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Author has written 18 stories for Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Corpse Party, Eternal Darkness, Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人, Tales of Graces, Tales of Xillia, Guilty Crown/ギルティクラウン, Clannad, and Strawberry Panic!.

Name: Sarah

Age: 15

About Me: Hello everyone, I'm Sarah, and I am a beginner at Needless to say, I've been in fanfiction since 2009 but I've just got around to writing. My Birthday is on October 23. For more about me, read below.

Favorite Games: FINAL FANTASY (I just think they're the best franchise ever to exist, and that Square Enix is the best gaming empire ever!!!), Eternal Darkness:Sanity's Requiem, Soul Calibur, Star Ocean, Parasite Eve, Pokemon, Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil, Star Wars, Devil May Cry, Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Spyro games (Spyro 3 was my very first video game), NBA, NFL, NHL, Silent Hill, etc.

Favorite Movies: Many to Mention

Favorite Books: Many to Mention

Favorite Game Characters:

Edge Geraldine


Aya Brea

Rosa Joanna Farrell

Cecil Harvey

Lightning Farron

Sophitia Alexandra

Cassandra Alexandra

Hope Estheim

Oerba Dia Vanille

Serah Farron

Fayt Leingod

Maria Traydor

Nel Zelpher

Mirage Koas

Jill Valentine

Chris Redfield

Claire Redfield

Leon S. Kennedy

Alexandra Roivas

Terra Branford

Celes Chere

Cloud Strife









Pairings I simply Adore

Ace x Deuce

Machina x Rem

Nine x Queen


Pairing I simply cannot stand

Queen x King (Hmmm...Is it because they're the royals of Class Zero?)

Ace x Queen (Not my cup of tea)

Ace x Seven (Absolutely not!)



Rain Dandridge

Age: 18 (Prom, Night Terrors)

23, 24, 25(Life after the War)

Birth date: October 28

Appearances: Prom, Night Terrors, Life after the War, Come back to me (Mentioned only)

Profile: Rain is Deuce's older cousin by 2 years. Rain is a workaholic who refuses to meet other people except for her family and her friends, much to the chagrin of her cousin. Her parents died in an accident and her Aunt and Uncle took her in and treated her as their own daughter. She is very close to Deuce and protected her like a sister would. She would do anything just to see her safe and happy. When Deuce enrolled in the Peristylium, she was against it as it would be very dangerous but eventually warmed up to it upon seeing how eager Deuce was. She is a chocobo racing enthusiast and she was very good at racing them, that she was offered to be a chocobo jockey once, but declined to study psychology. This is one of the things that made her good friends with Ace and Machina and her combat and strategy expertise earned Nine and Queen's respect and friendship. She is also a skilled photographer and it is one of her hobbies along with supercross racing, much to Deuce's worry and annoyance. She adores her niece, Piper, to death and often spoils her, much to Ace's irritation. She refuses to date, much to Deuce's and her female friends, Rem and Queen's, annoyance. The reason for this is because when she was a freshman in college, her boyfriend, Damon, who like her, was also given the go signal to skip a few years, stood her up and cheated on her. A few years later, she runs into him and her best friend, James, another advanced student, from her college years, while on an outing with Rem, Queen and Deuce. Unfortunately for her, both have come back for her affection. She is the heir to the ownership to the family business, Dandridge hotels. Originally, she never wanted to have anything to do with the business, but seeing that Deuce didn't want to do anything with it either, Rain, being the loving cousin, took the fall and allowing her cousin freedom from any problems running a business could have. Aside from being a psychologist and a future hotel tycoon, Rain has served in the army for three years. Her battle tactics, skill, charisma and expertise in espionage, Rain has rose through the ranks, making it to lieutenant in a month and three weeks, effectively making her the youngest lieutenant in all of Oriense.

Appearance: Rain is often seen wearing shirts, jeans, sneakers (sometimes derbies) and a blue hoodie, though eventually, she stops wearing the hoodie and replaces it with a black hunting vest. She cannot be seen without her necklace, which was a birthday gift from James and her ring, which was her mother's last gift for her. Ever the athlete, Rain is very adept at Free-running and Parkour, making her a very fast runner and she is very good at aversion. She has brown hair, that is often tied in a ponytail and blue eyes and she looks like an older version of Deuce and a younger version of her Aunt. Some people think that she is one of the most beautiful people in the world, which is true, but Rain, being herself, refuses to believe them. When she uses her computer for work or when she is reading, she wears glasses. Due to numerous attempts on her family and friends' lives, she has a scar on her lip and her right eye. The scar on her eye doesn't bother her, but with the cut on her lip being deep, bothers her at times, giving her a prickling, burning sensation, which she often dulls by drinking.

Personality: Most of the time, Rain is laid back, easy going, happy-go-lucky, cocky, arrogant and loving, there are times, when she is sarcastic, brutal and ruthless. These negative traits often appear in combat, though the sarcastic personality shows when she is very stressed out. She managed to finish school early since she is too smart for her age. When she is stressed out, she often drinks and smokes, much to her cousin's annoyance.

Weapons: Gladius, shield, Bow and Arrows, and Magic


"I'd rather stay home."

"You'd either have to kill me or I'll shoot myself in the foot before I'll go out in a date."

"Leave me alone."

"You better stop that before I beat the living daylights out of you."


"You lucky duck."

"I'm stressed out, can you blame me for wanting to smoke every once in a while?"

Okay, I'm showing you the birthdates of the children from Life after the War. Their last names are taken after their father's last names, weird, I know, but I have to give them last names somehow.

Adam - March 17. Parents are King and Sice.

Camille Kunagiri - May 30 (March 25 in Come back to me). Parents are Machina and Rem.

Piper Regan - November 19. Parents are Ace and Deuce.

Kara - July 27. Parents are Nine and Queen.


For Final Fantasy Type-0

Prom: What if the Peristylium Students had Prom a few weeks before the main mission? Ace x Deuce, Machina x Rem, and Nine x Queen.


Night Terrors: Sequel to Prom. Ace, Nine, and Machina are having Night Terrors and their girlfriends are worried. Pairings are same as above (Obviously)


Life after the War: Sequel to Night Terrors. This is my take on Class Zero's lives after the war. Same pairings.


Come back to Me: Not Connected to the other stories. Set in the Alternate Ending of the game. A month after their graduation, Rem broke up with Machina and left, leaving only a letter instructing him not to look for her. Machina is heartbroken but a year later she comes back, bringing someone with her. Machina x Rem, really subtle hints of Nine x Queen and Ace x Deuce.


For Eternal Darkness:

Enter the Darkness: Novelization of the game with OCs.


For Corpse Party

Return to Heavenly Host: Sequel to the original game and novelization of Corpse Party: Book of Shadow's secret chapter; Blood Drive.


That's it for a while, I'll add some soon enough :)

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