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Name: Katie

You know you're obssesed with Doctor Who when:

1. Your entire Saturday evening is organized around Doctor Who.
2. You do not leave the sofa until the very, very end of the credits.
3. You own at least one Doctor Who DVD.
4. You wonder exactly why people are still staying in London at Christmas.
5. You buy any and every magazine or newspaper that has a Doctor Who related article.
6. The weeks after a series ends, you find yourself automatically checking BBC 1 on Saturday evening – just in case.
7. You spend a great deal of time trying to figure out all the different future outcomes of Earth, such as the Dalek Invasion of Earth in 2150, the movement of the planet by the Time Lords in Trial of a Time Lord, the destruction of Earth referred to in Hartnell's "The Ark", the destruction of it referred to in "Frontios", and the repopulation of it in The Sontaran Experiment.
8. You have cried at some point over the death/departure of one of the main characters.
9. Just because Doctor Who has finished it doesn’t mean you can have the TV – I’m watching Confidential
10. You would consider moving to Cardiff just for the chance to see it being filmed.
11. You are subscribed to the Doctor Who Magazine.
12. At least 10 of your Facebook groups are Doctor Who related.
13. You have, at some point, read or written Doctor Who fan fiction.
14. You actually don’t know how you will survive almost 2 years without a Doctor Who series.
15. You still wonder what happened to Ace.
16. You secretly hope that you will one day see the TARDIS parked somewhere.
17. You get very irritated if you see someone write “Dr.Who”.
18. You have defended Doctor Who in an argument
19. You have won said argument.
20. You exercise extreme will power, wait and save for the box sets for each series because know they are much better than the individual DVDs.
21. You have been to the Exhibition and posted all of your photos on Facebook even though everyone else already has.
22. You practically live on the official Doctor Who website.
23. You have a Doctor Who related screensaver/desktop picture/avatar/cursor/username/password.
24. You spend endless hours on BBC i-player re-watching that week’s episode.
25. You have downloaded an episode into your i-player library.
26. You have forced family/friends/postman to watch Doctor Who.
27. You get very excited when you see the merchandise in the shops.
28. You know it is a crime to write any of the following: Tardis, tardis, trds, tARDIS.
29. You are considering buying a sonic screwdriver. You don’t know why. You just want one.
30. You know who Murray Gold is and you think he’s a genius.
31. You have resorted to YouTube in order to watch Doctor Who.
32. You like to quote Doctor Who at unexpected times and grin to yourself when no one realizes.
33. Most of your conversations lead to Doctor Who.
34. You do bring a banana to a party.
35. You own or want a Tom Baker scarf and would happily wear it pretty much most of the time.
36. You know exactly when it is repeated and you make time to watch them. Even if you own them already.
37. Your snowman was a Dalek, TARDIS or similar.
38. You get very excited when you see actors from Doctor Who in other programs.
39. You find yourself absentmindedly drawing the TARDIS and Daleks on the corners of pages.
40. You accept that, although Torchwood is amazing, it can never quite beat Doctor Who.
41. You're endlessly explaining to people that David Tennant does not play 'Doctor Who' but just 'the Doctor'.
42. You spend a large portion of your time planning how to be cast as the next companion, even though you can't act to save your life or alternatively, devising ways to break onto the set to watch it being filmed.
43. You tried to get tickets for the Doctor Who BBC Prom.
44. If you failed to get said tickets, you listened attentively on the radio, rushed to the computer in the interval to watch the clip and then raced back to the radio.
45. You got excited when you saw pictures of a Red Dalek outside the Royal Albert Hall on BBC News.
46. On Facebook, you are listed as a fan of Doctor Who, David Tennant or any other actor who has played a main part.
47. You've compiled a fanmix not using the series soundtracks based on the Doctor Whoniverse, its episodes, mythos, and/or you've composed your own music inspired by Doctor Who.
48. You have named at least one family pet after a main character.
49. You want to try/ love Jelly babies, simply because they are mentioned by both the Doctor and the Master.
50. You go to one of the exhibitions just for the purpose of having your photo taken with a monster just so you can put it as your profile picture on Facebook.
51. Every time you have to say goodbye to someone you sing Doomsday (sometimes you add horrible lyrics to it).
52. Every time you wake up you sing the Westminister Bridge theme, complete with beatboxing.
53.At Christmas you tell two of your friends to go outside, then you burst out of your front door, stumble into their arms, say "I have to tell you something important, what was it ...oh yes... Merry Christmas!" and pretend to pass out.
54.Do it again, video tape it, and post the video on Facebook.
