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Hi!! My Actual Name Is Arlene :)

I Don't Really Know How To Describe Myself At All!!

So I Hope This Survey Helps In A Way lol



Age: 20 D: the oldness is kicking in.

Location: Los Angeles

Hair Color: Was Black for prom but then dyed it an auburn brown and now it's some ugly highlights :/ lol but now has is dyed to somewhat of her natural hair color :D

Eye Color: Brown

Have you ever:

stood in a crop circle? Nope.

thrown up for drinking too much? Nope.

made yourself throw up? Yess But It Was Because I Over Ate lol I'm No Anorexic

said fuck to your parents? Who Hasn't??

slept naked? Yup lol

gone streakin? Nope.

gone skinny dipping? Nope.

if so, where?

Can you...do a front walkover? I'm Not Sure What That Is, but NO.

Favorite T.V Show? Degrassi lol

rap? Nope.

walk on your hands? Nope.

cry on command? Hells Yeah lol

Are you...preppy? Nope.

snobby? Only On People I Hate

lazy? Hells Yeah :)

hyper? Always :)

easily shaken up? It Depends On The Situation

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