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Twitter: @febobe (fairly inactive most of the time...I prefer to write when I have time, rather than tweet)

For questions related to FrodoHealers, my fics, or whatever you might want to ask me, e-mail febobe at yahoo dot com. I no longer check frodoatbagend at yahoo dot com on a regular basis, so you aren't likely to receive a reply from there! (In fact, I'm not even sure that account is even operational. Please send any enquiries to febobe instead!)

Fanworks Policy: As ironic as it may sound, I do not permit fanworks of my work. I realize I myself write fanfiction, and certainly I find requests extremely flattering and a great honor! :) But I'm still alive and writing, for all I don't get postings up as often as I'd like, and so I prefer that others refrain from creating fanworks based on my writing. Why not try your own take on fanfic writing? FrodoHealers loves new authors. :) We'd be happy to have others join our clan, and if you want to try something different, the world of fanfiction is broad enough for everyone to play in a section! :) I wish you all the best. I just prefer that I not have the sticky situation of someone writing something that ends up being something I was planning to do and then I could end up looking as if I'd copied someone else. Please respect this wish. Thank you!

Announcement 6/7/18: Posted ch. 3 of "The Visit." Ch. 5 of "Intoxication" is now available on FrodoHealers as well, and will show up here in the coming weekend. :) I've been a bit delayed by RL, I'm afraid. Enjoy!

Announcement 5/30/18: Posted ch. 4 of "Intoxication" a bit earlier than planned, b/c if I get busy with my writing conference this weekend, I may forget in my fatigue. Ch. 5 will likely appear on FrodoHealers this weekend, and here next week. I'll try and get ch. 3 of "The Visit" posted in the coming week as well. :) Happy weekend reading! :D

Announcement 5/27/18: Just posted ch. 3 of "Intoxication" here and ch. 4 of same on FrodoHealers. :)

Announcement 5/26/18: Just posted ch. 2 of "The Visit" here. Will post the next chapter of "Intoxication" to FrodoHealers tonight or tomorrow, and here soon as well. Thank you for your patience.

Announcement 5/25/18: Hoping to post more of "The Visit" and "Intoxication" this weekend. I've been away and then wiped flat by being away. Not a vacation - a set of grueling medical appts involving wonky labs and all kinds of stuff related to my cancer history. All's OK on that front, but yeah, it put me behind. Apologies! Please stay tuned.

Announcement 5/13/18: Posted ch. 2 of "Intoxication" here late this evening. Please enjoy! Additional fanfic chapters of WIPs coming soon, including "The Visit," more "Intoxication," and possibly even "Into the East" this spring/summer. :)

Announcement 5/11/18: Posted ch. 1 of "The Visit," a new Frodo fic, here. Stay tuned for ch. 2 of "Intoxication," premiering here around Sun evening 5/13/18.

Announcement 5/9/18: Posted ch. 2 of "Intoxication" to FrodoHealers, where you can read it TONIGHT if you are a member. :) Otherwise, stay tuned...I'll post it here this weekend around Sunday evening. :)

Announcement 5/6/18: I've posted ch. 1 of a new WIP, "Intoxication." Enjoy. Ch. 2 will premiere on FrodoHealers later this week before making its appearance here on or around next Sunday (the 13th).

Announcement 5/4/18: Just posted Part XIII of "What May Come." Enjoy! There's more fic where THAT came from. :) And stay tuned for "Intoxication," available on FrodoHealers now, available here soon. :) Well, ch. 1 of it, anyhow. :)

Announcement 5/3/18: I've just posted a new chapter of a fic to FrodoHealers. You're welcome to join us there if you can't bear to wait till I post it here. I've also finished a new chapter of "What May Come," which I'm planning to get posted here soon as well. :) So within the next week and a half, you should see two new fic chapters from me...though FrodoHealers will always be the fastest way to get access to my latest Frodo h/c. :) Feel free to join us over on Yahoogroups! :)

Announcement 4/30/18: I'm working on a new chapter of "What May Come" as well as a chaptered fic or four. My plan is to post some material here first, and some material to FroodHealers first, and then to here. I also plan to begin publishing on AO3 and MPTT - Archive of Our Own and Many Paths To Tread - if at all possible. It's likely there will be some overlap between sites, but not complete. Please stay tuned. I'm hoping to have the WMC chapter up before Mother's Day (May 13th). The other stuff is marching along more slowly, but it is marching along.

Announcement 3/18/18: I'm presently working on revisions and completion for a novella-length fic that could be novel-length by the time I'm done. It's Frodo h/c, of course. I hope to begin posting it at some point later this year. I'll try to get more material up between now and then. :) I'm now a four-time cancer survivor and still dealing with a boatload of medical issues, but Frodo h/c remains one of my favorite things to work on, even though I don't get to do it as often as I'd like.

Announcement 1/31/16: Sorry there's been such a long silence...I've been dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis (my third time facing cancer, and I'm not that old - late effects of my primary treatment), major surgery, it's put me behind. I'm working on material to celebrate B2MEM (Back to Middle-Earth Month) in March, so this spring should hopefully bring some new material to my pages. Please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience.

Announcement 6/6/15: I'm working on some new material as well as updates for older fics, such as "The Memory of Taste" and "What May Come." Stay tuned for more Febobefic! :)

Announcement 5/31/15: I'm noticing in looking back over my old fics that much of the old formatting I used has either been eaten, so that sections lack breaks between them (yikes!), or italics do not appear, though the stray letters from the HTML coding I used for them remain. I promise that if you check here, on my profile, I will indicate whether an older fic has had typos or formatting fixed or whether a new chapter has been added. I don't intend at this time to change any content on my older completed works; I know many readers find great pleasure in them as they are, and they're a walk down memory lane for me. But I would very much like to begin going back and fixing formatting on fics such as "Bluebells" and "Packed," as the upgrade the site made lost formatting which is important for the story to read as I intended it to...

