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Hey everyone!

I started this account because I love all of the things people can create when they are given a base. I actually found this site when I finished the Twilight series and still needed something good to read and, at the time, nothing could really match Stephanie Meyer's work. Until I found this site and read some of the stories people created. I mean talk about talent! You guys inspried me to try and write stories of my own. I haven't been writing all my life like some of you but i really care about this stuff and really appreciate the effort everyone puts into these stories. I am currently working on my very first FanFic so please be gentle. I hope you enjoy them. I have a lot of ideas and it's all a matter of getting them written down.

Fav Music: Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Akon, Owl City, Brad Paisley, Britney Spears, Nickleback, Superchick and many more but idk their names. (Yeah, yeah. I know. Country music and Britney Spears. Probably enough to make fun of me for the next ten years.)

Fave Books: The Twilight Series(obviously), The Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz, and a ton of random stuff i picked up from the library

Fave Actors: TAYLOR LAUTNER!!(omg I love him!! can you tell?), Will Smith, Shia LeBuff(did I spell that right?), Megan Fox, Angelina Jo Lee, Hugh Laurie, Christian Slater, and that dude from Psych(idk his name but he's awesomeness!)

Home Town: Denver, Colorado

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Umm... never really done a profile before so i guess that is all. Read and review!

P.S. My dog Chico says hi!

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