55. Every time a political candidate shows an ad on tv, you absentmindedly start drumming the Master's theme on whatever surface you can find.
56. You refuse to use the bluetooth hands-free headsets -they will lead to your eventual 'upgrade' to a Cyberman.
57. Everytime you go to the beach you can't help but think of Bad Wolf Bay.
58. You have become convinced you're a fob-watched Time Lord. Or your friends say you are.
59. When someone says you're like your favourite companion, you can't help but feel incredibly proud. Even if it was meant as an insult to both you and that companion.
60. You start writing fics based on said companion.
61. You have in depth discussions about whether or not Gallifrey survived the Time War.
62. You plan and replan the first five trips you take in the TARDIS
63. You start taping the master's theme when you get nervous.
64.When people ask what you think of the London Olympics in 2012, you just scream, "Watch ur kids!"
65. You answer every question with "BAD WOLF".
65. You are getting so tired of the presidential race, you are considering voting Saxon
66. You're tempted to paint/have painted your bedroom door to look like the exterior of the TARDIS.
67. You start to wear converse just because the 10th Doctor makes them look incredibly hot and they're good for running!
68. People say something, you go 'hey, that's a good idea for a fanfic' and you end up writing it.
69. You want to get a dog and call it Leela just becasue someone said 'Leela, the puppy of the Sevateem'
70. When you say you watch Masterchef for the food, but really it's because India Fisher narrates.
71. You ask to be made an officer of Doctor Who groups on facebook.
72. You are seriously considering naming your kids after actors in the show. Despite the fact that you're not even in a relationship.
73. You've stopped dreaming about Doctor Who itself and started dreaming about meeting the actors.
74. Your insults become along the lines of 'you're as annoying as Adric'.
75. You know, deep down, that there really is a Doctor.
76. You can now potentially end your government with just one word. Actually, just six. Six words.
77. You get overly excited about finding that BBC audio you've been looking for, and spread the word as quickly as possible.
78. You plan to travel half way around the world just to go to a convention.
79. Yes, you know who Harriet Jones is.
80. You search for back issues of DWM.
81. You get really annoyed when people spell companions names incorrectly. Its CHARLEY and PERI not Charlie and Perry!
82. You are fully aware that Teaspoon is the writer's best friend... or worst nightmare.
83. When someone says 'teaspoon' you immediatly add 'and an open mind'.
84. You won't step on any shadows, and worry when you have more than one shadow...
85. You try not to face away from, or even blink, when passing cemetaries, art galleries, ornately decorated buildings or any other place with angel statues...
86. You've searched every DVD you own to try and find the Doctor on an easter egg...
87.You've tripped and blamed a SIDRAT.
88. When you're sitting in a physics lesson and you're asked what you know about atoms and you reply with the answer "I know how to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow".
89. when you are sitting in your modern physics class and learning about relativity, you think in terms of
Time. And. Relative. Dimensions. In. Space.
90. Time Lord is TWO words not just one!
91. It's Dalek! NOT Darlek, Darleck or Daleck!
92. After 24 hours of knowing David Tennant was to leave Doctor Who after the specials, you were still crying and/ or wearing black.
93. Hearing the news about David Tennant ruined your day/month/LIFE but in your heart you know you respect his decision.
94. You can answer historical questions thanks to Doctor Who.
95. You learned that Shakespeare had a son thanks to Doctor Who
96. You get nervous around large plastic items, like manniquins and wheelie bins...
97. You peak behind illogically located pillars and sarcofagi, and look inside any mysterious boxes or any large container (maybe even port-o-potties where there are no construction sites?!) just in case they're TARDIS ships... (And if it is, will you stow away?)
98. You've checked outside b/c you thought you heard the TARDIS.
99. You totally freak out when someone says "You have something on your back."
100. You cried after Journey's End. And you cry everytime you watch it.
101. You have a Doctor Who advent calender. Counting down to the Doctor Who Christmas Special.
102.Your physics teacher takes you aside in an attempt to explain that "this Doctor person" is not an acceptable source for your responses in class.
103. You named your first car The TARDIS.
104. You squeaked when you saw the Doctor Who mini trailer on BBC1 and screamed a little louder with each clip.
105. You own a T-shirt reading "The Angels have the Phonebox"
106. In December you go every day to the advent calendar on the Doctor Who website.
107. When your yelling at someone to hurry up and get ready, you yell "allons-y"!!
108. You are more excited about the new Doctor than the new president.
109. You have made it your goal in life to convert people to the show.
110. You are in/want to be in a Troc band or buy a Troc CD
111. As a child you wanted to call the new puppy K9, but got outvoted.
112. You start to have Doctor Who withdrawls, and start to count down the days till Saturday. Then when it comes you sit yourself down in front of the tv and glare at anyone who inturrups you.