Update 5/30/15: Added new chapter, "The Sweet Taste of Home," to "The Memory of Taste." Bon appetit! :)

Announcement 5/30/15: I finished the new chapter of "The Memory of Taste" - once I let it sit while I sleep, perhaps I can get it uploaded some time 5/30/15. I hope you'll enjoy these series coming out of long-term hibernation!

Annoucement 5/29/15: Planning to post a new short fic or a chapter of "The Memory of Taste" soon - I'm not quite sure which this one wants to be! We'll soon see, I hope. :) Stay tuned!

Update 5/22/15: Posted new chapter of "What May Come" (Part XII: Song for the Shadows). I can't always update this frequently, but since I have a busy weekend ahead, I thought I'd go ahead and write and share this tonight. I hope you will enjoy it. More fanfic to come later this month! :)

Update 5/16/15: Posted new chapter of "What May Come" (Part XI: A Mother's Heart, A Child's Longing), which has some nods to "An Orphaned Son's Longing," posted last week (5/10/15) for Mother's Day (United States). I hope you will enjoy this chapter; it ran rather longer than some of the previous ones, a trend I hope I can continue. :)

Update 5/15/15: Posted first part of "The Faintest Hope," an LOTR/House, M.D. crossover fic submitted as a standalone for the Teitho "Sickness" challenge earlier this year. Yes, it's more crackficcy than some of my recent work, but I hope you'll still enjoy it. :)

Update 5/10/15: Posted first draft of "An Orphaned Son's Longing," a K/PG rated standalone fic for Mother's Day. May revise and update later this evening, but I wanted to get the first draft up for you to enjoy now.

Update 5/8/15: Posted new chapter of "What May Come" (Part X: Pulled from the Shadows). I hope you all enjoy it! :) If I can, I'll post some work work soon, though whether chapters of WIPs or newer WIPs I have numerous chapters of I cannot say.

Update 9/15/14: Posted new chapter of "What May Come" (Part IX: Darkness Overwhelming). I hope you all enjoy it. :) I'll try not to let so long pass between updates (eight plus years!) next time. :)

Update #2 9/13/14: I'm looking over some of my older fics and realizing that, in addition to a few scattered typos and incorrect line breaks, there are places where my * to divide story sections have been eaten by ! I'll try to go through and upload corrected versions as I can. Apologies for this lack of clarity in older fics.

Update 9/13/14: Just drafted a new chapter of "What May Come!" Hoping to have it posted within the next few days. :) Stay tuned!

Update 8/25/14: Still working on getting some more fic ready for posting! I've seen the dollustrations - yes, dollustrations - LavenderTook is working on for my belated Big Bang fic, and oh, are you ever in for a treat! I feel honored to be working with such a gifted artist. Her creations are works of art.

Update 3/26/14: Obviously I'm still rather slow with updates, for which I apologize. I won't promise when I'll have more available, but I am working on finishing several of my WIPs, including "Old Wives' Tales" and "Into the East." Please stay tuned for further information. :) And thank you all so very much for reading.

Update 7/18/13: Coming soon, a new standalone short fic, "The Dishes." Currently available for public reading on my LiveJournal or Dreamwidth accounts (febobe). I'm also working on more "Into the East." Please stay tuned, and happy reading! :)

Update 4/8/13: Updated "Into the East," adding Chapter 19. Hope you enjoy! I just crossed the halfway mark on Camp Nanowrimo (http://), clocking in with more than 26,000 words, and most of that is new Frodo fanfiction. Stay tuned. It'll need a LOT of work before it's ready for posting, but I *am* working on it! Warning, though...lots of "pretzel canon" in it. As so twisted out of the original that it looks like a pretzel! ;)

Update 3/22/13: Updated "Into the East," adding Chapter 18. Enjoy! :)

Update 3/20/13: Hoping to update "Into the East" soon, and planning on some fanfic work, WIPs and possibly some new shorter pieces, for April's Camp Nanowrimo (http://). For those new to my work or to FrodoHealers, I am an unabashed, zero guilt Frodo-centric hurt/comfort writer, which means that sometimes my stories have a good bit of plot, but most often there's zero plot apart from Frodo's illness, or very near zero plot. Some people, myself included, really enjoy this kind of story, but if you want a meatier plot, there are many awesome authors here on the site whom you can enjoy. :) But if Frodo-centric hurt/comfort really lights your fire, you might enjoy what I post, and you might enjoy joining us over on FrodoHealers at http:///groups/FrodoHealers - we've been around since April 2002, and while we're fairly quiet these days, we're a large group and still kicking. :) Come on over - we'd love to have you, whether you prefer to read, write, or some of both. Lurkers and actives alike invited. :)

Update 12/22/12: OK, so scratch what I said. Awful at updates. I apologize. Will update as soon as I can. I've been swamped by the health stuff and some actual GOOD news...had to get an ofic piece ready to send in response to a request from an editor. :) I hope to take some breather time for fanfic in the next couple weeks, though. In the meantime, check out other great fics, see The Hobbit, dream up some writing of your own, or just take time to enjoy the holiday season with people you love.

Update 11/3/12: Sorry slow, dealing with a lupus flare, but more "Into the East" coming in the next 48 hours!

