HideyoshixYuuko: They just came to me during one of my night shifts.

Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari/Nekomogatari (Monogatari Series)

KoyomixTsukihiki: What do you know, even dental sex can't deter me.

Boku no Imouto ga Kanji ga Yomeru (roughly translates to "My Little Sister Can Read Kanji")

GinxKuroha: Canon, as of volume 5 (the final entry). Although he's as sensitive as that of a cup noodle, he still manages to make his sister's lonely life that much more colourful. And that is something she will always be grateful for.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai / Haganai (I Have Few Friends)

KodakaxYozora: "Then, I'll treat you as more important than a hundred people. Even if there were a hundred...no, a million or a trillion people, even if it means standing against the entire world, I'll still be your friend no matter what." Taka (Kodaka) to Sora (Yozora), "Past", vol. 1.

This pretty much cemented me as a solid supporter for KodakaxYozora.

As the tragic heroine of the series, Yozora needs this with Kodaka, more than any one else.

I will admit KodakaxSena has a pretty sound groundwork for it to become something more. However, if we're gonna argue about the canon pairing, then KodakaxYozora will almost definitely happen (unless we get an open ending).

Proof, you say? Loads (First girl, main heroine, tsundere/kuudere, childhood friend: which says a lot when they were each other's only friend, only one with a past/background story - which just so happens to be linked with Kodaka, the 10 years of suffering since Kodaka's departure, etc), but I'll name one that holds the most ground. In the afterword of volume 5 of the light novel, the author advertised the spin off manga - Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (plus). Quoting his own words, it has "a completely different setting and story from the original (his own work)...where, instead of Yozora, Kodaka meets Sena first". And during the company's meeting to discuss said manga, it has been deliberately "labelled as one that takes Sena's Route". "Routes" (jargon used mostly in galgame) are basically different paths that, upon choosing one, will determine which girl the protagonist is going to target.

This pretty much confirms that Yozora is going to win in the original.

But damn has this series went downhill...

Chrome Shelled Regios

LayfonxNina: Out of all the girls, Nina ranks highest on my list as Layfon's best choice. Their interactions/chemistry are the best. And there's that hug (anime only), which has way more romantic vibes than any other moments with other characters, even that kiss with Leerin. And for novel readers, Nina has kissed Layfon, on the lips, although it's not how you'd expect it...Alas, we have lost. LayfonxFelli is canon.


(Both the anime and visual novels: Clannad, and Clannad: Tomoyo After It's a Wonderful Life)

TomoyaxTomoyo/Kyou: A tie between these two. Don't find Nagisa as a good choice...even Fuko or Kotomi are better in my book.

Da Capo

JunichixNemu: Canon. I never even thought about any other pairing.

Dakara Boku wa, Ecchi ga Dekinai!

Note: Do NOT be fooled by the anime. The novel follows a completely different storyline.

RyousukexLisara: Canon, most likely. The guy may be a pervert, but he really only has eyes for her, and vice versa.

Date A Live

ShidouxKotori/Miku: I'm torn again...(leaning more and more towards the former).

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

MakotoxErio: Canon, proven when Makoto promised Erio that he'd marry her in one of the short stories (this particular one is an epilogue that takes place five years later). And yes, cousin marriage is allowed in Japan, as in over 70 percent of countries across the world.

Evangelion, Neon Genesis

ShinjixAsuka: Love the bantering. Simply from their interactions, I dare you to say that they don't have a thing for each other.

Fate Stay Night/Zero

ShirouxSaber: Canon. She needs someone like him to put her mind at rest.

ArcherxRin: Come now. He died for her, in a way.

Guilty Crown

ShuxAyase: They each have something to give to each other - something to complete one another.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

MahiroxKuuko(Cthugha): Jumped ship.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko (The "HENTAI" Prince and the Stony Cat)

YoutoxMai(Fukubuchou): Sorry, Tsukiko, for jumping ship. She's the vice president of the track and field club, and man she has a feisty mouth.

Highschool DxD

IsseixAkeno: For some reason, I find Akeno to be the best match for Issei than Rias. Weird, I know.

Highschool of the Dead

Opinion: Despite the ridiculous amount of fanservice, I still consider this to be a pretty damn good anime, and one of the better zombie films I've seen.

KohtaxSaya: I don't think I've ever seen anyone who is against them...

TakashixSaeko/Rei: Can't decide. They're both good and solid choices.

Hyouka ("Classic Literature Club/Koten-bu" series)

HoutarouxFuyumi: Weird, I know. Just think they'd go well together. Probably had something to do with a doujin or two...

Infinite Stratos

IchikaxChifuyu: The other girls just don't click with me...that and I've never been a fan of heroines that shamelessly offer themselves to the male lead.

Jyoshi Motena Imouto to Jyunan na Ore (roughly translates to "My Popular Little Sister and the Suffering Me")

AsutaxKyouko: Brocon, siscon. What more reason do I need?

K-ON (No pairings, just friendship)

Anything that isn't about Ritsu&Mio or Yui&Azusa: For some reason I just can't stand those...

Keroro Gunso

GiroroxNatsumi: No denying the love there. I adore Kururu the most, though I don't support any pairings for him.

FuyukixArisa: Not bad, though I'm alright with FuyukixMomoka.

Kokoro Connect

TaichixHimeko: Canon, since volume 4 of the light novel. It had been a tough choice between her and Iori, but I honestly believe Himeko needs a guy like Taichi more.

Mahoukakoukou no Rettousei (The irregular at magic high school)

TatsuyaxMiyuki: They don't even try to hide the fact that they only have eyes for each other. And don't even believe Miyuki's "My love for my brother is not one shared between lovers" for one second.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

YukiteruxYuno: Canon. As freaky as Yuno is, I still think she deserves the guy.

