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Author has written 6 stories for Twilight, Brokeback Mountain, and Eagle, 2011.

Here is some info about me:
I am a girl from Croatia but I live London. I am 15 years old and ever since I was 8 I have wanted to study English Lit at University. After that I want to be a writer. I love to read and play piano. My favorite subjects at school are English and History.

I love books, my favorites at the moment are:
I capture the castle
by Dodie Smith
The Book thief
by Markus Zusak
His dark materials
series by Philip Pullman
Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott. I also like the Harry Potter books.

The more I write Twilight Fanfics, the less attracted I am to the books. Edward is too controlling- I could easily describe that relationship as abusive. As for Bella- the most boring, selfish character in existence. I think J.K Rowling's writing is superior to Stephenie Meyer's. I write Twilight Fan fics because it's a good idea and there's loads of room for exploration... maybe one day I'll write a Harry Potter one but I worry I'll just ruin it. I would also love to do a Star Trek Spock/Kirk slash fan fiction, but I need time so I do it right!

I also love movies! My family has the biggest collection of DVDs in our house than anyone else I know. My favorite films are:
10 things I hate about you (Don't laugh- I have all the words memorized and the lyrics to the songs too! Fave line: Well maybe you're not scared of me, but I bet you've thought about me naked, huh?)
Brokeback Mountain (Without a doubt one of the most beautiful movies in existence, it makes me cry every time I watch it. Fave line: Don't try to fool me no more Ennis! You don't go up there to fish!). Both star Heath Ledger, but that's not the reason I like them. In fact they're the reason I like Heath Ledger, who is my favorite actor, (that's why I'm called No1heathfan- stating the obvious :P)
Dead Poets Society- I have tons and tons of love for this movie, it makes me cry every time I watch it :') Love Nuwanda in particular, and Neil and Todd! They're all great. Carpe Diem :)

My favorite TV series are:

Medium- I love Alison, actually I love all of the characters, especially the DuBois family. Poor Joe, the only one in the family who isn't psychic!
Numb3rs- You learn a lot, and realize how much maths affects our daily lives without us even knowing it.
The Mentalist- Everyone thinks Patrick's psychic, when he's just really observant. Patrick Jane makes me laugh.
Star Trek TOS- My friend holly60zz just introduced me to this... I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS! SPORK/ SPIRK (whatever you prefer) FOREVER (Spock/Kirk)

Here is some info on my latest stories.

Half a happy ending:

This story is about Emmett and Rosalie. Edward is just about to bring Bella home to meet the family, but Rosalie runs off and Emmett follows. To cheer her up, Emmett starts a conversation about their life together, starting from the day she saved him. It's the story of Rosalie's half a happy ending. It's half because even though she has Emmett, it is only half of what she wants. Mostly in Rosalie's POV.

Story link:

Bella and the Wolf:

This is my version of 'what if Edward never came back in New Moon'. Jacob saves Bella from jumping, and so the Cullen's don't come back. It's 10 years later, Jake and Bella are married and have two kids. But what will happen when Edward and the Cullen's show up? See the affect it has on Bella, Jacob and Edward. Mostly in Bella's POV, but some chapters in Jacob and Edwards POV.

Story Link:


This is another Jacob/Bella Fan fic. Edward never calls and Jacob and Bella kiss. They fall in love. Jacob loves Bella. Bella loves Jacob. 5 years later Jacob imprints. Bella leaves to start a new life far away only to rediscover the world of vampires.
You won't find this under my stories, it's a joint effort between Virgoletta and myself. To see the story, go to Virgoletta's profile or to my favorite stories.
This is not the sequel I have been thinking about writing for Bella and the Wolf. Also, I would like to remind everybody that just because the story says it Jacob/Bella DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS A JACOB/BELLA PAIRING! IT JUST MEANS THEY ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS!

Mrs Del Mar:

This is a fanfic about Alma and her view on things. How she felt knowing what Ennis and Jack were really up to... how she felt when she found her note still at the end of Ennis' fishing rod...

About my writing, please don't hesitate in telling me what you liked or disliked about my story. I welcome constructive criticism, in fact, that's what I'm looking for. However, please do try and be nice about it. Thanks :)

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Special reviews
A little Esca/Marcus drabble I wrote just now, where Marcus is remembering the reasons he saved Esca that day at the arena.
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