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Name: Alyssa

Nickname: Theres many but the best ones are Desdemona, Cloud, and lately Xion.

Age: 14

The rest is b o r e d o m so I'll be kind enough (whoa, kind? ME??) to spare you the details, beside the fact that ive got an ordinary scalp of plain, just-beyond-the-shoulder brown hair that everybody seems to have.

Im a midget, about 5'2 (when im in shoes XP) and all year-round black nail polish. My eyes are a delirious liquid hazel, and cannot view anything more than a few feet in front of me. Yeah. I am BLIND. I mean, if i wanted to, I'm sure that I would wear my glasses all day and my vision would increasingly get more clear and focused...but like I said, thats only if i wanted to. So the only way I'll stand out in a crowd is by the way I fumble around and squint like a total idiot. Other than that...I'll be the one in the corner covered in black attire and excessive eyeliner. But really, who even cares about this?

Moving on...hopefully to the afterlife...

Okay, so Im new at this whole Fanfiction thing. Not writing them (Ive got tens upon hundreds of unfinished fics crying black tears in their little document folders) but more or less confuzzled on how to upload them. So if someone randomly stumbles across this profile, could you please explain HOW IN LIVING HELL YOU WORK THIS THING??

fumbles with contraption
I need some black licorice right about now. I always eat the stuff when Im frusterated. GRRR.

WARNINGExtreme Long-ness(not a word) Its my pathetic Emo-tized life story...Dont read if you know what's good for you

Kay, so comes the stuff I should have warned you about at the beginning. For God's sake (if there is one) and mine...please don't go running off at this point. breathes in Okay.

1 -Im very, very, very, very (nice choice of words...) very, very (to the extreme), random. Im random in life, random on my profile, and something tells me that my fanfics will be random too. Trying to please my audience while improving myself never works well with me, so I've completely given up hope on ridding this random behavior. Seriously...the case I've got is bad. I'll be typing the climax of an epic (yes, i AM allowed to say EPIC, haha look I said it again) plot, and just when the blind girl unknowingly takes a step off the brick wall into a pit of simmering acid, I'll make her think and/or talk about the trip she and her father took to a fondue restaurant and Oh, how completely amazing and delicious those cherries tasted dipped in fountain-melted fudge.

Err...exactly. Random.

2 -I tend to make my characters (or at least the ones I like) emo and/or goth. I know how most people would avoid these two stereotypes, but hey, that's just who I am...

3 -in fanfics, I'll probably mention stores such as Hot Topic ;P that's how you'll know it's my fic. Or at least if it's an AU fic.

4 -Any Pairings I dislike, I DISLIKE. If you request a pairing that I'm belief of, I'll just put it that way, then I WONT PUT THAT PAIRING IN. For example...if it is a main Vincent and Yuffie pairing, don't expect me to put Aerith in Cloud's arms, kapeesh? I DUNT DU THUT UKAY?? So, Im very strict about pairings. (Strong Cloti and Yuffentiner XD) I'm cool with crossover pairings though, i think its just the Cloud/Tifa rule for now...

5 -If I begin rambling about videos, Im talking about Youtube. There, Im sorahasthekey2mihart, and the leader of a developing production/studio team focusing on anime and Final Fantasy/kingdom hearts. Once I get these glitches out of my computer, I'll be able to post more vids. I swear, if Sony Vegas were a dog, I'd spray it with water X(

6 -I get irritated with fangirls, which is sort of hypocrisy for me, considering whenever I catch a glimpse of Cloud, I cough up my vocal cords...

7 -Im easily amused. In other words, dont get mad at me for laughing at a part in your fanfic that wasn't even supposed to be even slightly silly. It's because my dad dropped me on the stairs when I was a baby, or something.

8 -I absolutely ABHOR people who play innocent, then reveal that deep down, they're not. Whether a cheat, a sneak, or anything, really, I just can't stand them. Sofa, you know who you are!!

