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It's all my sister's fault.

She hooked me on almost every fandom I've ever been addicted to. She introduced me to the concept of fan fiction. Before she intervened, I was perfectly happy to read real books with real pages (and real editors). But alas! My wicked sister got me hooked on fan fiction (Harry Potter was my first fandom), and I've scarcely read anything not in 10-pt Verdana since.

Since I first started reading fan fics, I've dabbled in dozens of fandoms. I've had flings with Chronicles of Narnia, Fringe, V (the remake series), and others. Never, though, have I been so passionately in love with a fandom as I am with Merlin now.

It only took me about four years to finally write something. It's quite pathetic, actually, but I never felt qualified to presume I knew someone else's characters well enough to claim them for my own and put words in their mouths. I finally wrote down a Merlin plot bunny, and it came out decent enough, so I posted it. Granted, it terrified me, but I did it. I still don't know if I got the characters remotely right, but considering the unhealthy amount of time I spend watching the show and reading the fan fiction, they're probably my best shot.

Of course, I would have never posted the darn thing if it hadn't been for my dear sissy's insistence, so if you don't like it, remember -

It's all my sister's fault.

I am also on the Archive of Our Own beta site, under the same name. Everything except "Helpess" is available on AO3 (there aren't that many free-standing drabbles on AO3, so I was afraid it would feel lonely). My profile page:


About My Writing

At the moment, all I am writing is Merlin. I am a bromance addict, and the majority of my work is going to reflect that. My sister and I constantly cook up scenarios for the Big Reveal, so it's probably mostly going to be reveal fic (and really, who can get enough of reveal fic?). Personally, I prefer delayed reaction, because things just get too messy when Arthur has to figure out his views on everything all at once. I'll never post slash, "adult situations" of any kind, or probably even romance at all. It causes issues. And ship wars. And seriously, ship wars are the only unkind corner of fandom.

"Just a Trim"

"Trim" is my firstborn and the product of a sleep-deprived one night stand with a series of mental images and flashes of dialogue that wouldn't leave me alone. It's a reveal fic from Arthur's POV, and completely anticlimactic on purpose. I guess I wrote it because I wanted to try something a little outside the realm of the usual, as one reviewer put it, "Merlin does incredible magic to save Arthur's life and Arthur is stunned and emotional" scenario. Although I would be willing to bet anything that that is closer to how the show will eventually handle the Big Reveal because it makes better television, that general formula gets a bit overused in fan fiction, where we have the opportunity, creativity, and freedom from ratings/viewership stats/budget to explore every possibility of how it could go. The reveal is purposefully everyday and unheroic, and Arthur's reaction is purposefully understated and delayed and not really resolved, because there are tons and tons of fics out there that deal with flashy displays of magic and split-second reaction time. Can't our poor prince ever have some time to sleep on it? :)

"Sit In"

This one's not really a reveal fic, exactly... although it does briefly discuss how Arthur would react to Merlin's magic. If this site had a fluff genre, "Sit In" would fit the bill, because this is warm, fuzzy friendship at its warmest and fuzziest, ladies and gentlemen. Unlike "Trim," which was almost entirely one-on-one conversation, this has barely any dialogue. The narration is pretty informal and conversational and very tongue-in-cheek, though, so it's not too dry or boring. "Sit In" was the result of only getting four hours of sleep the previous night - apparently, I can only write when I'm sleep-deprived. [A/N to self: get as little sleep as possible this summer.] Although I only listed Merlin in the character slots, all the Knights of the Round Table (as of the end of Season 3) and Gwen are also in there. I just thought it was rather deceptive to pick one to take the remaining character slot when they're all in there fairly equally.


I told myself over and over again that I wouldn't join the drabble craze. At the time that I wrote this, at least a dozen authors, some of them quite high up in our odd little fictioneer hierarchy, were writing tons of drabbles, often in massive collections. I'm completely in love with some of them... but I never thought I'd jump on the bandwagon myself. *sigh* Oh well. It's cute, and I wanted to publish it, so I did. Call me a hedonist.

"Northumbrian Culinary Assassins"

Don't even ask where this one came from, because it was way too late at night/early in the morning for me to remember. I think I was reading someone else's fic on AO3, and it dealt vaguely with breakfast... or something... I really don't know, but if the author of that fic happens to read this and thinks, "Hey, I bet that was my story," please contact me on AO3 and remind me so I can thank you properly. Anyway, "Culinary" is as close to crack!fic as I've come so far, but it isn't incoherent, riddled with modern slang, or any of the other hallmarks of crack!fic. It's just... really random and silly. But that's okay, because it's meant to be random and silly. I had a lot of fun writing it. I almost lost consciousness a couple times, but it was fun.

"The Son of a Sorcerer"

I'd been playing around with the idea of letting Merlin reveal to Arthur that he isn't against magic without actually revealing that he has magic for some time, and I finally got an idea for how to do it. I was probably inspired by the spoilerific interview Colin did at Comic Con 2011, in which he talked about how Merlin and Arthur go "dink" when they relate to each other about their parental gaps. After I finished the first chapter, originally meant to stand alone, I got talking with my sister about how Arthur would react if he ever found out about one thing in particular that Merlin had lied about. We came to the conclusion that Arthur is a prat, a clotpole, and a dollophead, and would therefore assume that Merlin was just being an idiot again and didn't know any better. The third and fourth chapters followed almost immediately, and then the second chapter dribbled in weeks later, just because my brain refuses to work in any logical order.

