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Author has written 4 stories for Miami Vice, Nash Bridges, and Metal Gear.
hi all! this is my bio, so if you're reading it then you have an interest in me for some odd reason :)
so i'll tell you my interests and the subjects that i generally write for, though i only have a few up on the site now
Metal Gear Solid - i'm a die-hard Solid Snake fan and definitely po'd about the whole playing-as-raiden-75%-of-the-game thing in SoL. But MGS substance should remedy that little detail ;)
Star Wars - my interests lie in the original trilogy, not that new stuff. don't get me wrong, ep.2 was great (ep.1 could use a little editing) by Han Solo is by far the best and most interesting character in the whole series!
Lethal Weapon - okay, so i'm addicted to action movies and espionage games with a little fantasy thrown in on the side... that's normal right? nobody kicks @$$ like Riggs!
LA HEAT - awesome cop show, lots of explosions, car chases,the works (also based on the LW series) definitely my kind of show
Silk Stalkings - another cop show. i'm addicted. i admit it. lol and unlike most people, i am much more a fan of the last seasons with tom and cassy than i ever was of chris and rita. but i am a chris potter fan, too
KF:TLC - okay, strange show to say the least, but it has chris potter in another cop role. screw kwai chang, i want the guy with the beretta :)
Forever Knight - cops, vampires, what more can i say?
Miami Vice - the ALL TIME greatest show ever created. i love vice. i love sonny crockett and i love elvis the alligator! i love the ferarri testarossa!
Knight Rider - talking car... trans am... cool guy... all the fixings for a great show! why can't they put this stuff back on the air? the ratings would sky rocket!
Nash Bridges - of course, being a die-hard vice fan, i had to watch don johnson's newest series... which is also awesome! there goes me and my cop shows once again!
The Rockford Files - i know this show is kind of old for much of the population, but rockford is a unique brand of cop, well, PI. you just don't find guys like this anymore. who else has such an interesting answering machine!? lol
Anyways, i'm sure that you're extremely tired of me and my interests, so i'll just say that i'm in the process of typing up a new metal gear story and fixing my miami vice one that hasn't been updated in a million years. (sorry about that, it will be finished! promise!)
btw, would you believe that i actually never watch tv on a regular basis? of course, most of my shows get cancelled! -.-
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