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Hi, I am Omegaxis1.

I love watching anime, playing games, and writing/reading Fanfiction stories. But I love to hang out and be with my friends the most whenever I can.

I have a very active imagination, which gives me ideas about what to use for my stories, though I have to admit, thinking about the ideas is much easier than writing them out, cause it seems to work differently once its been written down.

Everyone that visits my page, I hope you will read and review my stories, but not just mine, but the stories of every other author in FFN that you happened to come by.

Reviews aren’t just a sign that a fic is popular. It is a way of giving the author motivation to keep writing their fics. If too little review, then the author is less inclined to write their fics, and if you want their fics to continue till completion, making sequels, or just writing more fics in general, review their fics, tell them its good, and if possible, give some of your own ideas and even give us a critique, so we can improve the story even further.

Also, I have my own Deviant Art account. I hope that you can check them out, as several of them will be used for my stories. Art really isn’t my style as of late, but I have a friend that is much better at it, though I should try to make my own things as well.

Current Projects

1. Project Megaman Starforce:

This is basically my desire to keep the Megaman Starforce franchise alive. The fics are intended to be from the anime, not the game, and any changes made for the anime-verse version will be noticeable if you read the fics. This project will now be worked on to serve as something akin to comics or Kingdom Hearts, where we have the main storyline, focused on the main protagonist, and then the side stories that will be based on other characters and scenes that will allow the overall story to make better sense, so no one gets confused. After all, there are only so much I could fit into a story, and since I’m not intending on turning a single fic into a novel, I’ll have side story fics written up as I go along.

  • The Guardian of Mu: Solo - This is the first Megaman Starforce fic that I had written, basically depicting of Solo’s past after the events of the Tribe season, which was rushed in the end, but the small bits of information about Solo given has allowed me to make this fic. Multiple OCs will be made here. This fic is now noncanon to my project.
  • Rogue’s Beginning - A rewrite of “The Guardian of Mu: Solo” due to the first fic being rather poorly written after I have grown in experience. While it will follow the basic principles of Solo’s past, there will be many more changes, including more development for characters, more detailed scenes, and so on. Be sure to read it and enjoy how the changes take place. Same as before, multiple OCs will take place here.
  • Tribal End - The first fic that will be part of the main storyline, since it focuses on Geo once more. Here we will see the battle take place between Mu and our heroes, where danger is approaching, and the hero Megaman must have the help of his friends to stop the coming threat.
  • Sonia's Path (Not written yet) - Takes place in Tribal End. I wanted to have a fic dedicated to Sonia, the girl with boundless potential inside as a character. Yeah, the Megaman series might make her be he sidekick mostly, but I want her to be a hero and main protagonist in her own right.
  • Future fics will come as I progress, so enjoy the fics while you can.
  • 2. Project Beyblade:

  • Is it Too Late? - This is a love story of a love triangle between Kai, Hilary, and Tyson. As all love triangles go, there will be many dramas and tension, and never a sure sign on who will be the winner in the end. Any fan can join in, whether you’re a KaiHil fan or a TyHil fan. Even if one of the pairings won’t win, the story could very well help make it acceptable to readers, and even if you don’t, that’s okay. The fic contains side chapters of other characters, and foreshadowing of what will happen next.
  • BeyBlade: B-Evolution (Not written yet) - The Season 4 Beyblade fic of mine, where the most dangerous of foes will enter, and many old friends will make a return. This follows the events of “Is it Too Late?” and will be how I conclude the Beyblade franchise, much like how the manga had done, with a timeskip to the future.
  • 3. Project Tsubasa/Madoka:

  • Wishful Convergence (Not written yet) - This is to be my very first crossover fic. It will be between Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Puella Magi Magika Madoka. It is set after Rebellion for Madoka and after the events of Tsubasa, but for the latter, it's before the Nirai Kanai-Hen sequel. With the universe under Homura's control as the demon/devil, and the Incubators subjected to absorb the curses, Homura finds a strange force entering her universe, one that is causing her control over the universe weakened, and Madoka is beginning to awaken as her true Goddess self much faster. To prevent this, Homura must find this interfering force and eliminate them. However, the Incubators learn this, and attempt to reach out to this new force, hoping to end Homura's reign. The new force is Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and of course, Mokona. How will their meeting change everything? Will one have to destroy the other, or can they finally reach their happily ever after?
  • 4. Project Awakening:

