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BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I updated it! That's how extremely bored I am! So, right now, it's August 31, 2009 and it's 6:07, no 6:08 pm. All the new things I wrote will be in bold so you can compare the difference from then to now.

Hello there. Well, there's not really much to say about me. I ike south of nowhere and am currently writing a few stories for it. Unfortunately only one of them is here on

Let's actually make a profile, okay,

Gender: Female. That hasn't changes from my past update.

Age: 14 (no I'm not kidding) I'm still fourteen...DAMMIT!

Background: I live in Canada but was born in Philippines. Still live in Canada.

Hair colour: obviously black. I want to change it, maybe dye the tips brown, but nooooo. i'M NOT ALLOWED!!

Location: Currently in my head. I can't get out. Like really, I've tried, it's no use, there's just no escape in here.

Family: Mom and Dad, Elder brother, Elder sister, me, then my little sister, oh and my grandpa. Well, there's new people to the house that aren't really family, but there's this women who will be taking my room (T-T), and her two daughters, plus an uncle to which I'm not really related to. 11 PEOPLE IN ONE HOUSE!!

Likes: Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep. Also, I like music (what 14 year old doesn't?), and writing obviously, I'm an otaku (for those who actually know what that is), food, art and painting, the french horn (rocking instrument! Screw those who think otherwise!), football and more! Um...let's see...OH! I like film! And I hope to pursue a career in it despite the fact that I know that it's probably never gonna happen cause my entire family, extended family included, would impale me.

Dislikes: being deprived of my sleep, hypocrites (I guess that means I hate myself), my little sister, tons of annoying people. Um...Oh, you know when authors start a story and add like only one chapter and then don't update! ...Wait...Um...forget I said that.

I won't put up those things that have like millions of quotes. Well, I would but right now I'm feeling really lazy, so maybe someday, just not today. Hell, I'm even lazier then before.

That pretty much sums me up, oh and I'm gay. But shhh! You have to be quiet. No one knows yet, only my sister who thinks I'm bi. HOLY CRAP! WHAT IF SHE CLICKS ON THIS?! Oh well.

Let's hope she never does, or anyone else I know for that matter, unless I'm out, which will be along time from now.


CRAP! SHE CLICKED ON IT! sigh Well, what can I say?

Another profile update on...September 27, at 2:51 pm

Okay, I have decided to add a FAQ'S part, since I've gotten a few messages about the same questions that I don't really answer.

1. How the hell can you write stories that are so dark and disturbing, especially at such a young age?

Okay, someone asked me that in regards to the story JUST ANOTHER HEARTBREAK, and the only thing I would have to say is that I like thinking up of sad stories. Ironically enough, I won't read a story unless I'm pretty much guaranteed a happy ending, but most of my endings are less then desirable. Personally I think it's because I was one of those people who sorta had to grow up too fast, and didn't really grow up believing half the things most kids did.

2. Do you have a muse?

No, I don't. Life would be so much easier if I did a muse. If I did have one, I would probably be able to update my stories better.

3.You incorporate death a lot, why?

Death is the perfect ultimatum.

4. How come it's always unrequited love?

It's not ALWAYS unrequited love, but for the most part, it is. I think it's because you see so many stories where one of the two are going out with someone, but then they're swept off their feet by this new, exotic stranger, and then you start seeing that person be attracted to the stranger, and give less regard to the one they're actually with. And to me, I find it very interesting showing a different side of the story, and instead of showing the side that's cheating on someone, I show the side that's being cheated on.

In my opinion, it's more painful to be with someone who will never love you back, then two people loving each other, despite never being able to be together.

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