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I'm nearly 32 years of age, a wife, mother of triplets (2 girls and a boy), and a full time Network and Server Administrator.

I love to read and had been an avid reader since childhood. As an adult my reading habits waned for some years, but have recently regained momentum. My favorite literary works include the entire Dune Series by Frank Herbert (and the 'extras' by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson), Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. The genres I most frequently read are Science Fiction, and 'The Classics'. (I admit I'm trying to catch up on my own reading list of Classics). I adore romantic comedies (My favorite movie genre).

I have never taken any creative writing courses, however I have studied some English Literature, and took Composition and Rhetoric for Honors credit in college. I have also received formal recognition for a lengthy paper I composed on the use of Humor in Shakespear's "A MidSummer Night's Dream".

I may be out of touch with some of the finer points of editing, due to a time lapse since my college courses. I am by no means infallible when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

I have strong opinions, but I mean well. If my reviews of other's works include criticism I do intend for it always to be constructive. I do try my best to always provide positive along with the negative. I beleive that positive reinforcement is as helpful as constructive criticism.

I'm very picky about prose (I always consider alternative wordings and may suggest some as well) and feel thoroughly compelled to give advice, in hopes that it might help someone better their work. You may take it or leave it at your discretion of course.

I am new to creative writing and am only just getting my feet wet. I have no aspirations of becoming a published author, nor do I have any delusions of grandeur. You won't be seeing me on the NY times Bestseller List I guarantee it.

I welcome constructive criticism. What you liked and didn't like about my plot, characters. Suggested alternate wording where applicable/necessary, and any feed back you have on spelling, grammar, or punctuation. I try to run my stories through an 'offline beta' before pasting and i always make a point to self-edit a few times, though my stories MAY be edited even further after I've posted them.

Saying 'Your Story Sucks' doesn't help anyone. Tell me what sucked about it and I can consider your perspective and weigh my options.

You don't have to only say positive things in your reviews to me however. Don't hesitate to tell me how you feel, just be tactful and respectful please.

If you've been reading my work, I really would love to hear from you. Please do take a moment to review. I don't even mind if you do it every chapter, i'm always eager to know if I've done well or if there's room for improvement in a particular area.

Note to Readers: Ah! I'm absolutely delighted to learn that Rosalie's story has developed a modest following!

Regarding Story Updates:

My work isn't perfect, yet still I'm a perfectionist. Nothing is posted until it's 'good enough'. The price we pay for my pickiness is a delay here in there in the next chapter. I'm always working in some fashion to bring you the next part of the story =)

I take the time to research, brainstorm, and work out logistics before I start writing each chapter and that takes time. The writing itself moves very quickly once that is done (a chapter is usually written in a matter of a day or two).

But my editing process alone takes no less than a week. So you probably won't see updates any more than once every 2 weeks (so far it's never taken more than 5-6 weeks, ONLY ONCE, and I posted 3 chapters simultaneously because I had alot of difficulties working out that part of the story).

However, because of the way I work I do frequently post two chapters at once. (One will be held up in editing, and the next one comes out flawless and they both happen to be ready about the same time).

I appreciate your patience, and will reward you with chapters of the best quality, someone such as myself with modest skills can offer.

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