9 -I HATE CHOCOLATE!! Pssshhh Well...I actually don't hate it completely, it's just not the most satisfying thing on the planet for my taste buds. Plus it's fun to see everyone's reaction when I say I hate it I know some would hate me just for that!


Here's more crap about me...


Anything hardcore, metal, or even just regular rock. I'll listen to ANY rock song if it's got good lyrics and a sick beat. But, usually it's gotta be rock for me to be truly interested. My ultimate fav's are:

Bullet For My Valentine/Breaking Benjamin/ The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus/ Blink182/Underoath/Marilyn Manson (some songs, since it still freaks me out that he got a rib removed just to give himself blow-jobs...but I ain't judging!)/Hawthorne Heights/ My Chemical Romance (I'd drink poison for them)/Good Charlotte/Nine Inch Nails/Armor For Sleep/Saosin/Scary Kids Scaring Kids/Sum 41/ From First to Last/ The Used/ Love Hate Hero/Alesana/Escape the fate/Green Day/Avenged Sevenfold(FIREHOT)/AKissForJersey/Kids In The Way (Why in hell did they ever break up?)/BlessTheFall/30 Seconds To Mars/Silverstein/Senses Fail/Taking Back Sunday/Anberlin/A Perfect Circle/ Panic at the Disco/ Fall Out Boy/Alkaline Trio/Muse/Metallica/...and shitloads more but guys, its like 4 in the morning. Take pity. Love Rock. And don't let Miley Cyrus kill it.


Some of these are unrealistic (you'll see what I mean) but would kick total A S S if they were real--I mean, from this planet :F

Cloud Strife: My friends call him a bitch--I call him savior. Who wouldn't want a shy, emo, quiet, handsome, monsterbuttkicking spiky blonde haired guy having dinner with you in your living room? I'd give anything, ANYTHING just for a chance to meet him. Were he real.

Tifa Lockhart: Screw all the shit people say about her and how she's a slut or a whore, or a cheat. If she were a real life person, and been called any of those names, she'd whup your ass before you could say "Lake Titicaca". And come ON people, you're starting to sound really shallow when you make remarks about her breast size. For all I know, you're just jealous. "Yeah, total Ho, that Tifa Lockhart." You people need to grow up. Just because she has a bra size three cups bigger than yours doesnt mean you have a right to go spit on them. You think any of us can control how big our boobs are? Jesus Christ...

Vincent Valentine: He's hot, he's emo, and perserved his great looks in a coffin for thirty years. Enough said.

Noctis Lucius Cheram: Even his name makes you drool. You have to admit that all the best guys are the emo, hardcore fighting ones. Noctis should be a symbol for emo princes.

Xion: Nobody really knows much about her yet, but I can tell you one thing...SHES A PWNER! She's got pwnage written all over her organization thirteen cloak. I mean, just the mere fact that she's number 14 makes her cool!

Riku: Hopefully my dream will come true and he'll end up with Xion...from the parts I saw, they looked pretty touchy-feely to me...rawr... Plus, Riku's another one of those standoffish people who only opens his heart to his most loyal friends...well, that and darkness. Lol, so sorry Riku.

Sora: Okay. Okay. Okay. Don't even get me started on Sora, or I'll never be able to STOP! You'd think someone like me would be attracted to Riku or a more brooding character...and technically, I am...but there's just something about Sora, his voice, his eyes...I don't know, maybe something about him reminds me of someone...I just feel so...happy whenever I play the game or watch him!

And...why does it feel like I just made a serious love confession...?

Kairi: Despite the horrible amount of giggling and poking fun at poor Sora, I like the fact that she's got Sora's back. I enjoy her bravery and her love for her friends, and though she ticks me off now and then, I think she's a pretty easy character to like...or hate, I guess, for some people. I try to make her better and unannoying in my fics though.