Update 10/11/12 (hee): Posted Ch. 17 of "Into the East." About to launch into more fanfic for Nano. Hopefully I will be able to offer a rather merry holiday season to all of you wonderful readers this year! :) Stay tuned for futher fic and announcements, including more of "Into the East." :)

Update 10/1/12: Posted Ch. 16 of "Into the East" - sorry for delays - my parents came for a visit and that threw my schedule off a bit! Look for Ch. 17 next week. :)

Update 9/15/12: Posted Ch. 15 of "Into the East." Grateful for all the lovely reviews and readers enjoying this fic! :) Rough week in the ofic world for me, so I'm extremely grateful for my fanfic readers, who always make me proud to be a fanfic writer. :) Thank you all. I love you so much. :)

Update 9/8/12: Posted Ch. 14 of "Into the East." Hope everyone enjoys. :) Still working intensively on what is apparently my first fanfiction NOVEL. I have no title ideas yet, but it's last summer's Big Bang which never got finished but is now getting finished and mushrooming (hee) into something upwards of 75K or 80K. Yikes! It'll be going up first at Many Paths To Tread archive, but hopefully I can post it here afterward as well, and include links to Lavender Took's awesome dollustrations she's doing for it. Her work is simply gorgeous. I'm so blessed and privileged to get to work with such a gifted person. :) The fic in question is heavy h/c with a lot of elvish touches - lots of Elrond, lots of other elves, some hobbitiness in the first third or so. I think it's better than most of what I've written to date. Hopefully y'all will agree. And I'm cooking more and discovering my inner hobbit, which is always an adventure. Tonight's supper is going to be homemade corn chowder...I hope. ;) Don't forget also to join me on Twitter, where I'm febobe. :) Hope to see y'all there!

Update 8/31/12: Just posted Ch. 13 of "Into the East." Enjoy! :)

Update #2 8/25/12: About to post Ch. 12 of "Into the East," as promised.

Update 8/25/12: Posted Ch. 11 of "Into the East." I am aware that it is very, very short; that's just the way that one fell. So I'll be posting Ch. 12 later today to make up a bit for that. It's a bit longer. :)

Update 8/23/12: I'll be posting more of "Into the East" this weekend. Ch. 11 is very short, so I'll be posting 11 and 12 both, to try and make up for the brevity of 11. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy some ficlets newly posted on my LJ. Those are on public setting, so you can read them without having an account on LJ or being on my friendslist. Stop by; I'd love for you to enjoy some extra fic this week! :)

Update #2 8/20/12: Added Ch. 10 of "Into the East." Enjoy! :)

Update 8/20/12: Once I find where I set the other flashdrive, I'll post Ch. 10 of "Into the East." So sorry for the delay. More fic to come in the approaching weeks, folks! :)

Update 7/26/12: Added Ch. 9 of "Into the East." More to come in August!

Update 7/3/12: Added Ch. 8 of "Into the East," as I'll be offline Thurs through Sat (and much of Wed) and didn't want to make everyone wait longer because of my RL doings! Hope you enjoy. :) And feel free to join me on my LJ, where I'm posting a new fic dedicated to Mewsie, though it will also appear here eventually, in case you'd rather wait and read it here. :) Fic is posted on public lock, so you don't have to be "friended" by me to read my writing. :)

Update 7/1/12: For the Twitter-inclined, I am on Twitter. @febobe, that's me. Foodie retweets, fanfic writing comments, and occasionally even helpful links for fanfic writers. :) Join me if you wish! :)

Update 6/30/12: Ack, you turn around twice and it's past time to update! Finally got that next chapter of "Into the East" posted. Ch. 8 to follow next week, and Ch. 9 later in July! :) Hope you all enjoy! :)

Update 6/23/12: Coming in September...postings from August's Camp Nanowrimo and March's B2MEM, including a few chaptered fics and a lot of smaller ficlets. If I can find out whether this meets the standards of the site, I may even post a story with an alternate ending; it's a deathfic, but because of requests I am creating two endings: one not deathfic, one deathfic, with clear labelling. If I can't post that kind here, I'll be sure and put it on LJ and announce it here. But there will definitely be a great deal of new material here starting September 1, 2012. :) This may include, "Life Out Of The Ruins," the sequel to "Joy From Ashes." In the meantime, stay tuned for more of "Into the East." :)

Update 6/21/12: Added Ch. 6 of "Into the East." Hope you all enjoy - I should have Ch. 7 up by the end of this month, and Ch. 8 later in the summer, plus Ch. 9 as well! :)

Update 2/25/12: Added Ch. 5 of "Into the East." Sorry for delays, medical stuff with husband. Hopefully I'll be a little less long in posting the next update. Also, if you haven't checked out LJ's b2mem community, you should, because the Silmarillion Writers' Guild is putting together a spectacular March 2012 for us all, with dozens of inspiring bingo cards to create fanworks for, many of them hurt/comfort, food-oriented, or hobbity. You won't want to miss being a part of this exciting month, so rush over and claim some cards to play!

Update 1/30/12: Added Ch. 4 of "Into the East."

Update 1/17/12: Added Ch. 3 of "Into the East."

Update 1/12/12: Added Ch. 2 of "Into the East."

Update #2 1/1/12: Added "Dear," a standalone tale told by Sam, though Frodo fans are likely to enjoy it because of the Frodo focus.