"Of Hunith, Hugs, and Horrendous Hats"

I’m not even gonna try to pretend otherwise – this was my completely hedonistic bid for a happy ending. Series 4 had been a bit dark lately when I wrote this, and goshdarnit, I needed something fluffy, footloose, and fancy-free. Plus, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a post-reveal where Merlin has the presence of mind to tell his poor mother (except a few where it went really really badly). Hunith has to be constantly worrying about him, but does Merlin ever remember to put her mind at ease? Also, I really want more fics where Arthur gets to borrow Merlin’s mother for awhile. Arthur hasn’t got one of his own, and Hunith is so awesome, and… grr. More nurturing!Hunith and desperatelyinneedofnurturing!Arthur, please.

"Of Quiet Chats and Unexpected Artifacts"

Huh. So I seem to be going through a mother!fic phase. Completely out of season for Mother's Day, of course. Oh well. Anyway, this came from a mental image I got... geez, months before I wrote this. I think I actually tried to write it once, and it came out weird, so I got rid of it. I jotted down the bunny and didn't really think of it again till the other night when I was browsing through my Great Bunny List in the wee hours of the morning. Stuff randomly started to fall into place for it, so I started writing despite the time, and ended up pulling an all-nighter to finish it. As such, the formatting was terrible and rambly, so I asked Bundibird to beta it for me, and she agreed. It is only because of her that this thing is even legible. Anyway, I also made a picture to go with it, so go check it out if you have any faith in my graphics-editing ability.

"When I Least Deserve It"

Ha hah! I finally wrote the angst! Yeah, it ends fluffy... and it's not really hardcore angst... but it... it... Let me have my moment! I wrote angst, gosh darn it, and I am proud of it. Anyway, this is something I've had playing around in my head for a long time (let's face it - Merlin's done some bad, stupid, hard-to-justify stuff), and I finally chugged it out. Just another fifty-two prompts on my Great Bunny List to go... Anyway! Good way to kick off the new year, by posting something in a genre I'd been too scared to try previously.

Just Me Being Me (Ergo Rambling)

Mar. 22, 2012, very obscenely early - huh. All my hyperlinks appear to have stopped working. Whyyyyyy, Internet? Why do you hate me? *growls* Oh well, no one needs the links for the S4 deleted scenes now - I'm sure there are multiple vids up on YouTube. The only other thing that you guys won't be able to figure out by the power of Google is the Ygraine pic I manip'd for "Quiet Chats," but it's in the body of the fic itself on AO3.

Jan. 6, 2012, not too obscenely late yet - everyone head over and read "Honesty is the Best Policy" by SecondStar2theRight! It's basically a missing scene from Chapter 2 of SOS, with Leon interrogating Merlin. It's really cute and sweet and funny and just... kinda... love. Also, serious authorly ego boost right now. My fan fiction has fan fiction. What on earth? :D

Dec. 30, 2011, early afternoon - sooooo... guess what I learned yesterday! I found out that my mom has read my fic! Apparently she found me (through not-even-that-sneaky means, I'm ashamed to say - never tell your nosy mother your username) around the time that I published "Of Quiet Chats," and had read everything except SOS (which she read this morning) without telling me. I'm sure that for many of my fellow writers, that is a nightmare beyond all compare. For me, my mom's awesome, and although she doesn't watch the show, she enjoys reading what I write without knowing the characters terribly well. So I guess this isn't a bad thing? Kinda weird, and now I can definitely never write anything smutty... but can you imagine me writing smut anyway? *giggles at your silliness* Anyway, everyone say hello to Lit's mommy, since she's apparently my Number One Stalker! :D My family's so weird. And awesome.

Nov. 28, 2011, mid-evening - it's been a good Merlin day. Published a new fic, and then I found deleted scenes for S4 eps 1-5 on one of the tumblrs I follow. Spoilers, obviously, so be ye warned.

Oct. 16, 2011, very early morning - new avatar from S4. Oh my gosh, I don't even know what to do... If you've seen 4.03, you know what I mean. If you haven't, then know this - 4.03 is... amazing.

Oct. 10, 2011, mid-afternoon: My sister is the awesomest sister ever. I don't care if you think your sister's awesomer. My sister can whoop your sister's butt. You know why? She just gave "Sit In" its one hundredth fave. That's right. Three digits. And it's all my sissy's doing. *huggles muchly*

Oct. 1, 2011, almost midnight: I've watched the first episode of Merlin S4 twice in its entirety, and all my favorite parts at least... what, four times? And for a few parts, I swear I'm up to a dozen. So. Much. Love. Can't hold it all in. Containment field breach, red alert. That's all the spoiling that's gonna be on my profile for awhile - that S4 is awesome. However, I'll probably start writing with S4 spoilers soon, so... yeah. Just be aware. I'll try to remember to warn, but forgive me if I miss something.

Sept. 21, 2011, very obscenely late: I discovered the fanfic rec page on TV Tropes just a little while ago. First of all, it's awesome that TV Tropes even has a fic rec page. It just is. Imagine, then, how utterly and completely and luminously awesome it is to find that someone recommended me. Three someones, actually. Pickled Plums, The Corsair 20, and Zephyr7, I owe you all my soul. You can figure out how to divvy it up amongst yourselves. I don't know who you are on or even if you have accounts, but if you see this, please PM me so I can arrange to send you my first three children (I'll try to get triplets on the first try).

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