  • Waking Dream - The story of Robin BEFORE he meets Chrom. Why did his mother take him when she did? How did Robin gain his tactical skills? What made him journey to Ylisse before his memory was wiped out? Find out the answer to all these questions.
  • The First Awakening (Not written yet) - What happened in the original timeline? What happened before Lucina and the rest performed time travel? Find out as the mysteries of the original timeline of Awakening is undolded.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (Not written yet) - The anime version of Fire Emblem: Awakening. I played the game, and I really liked it, but the amount of plotholes and such was a great issue. While the story will generally be the same as the game, including whatever shippings I should choose to implement, there will be more things added regarding Grima and its cult, Robin's upbringing and past, and even the future Lucina had come from.

  • Favorite Anime/Game

  • Megaman:
  • For as long as I could remember, Megaman has been my childhood, and the thing I loved most, even though I can admit there are many other anime and games that are better.

    I loved Megaman Battle Network and Starforce the most, but X, Zero, or ZX/A aren’t any slouches. I never played the originals or Legends, though. Their stories are really amazing when given the chance to reach their full potential. My most favorite has always been Megaman Starforce though, mostly because of how Geo and several other characters there are more relatable. Yes, the talk of bonds might seem annoying, but really, its a genuine thing that has been mentioned many times in anime and such. This just talks about it more, and makes it somewhat enjoyable to know.

    However, seeing Megaman come to an end has been deeply upsetting, and it saddens me even further to know that Starforce had to come to an abrupt end when it did, games and anime, or how ZX never got another sequel that would explain how Legends ended up coming to be, and so on.

    Despite that, a glimmer of hope remains, as the successor of Megaman is coming near: Mighty No. 9! While there will be many comparisons and likely criticisms due to the comparisons, I am still happy to know that Megaman lives on within Mighty No. 9 and I hope to play it when it comes out here.

  • Naruto:
  • It has been one of the most popular manga/anime in existence, but the constant usage of fillers has caused the franchise to reach a decline in popularity, including several plot holes that haven’t been explained well enough, or at all. However, it is still one of my favorite franchises.

    The final battle was rushed, but it wasn’t just a one two chapter fight. We saw a decent amount of chapters dedicated to their fight, and the whole “Talk-No-Jutsu” was stopped by Sasuke, since he said that he was done talking, and after a few chapters of firing nuke powered attacks, they ended up going hand to hand, beating the shit out of each other. Lot of people claim that Naruto was stronger and defeated Sasuke, but that’s not the case. Their fight ended in a draw, but Naruto only defeated Sasuke because he had finally gotten through to Sasuke, and thus Sasuke forfeited the fight.

    Though a lot of people were outraged that Sasuke still lived, mostly Sasuke haters, but honestly, they are failing to realize the entire purpose of Naruto’s character. Naruto is a person that wants to help the friends he makes, and says that if he couldn’t even save one friend from the darkness, then they are not worthy of being Hokage. Not to mention, Naruto has never once killed a person, or none that I can recall of. If he ended up doing what the haters wanted, and killed Sasuke, then Naruto basically destroyed his own character, and all the development he had gone through was for naught. It was how he was so determined to save Sasuke that he took him on in their final battle, shows how Naruto refuses to kill a friend, but rather save them. Also, a lot of people seriously aren’t getting the whole psychological state of mind several of these Uchihas have gone through.

    Now we will get a look at how the next generation of shinobi will be, especially Sarada and Boruto, the children of Sasuke and Naruto. Its very much speculated by the entire, or at least most of them, that Sarada and Boruto are intended to be an item. Though I am happy about NaruHina being canon, the SasuSaku, which while I have always supported, becoming canon sort of confuses me, though Kishi says that Sasuke always had feelings for Sakura back when he was a kid and began to slowly forget his desire for revenge, but through so much hate and anger consuming him, those feelings were lost in the darkness, though the only feelings that managed to avoid being sent into the darkness was his friendship with Naruto. I wouldn’t mind some spin offs or such that could help Sasuke and Sakura develop feelings for one another. Or heck, make a movie about Sasuke and Skaura this time, since Naruto and Hinata got one. Nah. XD

    One more thing, the haters wanted Sasuke to suffer hell or such, but once again, they missed how Sasuke already INTENDED to suffer hell. He was literally going to make himself be the enemy that everyone hated, and forever be branded as some monster, all so that Sasuke could make the villages unify through their hatred for Sasuke, and had Sasuke obtained immortality, he would have continued to suffer that living hell for all eternity, all the while he protected the world. His actions would be some of the most realistic things a person can do, and he has my utmost admiration of willing to go that far for the world.

