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Hey, everybody! If you're reading this, then you probably want to know some stuff about me.

Name: Shelby

Age: 19 Finally!

Location: Yeah right, like I'm gonna tell you.

Random info: College sophmore! Employed by campus dining services. Likes to hang out with friends (when they're actually available), and have fun. Still watchs cartoons. Loves playing Kingdom Hearts, and many other videogames (but mostly Kingdom Hearts). Likes to read, draw, web surf, and write.

Wow...I'm not very exciting, am I? Oh well! Please read my stories and review. Burns are not only excepted but appreciated. I need all the help I can get! Trust me, you won't hurt my feelings.

One of my friends told me to put quotes on here, you go. We're weird, I know. LOL!

My Random Quotes:

While at Giant Eagle on one of those heart rate-measuring machine things: "Wow, it says prehypertention." ~Mandy (my little sister, she's 14)
"Can't that lead to diabetes?" ~Me (I was kidding.)
"OH NO, I have diabetes!" ~Mandy
A couple of weeks later: "Ew, chicken again. I'm going to become a vegatarian." ~Mandy
"Mandy, you hate vegetables." ~Me
"Then I'll be a fruitatarian." ~Mandy
Yet again, about a week later: "Gah, I'm so fat!" ~
"Mom, did you know Mandy was a fat vegan diabetic?" ~Me

"What if you where this size?" ~My friend Mike holding an OPEN umbrella in front of his...private area
"Wow, a boyfriend and a tampon!" ~Me (Don't ask--I don't know.)

"It's not even the good part of his stomach!" ~Me complaining about Seifer's outfit in KH2--I mean, it totally misses his abs! If he's going to show some skin, at least let it be the part we want to see.

"Jeez, who shoved a Keyblade up your ass?" ~Me (It was for a story.)

"You're so cute, Shelby." ~My friend Bell after I said something that made her laugh
"I'm not cute!" ~Me
"Yeah, you are. I Just want to sqeeze you." ~Bell

"How about Abraham Lincoln?" ~Me while taking a Government test
"But we wrote that for the last question we didn't know." ~My best friend Amber (It was a partner test.)
"Well, it's got to be right eventually." ~Me

"You know, if you did your homework, you wouldn't be failing." ~Me
"Yeah, I just don't feel like it." ~My best friend Amanda
rolls eyes "So you'd rather take the class again? You are one strange kid." ~Me

"Mom, we finally named the spider that lives in the mail box. His name is George." ~Me

"I'm leaving." ~My Mom
"Okay...wait." ~Me (but she left before she heard me)
"Hey, did Mom just leave?" ~Mandy
"Yeah, but she won't get very far." ~Me
"Why?" ~Mandy
"Because her keys are right there on the table." ~Me

"Amanda, I'm kinda standing outside your house...staring at your bedroom window. I know you're there; pick up the phone. Oh, come on, I could hear it ringing from all the way out here." ~Me leaving a voice mail while trying to pick Amanda up from her house (She sleeps like a log, by the way.)

"And as you can see, the Andrameda galaxy is moving away from our Milkyway galaxy. Maybe it's lacktose intolerant." ~a guy on a video we were watching in Astronomy class. No joke, he actully said it.

at the top of her lungs: "LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE AH-WHOOOO!" ~Amanda, summoning the "god of precipitation" in an attempt to get a snow day (This is a regular ritual. -_-;)

"I need an excuse to get out of marching band today." ~Me
"How about a dentist appointment?" ~Amanda
"No, I used that one last week." ~Me

"No, I'm not from this planet. I came from Jupitar." ~Me
"Cool, then I came from Mars." ~Mandy
"You can't come from Mars. Amanda's from Mars. You can be from Pluto." ~Me
"But that's not even a planet." ~Mandy
"No, it's a Disney character." ~Me
"I came from Mickey Mouse's pet dog?" ~Mandy (That's not exactly what she said, but it was something like that. I can't really remember anymore.)

"Shelby, you spelled 'definitely' wrong." ~Amanda
"What, and this surprises you?" ~Me (I can't spell to save my life. Spell check is my best friend.)
"Not really, but it's bugging me." ~Amanda the grammer freak (BTW, she even criticized my spelling of 'grammar.')
"Well, I wouldn't want to upset her almighty Queen of Grammer." ~Me

"I want a taco." ~Me
"But it's 9:30 at night." ~Amanda
"But it sounds good!" ~Me
a couple minutes later: "Mom, we're going to Taco Bell. Shelby's having a 9:41 taco craving." ~Amanda

"You need to highlight every important fact. There's a reason they call me the highlighter nazi." ~My old history teacher

"Kids say they don't want to do their homework. That's fine--don't do it. You have the right to fail. It's up to you. If you don't like it, go make a pot." ~My crazy german teacher telling people to get with it or go take an art class

"I'm the King of Kingdom Hearts." ~My cousin Evan (He thinks he's good.)
"The King? Dude, you're ninty hours into it, at level twenty eight, and you still have the kingdom key. No wonder you can't beat Demyx." ~Me

"Riku's in my party! Party party party-harty!" ~Amanda singing a song when Riku joined her party at the end of KH2

"MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY!" ~Bell, she screams this at random video game bosses. she even wrote it in someone's yearbook

Amanda tries to steal my food: "Leave it!" ~Me
"But, look at me. I'm withering away to nothing. I'm starving...are you going to let me die?" ~Amanda
"Yesterday, when we told you you looked underfed, you tried to tell us you had plenty of fat. You just want my food." ~Me
"But I'm starving." ~Amanda. (This is a daily lunch conversation.)

"It's a learning deficency. It's called 'I CAN'T FREAKIN SPELL!'"~Me

We say things that are funnier than this stuff. Unfortunately, I have a very short memory span. (This section has been grammar edited by Amanda, so that you may actually understand what you're reading. XDDDD JK, but seriously, nesseccarily, Shelby? It's necessarily, for future references.)

If any of you read Trapped then you might be wondering why I chose those words as the last names for Riku and Sora. Well here's why:

Hinata (Sora) - it means 'sunshine' (depending on the dictionary you are looking at. Sometimes it means 'a sunny place') I chose this one for Sora because Sora means sky and the sun is in the sky. Plus the sun gives off light, and Sora is the hero of the light. (this will also be Roxas's last name if they are brothers in any of the stories.)

Yogore (Riku) - it means 'dirt' (can also mean 'dirty' or 'grime' but that's not what I was going for) Since Riku means 'land' it's only fitting that his last name is something that is found on the land.

These are the last names for Naminé, Roxas, ans Kairi:

Himeno (Kairi) – it means ‘the one princess.’ With Kairi being a Princess of heart this name just seemed to fit her. (This will also be Naminé’s last name if they are sisters in any of the stories.)

Makkuro (Roxas) – it means ‘(jet) black’. I chose this because Roxas is the dark side of Sora’s heart, or as many call him ‘Sora’s Shadow.’

Masshiro (Naminé) – it means ‘white’ or ‘white snow.’ This seems to fit perfectly. (to me anyway) Naminé always dresses in white and her room was white, so it made sense.

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