Update 1/1/12: Started posting "Into the East," my entirely AU fic where Frodo and Sam (and Merry and Pippin) go to Harad following the Quest. Probably won't post more than one to two chapters of this a week, as it's a WIP and I don't want to get too far ahead of myself; I'm working on Ch. 17 right now. For those who read this on my LJ in fall 2011, I've updated/edited some small things. Hopefully it's made the story better. It's never been posted here, though, so I thought I'd put it up for those who prefer to read here instead of at my LJ. :)

Update 12/31/11: Added MEFA honors to summaries where applicable. I just realized I don't think I've posted "Dear," a 2007 MEFA nominee, here thus far, so I'll see about getting that posted in the upcoming week. Happy New Year, everyone!

Update #2 12/22/11: Finished "Starved" here - notably, the system eats whatever I put in for section breaks, like asterisks or dashes or even an extra line or two of space, irritatingly enough, so if you see a section that feels like it's different and should have been separated off, I DID try. If anyone knows how to insert something like that well here, I'd love to know. Just message me. At any rate, I probably won't have a chance to start posting anything new till after Christmas, but I'll try and have up something before too long. Possibly I'll post the Slorn and Garwen comedy saga that Elwen and I committed (yes, committed is the word) over on LJ earlier this, we went wild. Hugs and happy holidays to everyone!

Update 12/22/11: Just in time for our holiday season, here's Ch 13 of "Starved," and I'll have more up later this week (maybe today) in apology for the lengthy hiatus. Once I finish "Starved," there's other stuff waiting in the wings, and I'll be sure to announce here when and where my Big Bang fics go's done, then two more coming up in early 2012. Just got to get everything posted. :)

Update 10/14/11: Sorry for the delay. Have posted Ch 12 of "Starved." Also to come in future: "Life Out Of The Ruins," a sequel to "Joy From Ashes" exploring the 21st century adventures of Frodo & friends. Like JFA, this one's extremely AU, so if you liked JFA you'll likely enjoy it; if you hated JFA...well, do yourself a favour and don't even try reading this one! :)

Update 10/8/11: Added Ch 11 of "Starved." Look for "Starved" to continue, though there are not too many chapters left, and look for possibly more postings from me later in this month as I dig out from under two Big Bangs (one down, one to go) and get back into the swing of things. Appreciative thanks to all my beloved readers!

Update 10/4/11: Added Ch 10 of "Starved."

Update #2 10/2/11: Added Ch 9 of "Starved."

Update 10/2/11: Will add "Starved," Ch 9, later today. Just FYI, I will soon be posting two Big Bang fics, first appearing over at Many Paths To Tread - watch my febobe LJ for announcements. Also, I'm working on another Big Bang fic for Big Bang Buffet, due early 2012 - again, annoucements will be on my febobe LJ. :) That last one is one I think may prove rather unpopular, as it deals more with psychological issues than purely "physical" ones, but I'm very excited about it. Cheers, everyone!

Update 10/1/11: Updated "Starved," adding Ch 8.

Update 9/30/11: Updated "Starved" to add Ch 7.

Update 9/28/11: Updated "Starved" to add Ch 6.

Update #2 9/27/11: Updated "Starved" info to remove Sam as second character, as reviews received lead me to believe that listing him as second character was a mistake, and people expect more Sam than is in this fic based on that information. I am listening, and I have now listed only Frodo under characters for this fic, which I hope will avoid anyone feeling I'm being misleading, as I don't ever want to promise something that isn't there. Thanks for the comments! Also, I've added Ch 5 to "Starved," as a bonus for the day.

Update 9/27/11: Posted Ch 4 of "Starved," which includes an appearance by Sam, whom I included as second character listed b/c he's the only really common thread character appearing in or referenced throughout the's kind of a changing cast otherwise.

Update 9/26/11: Posted Ch 3 of "Starved."

Update 9/24/11: Posted Ch 2 of "Starved."

Update 9/23/11: Posted Ch 1 of "Starved," a fic that I completed for a Finish-A-Thon a few years back. If you're a longtime follower of my LJ, you may have seen this one already, but it's new to this site, and I hope you will enjoy it. Hope you all had a happy Frodo's/Bilbo's Birthday yesterday!

Update 9/21/11: Added Ch 22, the final chapter, to JFA. Thank you all for reading! :) I will begin posting starved on Thurs or Fri this week. Still got to get that e-mail out, but I'm spent tonight...though you'll see why, if you follow my LJ, come tomorrow, when Elwen and I post our song we wrote tonight... :D

Update 9/20/11: Added Ch 21 to JFA. Got some wonderful reviews and a delightful, positively made-my-week e-mail to which I'll be responding as soon as I catch my breath here with Elwen visiting. :) I want to give a great shout-out to the lovely soul who e'd me and made my week wonderful - you know who you are, dear heart, and I shall write back as soon as possible! :) -hugs- to you!

Update 9/18/11: Added Ch 20 to JFA. Two chapters left! I may be a day delayed starting "Starved" once this is done, simply b/c my best friend and fellow writer Elwen is coming to visit, and I'll be spending lots of time with her and less online. But I should have the first chapters late this week. :)

Update 9/17/11: Added Ch 19 to JFA. Three chapters to go! :) Also, check out "Into the East," "Winter," and occasional fic previews on my LJ at http://.

Update 9/16/11: Added Ch 18 to JFA. Only four chapters from the end of this one, and then I'll begin posting my Finish-A-Thon fic, "Starved," a post-Quest fic. Frodo h/c, as usual.