  • Bleach:
  • I honestly only started to read this manga because I wanted to see what the hype was all about. Now, while I love several of the concepts in there, the storyline is bland at best. I still read it, and there have been several epic moments, and some characters are pretty awesome, but the way that Ichigo is relied on so much and the battles revolving around nothing but a one on one fight, with absolutely no strategy but on who has the bigger spirit energy. Any strategies used become pointless later on.

    Currently, this final arc has been dragging on WAY TOO MUCH. Just get to the more actiony scene, cause really, the stop and chat thing doesn’t work when its so heavily used.

  • Zoids:
  • I’ve watched literally all the anime this had, though I never got to read the manga, since I can’t find a site that has the scans. But regardless, the anime were always amazing. The first Zoids anime I watched was Chaotic Century Zero, with the Liger Zero and Bit Cloud. But the anime I had to say that I loved the absolute best would be the final season, the one that never got a dubbed series released: Zoids Genesis.

    I loved that season so much that I watched all the episodes multiple times, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them again from time to time. Ruuji was not only the most pure-hearted character in the series, but the youngest main protagonist too. Many could argue that Ruuji was a Gary Stu, and I probably agree with that, but Ruuji had developed from a naive village boy into a capable man that could lead an army. He had many emotional struggles, and even took on so much responsibilities, but even he eventually realized his flaws and improved himself. So maybe he is a Gary Stu, but he’s definitely one that I don’t mind being one.

  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn:
  • I originally just began reading this manga just to pass the time due to boredness, and found the beginning to be rather lame, with no set or genuine plot, which made me consider stop reading it, but in the end, I kept going a little longer, and finally, the plot arrived in the Mukuro arc, introducing the Hyper Dying Will. It was very amazing, and I have to say, the story became more and more interesting as it went on. The thing that I didn’t like the most though, was how it ended with how nothing really changed much for Tsuna, but the one thing that had changed was how he was no longer alone, and had many friends by his side now.

    Also, while he was called useless and stupid many times, he is probably the most battle intelligent person there is, likely from his Hyper Intuition. He developed multiple techniques by himself and seemed to figure out methods that could win battles. He even figured out a possibility of saving the Arcobeleno from their curses. Its amazing how the little things that Tsuna saw and experienced helped to such great effect.

  • Fairy Tail:
  • I read this manga on a whim, so similar reason for why I read Reborn, and I enjoyed some of the things here, from the humor to the drama. However, while many concepts are fine and dandy, I cannot for the life of me enjoy how so many of the stories go, including how overpowered they make characters be. Let’s face it, the moment that they said that Erza could still fight and win despite having literally all five senses be blocked with the reason being stated as “Because she’s Erza,” I disliked the story even more, and even disliked Erza for that. That is literally the epitome of her being a Mary Sue, as if she wasn’t Sue-ish enough already.

  • Pokemon:
  • I think this was obvious. I have yet to meet a person that says that they hate Pokemon. I never read the manga, and don't plan to, but I've played the games and watched the anime. I am a bit pissed at how Ash and Pikachu always have this 'Reset Skill' thing after entering each region, but it really annoys me to no end. Also, Ash should be about 15 years old by now, but he’s still 10! This literally defies all logic, as multiple times Ash mentioned that he’s been with his Pokemon for years, and several things strongly suggest that at least a year had passed. I’m betting it was a mistake when they said that, but oh god, I won’t stand it if they’re literally just confirming that Ash is 10, thus retconning literally everything else.