113. (If you don't live in the UK) You go crazy because you have to wait until someone posts Doctor Who on youtube (or another video sharing website) to watch any of the episodes.
114. The name Mary Whitehouse gives you the quivers.
115. You watch something and you point out "Hey, It's the Doctor!" when one of the former Doctors appears on screen.
116. You never think of certain historical figures (like madame de Poupadour or Charles Dickens) the same way again.
117.You can pronounce 'The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe'. But you just call him Max.
118. You would vote for there to be an annual 'Talk Like A Dalek Day'.
119. You try to figure out the notes of the Doctor Who theme on your instrument by ear.
120. When someone asks"whats a Dalek?" you roll your eyes and are speechless.
121. People start asking is All you do is watch Doctor Who?
122. You can relate every aspect of your earth existence to a Doctor Who episode
123. You have seen an episode, doesn't matter which one, over 10 times, and you wouldnt mind watching it again some time.
124. You got really overexcited when you read Act II Scene 2 of Educating Rita.
125. You already know that the next regeneration is going to leave you a sobbing wreck, in countless un-mendable pieces and if the ratbags at the BBC show it on 25th December it will completely and absolutely ruin your Christmas ...
126. After all this has happened, you feel that although you will be heartbroken to say goodbye to 10 ... you know that 11 is going to be great!!
127. You back out of your drive-way and get ridiculously excited when you spy what you believe to be a TARDIS out of the corner of your eye!! You bolt up the road and take photos of it at 6am, despite the protests of your indignant Spanish neighbour (who you wisely refrain from asking if he's from Barcelona lest they cart you away once and for all) and despite knowing in your heart of hearts that it is indeed but a humble porta-loo. Then you drive your workmates nuts by showing them the photos ...
128. You actually took down the Doctors mobile number and have it in your phone.
129. You rang that number. Just to check.
130. You have the best knock-knock joke in the world--"knock-knock." "Who's there?" "Doctor." "Doctor..."
131. When someone puts on a mask and goggles whilst decorating and your family says as one "Are you my Mummy?"
132. You've noticed that the Master's drumming actually fits with the main theme tune, and every time you watch the credits you automatically tap along with it.
133. When you only watch BBC America so you catch the ads for the up and coming episodes of Doctor Who.
134. You check this group quite often to see what other people have added... then smile and want to jump up and down because you realize that you can relate to all the new comments :D
135. You are planning for a trip in 2010, you put off any bookings in case you miss the New Who & TW
136. Your flatmate/friends/collegues/aforementioned postman who you have now converted to The Doctor tells you to stop reciting the lines to any episode.
137. You watch TV on Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons to see the episodes - you dont want to wear out your DVDs
138. You never want someone to say "Don't you think she looks tired?
139. You see 10 Downing Street and PM Brown on the news and you wonder...
140. You read through all 139 entries to the above list.

150 things you're not allowed to do at Hogwarts:

- I am not allowed to refer to pickled newt’s brain as ‘Snape Food’.
2- The same rule applies to bad dung.
3- I may not chase Seamus Finnegan around school in search of his ‘Pot o’ Gold’.
4- Nor am I allowed to tell people he’s a leprechaun on steroids.
5- I may not question the Hufflepuff’s loyalty.
6- I am not allowed to purposefully charm Filch’s underwear into a wedgie.
7- Nor am I allowed to do it ‘by accident’.
8- I am not allowed to yodel during important parts of Dumbledore’s speech.
9- The Forbidden Forest is forbidden for a reason. I may not tell First Years that there is a party down there.
10- Especially when there isn’t.
11- I may not refer to Sirius Black as ‘Seriously Black’.
12- Just because I use air quotes does not mean the rules have changed.
13- Nor am I allowed to call him a wigga.
14- Blaise Zabini is not my ‘brotha from anotha motha’. I am not allowed to call him that.
15- Nor am I allowed to call Draco Malfoy my ‘sista from anotha mista’.
16- Even if I do suspect he’s a girl.
17- “Like a cow in the springtime” is not an acceptable phrase to use in my essay. I may not do so.
18- I am not allowed to smack others with my wand. For whatever reason – if I have a problem with somebody, I must go to a teacher.
19- Professor McGonagall is not my “bitch”.
20- Just because she morphs into a female animal does not make her my “bitch”.
21- Nor is she my “home gurl”.
22- I am not allowed to refer to my brother as my ‘clone’.