Update 9/15/11: Added another chapter to JFA, trying to add one a day these days till done. Also, two fics are running over on my LJ at present (actually more than two, but two main ones): "Into the East" and "Winter." The first one's post-Quest and prominently features Sam; the second is pre-Quest (child Frodo) and stars Aragorn, with appearances by Bilbo, Primula, and Drogo (and probably the Gaffer briefly as well). Come on over to http:// and enjoy! Eventually I will post them here as well, so if you prefer to wait, that's fine too. :)

Update #2 9/13/11: I'm thinking of beginning to post a fic once "Joy From Ashes" ends within the coming week. It's called "Starved," and was completed after long languishing on my storage drive for a finish-a-thon a few years back. One of my current Big Bang fics deals with similar themes, but I won't be posting it here immediately, so I thought I might offer "Starved" in the meantime for those who've not seen it. Watch this space for announcements! :)

Update 9/13/11: Added a new chapter to "Joy From Ashes."

Update 9/12/11: Added a new chapter to "Joy From Ashes."

Update #3 9/11/11: Added a deeply treasured fic set of mine, "Kindred Spirits," a collection of Eowyn/Frodo ficlets from the 20 Rings challenge. Enjoy!

Update #2 9/11/11: Adding more short standalone fics. Hope everyone enjoys them! I'm sorting through my flashdrive and trying to make sure I've got most of my finished work posted here...

Update 9/11/11: Added a new chapter of "Joy From Ashes" and a short standalone fic, "Evenstar." And ack, some of my formatting got eaten...I think it's just section breaks on "Primum Non Nocere" and possibly "The Hunting of the Calorie," so I'll try and correct those later today. can be mean to formatting! :( (OK, got that fixed on both, now. If anyone spots any funny-looking sectioning like that, just let me know and I'll get on it.)

Update #4 9/10/11: Added the standalone fics, "Butter" and "The Hunting of the Calorie" (the latter co-authored with Elwen). Both rated K (G) for all audiences.

Update #3 9/10/11: Added Chapter 4 of "The Guilt of the Wise" and both parts of a story, "Primum Non Nocere (First, Do No Harm)," though that one's been around the web for a while in various locations. Enjoy!

Update #2 9/10/11: Added Chapters 12 and 13 to "Joy From Ashes." I'll try to publish the rest of the story THIS week, over the course of several days. But tonight I wanted to post two chapters at a go, since you've all been so very patient.

Update 9/10/11: I'm still on delayed finishing on my two Big Bang Fics, which will be posted over at the archive Many Paths To Tread, prior to publication here. At present I am publishing "Into the East" over on my LJ at http://, and you're all welcome to drop by and enjoy the fic. :) I am going to try and get some more posting done here soon, possibly as early as tonight, so keep watching for updates. Also, don't forget about FrodoHealers over on Yahoogroups; we're still around and kicking!

Update #2 6/10/11: BTW, I am also planning a foray into "Merlin" (the BBC TV series) fanfic, non-slash, no-sex, no-profanity h/c in nature, of course. :) Don't worry; I'm far, far from abandoning LOTR and Frodo h/c, but...I'm just expanding my horizons/branching out a bit. If this would interest you at all, I would absolutely love to hear from you - e-mail me at febobe at yahoo dot com. I've got a plot and plan in mind, and some fun ideas, but I do love to hear about whether folks are interested, as it makes my day wonderful to hear from you lovely people! :)

Update 6/10/11: Am working on two fics for the LOTR Big Bang challenge on LJ, reveal scheduled for August 1! A big shout-out of thanks to my artists, and a special note for readers: (a) I will post more here, including the rest of JFA, as soon as I get through the Big Bang around late July/early August. (b) One of my two fics for the Bang is "Eiderdown," the "Counterpane: Convalescence" fic which forms the sequel to "Counterpane," available in its entirety already here. If you loved "Counterpane," you'll want to check in for the sequel over on LJ. Eventually I do hope to publish it here as well once the kind organizers of the challenge release it for publication elsewhere, but you'll be able to catch it there first. :) Watch my personal LJ - febobe - for details, which I will post on public unlock status once the reveal is up and running. The Bang fics are both dedicated to all of you out there, my dear readers, without whom I would not be experiencing the joy of living my lifelong dream of reaching people worldwide through writing. Thank you all; I hope that the Big Bang fics will be special gifts for you, because goodness knows you really deserve them. :) I wish you all well and will try and be around more. (c) If you have sent me any requests, whether for writing from me or translation rights, please do have patience and try me again at febobe at yahoo dot com - I've been dealing with many major health issues and a home move over the past two years plus, and I've lost a great deal of mail in the process, I'm sure. So if you try me again, I'll be watching and I WILL respond to you this time. I do wholeheartedly apologize for the situation. Cheers to all!

Update 5/12/09: Updated JFA. hugs readers and reviewers of all my fics :) Thank you so much!! :) Sorry for the delay - Mother's Day, parents in town, all that. But there's a new chapter up now!

Update 5/9/09: More JFA updates posted since 5/7/09. We're up through Chapter 10 now! Look for Chapter Eleven tomorrow some time at the latest. I'm also working on a new story that's going fairly quickly; it's a one-shot deal, so I can just post it when I'm done - no update delays! Yay! An extra-special thanks to my reviewers. . .your words mean so very much to me. :) Hope you all enjoy the latest!

Update 5/7/09: Another JFA update! Thanks to all those who are reading and following along! :)

Update 5/6/09: More JFA updates today. Told you it wouldn't take thirteen-plus months this time, didn't I? ;) Didn't even take thirteen hours!

