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T.T I finished this thing and I accidently pressed TabSpacebar and it erased everything I wrote!!

Profile Thingie! Again...T.T:

Teh Basics:

Nickname - Aero

Gender - Male

Age - 14

Birthday - The day I get presents ;3!!

Height - 5' 4"(?)

Description - I'm your average teenager. Well in this region of where I live, the average ASIAN teenager (It's the south..not many asians down here)(No racism implied). I'm short, but I still have something to make up for it... A very VERY large... 21" Monitor! Hehe.. Mind outta gutter peoplez!! Well the rest of me would have to be inferred by yourselfs in person. It's had to desribe myself.

Teh Favorites:

Color - Any shade of blue, black, and white.

Food - Ramen Noodles. Still unknown to me if it's pronounced Raw-men or Ray-men or even Rah-men. Don't really care though :P That's right Phoenix!! I DUN GIVA CRAPP!!

Anime - Ewie.. Bwig answer Question. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Full Metal Alchemist, Lucky Star, Love Hina, Galaxy Angel, Full Metal Panic!, Keroro Gunso, Etc.

Anime Character - Yawn. Didn't I already do this?
Teh Quiet Ones (All Girls): Nagato (From Haruhi Suzumiya), Minami (From Lucky Star), and Vanilla (From Galaxy Angel).
Believe it or not they all have the same Japanese voice actor. I don't know if this is true or not. Just a rumor.
Why - Cause they have a silent personality, but at the same time they can be caring and gentle. Plus Nagato is plain cute without her glasses. Kawaii-ni!!

Teh Guys: Edward (From Full Metal Alchemist), the ENTIRE Keroro Platoon, Dororo (Cause he's bettah than the rest.) (Both from Keroro Gunso), Sousuke (From Full Metal Panic), MAYBE Keitaro (From Love Hina).
Why - Cause alchemy is awesome, so are ninjas and frog-like aliens, being a trained killer at 16 is neat, and Keitaro is just plain pimpin' (With FIVE girls falling in love with him? Sheesh!).

Teh Girls: Konata and Yutaka (From Lucky Star); Kaolla Su, Shinobu, and Naru (ALL from Love Hina).
Why - Konata me, but she's a girl (Plus I think she's cute), Yutaka is..well..for sake of better terms KAWAII-NI-TOTEHMAX!!, and the others just cause they're neat.

Anime Character line -

Yutaka - "Hey Hiyori?"
Hiyori looks up from her desk to find Yutaka innocently skipping up beside her, "Yes?"
Yutaka - "What's yaoi?"

ROFL You practically HAVE to watch the whole Lucky Star series for that ONE moment. Why? Because of two reasons.
1. It's in the near end of the series, and plus you'll need to watch some episodes before you get it.
2. It will make you laugh so hard.

Cosplay Character - Heavy tie between Edward Elric (I hope his automail won't be as hard to make as it seems to be) from FMA, or Kyon from the Mel of Haru Suzu (Too fruiting long to repeat over and over.)

Personality of a Female Anime Character (Seeing a Pattern here?) - Cute, calm, innocent, quiet, caring, compassionate.

Hair Length of a Female Anime Character (See it Nooow?) - Preferabably long, I don't mind it short though.

Ummz...Anything else? Oh yeah, my lil brother is Tallest Phoenix. Muhahaha. He works with alot of wierd...Invader Zim.. stories. It's not I don't like it. It's just that he has these mindless rampagaes while writing them which usually involves me getting blasted with lax0rs. I'm also alot shorter than he is... .T-T. Clenches Fist I shall grow!! He's the awesomest little brother, except that he says Al is better then Ed >.

What's New?:

I am currently writing an O-Ulti-Fic (Ultimate FanFiction OMEGA9000!!) that I wish to post here on Only problem is, it's a fanfic that includes all of my favorite animes, and I dunno if this applies to the rules or not. Pweeze Help if you have any info about whether I can or not, I'd like public reviews so I can tell if I'm getting the character's personalities correct.


To Phoenix's previous question: "Do you prefer Shojo Manga or Shonen Manga?"

My Answer: Well... I read both because in my regular bookstore (Borders) there isn't a separate section. It's all clammed togeather and idk which is which until I start reading it. However, I sometimes prefer Shojo Manga over Shonen Manga due to the intricate plots as well as the character and affectionate development between them. If I want action, then I read Shonen Manga.

Either way, I'm happy just reading Manga :3.