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OK, so I'm just getting started on this writing stuff, but I have enjoyed reading a lot of the material on here. Currently I am writing an X-Men Evolution series of stories that features an O/C of mine.

Although I have only published one chapter of the first story, I have actually storylined out an entire story arc, which I will hopefully be able to someday complete. It's going to be a long arc, 13 stories by my count, possibly more, but the stories themselves probably won't be extremely long. I should note that most of them will be rated M for the violence and language, and one or two scenes of VERY adult content. (not spoiling anything here!)

Eventually, I'm going to write a bio for my O/C here, but for now all I can tell you is that his name is John Kerogi.

So, the stories themsleves... well, like I said, I have around 13 stories planned in this arc, once I'm done with it I MAY do another arc, if this one is recieved well. For the most part, the stories will be action-oriented, but I'm going to attempt to put a little comedy in there, and there will DEFINATELY be some romance, or at least references to it, but I'm not currently planning on writing any actual sex scenes. There will be 5 couples in this storyline, which I will mention here as they are put into the story (in the order of their relavence to the storyline).

1. ??

2. ??

3. ??

4. ??

5. ??

I also should post the titles (and summaries) of the stories I plan on writing.

1. Arrival

A mysterious mutant arrives at the Xavier Institute. Who is he? What does he want? And what about this "Organization" he mentions running from?

2. Brotherhood

3. Dark Memories

4. Justice

5-13. ??

Yeah, I'm taking the cheap road, I have the first four books completely storylined, but only general ideas for the other 9. There will be an overall storyline that will be apparant once things get going, and I do have that specifically planned out, but I haven't gotten into the real specifics beyond number 4 and most of the books beyond that don't even have working titles, let alone final ones.

Also, I suppose I should note, if the X-Men fanfic is well recieved, I may write a Kevin Keane/N-Team fanfic that's been running around in my head for quite some time. Not gonna give anyone details on that one yet, though.

UPDATE: I have been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 13 lately, and because of that I ended up with a story for that game stuck in my head. That story has been interfering with my ability to write the X-Men story, so I've decided to put it on here as well. I'll be doing work on both stories at the same time, but that means that both stories will be a little slower to update. SORRY TO THOSE WHO LIKE THE X-MEN STORY!! On the plus side, I am just over halfway done with the first X-Men story, so maybe by memorial weekend (if I get creative) I can have that finished and start on story 2. (BTW, Chapter 5 of Arrival is almost ready to post, I'm going through and checking spelling and stuff right now!)

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