Update 5/5/09: Sorry about the long delay. So much for fairly regular updates, huh? :( It's been a wild thirteen months, with everything from travel and major family surgery to computer problems and just plain slowness. But hopefully this time it won't take me thirteen months to update; I'm actively working on some fandom projects right now, so I have my irons in the fire, and that tends to make it easier for me to find time to get in here and update. I've added two chapters today; I hope to add more this week, preferably tomorrow. My goal is to finish this off and move on to adding some more of my pieces to , as I've realized that I actually have written more than one hundred ficlets and fics in the Lord of the Rings fandom, most of which are scattered across LJs, West of the Moon, and my flashdrive and backup CD! Some will go into sets, so it won't look like over 100 if I ever get them all posted (ie, the Frodo/Eowyn set I did for 20_rings on LJ is something I'd like to get posted over here, but each ficlet would be its own chapter, not its own fic). But even so - that's a lot of writing. So please forgive my silence and know that I've been writing when I can, and I promise to have not only more JFA but something new for you soon, as I'm participating in the Finish-a-Thon to complete my fic, "Starved." Warning: this is probably the most food-intensive fic I've ever written in my life. You have been duly advised! Thanks to those who continue to read (and especially those who review!). :)

Update 3/23/08: Updated the newly added "Joy From Ashes." I expect to update this fairly regularly until its completion, considering that it's already finished. Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it. :) Happy today to the rest of you!! :)

Update 3/17/08: Added three new completed fics. Look for more material to come. I'll get "Joy From Ashes" and the others posted as I can; it just takes me a while to get chapters into individual files and formatted for posting. Please rest assured that I am still writing and posting. :) Just. . .slower than I once did, many years ago, before some changes took place.

I want you all to know how very much each and every review means to me. Sometimes a review, even an anonymous one or one from someone I've never "met" before, comes through my mailbox and positively makes my day. Thank you all for taking the time to review my work. I feel so very, very blessed to have all of you in my life.

Update 12/25/07: Will be adding more fic shortly - look for material from my "Silence" AU. . .and soon thereafter, from what I call "the happy AU," a crackfic AU in which Frodo is brought to the twenty-first century for medical care and continues to live here for a while. Look for fics entitled "Silence," "Yule 1439," "Another Year, Another Yuletide," "Joy From Ashes," and an ongoing series entitled "Life Out Of The Ruins." The first three are one-shots; JFA is chaptered but already completed; LOOTR is an ongoing WIP intended to remain an ongoing fic. :) Just an FYI to let you know that more IS coming soon! Thank you for reading and reviewing! As an addendum, FrodoHealers has finally been moved into the correct section of Yahoogroups - in short, we are no longer in an "adult" area, which we were mistakenly in to start with. No more over-18 requirement to login, yay! Enjoy. :) Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays:)

Update 8/1/07: Added "Lavender's Blue" (Chapter 1), Chapters 2-4 forthcoming. . .this fic is already completed and appeared previously on my LJ; it's just a matter of posting it, so this won't be a lengthy wait between chapters as some of my fics tend to be. I have labelled this fic with extensive warnings, as it is darkfic/deathfic, and I don't want any sensitive readers upset, so please. . .heed the rating and warnings. The story does meet my usual standards regarding sexuality, slash, and profanity, however (as in none of the aforementioned present), so never fear on those grounds.

FYI, I am writing again, albeit slowly. So there's likely more to come in the not-so-distant future. :)

Update 12/18/06: I have added five vignettes to "Sand-Pictures." Please rest assured that I have not abandoned my WIPs, including "What May Come". . .I'm just an exceedingly slow writer and a busy person:) An extra-special thank-you to all my readers; I love and appreciate you, and my work is dedicated to each and every one of you. Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'll add more fic as soon as I can. . . .

Update 11/10/05: I have posted another chapter of "The Guilt of the Wise" as well as a short fic, both of which have previously appeared in my LJs. In addition, I have just posted the final chapter of "Counterpane" (Chapter 14: Dream Sweet Dreams). I hope you all enjoy. While there will be a sequel to "Counterpane," I will be trying to catch up some other fics a bit first, so it won't be an immediate event. Look for more short fics, "The Guilt of the Wise," and "The Memory of Taste" coming next. :)

Update 11/8/05: "The Memory of Taste" will be updated shortly, as I have chosen it for my National Novel Writing Month project (http/). In addition, I plan to post the final chapter of "Counterpane" before the end of this year. In the meantime, please feel free to check out fics written for The Shire Project but not yet posted here - they're over at http//users/febobefics, with more to come!

An extra-special thank-you to all those who took time to review "Cormallen" for the MEFAs. Thank you for the honour! I'm speechless beyond. . .THANK YOU:D

Update 5/4/05: "Cormallen," my newest posting, has been nominated for the 2005 Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards. . .thank you:) In additional news, I will be opening a new personal fic website and new FrodoHealers website in the coming weeks: as many of you know all too well, the old FH site is no longer operational. However, I am in the process of creating a new site and archive for the group and hope to open it to public release as soon as possible. :)

Update 12/14/04: A extra-special THANK YOU to those who nominated my work for West of the Moon's Golden Mushroom Awards:) The following stories have been shortlisted for final voting, which will open on December 20:

Best Retch - "Silk and Velvet" (from "The Memory of Taste" series)

Best Crybaby - "The Taste of Strawberries"

Best Hobbitsicle - "Caradhras"

Thank you so very much! I've never been so stunned or delighted, and I am truly grateful for this special Christmas gift. Please don't forget to stop by http/ beginning December 20 to enjoy all the shortlisted stories in every category (there are so many!) and to cast your votes in each. Also, please remember that there are always numerous wonderful tales that don't make shortlisting or even get nominated, so read, read, read. . .you never know where you'll find gems! In the meantime, happy ROTK EE viewing if you are of the movie persuasion, and look for more fic posting soon. . . .


Febobe :)

Update 10/22/04: Chapter 12 of "Counterpane" uploaded! Watch for Chapter 13 coming soon, and Chapter 5 of "What May Come" coming sooner. :) Thanks for your readership and patience.

