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Umph, my profile back then really looks unconvincing, doesn’t it?

So it’s time for me to update it nonetheless!

-enter some random SFX-

Hi! I’m bellatheshrimp, you can call me bella/bells though, a writer-wanna-be who is barely known as a crazy fangirl. Scratch that, a crazy, biased, rabid yaoi fangirl to be more exact. Im a 9th grader, currently waiting with full of hopes due to an UN final results(semoganilaikubagus amiiin ).


SasuNaru. Ok, who can resist them? (several hands up ...well, Im not) Despite of my crazy obsession, it’s written clearly in the plot line. Even though some of you would say it’s just a brotherhood bonds, you can’t deny that Sasuke has special feelings towards a certain blonde dobe ( either just a brotherhood feeling or something else-winkwink-)

Hell, Kishimoto stated himself that he likes shonen-ai and his favorite pairing is SasuNaru. Soooo...maybe we can assuming (or rather, hopes) how the ending’s gonna be, right?

TezuFuji (PerfectPair). Since the first time I laid my eyes on Tenipuri, I proclaim myself to love this pair. They often spotted walk together, communicating with some special ways ( look in the eyes, etc) and have an extraordinary relationship. I think Konomi likes to give us some hints about them, both in the manga and anime.

Some beautiful scenes about them ( and a prove that they’re really together ):

Prince of Tennis anime ep 174-176: It contains a lots of TezuFuji hints. And I mean, A LOTS. In case you’re not a yaoi fangirl, after you see this episode Im certain you’ll think something is really going on between them ( i.eThey’re the rain...with one umbrella...GUYS! Open your eyes! )

Prince of Tennis manga Genius 361: Just read it yourself. It’s really a TezuFuji moments.

In Tenipuri chibi episodes, Tezuka is a grandpa while Fuji’s a grandma...even there’s one scene that they’re sleeping together-different futons, sadlyXP their seiyuu (Ryotaro Okiayu and Yuki Kaida) sing together in Kokode Bokura wa Deatteshimata ( it’s a really good songs...really ) Hey I swear that they are singing cos of fanservice –squealing madly-

One of my favorite quotes : “Sometimes I wonder, what kind of relationship Tezuka-bucho and Fuji senpai really had?”-taken from Kachiro...or Katsuo. Whoever.

Why IS they called Perfect Pair? Simply because they’re perfect with each other!

O-yea, I also support some pairings below:

Naruto: GaaNaru, SasuSaku, ItaNaru, NaruHina, SasoDei, NejiTen, ShikaTema, SaiIno, SaiNaru, KakaObi, GenShizu ( you see, you can’t say that Im a 100 percent yaoi fangirl LOL)

Tenipuri: Alpha Pair, Dirty Pair, Golden Pair, Silver Pair, Platinum Pair, InuiKai ( I don’t know their pairing name...) Pillar Pair ( depends on mood ), Adorable Pair, Tango Pair, OT5 ( sometimes... i find it quite hard to love a fivesome relationship )

What? All of them are yaoi? Hmm, just how many female chara in Tenipuri anyway? Just five or so?

FMA: RoyEd, RizaHavoc, AlWinry

D.Gray-Man: Yullen, AnyboysAllen ( Allen’s so adorable-hugs-), LaviLenalee

Thank you for visiting my profile, GBU always guys!

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