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Author has written 22 stories for Harry Potter, NCIS, Simpsons, Twilight, House, M.D., and Bleach.

For The Hand Fate Dealt Me, Chapter 10 Of Spaghetti, Carrots, and Pizza

These are the lyrics mentioned in ch 10, Disgustipated by Tool, and also a link so you can listen to it too. It's kinda a long song, but what I talked about in the chapter only has to deal with the first half of the song so you don't have to sit through all the cricket chirping in the middle of the song. The cricket chirping lasts 7 minutes and 1 second in most versions until it gets to the second half of the song, although the second half of the song wasn't necessary for ch 10.

And the angel of the lord came unto me.
Snatching me up from my place of slumber,
And took me on high,
And higher still until we moved through the spaces betwixt the air itself.
And he brought me into a Vast farmland of our own mid-west.
And as we descended, cries of impending doom arose from the soil
One thousand, nay, a million voices full of fear.
And terror possessed me then.
And I begged:
"Angel of the lord, what are these tortured screams?"
And the angel said unto me: "these are the cries
Of the carrots. the cries of the carrot.
you see, reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day, and to them,
it is the holocaust."
and I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat with the tears of one million Terrified brothers and roared:
"hear me now, I have seen the light.
they have a consciousness!
they have a life!
they have a soul.
damn you!
let the rabbits wear glasses.
save our brothers.
can I get an Amen.
can I get a hallelujah.
thank you, Jesus."

These are my stories and the inspiration behind them. Set in no particular order, except I kept the Twilight with the Twilight, HP with HP, Bleach with the Bleach and House, M.D. all by it's lonesome. They say one is the loneliest number. singing "One is the loneliest number that there ever was..." looks around "No one was watching, right? RIGHT?" o.O

1. "How to Save a Life"
This is my first ever House, M.D. fanfiction. I got the idea while I was at my boring part time job, forced to listen to The Blend (AKA a stupid XM radio station). The song How to Save a Life by the Fray came on and it's like, what if I did a fiction about House. So it kinda mirrored my disgruntled reaction at the season finale for Season Five, when I thought it was going to be the last season ever. Thank God I was wrong about that!

2. "Leah, Tall and Strong"
My above listed Major story. As a Leah/Nahuel, I got the idea when I felt sorry for Leah at the end of Breaking Dawn. I wanted her to have her own happy ending so I decided to give it to her. It just takes a while to get there.

3. "Hurt"
Marcus/Didyme. Marcus trying to live while his one true love and soul mate couldn't. I got this idea while listening to Hurt when sung by Johnny Cash. I sat with the idea mulling around in my head, and rough ideas written down on paper for hours before I could get to a computer. Another one of my better fics.

4. "The Last Night"
Alice/Jasper. The night they met, how I think it might have happened. Based on Skillet's The Last Night. I was bored in school and had the outline all down on paper before I got to my computer at home.

5. "Whispers in the Dark"
Carlisle/Esme. This is what I think was going through Carlisle's and Esme's (And sometime Edward's) minds when Carlisle decided to save Esme. Set to Skillet's Whispers in the Dark. I got the idea for this around the same time as I got the idea for "The Last Night"

6. "Brawn, Not Brain"
Emmett. I got sick of the whole "Emmett is a moron" theme so decided to write this short 420 word essay on Emmet and what he thinks of the wrap he gets.

7. "Betrayal of the Worst Sort"
I was reading Bella/Jasper fics and saw that throughout all of them, Bella and Jasper got together pretty quickly after Edward and Alice betrayed them. I wanted to see if I could change that. Maybe I can, maybe I can't. Who knows?

8. "Whiskey Lullaby"
Another song fiction I thought of in the morning when I heard the story. Harsh words are said, people leave. I wanted to know what happens when you can't take those words back. I found out people get hurt.

9. "You Belong With Me"
A story from Jacob Black's view point I got the idea for by reading Future Mrs Lauren Cullen's story "You Belong With Me Twilight Remix". I used her lyrics, with her full permission, for the story. Enjoy.

10. "Harry Potter Meets Leroy Jethro Gibbs"
Harry/Hermione. I got the idea for this story when I decided to mix my two favorite topics (at the time) Harry Potter and NCIS. I am currently stick at chapter seven because I can't decide to make the chapter before or after he found her.

11. "More Than A Memory"
Kind of Harry/Hermione, although Hermione is dead through most of it. This idea came while I was listening to More Than a Memory by Garth Brooks. Originally Harry wasn't supposed to kill Hermione, he was supposed to walk into her decimated house, but I like the way it turned out much better. One of my better fics, even with the death and other sensitive topics.

12. "Do You Believe Me Now?"
A anti-George (Weasley)/Ziva David while a Ziva David/Tony DiNozzo fic. This was my first attempt at a mixing of Harry Potter and NCIS, although why it was I don't know. It was my first time in fanfiction other than Harry Potter and part of me didn't want to let it go yet, I guess.

13. "Fighting Fire with Fire"
Another Harry/Hermione fiction. This idea came from Garth Brooks' Standing Outside the Fire about Harry and his all consuming love for Hermione. I tried to portray the love that Harry could feel, that Voldemort could not.

14. "Five Little Words"
My first (and probably last) Lily/Severus fiction. This idea came to me while I was on, like the first page of re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. I was reviewing Petunia's hate for all things magical, which brought me to Snape's memories, which brought me to the scene by the lake in Snape's memory from Order of the Phoenix, which led me to this. I hope you all like it.

15. "Harry Potter and his Curse of the Clothes"
I was on the computer while my brother was watching The Simpsons and BOOM!! This happened. Enjoy!

16. "Busy Being Faublous"
Another work induced story! This time for Harry Potter. I was listening to Busy Being Fabulous by the Eagles when the thought for an Anti Ginny/Harry story popped up. It's how Harry and his daughter break away from Ginny. With help from Hermione of course!

17. "Getting Him Back"
A Luna/Harry fan fiction where Luna actually gets angry for once. And for good reason.

18. "Only Time Could"
Just a short 500 word snapshot of the moment after the end of my version of a final battle of Harry and Voldemort. A Harry/Hermione story.

19. "Closet Space"
A hurt/comfort fic for my newest obsession, Bleach! Yay! I wanted badly to do a hurt/comfort fic that showed the gentler side of my favorite character. I'm trying to keep the story mysterious and not give too much away, so the characters labled aren't the MAIN characters, though they do have important roles.

20. "Scatter, Senbonzakura!"
An Ichi/Ruki story. I wondered what would happen if Ichigo would ever have to face Byakuya without Zangetsu by his side and this is what came of it. Lots of humor, I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

21. "Never Become a Grim Reaper"
I once read a Harry Potter fanfic that gave me the idea for this. I don't remember the name of said HP fic, or even where I read it but I think I did just as good of a job with this fic. Poor George, he really needs a job change.

22. "That's Too Bad"
Just came to me while I was sitting here. I wanted to write something short and kinda poetic. Set in Rukia's POV it's about her relationship with Ichigo. IchiRuki for the win!!!


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