Update 7/21/04: I have added the Prologue to a new story, "What May Come," which has been in the works for the better part of two years and which I hope you will enjoy. :) Details below (in the admittedly slightly cryptic summary). Look for updates very soon.

No, my older WIP items have not been abandoned and will be completed. It's just that I'm very particular about these things and I don't like to stick chapters onto something just to end it so I can be done with it and onto something else. . .I've found that that gives my work such a stale, flat quality that I abhor doing it. It also shows a distinct disrespect for my readers, which I consider inexcusable on my part. Consequently, I may work at a slug's pace, but it stems partly from RL issues and partly from a strong desire to preserve the integrity of the work and the reader/author relationship. No, the writer doesn't have that luxury in most publishing settings outside of online fanfiction. . .but that's partly why I do this and why I love it so much. I'm sorry that this slowness is a source of frustration and I do hope that you will forgive me.

Love always,
FBoBE :)

Update 5/23/04: Thank you for your patience! I have finally updated with a new story, "The Taste of Strawberries," which was originally published in my LJ and on FrodoHealers. Please look for continued updates, including additional stories as well as updates to my WIPs, including "Counterpane" and "Old Wives' Tales." :) Thank you SO much for all the support and reviews and patience:)

FBoBE :)

Update 1/7/04: My apologies for the lack of updates. :( It's been a rough several months - for those who don't follow my LJ, I've been in the hospital a couple of times (which hasn't helped the writing speed of "Counterpane," which I'd hoped to finish already) and various and sundry other matters haven't speeded my writing and posting any, which I greatly regret. :( The good news is that hopefully I'll be able to get a notebook computer this year if things improve, which should help my writing and connectivity a bit. May not totally fix things (I still can't type quite the same with IVs in, when that's going on!), but it'll help. :)

For those of you wondering about updates to WIP fics. . .yes, they're coming. :) I don't abandon WIPs. They may take a long time, but I finish them eventually, and I believe in giving them the attention they need rather than just trying to slap them together frantically. Consequently, "Counterpane," while it's taken a long time, will be finished soon (within a couple of chapters. . .but will have a full-fledged sequel as a separate tale of its own dealing with Frodo's convalescence. :) "Old Wives' Tales" will continue, with its own revelations ahead. . .and there are, of course, lots more "Memories of Taste" in store. . .as well as several fics posted only to FrodoHealers, my LJ, or presently my hard drive until completion. So please know that Febobe has not vanished for good. . .I'm still alive and kicking, despite the reasons I theoretically shouldn't be. :)


Update 9/5/03: Scratch that about "Old Wives' Tales" being finished before "Counterpane." I'm currently writing the next to last chapter of the latter, and I'm definitely not there with the former. I'll be posting the next chapter of "Counterpane" within the next few weeks, followed by the next to last chapter later this month. . .my expectation is that the story will be finished some time in October or November, and definitely before the extended DVD of TTT is released. I'm also working on some other pieces, but am trying to get things mostly done before beginning to post them so I can avoid such irregularity and delays in the future.

If you're really dying for a "fix" of something new and don't normally follow my postings on LJ, you might enjoy "Wheel of Fire" - I haven't posted it here (and probably won't due to fear of it being considered too high a rating - it's sex-free, but it does involve medical-context hobbit private part appearances), though it's on my febobefics LJ. Please feel free to leave reviews in the comments section there if you wish. If you've already read that as well, then. . .just sit tight. :) I am working on some new material:)

Now, one final - and very special - announcement: NixNivis will be acting as my personal assistant with regard to uploading, site issues, etc., which means that I should be able, once we're over some initial roadbumps, to post much more regularly. Her help will make that possible, as has/will the aid of Tangelian Proudfoot. . . . Thanks, you two:D

Update 5/1/03: Update to "The Memory of Taste." No, "Counterpane" has not been abandoned. . .it's just one of my slower-going fics. :) I have regrets about rushing fics that needed more time, and I do feel that if the story is worth being told, it's worth being done well and not rushed. I promise that I'm working on it, though, and have ended the several-months-between-updates rut. :) Hopefully I'll have another chapter of "Old Wives' Tales" up soon. . .that one will be finished before "Counterpane" is, as it's a shorter fic by design. :) There are also some additional "Memory of Taste" vignettes coming up, already completed. . . . :)

My special thanks to the members of FrodoHealers, and especially to my readers. . .I write for myself, but I post for you, and your support is a treasure that keeps me going on the bad days.

Love always,

Update 2/26/03: Thank you for your patience. :) I will indeed be posting a new chapter of "Counterpane" soon, as well as the second and final part of "Summer Twilight." "Cold" will soon be finished; after that, I'll be posting another during-Quest fic, "Snowfall," which is rather AU in nature and was written chiefly to meet a challenge/longing expressed by LilyBaggins. In addition, there are a few pieces coming that I've been holding in reserve. . . . ;)

The quickest updates are on FrodoHealers and in my LJ; however, I do post all my pieces here, though at something of a slower speed. Thank you all for your patience: I do not leave stories unfinished, though sometimes I am long in completing them. "Counterpane" is a peculiar little creature because of its nature: somehow it has such a different feel to it; consequently, I tend to post a chapter of that only once every month or two. Those of you who are enjoying it may be pleased to learn that there is a good deal more to come: I'm not going to end it abruptly, and I have already begun work on a follow-up piece (dedicated, though she doesn't know it yet, in large part to Floria Tosca).