    The Unova saga (Best Wishes/Black & White) was by far the WORST season of them all. The only things that worked out was how Team Rocket actually started being serious and became a force to be reckoned with, thus ending their comedic “Blasting off again!” cliche… for only a bit, cause they went right back into that later on. Not to mention, Ash lost at the Top 8 of the Unova League, he beat his main rival at the FIRST round, and ended up losing a Full Battle to a guy that’s even less intelligent as him, who thought the league needed 7 badges, the league location being held in the Jhoto region, and that a Full Battle meant using 5 Pokemon. Really? Ash lost a 6 vs 5 Pokemon battle to THIS guy? I’m sorry, but this… this is just AWFUL. We thought that Charizard being brought back for a bit was great, but nope, they screwed that up too, cause he literally served no purpose to the plot. Many fans thought that Charizard would battle Reshiram, but no, he never did.

    Least the Kalos saga is doing well in picking up the horrible mistakes the Unova saga had done, though Team Rocket is back to being goofy idiots that serve no genuine cause to the plot. We haven’t even seen Team Flare yet, but we have seen the leader, though not main series yet. I’m more waiting on when Ash will get his Keystone to perform Mega Evolution. No matter how it is, I cannot fathom him not getting it. Why give every other character that ability, but not Ash, the main protagonist?

    That’s why I’m betting that he will, and the Pokemon he will Mega Evolve will be his Charizard, into Mega Charizard Y, cause Mega Charizard X has been hogging the spotlight too long, despite how I actually prefer Mega Charizard X over Y, but that’s a minor thing.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh:
  • The original Yu-Gi-Oh was by far the best out of all of them, despite how in the beginning, it was very hard to understand due to so much of the broken rules and such. However, it picked up really well later on, and the story ended up being amazing, with the anime working up better than the manga had, mostly because they extended the duels and performed many strategies that kept the viewers on their toes. The best one had to be the ceremonial duel between Yugi and Atem, where Yugi had to win against Atem to allow him to pass over into the afterlife. Despite how Atem had the most powerful cards in the game, the three Egyptian Gods on the field, Yugi successfully managed to destroy them all in a single turn.

    That actually showed that Atem was surpassed by the one that had been fighting alongside him to the very end, and the one that had the strongest bond out of them all, thus it had to be Yugi that would surpass him and defeat him. This made Yugi into the true King of Games.

    Now, the later series, like GX, 5Ds, Zexal, and now Arc-V, to have more advanced cards, and claim to be superior to Yugi and Atem, it has been confirmed, and even through duels in the official duel tournaments, that Atem was stronger than Yusei and Astral, and since Atem beat them, then Yugi, who had surpassed Atem, would be able to defeat them as well. Atem had face Jaden in the series, so that’s already confirmed that him and Yugi are stronger than Jaden. Also, this is while they still use the outdated cards, and still they manage to pull off the victories over the newer and supposedly superior cards.

  • Beyblade (Originals):
  • By no means, will I ever acknowledge the Metal Fight Beyblade at all. To me, it is a disgrace to the originals that doesn’t even deserve to be at the same standing. People can debate all they want, but the way that the series was made, its not that great at all. We have no mention of Tyson or the others, or if this is even the same universe, and the fights began a bit weird, because everyone kept hitting hard with Special Attack and so on. When the originals played, there was more spirit, passion, character appeal, and epicness in the fight, something that the new one couldn’t even begin to get to.

    So hence why, I will continue to support the original Beyblade because of how they were so much more epic than the newer ones. And Tyson will forever be known as the best BeyBlader in the series, period.

  • Digimon:
  • There have been several seasons around, each giving a new feel of things, from the first season to the newer seasons, though I have only watched the first five seasons, my most favorite being the fourth one, Digimon Frontier, while my least favorite was the second one, Digimon Adventure 02.

    I could rant about many things about the second one, from how the Sorato was confirmed, despite how I fail to see any genuine romance between the two when compared to Taiora, and the fact how there are several plotholes that annoy everyone to no end. There’s gonna be an Adventure 03 coming eventually, and it is my firm hope that it makes things better than the last one, with a retcon of several things of 02, such as Sorato, and it becoming Taiora. I don’t care what the co-creator or whoever it was says, Taiora was never something that could be as “just friends.”

