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Author has written 10 stories for Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy XIII.

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."

Edgar Allan Poe

"The real world is much smaller than the imaginary."
Friedrich Nietzsche

My writing style: No matter how often you ask me, I will not change it. I write this way and that is final, almost as if it has been ingrained into me since birth. If it is too ostentatious for you then that is your issue, not my own. I love words, and I love playing with them so it takes a lot of time for me to write a chapter

Name: Suny

Age: 18 soon to be 19.

Background: Thai & Portuguese

About myself:

I'm a Realist-Pessimist. Not a good mix.

About my writing:

I could write an essay, but I do not wish to bore you so I shall say this:

Classicism/Romantic revival - I have an obsession with the Romantic writers. Note that is with a big 'R' not a little 'r' thus I am referring to the era not the genre. I write in the Classical/Romantic way where all individual words are to somewhat become an artform almost like the intricate lace lining to a dress which makes it all the more elegant. Thus I do rely on appealing to all of the senses and with a strong focus on emphasising and impacting emotions

Gothic revival - I have an undying love for Gothic literature, from Walpole to Zusak, Poe to Zafon, Coleridge to Shakespeare - I love it all. However, this vampire/zombie/werewolf/freakthatisundeadbutstillbreathingyetisdeadbutnotbecausethey'reundeadthereforenotdeadbutnotquitelivingsincetheydiedyetpartiallyresurected with romantic tendencies caught in dramatic love triangles with brainless heroines and dense men, is not to my liking. Nor will it ever be.
What I enjoy most with the Gothic genre is the use of symbols/devices like ravens, surrealism, dreams, diseases, nature vs nurture and the Natural Order. It is so much fun to learn and discover ways to present this.

Classical tendencies - I write in a pre-20th century form - Romantic: appealing to senses and painting beautiful, vivid images through text. I only like classics and books pre-1950's for it has a) a plot b) words of art, not just black shapes on paper c) they wrote for the passion of writing and not money so of course it is so much better than what appears in the 'New Release' section. If I were to read modern text, it would be a classic or has war, blood, death, destruction, witty or beautiful language and psycho-analytical/challenging substance. Very rare these days. :)

Symbolism - I have a love for symbols and metaphors and adhering to the traditional criteria of Gothic conventions.

Plots - I have not completely given you the full serve just yet. I have big plans though, I think big. As a writer you can suspect, but always be wrong, and as a reader that may just be the case as well. Thus why reviews are so thoroughly enjoyed - they help to provoke thought.

On reviews - Be honest. I do not wish to be told lies. Tell me everything, be constructive rather than full of overwhelming praise - I am here to learn and develop my writing skills and the best way is to inform me on every point and decision I make in regards to my writing even if you are being picky - I want to be...near flawless.

Personal Life:

All you need to know is that I procrastinate. I've perhaps looked up to Leonardo a little too much...

I also enjoy a wide range of activities such as dancing, painting, fencing, stage acting, art making, playing piano, reading (yes, I read books) and, of course, writing. I write for the pleasure of writing, it is not a task that must get done for me, it is a hobby and I believe many people should take that as food for thought.

History is very important to me, and so is basic human logic and realism (though realism can be strained only if it will make complete sense in the end, thus logic. It does work, the greatest Gothic novels do this like Ann Radcliffe's 'The Mystery of Udolpho' or something like that...).

Disrespect is the highest form of weakness, ill-breeding and ignorance. I will not tolerate this, neither should anyone else.


Music: Chopin (unhealthily love him), Tchaikovsky (another unhealthy love), Mozart, Beethoven, Rimsky, Liszt, Shostakovich, Dance Gavin Dance (only the cinematic songs), House vs Hurricane.

Writers: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Edgar Allan Poe (I revere him!), Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare (shock horror) and Niccolo Machiavelli (I love Renaissance writers).

Poem: The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe

Play: Macbeth - William Shakespeare.

Songs: 'Ruska' - Apocalyptica. 'Serenade for Strings - Pezzo In Forma Di Sonatina' - Tchaikovsky, 'Symphony No. 5 in D Minor - III Largo' - Shostakovich, 'Chanson Del' Adieu' - Chopin, 'Symphony No.9 in E Minor, Op.95 "From The New World" - IV Allegro Con Fuoco' - Dvorak, 'Chacony in D Minor' - Purcell. Yes, I love classical music. :D


William Shakespeare - I adore his creations with all of my heart. It's in the writing, the language and the images that leap out from every turn of the page. I was given the gift of seeing two of his plays at the Sydney Theatre. Though the man has died many years before, the magic in his plays is still alive till this day. He is a legend, a true master of his craft and he inspires me greatly. If only I could meet him one day. (How morbid...)

Leonardo Da Vinci - a painter, sculptor, sketcher, drafter, architect, engineer, inventor, poet, musician, mathematician, physicist, vegetarian and philosopher as well as a studier of anatomy, botany and biology - he is without a doubt the most clever man to have ever lived. A true genius well deserving of respect.

Caravaggio - brilliant Italian painter who uses vivid contrast and extensive light and dark. Not to mention his paintings are exceedingly life-like and well ahead of his time. A true, classical favorite of mine.

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