23- He is not my ‘bookend’ either.
24- Nor is Ron, Percy’s ‘mini-me’.
25- I am not the Easter Bunny.
26- I am not allowed to tell people I am the Easter Bunny.
27- Just because I dress up in a rabbit costume, it does not mean I’m the Easter Bunny; it means I’m weird.
28- I may not ‘frolic’ to class.
29- I may not sell Hermione’s homework for profit.
30- I may not attempt to breed House Elves.
31- Nor may I attempt to buy their children.
32- I may not refer to Slytherins as “Children of the Korn”.
33- I am not allowed to call Harry “Scarface”.
34- Nor am I allowed to call him “Pothead”.
35- I am not allowed to ask First Years if they need help ‘polishing their wand’. No matter how funny their reactions are.
36- I may not perform last rights on Harry as he sleeps.
37- I am not blind; I may not tell people I am.
38- Nor is my brother dead. I may not tell them that either.
39- The portrait of the Fat Lady is not called ‘Piggy’. I may not call her that. Nor may I encourage her to diet.
40- I may not attempt to poke Nearly Headless Nick. No matter how fun it is.
41- I may not initiate an Inter-House Bunking Day.
42- I may not go to class in the Girl’s uniform.
43- No matter how ‘breezy’ I think the skirt is.
44- Hagrid is not going to eat me.
45- I am not “emo”. I may not act like I am.
46- I am not allowed to refer to Dumbledore as “pops”.
47- I am not a mutated bullfrog. I must remember this.
48- There is no such thing as the ‘Ugly Disease’. I may not tell people that they have it.
49- I am not allowed to randomly point at people and shriek.
50- Nor am I allowed to claim that ‘their face burns my eyes’.
51- Mike Rotch has heard every possible joke about his name; I may not repeat them.
52- No, that was not a challenge.
53- Building a giant model of the moon made entirely of cheese is not an acceptable extra-credit assignment.
54- I may not refer to Peeves as “Peewee”.
55- Nor am I allowed to call him Caspar; his name is Peeves.
56- I may not question Ernie as to where ‘Bert’ is.
57- I am not allowed to ask Hermione why she has a squirrel on her head.
58- That is her hair; I must leave it alone.
59- I am not allowed to lick people just for the fun of it.
60- Nor am I allowed to bite them. It is unsanitary.
61- My father is not Michael Jackson.
62- Neither is my mother.
63- I may not tell Professor Snape that I think he’s sexy.
64- Nor may I tell him that I want to have his babies.
65- I may not repeat that to any member of staff. I must remember that I’m male – it’s genetically impossible for me to have anyone’s babies.
66- No, that was not a challenge.
67- I am not Merlin.
68- Just because I have a shiny hat does not make me Merlin.
69- No one cares about the fact that I think I’m Merlin.
70- I must get over my obsession of spoons.
71- Millicent Bulstrode is not a man; I may not tell her she looks like one.
72- I may not tell people that if they anger me I will eat their first born child.
73- I may not steal Professor Trelawny’s glasses just because I like them.
74- I may, however, tell her that they please me.
75- Draco Malfoy is not a vampire. I am not allowed to “stake” him.
76- I am not allowed to form Satanic cults simply because I’m bored.
77- I may not step on the head’s of First Years due to the fact that they’re shorter than I am.
78- I am not allowed to “inform” people that they have cancer and will promptly die in four days.
79- I may not answer “Yo Momma” when Professor McGonagall asks me if I’m paying attention in class.
80- I may not attempt to bribe Professor Sprout. Especially with leftover vegetables from last night’s dinner.
81- I may not publicly accuse Madame Pomfrey of ‘sampling’ the medication.
82- Nor may I offer to join her.
83- Voldemort is not my uncle.
84- Nor has he ever been.
85- I am not allowed to ‘stalk’ the First Years.
86- Nor am I allowed to ‘hunt’ them.
87- Salazar Slytherin is not my ‘bitch’.
88- In fact, I have no bitch.
89- Hugging the wrong end of a Blast Ended Skrewt is a bad idea. I may not do so.
90- Ron is not Hermione’s pimp. I may not tell everyone that he is.
91- Nor am I her pimp.
92- I may not attempt to ‘convert’ the Hufflepuffs.
93- I am not allowed to tell everyone that Malfoy blows Snape on a nightly basis.
94- It is not my ‘duty’ to inform the staff of the large bag of weed under Goyle’s bed.
95- Especially if it turns out to be regular cut grass.
96- I may not attempt to cut Snape’s hair.
97- Nor am I allowed to sell it.
