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O.k so I had to rewrite my entire profile because my friends wrote like two-mile profiles and I will not be left behind!! I'll start with my username. Acora is a name I just made up out of the blue a few years ago and I just have become so attached to it. I have no idea where 78 came from. I just decided to write as my username on an account for something and it fit. You know when you just have that weird feeling that it's perfect? Well that was it. I swear I have the same username and password for everything so my friends can hack like every account I have on all types of things... Anywayz I just love animals. I mean take today for example. I climbed to the the middle of a pine tree (twitch, twitch, Spiky, twitch, twitch) to rescue this baby bird that fell out of it's nest. You can ask my friends too... (flash back)

Cierra (one of my friends)- You know what we should do this summer?

Me- What?

Cierra- Make our own type of peanut butter.

Me- You are so random-PUPPY!!(runs off towards strange dog)

Cierra- (stares at strange friend weirdly)

Yeah. I have a problem. :D. But all my friends have problems too so it's all good. I also love photography. I take my own photos and they're pretty much all nature shots. My motto is that if it wasn't posed and it looks good, you've got what it takes. I'd love to be a traveling photojournalist. It would combine three of my favorite things, Writing, photography, and nature. I love to laugh, and at times I can be really emotional. I'll cry at parts in books. And laughing is so easy to do and I love to surround myself with friends that make me laugh or that I can make laugh. All that love makes you feel good!(hugz all readers) I also can really understand people and have a good people sense. I'm a Fun-sized therapist! (by the way, I'm extremely short. I'm always the shortest person in like, the grade.) I love to read because it just puts you in another world, ya know? I also love music and drawing is another fave. I completely adore Vampire Knight, it's like the reason I'm alive. I like Yume probably the best in pairings but I do enjoy Shima, Rukain, and I think Adiyori is cute. Check out VampireMaddy's VK works o.k? She has the material to be a professional writer and she is so in touch with the characters it's almost like they're her own. I'm very tree hugger-ish, DON'T HURT THE EARTH IT HAS FEELINGS TOO!!:D. Well I hope you enjoy my stories and my faves and all that crap. I luv all you guys!! (I am not homo, just caring. Sheesh.)

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Secret reviews
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