Again, thank you for reading. :) It means the world to me. :) My apologies for any formatting issues. . .I'm still having trouble working those bugs out. :P

Update 12/13/02: Again, nothing's abandoned. It's just. . .there's only so much I can do at once. In the meantime, I'm putting up some tidbits I've been holding in reserve for rainy days. ;) Hope you'll enjoy these. . .I'll be continuing to update fics, but look for some new items in the bunch. Some of these have been previewed on FrodoHealers, and some haven't; some were previewed so many months ago that our newest members may not yet have seen them. Please read, review, and enjoy:)


Update 11/3/02: No, I've not abandoned any of my fics: I'm working on part II of II for "Summer Twilight" and on reposting the Weathertop to Rivendell and Lothlorien fics that many have requested, as well as continuation of "Counterpane." I'll also be adding some of the new items I've been working on. . .please forgive the delays. I'm sorry to be taking so long: RL has been difficult. But updates are indeed on their way!

Febobe :)

Update 8/26/02: First two installments of "Sand-Pictures," my PGY-inspired ongoing series, posted. More to come in future, as well as two new stories in progress. And yes, I'm still updating "Counterpane". . .just slow in doing so!

Febobe :)

Update 8/15/02: Coming 8/15-8/16 - three stories inspired by Mary Borsellino's incomparable PGY series (http//prettygoodyear.html). I'm also working on a fic that I'll likely complete much of before posting any. . .it's pretty graphic medically, so I'm debating whether to even post it, but it's in progress as well. Update on "Counterpane" to follow.

Febobe :)

Update 8/6/02: At long last, an update! Chapter 15 of "Caradhras" is up, and will soon be followed by the already-completed (and already seen on FrodoHealers) Chapter 16, the close of that tale. I'm about to update "Counterpane" shortly as well. . .am still debating whether to post "Old Wives' Tales" here. Lots in progress. :) I'll be updating via my site as well (see above), and of course there's always the FrodoHealers site to visit at http/. :) Still no luck in getting the section moved on Yahoo or the warning and acceptance click taken out for us. . .but as we're posting more stories to the site and as I'll be plugging mine up on my own, you'll generally catch most of the fics there, albeit on delay. Hopefully one of these days I'll get Yahoo-help to answer me there. . . .

Still catching up on reviews slowly. . .please forgive my tardiness with things. Between the site outage here and some travelling, I'm a bit behind, as usual. . . .

Anyhow, I've missed you folks. Happy reading:)

FBoBE :)

Update 6/4/02: Yesterday I resigned from my workplace. My job has been an extremely stressful one, making demands that have taken a heavy toll on my self, and this step feels like finally reaching the surface toward which I have been swimming for so long. My last day will "officially" be June 30, though my last day at the office is Friday, June 28. What changes does this mean for readers of my fanfic? Well, I hope to, once I've rested up a little, post updates and tales more often. . .and to finally get caught up on all my severely overdue correspondence! I'll be updating my fics long before (shooting for a chapter each ASAP), but this will also increase my frequency of updates. . .considerably, I believe. :)

It has been a long, difficult road to reach this point, and I know it definitely isn't all smooth sailing ahead. . .but somehow I am at peace. In fact, I'm very happy. :) Thank you all so much for your patience.

Update 5/22/02: I've posted new chapters of "Caradhras" and "Counterpane" in the last twenty-four hours, and I do hope to continue updating on a more regular schedule. In addition, I have several fics in the works, including a standalone single-chapter piece set in Rivendell and several chaptered pieces. Most likely I'll go ahead and put a new item up shortly (ie, before the end of Memorial Day weekend), but I'd like to finish "Caradhras" before I get too deeply into another chaptered fic. Three running at once IS possible, but it's also difficult and slows my updates! ;) Thanks for all your patience. :)

For those who've kindly e-mailed me, please know that I'm replying as quickly as possible and should be back in touch with you shortly. :)

Some answers to questions that have been expressed: no, I still have no clue what the problem is with my account; however, since I've saved electronic and hard copies of all my fiction, none of it's irreplaceable, at least. :) Yes, I do plan to continue my Weathertop- Rivendell sequence fics, as well as the promised later vignettes from Mordor and other parts of the journey, including Frodo in Cirith Ungol. I do hope you'll still enjoy my latest piece, which will be my first chaptered fiction: it's a look at Frodo and Bilbo just after Frodo comes to live at Bag End at age twenty-one. It's an attempt at answering some of my own questions as a reader and at writing a special piece for one of my dearest reviewers. (And yes, I am definitely still open to requests; a lot of my current work in progress is inspired by reader/reviewer requests, and I'm enjoying the writing immensely. :) ) If you like Frodo angst, sweet fics, prequel vignettes, and/or Frodo and Bilbo scenes, I think you'll enjoy this one. :)

Thank you all for your patience and support. . .it has really been what inspired me to keep at this, and I hope for many more reviews and readers. Best wishes to you all. :)

Frodo Baggins of Bag End

Information: About that Yahoo! group. . .it's called FrodoHealers, and has an information page at


For those interested in "sick Frodo" fics, this group is tailored to your particular penchant. :) I've set it up as a moderated group to ensure a no-slash (or any heavy sexual content, for that matter), no-profanity environment, but anyone may join, and members are not required to post unless they so wish, though postings are highly encouraged. :) Please take the time to join and participate in the current poll. If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me at FrodoAtBagEnd@; however, I recommend joining and reading the welcome file first for group-related questions, as the information there should answer many questions. :) Thank you all for inspiring me to create the group; I hope you'll enjoy it. We have, IMO, an outstanding group of members: some of the nicest and most talented people around, ones whom I feel quite honoured to know. :)

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