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FanFic name: Croclover95

Real name: Watzit tuya

For those who might have been to my profile before(All two of you!), you will notice I have updated my profile. That is because the old one wasn't really all that great and was pretty old, and I decided to get a fresh start on things.

First things first, my interests include writing(but this is a fanfiction account, so you probably knew that), archery, target shooting, reading, and music. There are plenty more but for now I am keeping this description short. I'll update as I return.

Concerning reading...

As I have said, I love to read. That's a good and bad thing. It's a good thing because I believe reading helps me become a better writer, and helps me personally when it's a story that has particularly engaging themes. It's a bad thing because I am also quite critical of many stories, and often cannot go past a couple of chapters if it does not interest me.

To name a few of my favorite authors, first and fore most is John Flanagan, author of the Rangers Apprentice series(Highly recommended). His books have been a wonderful thrill for me, as someone who has a taste for adventure.

Next in that line is Tom Clancy, with his very very unique ability of taking the world events around us and "turning up the heat", as he said it. He writing was extremely detailed, and he had a knack for making things feel so real that you could reach out and touch it. His twisting and turning plots should keep those who don't mind very descriptive writing(translation: never describing in 70 words what he could describe in 700) thoroughly engaged.

Speaking of twisting and turning plots, that brings up my next favorite author, Ted Dekker. Don't be fooled by the Christian fiction label, when it comes to writing, he is a force to be reckoned with. Don't believe me? Just pick up one of his books. I dare you to put it down once you start. Recommended among his works is House, a work co authored by him and Frank Perretti. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, beginning to end.

Also, I should like to list a few fanfiction authors I would recommend to you all. First and foremost, Omnitrix 12. One of the first friends I made here, he is an exceptional author, currently working on his own books, and has some excellent stories loaded for bear. Also, check him out on Balto source, under the name Dragon Tamer in the fan fiction section. He is an excellent author, and a better friend.

Also on this list, Spartan-029. A very creative author who has caught peoples attention with his Age of Heroes trilogy, a fanfiction involving Spyro. Be braced, if you read his stories, you'll be in for a wild ride.

Another author I must include is Southern Steel. A good friend I have met personally through my former reenacting Hobby, she is quite an impressive author. Just don't expect her to say that. She has quite a few stories up, ranging from Merlin and Supernatural, to Now you see me and Sherlock.

And last but not least, CleoArrow. I ran into her when I got back into teen titans and started to become curious as to what the teen titans fandom might look. For the most part, it was just like anything else: Lots of authors, few really good. Then I start reading a story called "Mood Swing" that really started getting my attention. I highly recommend her work if you are a teen titans fan. She also has stories to "Legend of Zelda" which admittedly I have not read because I know next to nothing about the Legend of Zelda.

Concerning writing...

As I have said, I love to write. I mean, I really love to write. I have been writing since I was about 10 years old, though I have improved significantly, thankfully. I find that writing is a good way to show the human condition, and being able to touch people through writing is an aspiration of mine.

Although I love writing, I really don't do fanfiction anymore, having been working on story concepts of my own to really tweak and work with. I will tell you that a lot of my current works in progress, however, started as fanfiction, which branched out into it's own consciousness and it's own world.

I love being able to breath life into characters, and I try to make them as real as I can. I am not a really great author, but people who know me know that me not being good at something has never really stopped me from trying to do it anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't, but I try and give it my best shot no matter what.

I might be re-entering the world of writing fanfiction, but I make no promises. I still have independent works I would like to do and thus might not have the time to work on fanfiction. However, I might consider re writing my current stories, just to fix them up and connect the dots a little better.

Concerning me...

Well, not much to really say about me. My age for now will remain classified, as will my real name.

My interests on this will include games I like, and a few personal beliefs of mine.

First off, some of my favorite games are the Call of Duty series(Save black ops II... Not very fond of that one), Bioshock(insanely good morality based story line, with twists you just don't see coming), Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Halo, Battlefield Bad Company, Ghost Recon, and Medal of Honor. I do enjoy gaming, as it kinda gives me a distraction from things around me. But it can also give me inspiration with my stories, especially the bioshock series.

I am also a Christian, and I am in the firm belief of Jesus Christ as the risen Lord and Savior of mankind. I don't take that lightly. I won't beat people over the head with my beliefs, but neither will I be silent on them. My faith is the main inspiration to my writing(well, nowadays any way), so it will show through in what I write.

Also, I am a supporter of our armed forces. My dad was in the Airborne for 23 years, and thus is one of the reasons why I have a respect for our armed forces. I make stories that also address the issue of PTSD, a very prevalent issue among our veterans. Nobody really knows what these men have gone through, save for the ones who went through it with them, and veterans from previous wars. I pray that our veterans come home safe, and write also in tribute to them.

I am a political independent, mostly because I refuse to associate myself with any of the political parties, be it republican, democrat, or libertarian. I do not fear politics, as I have come to the conclusion it is a moral imperative to sharpen our own awareness on the current state of affairs and their possible solutions. But neither do I wish to make that front and center in every conversation(I'd like not to be "That guy").

One of my main interests is conservation. As a kid, I grew up on watching documentaries such as The Crocodile Hunter. One of my influences is Theodore Roosevelt, who actually could be called the father of conservation here in America. But my main influence on conservation, if you couldn't tell by the show previously listed, is Steve Irwin. I remember staring at the TV in wide eyed wonder as he would capture these beautiful crocs, snakes, lizards, and speak on how these animals were beautiful and important to the habitat they were in. He took animals that were considered pests at best, monsters at worst, and showed how truly marvelous they were. To this day, I am still in shock and deeply saddened by his death. My one hope is that his wife, Terri, is truly right in what she says. " The message of the hero has to outlast the hero himself."

For now, that is all. I will come back and update on another day. Until then, keep moving forward.

God Bless,

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