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Update: I know it's been a long time. Over a year, but I've found my love of writing again. I have a story I want to tell, and I want to prove to you all that I intend to finish it. Only time will tell, but for now, here's some proof that I'm back.

This is the first part of the new chapter. It's still undergoing final revisions, but it's coming together. I'm back.

Chapter 5: Crossroads

“Hey Whiskers, do you know about the Ultimate Truth?”

Naruto looked away from his simulated opponent, sweat dripping down his face. When training began a week ago, Kunsel had told him to be ready for hell. Today was a perfect example of just how true those words were. The sword was so different from a kunai. It was much heavier and cumbersome, and took an incredible level of strength to wield fluidly. Kunsel’s demonstrations always made it look like a simple task, but that was the ability of the master, and the student still had a long road ahead. Kunsel would send him into the chamber for sessions hours at a time with no break in between, which put even his incredible stamina to the test. So for the moment, he was more than thankful for the interruption in his intense training. “No, what is it Master?” he panted.

Kunsel crossed his arms, raising his head for a long moment of thought; very uncharacteristic of the man. It wasn’t uncommon for him to burst into a story in the middle of training, but it always came with a bang, never a whisper. Naruto took off the simulation goggles and gave his teacher his full attention.

Finally he spoke “I remember our first day of training. I asked, do you have the guts no never give up? The determination to make it to the end? And you said…”

Naruto grinned. “I never go back on my word. That’s my Way of the Ninja!”

Kunsel’s lips shifted, forming a small, soft smile. “Your ninja way had something that I haven’t seen in SOLDIER in a long time, since the time of the Great Generals.”

Kunsel turned his gaze away from the heavens to his student, who shivered under his piercing gaze. “SOLDIER has lost it. Shinra has lost it. Hell, the whole damn world has lost it! But then you washed up on our shores, and a part of me is hoping…praying…that maybe you can bring it back.” The soft echo of footsteps echoed throughout the chamber as Kunsel closed the distance between him and his student. “Naruto, you know what it is, don’t you.”

Naruto stood frozen in his spot, not thinking, even blinking. He was waiting, hanging on his Master’s every word. Feeling the kind man’s gaze focusing on him and nothing else, Naruto felt a pleasant tinge run along the surface of his entire body, before diving straight into his core. Kunsel reached up and gently placed his hand over Naruto’s chest, feeling the delicate beat just beneath the surface.


Naruto looked up to his mentor with his brilliant blue eyes, a treat Kunsel always welcomed with open arms. “The Ultimate Truth…isn’t something that can be taught. No language exists with the words to convey its meaning from one person to another. But everyone has the means; the one thing capable of understanding the Ultimate Truth…the human soul.”

Kunsel could tell at a glace that the boy didn’t understand what he was trying to say. Smiling playfully, he raised his hand from the boy’s chest and planted it firmly in the boy’s hair, making sure to give it a good ruffle. “Let’s call it a day. I could use a night out. Let’s get outta here.”

Naruto watched in disbelief as Kunsel strolled towards the exit. Suddenly, his mind was went from zero to sixty, a thousand questions flying through his mind, though none was more obvious than the question of how. But before Naruto could remind the First why he was called the Number one Loudmouth Ninja, Kunsel ended his march and looked over his shoulder. He never stopped smiling; a smile born from finding something he thought lost forever.

“Someday, Naruto, your heart will lead you to the Ultimate Truth. So until then, shout to the heavens so they know you’re on your way!”

That was the first time Kunsel had ever used those words to encourage his student to aim for the stars. Only Kunsel could say such a corny phrase and make it sound anything but. And that was the day that Naruto saw Kunsel as something more than a superior, more than a mentor: Kunsel was his friend, and what he gave him that day would guide his path for the rest of his life.

Coming Soon

If you must know something about me, know this: I like stories. I like fantasy. So I've decided to try making those stories that I like. I am 19 and I am male, and while I do not favor Yaoi, I don't hate it either. It's like Tenten. It's just...there (She's actually one of my favorite character though, because I like sharp pointy objects too).

I like Anime and video games, and I like movies and snowboarding. I also enjoy food and friends.

Through Broken Glass: A NarutoxFinal Fantasy VII crossover. I liked the two, and am trying to create a seamless crossover between the two. Crossovers these days have a very bad name, but if it can be well done, I believe it can be one of the most interesting genres out there. Essentially, Naruto gets lost in a storm and winds up with Shinra, only to realize just what horrors Shinra has committed. He joins Cloud, and the adventure to save the planet, and perhaps himself, begins.


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