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Author has written 34 stories for Ed, Edd n Eddy, Total Drama series, Hellsing, Homestuck, