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I have always loved the Phantom of the Opera and I always will. I also love my family, my husband, my cute-as-a-button toddler and Erik. I like my job very much but would not go so far as to say I love it. But Erik, I have always loved. I first met him through just the music to Webber's Phantom of the Opera. I did not see the actual broadway production until I had already fallen deep under the spell of the music at the tender age of 11. The production was amazing when I finally saw it and as my obsession for the music grew( I would lie in bed at night and the music would play in my head and I could hear his voice sing to me...) a family friend handed me a copy of Kay's novel and said, "I think you might like this." I think I was 14 at that point and since then it has been love, true love for me and my Erik...

I digress...

I have been writing Phantom stories for years. Since my love affair started at the age of 11! I don't think I'll post my earlier stuff but hey, you never know. At least those stories I could rate as T or K. If anyone reading this has read my long story, Raging Fires, then you know what I mean...

Erik Karan is mine!

Sorry, I get a little touchy about Erik. Like this one time I took a Phantom of the Opera virgin to see the show and afterwards she said, and I quote, "It was good but why do you like the Phantom character better than Raoul. He is deformed, a manipulator, a murderer and kinda crazy!"

After I picked my chin up off the floor I told her not to speak that horrid R name and that all the Phantom needed was someone to love him and I would be perfectly happy to cuddle him and make him feel all better.

Hopefully this crazy ramble about my POTO obsession hasn't scared you off? I guess it lets you know quite a bit about me though!! Crazy Craftydevil that I am...

I hope you enjoy all of my stories, whichever ones you read! Do try to review. It picks me up when I am down and spurs me to write faster.

Take care and I hope you are having a super day!

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A Match Made in Persia by Banana71588 reviews
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Metamorphosis reviews
The sad beginnings of a poor corpse like boy. He is visited by a dark beast, who wants him to obey. What will the boy choose? Light or dark? Good or evil? Eventually he meets an angel named Christine. What will he do then? Read on to find out! One-shot short story. E/C. Enjoy!
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Calling all Phantom fans! This 'folder' will be dedicated to short E/C stories. Each chapter will be a new setting and story line, and even have new and different characterizations of E and C, so pay attention! Some stories will be adult in nature and some will be more innocent, but all will involve Erik and Christine realizing and/or exploring their feelings for one another.
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