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu yo?

IzayoixAsuka: For some reason, I find her a better match than Kurousagi/Black Rabbit. She matches his cockiness, and at the same time, has the "gift" to keep it under control.


KousakuxMinori: What can I say. I'm a sucker for childhood friends pairing. I can't wait to see this series animated (confirmed). Extremely hilarious.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou (Ambition of Oda Nobuna, The)

YoshiharuxNobuna: Canon, most likely. It's obvious they like each other. Don't mind YoshiharuxMitsuhide. Favourite character: Goemon. Love the stuttering ninja. Not a lolicon though...

Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne / OniAi (As Long as There's Love, It Doesn't Matter Even If He's My Brother, Right)

AkitoxAkiko: Most likely going to happen. An imouto-themed series with non-blood-related siblings pretty much guarantees they are canon.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai / OreImo (My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute)

KyousukexKirino: Holy crap, it's canon!

In all fairness, there is no way you can read/watch this series without admitting that the author toys around the incest subtext quite often, if not outright revolving the entire series around it. Heck, it's one of the main draws of the show. It's the elephant in the living room, and the author has shown little attempt to cover it or write it off as "sibling love". And why should he? He has deliberately made the undertones muddled and controversial to begin with, leaving readers to come to their own conclusions.

One can probably see it as a healthy family relationship, maybe a bit on the extreme side, but still on platonic grounds. I, however, cannot in good conscience call that level of affection as normal sibling love, especially after reading volumes 7 to 10.

Don't get me wrong, it's not just the incest. I'm not one to ship something simply for "forbidden"'s sake, nor am I advocating it. I never even thought of them as a possible pairing until volume 5. Ever since Kirino returned from America, whatever feelings as a sister she had for Kyousuke took on a less innocent form that teeters a little bit too close at the very edge of familial morality. Kuroneko practically admitted Kirino's feelings in volume 9. I mean, had it not been tabooed, Kirino would've won ages ago. They're THAT close.

As of 7th June 2013, we finally get to see them as a couple.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru / OreShura

EitaxAi/Masuzu: Finally started warming up to Masuzu. So far, Chiwa really hasn't been doing much to earn her spot besides Eita...Isn't she supposed to be one of the heroines in the first place?

Photo Kano (フォトカノ)

(Only the anime and the light novel. Not the visual novel)

KazuyaxKanon: They're not blood related. The novel takes her route!

Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga. (Recently, My Sister is Unusual)

YuuyaxMitsuki: You know Mitsuki is warming up to her brother.

Sakurasou no Petto na Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakura Dormitory)

SorataxNanami: I have never rooted for the second heroine so damn much until now. Mashiro has yet to show me as to why she deserves Sorata more than Nanami.

Sengoku Basara

MasamunexOichi: Remember the glance they shared in the anime's last episode? And also there's their little riverside talk from the Drama CD. They're great together, you see? Another one I'm looking out for is MasamunexKasuga, just for the heck of it. A big thank you to Airanke (formerly known as Arreanain) for making the first ever MasamunexKasuga story for me!

KojyuurouxKasuga: ...because I was told to, seriously.

Sen no Maken to Tate no Otome (Thousand and aegis)

Amarock(Rock)xElicia: Most likely canon. Though Phil is hell bent that Rock should marry both her and Elicia...

Suzumiya Haruhi series

KyonxHaruhi: Normally I'm not a big fan of canon pairings, but these two fit almost too perfectly for me. While you may argue against them being canon, in my view, it is quite obvious they are. No disrespect to other pairings people may consider canon (Namely Yuki, or if you want, Koizumi). Still, I'm open to other pairing options when it comes to fan fiction, such as KyonxTsuruya or heck, even KyonxRyouko (yep, the crazy bitch that tried to stab him. Although calling her insane would probably be a distorted and misinterpreted view of her character. She just...doesn't follow human standards. That's all) as long as it's well written. However, and I can't believe I'm saying this for a canon pairing, KyonxHaruhi will always be my preferred couple.

Sword Art Online / SAO

Kazuto(Kirito)xSuguha(Lyfa): Immediately shipped them since episode 15/volume 3 of the light novel. Not an Asuna fan.

Toaru Majutsu no Index/Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

ToumaxKuroko: I'm not entirely sure why myself. Mikoto or Misaka 10032 would tie in second place.

AcceleratorxLast Order: It's through her, and only her, that he may find redemption, solace, and perhaps a little piece of happiness.

To Love-Ru series

RitoxMikan: You know she feels that way for Rito (OVA episodes 2 & 5). Lala and Momo would tie in second place.

World Only God Knows, The

KeimaxElsie: It's hard to choose among the girls when they all have such decent stories. Yet there's something between these two that outshines the rest. KeimaxChihiro would be my second pick (that rooftop scene was golden).

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. / OreGairu

HachimanxKomachi/Yukino: The first is just personal preference, the second would likely be canon. Either is fine with me. I highly recommend this series. Read the LN's, if possible.

Yosuga no Sora/Haruka na Sora

(Both the anime and both visual novels)

HarukaxSora: Canon. I'm a sucker for sad pairings. Have taken a liking to HarukaxKazuha too after playing the visual novel.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Best Dates are the Cheap Ones by Shivakashi reviews
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 21,136 - Reviews: 247 - Favs: 1,407 - Follows: 232 - Updated: 8/2/2016 - Published: 4/6/2008 - Naruto U., Sakura H., Ino Y. - Complete
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