    However, aside from that, the original Adventures, Tamers, Frontier, and Data Squad were all great ones, each showing something new and unique, such as Adventures introducing everything about the levels, Tamers showing similar level ups, but also using the merging of humans with their partner Digimon, the DigiCards, Frontier going with humans using Digimon spirits to turn into those Digimon, and Data Squad using the level system, but using emotions as power, and the Burst Mode.

    While those were great, I have a hard time even wanting to watch Digimon Fusion, cause really, its not that great at all. Mikey is an already Gary Stu that faces no development of emotional crisis, his two friends are absolutely useless at everything, and so on.

  • Final Fantasy:
  • Ah, Final Fantasy, one of the greatest video games of Square Enix. I liked all of them, really, but my most favorite will always be Final Fantasy VII. I don’t care what people say about how overused it is, and how pathetic it is compared to these newer ones, because I will always support it, and never stop saying that Cloud and Sephiroth are the strongest of them all.

    While it has been confirmed that Caius from Final Fantasy XIII is the most powerful antagonist in the games, it was said that it is only out of in terms of abilities. By all means, that doesn’t mean that he’s actually THE strongest. So I will still have it in my head that Sephiroth is the strongest antagonist of them all, and one that I feel has much more potential than let on. It was confirmed that Advent Children had Sephiroth want only revenge on Cloud, but that’s actually something that can make sense. When he was defeated in the very end, thus allowing Meteor to be stopped, Sephiroth ended up scattering his memories all around to create Geostigma, but because of that, he was beginning to lose a sense of self to the other spirits within the Lifestream, and the only way that he maintained his sense of self and be separate from the others, was by focusing on his hatred for Cloud. That thing literally allowed him to continue existing, so wanting revenge becomes much more sensible, because it was what gave him the ability to continue on existing.

    Also, I seriously wish that Sephiroth would have a game about himself and his past. We had Zack’s game talking about his past, so why not have a story about Sephiroth? Cause we honestly know pretty little about him, no matter how much people gave more explanations about him in other games. What was his childhood like for real? Had he done anything that could have ended up making the stories progress to what we know of it? There’s so much that could be done.

    Anyways, every character and antagonist though in Final Fantasy, have much potential in them. Hell, I don’t deny that Emperor is probably the most cunning of all the antagonists, and Kuja wasn’t much of a joke, since a hit from Bahamut only make him bleed a little, and after achieving Trance, he managed to destroy an entire world with Ultima. Kefka is also pretty cunning as well, since he could manipulate multiple people, from protagonists to antagonists for his own means.

    So really, I’m not dissing all the other characters. I just prefer one over the other, as do all others.

  • Disgaea:
  • A good friend of mine is the reason I had even learned of this game. At first I didn’t think it was that much, but as I played it, I found myself enjoying it more and more, and thus, I couldn’t stop myself from playing it even more. My favorite character? Its Laharl, who I think is the strongest character in the game when he is at his full potential, but I would think that his human half prevents him from using his full powers, and he lacks the maturity to truly use it. He’s the only half-demon and half-human in the franchise, to my knowledge.

  • Persona 3:
  • Just like Disgaea, my friend got me into the game. I love the freedom and choices you have here. How you get to see so many things in a new angle, including shaping my character into how I want them to be. I also became interested in the whole Arcana thing, and now I like it when a character uses them. Quite impressive. I have thoughts of using it someday in my stories.

  • Kingdom Hearts:
  • What’s not to love about this game? Honestly, I love so much about this game, and I really love how there are other games that are intended to make sense of the main storyline, such as how Roxas lived and eventually defected from the Organization, along with how he got his dual Keyblades. There’s also how we see who Xehanort really is, and how Sora ended up being able to wield a Keyblade despite not originally meant to wield one, along with why Roxas doesn’t really look like Sora completely.

    There’s also how, despite being the main hero and the one that is meant to save everyone, Sora isn’t invincible, and needs the help of his friends and allies to get him out of the trouble, and he even understands that he still has much to learn, considering how he failed the Mark of Mastery exam, while Riku passed.

    Only thing that I feel is a bit much, is Xehanort trying to pull off the whole Xanatos gambit, of literally having every move set up and knowing exactly how one would go about their ways, thus having everything set up, and always having a backup in case something fails. Xehanort is pretty cool, but he could stand to try and be surprised much more, or caught off guard.

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