Namine: Pretty much the same relationship with Namine and Kairi. Namine is quiet, likes to draw (Yay for art) and has both dark and light sides to her. It pissed me off when I first found out she manipulated Sora's memories and at some points I felt like taking that purple crayon (or pencil, sorry) and stabbing it through her chest. Then, I realized she's had hard times to, and in her chest, there was no heart to stab. Its called forgiving, even I do it.

Roxas: It's pretty much a package deal, if you like Sora, you like Roxas, if not more. Theyre too damn adorable not to.

Axel: He's. Got. FLAMES. For crying out loud, who WOULDNT like him. Anyone who wields fire, wields the world. His death was such a shock I couldn't digest anything for two full days.

Yuffie: Without her, they'd be no spunk in FFVII. They're also be less fanfics. She keeps the group on their toes, not to mention last nerve, that's for sure.

Squall: Just to prove my point...he's another brooder. And he's hot. And he's a sick fighter. Has a scar to prove it.

Zero: For any of you who watched Vampire Knight (or read the manga) Shoot kaname if you feel terrible for how shitty the ending turned out! I was almost bawling from anger, that's how horrible it was. I mean, my ultimate goal was get Yuki and Zero together Okay, well, I would've been fine if they weren't but MY GOD!! WTF was Matsuri Hino thinking when she left Zero all alone?? Pshhh...I should have done the ending...Unless it wasnt the end...maybe there'll be a new season...!! HOPEFULL

Shiki: More VK luv. At least one pairing worked out...not that it wasn't basically set in stone from the beginning...Rima had been with Shiki since...forever. Not only are they together 24/7, they're best friends and they MODEL! How cool is that?!

Rima: She's the only I repeat, ONLY female from Vampire Knight that I can stand. Case closed.

L Lawliet: He's brilliant, simply genius, and has one of the best metabolisms I've seen yet. Its still amazing how he never contracted diabetes.

I'll put more characters later, but I have to stop somewhere, right?

FAV Pairings:

Hmph, this should be fun.




-Noctis/Stella (who else is he gonna be with??)

-Snow/Lightning (I think...)


-Kaname/Curtain (come on, everytime he gets NEAR a window he just has to rape a curtain)

-Reno/Cissnei (sometimes)

-Reno/Elena (sometimes)

-Reno/Yuffie (very very rare but again, sumtimes)

-Lelouch/C.C. (they're both kickass)

More Later Yawns

Characters I HATE:

Actually, I dont really "hate" any of them.
It ranges from annoyed to ticked to dislike to avoid to FULL BLOWN HATE!!


-Lucrecia Crescent

-Yuki Cross/Kuran (watever XP)

-Kaname Kuran

-Maria Kurenai



Fanfics Im working on:

These are all subject to title, summary, plot, and content changes, as they are in the middle of being written.

1. Basement Demon: Yuffentine

Blinded in a freak accident, teenaged Yuffie Kisaragi travels with her father from his chief position in a monarchial company to 'restart' her life, away from Wutai. The house Godo chose--or rather, mansion--was said to be previously occupied by a scientist, and that most of the rooms were boarded up due to safety reasons.
With only a small kitten to keep her company in the huge house, Yuffie focuses on saving up her money for an expensive eye-surgery. She is so intent on her money that she doesn't realize how eerily sounds emit from belowground. Normally, she'd just tell herself that the low, raspy breathing noises and groans were merely a door opening or a gust from the window. But because she is so bored, she, led by her cat, goes into the basement to check things out. There she finds a coffin holding a man who claims to have rested there for over three decades, never coming out so much as opening the door. Yuffie, who cannot see him, is appalled.
Curious to know more about this 60 year old Vincent Valentine, she secretly hordes food for him, giving him information about the modern world as he shares his bitter past. Then, something comes up that revives new meaning to the accident Yuffie was in, and how Vincent himself was involved. Now Yuffie is doubting if the "accident" she was in was not on purpose.

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