98- Eating a bar of chocolate that weighs more than I do is a bad idea. I may not do so.
99- I may not burst into tears every time someone smiles at me.
100- I am not allowed to randomly develop an accent and switch them at will.
101- The Centaurs are free-thinking creatures; I may not attempt to “tame” them.
102- Nor am I allowed to attempt to breed them.
103- I am not allowed to draw naughty stick figures on the wall as the teacher turns around.
104- Nor am I allowed to openly mock her reaction.
105- I may not dye my skin blue.
106- Professor Dumbledore is not a woman in disguise; I may not tell everyone that he is.
107- I may not steal the bludgers and release them during Potions class.
108- I am not allowed to sign Lucius Malfoy up to be a ‘playmate’. Nor am I allowed to laugh when he gets accepted.
109- I may not tell Ron that Hermione is a lesbian just to see what he does.
110- I am not allowed to inform Remus that his last name rhymes with “poopin’”.
111- I may not claim to be the next Dark Lord.
112- Nor may I claim to be “Hogwarts’ Queen”.
113- I am not allowed to steal the toilet seats in every bathroom.
114- Nor am I allowed to sell them.
115- I am not offer to cook people’s owls.
116- Trevor is not food.
117- I am not allowed to strip dance for extra credit.
118- I may not steal everyone’s left shoe.
119- Nor may I steal their right ones.
120- I may not steal Collin’s camera and use it to take nude pictures of myself.
121- I am not allowed to try and kiss the Giant Squid.
122- I am not allowed to tell Cho that she’s putting on weight nicely just to see if she’ll cry.
123- I may not attempt to eat Filch’s cat, Mrs. Norris.
124- Nor may I attempt to eat his pants.
125- I may not point and laugh at the Ravenclaws.
126- I am not allowed to scream “Rape! Rape!” in a public place every time Professor Snape walks by.
127- I am not allowed to jump students in dark hallways.
128- Nor am I allowed to jump professors there either. In fact, I’m not allowed to jump anyone, anywhere. Dark hallway, or not.
129- No, that was not a challenge.
130- Rita Skeeter in her animagus form will not make a good pet. I may not keep her.
131- I may not throw a wild, raucous party the day before an exam.
132- In fact, I’m not allowed to throw a party at all.
133- I may not tell Luna that she belongs in a phsyc ward. No matter how crazy I think she is.
134- I may not steal cutlery from the kitchens.
135- Nor may I attempt to steal the House Elves.
136- Fawkes is not food. I may not eat him.
137- I am not allowed to recite Professor McGonagall’s dating history to the class.
138- Especially when I know the list is fabricated and includes several stray cats.
139-Draco Malfoy is not Harry Potter’s illicit lover. I may not tell people he is.
140- Stripping during breakfast is not a great way to show Gryffindor bravery; I may not do it.
141- Nor may I do it during dinner.
142- I am not allowed to tell people that I’m “The Fredinator” and that my brother is “The Georgetor”.
143- My life motto may not be “what happens in Hogwarts, stays in Hogwarts”.
144- I am not allowed to take any Slytherin up on the challenge: “You wouldn’t dare hex me, Weasley.”
145- Not am I allowed to hex them unchallenged.
146- I may not snorkel in the prefect’s bathroom.
147- I may not wonder aloud why Myrtle looks so pale today when I know she’s in the room.
148- Nor may I mock the way she died.
149- I am not allowed to attempt to suck other people’s thumbs.
150- I may not claim that Snape is Dumbledore’s bitch. Nor may I allude to any threesome of sorts between them and Voldemort.

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Torchwood - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 14 - Words: 15,755 - Reviews: 149 - Favs: 43 - Follows: 44 - Updated: 4/2/2009 - Published: 10/7/2008 - Jack H., Gwen C.
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Sweet Disposition reviews
When Harry and his friends escape the paparazzi to Lima, Ohio, what is waiting for them? TO CONFIRM: THIS IS A HARRY/KURT STORY, BUT IT STARTS OUT AS A ONE SIDED HARRY/QUINN... just for all who were wondering.
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what if Merlin had been prepared for Morgause? What if he knew how to save Morgana? What if Morgause left? Alternate ending to The Fires of Idirsholas. rated T in case.
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a man turns up in a plice station in cardiff, looking for his father. the investigation leads back to a familiar face, and secrets about the past are revealed. possible Janto.
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Georgina Humphrey wakes up and finds herself in the middle of her favourite tv show, Doctor Who. The Doctor is convinced it isn't possible, and they set out to find a way to get back. Is she dreaming, hallicunating or is it real? Please review.
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