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... Hello there welcome to B u t t e r f l y C a u g h t' s page! ...

Quick Announcements: (Updated 4/12/2013)

Really busy these days, all stories will be on pause :(

Currently Working on:

RE: The Games They Play- Chapter One: City of the Future [In the Paused process]

RE: Next Move Is Yours- [In the Paused process]

RE: Mission Start- [on the drawing board]

DMC: Within The Flesh- [on the drawing board]

Writer Status: (-_-)zZ

About Fictions:

1) Next Move Is Yours:

This was my first fan-fiction and originally planned after playing Resident Evil 4. The story mainly follows three characters- Ada, Leon and Wesker. At the time, I had the idea that it would be interesting if Ada actually worked for an international anti-bioterrorism organization, this was before the BSAA was introduced in RE5. I was also very interested in developing Wesker’s past and how it might have been like being part of the Wesker children project- then he went completely uncharacteristically insane in RE5 and was killed off.

As you can see, the release of Degeneration and RE5 kind of threw me off. I suppose I was disappointed in the direction they took leaving me to wonder where I was taking my own story.

In the end I’ve decided not to give up on Next Move Is Yours and try to come up with a new idea that’s based on what I’ve already written, making this story completely AU. So until I come up with a new idea, this story will still be on pause.

2) The Games They Play:

This fan-fiction began as a result of an idea I had regarding Ada Wong. She is my favorite RE character and since not much is known about her past I decided to create one. This story will still appeal to Ada-Leon-pairing enthusiasts and eventually the AU aspect of their relationship will evolve and be dragged into current RE plots creating a “history” between the characters.

This story will have a few different locations, Europe, The Middle East, and back to the US. Why? I like describing different locations, each place having its unique cultural print, and it's fun. After analyzing Ada's character after Damnation and RE6 I realized that I wanted to take her relationship with Leon in a different direction. If you think about it, not much is really known about Ada's motives or her past, and the person who most encounters her (Ahem) Leon, knows the least about her.

Oh, but that will change. I hope this fiction does it's job in creating an actual past for Ada, one that she rather not remember. But I can't give away too much! As for Ada and Leon's relationship, I've always thought that Ada was the dominant of the two, merely because she always seems to have the upper hand. She is quite stubborn, and unaware of the very feelings that she might (or might not) have towards Leon, and her pride keeps her from finding out. On the other hand, Leon is quite open with his feelings and isn't afraid to pursue them. This makes for a very complicated, but interesting relationship, don't you think?

About Fiction Covers/ Fiction Editor:

All fan-fiction covers and future covers are created by my very own sister. Thanks a lot sis for taking time out of your very (very) busy schedule!

And thankfully, I have Oscar to thank for looking through my work and finding those pesky little errors that somehow always seem to elude me!

About Butterfly Caught:

Name: Jessica :)

Age: I forget sometimes but I think it's 23

Gender: Female

Writing Style: Although I enjoy writing, the process of writing is quite difficult for me- I am my own worst critic! I try to be as descriptive as I can, and love adding sensory details in hopes that the reader can have an understanding of the surroundings. I tend to use poetic elements when writing, trying to capture emotions and sometimes set a specific mood.

Characterization is very- very important to me. Keeping the characters that I write about ‘in character’ is sometimes difficult and that is why I look into them almost to the point of seeming obsessive but studying characters is one of my favorite parts of the process! (Thank goodness for cutscenes!)

I tend to do a lot of research for my fictions, especially now. Researching subjects that I know little about helps me feel more comfortable writing about that particular area and when I know what I’m writing about it gives a sense of realism to the story which I strive for.

Videogames: I love videogames. I’ve been playing videogames for as long as I can remember! Earliest memory is playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat on the Super Nintendo with my father! Resident Evil is my absolute favorite series and my videogame obsession! (Once I start talking about RE I do not stop!)

Music: I mostly listen to Trip-Hop/Electronica (Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Lovage, Worldwide Groove Corporation, Morcheeba…) but I am very open-minded when it comes to different kinds of genres, and very fond of music from around the world. There is something enjoyable about listening to spoken foreign languages through music. Music is very important in my writing process, in fact one song alone can inspire a certain scene often setting the mood or providing me with a visual.

Music Inserts: featured in my newest story, The Games They Play, this allows the reader to listen to the song that inspired a certain scene. Some writers assign a song for the entire chapter but I decided to narrow it down. Of course this is optional!

Other interests: My hobbies include writing (of course), drawing, casual reading, watching anime, cooking, learning words or phrases in other languages, and teaching (perhaps tutoring is a better word!)


All of my stories are written for creative purposes and should be considered as fan-fictions only. I do not own any of the unoriginal content used such as: names, characters, existing plots or images- that may have been used as fiction covers; all of which are aptly protected by the appropriate developers.

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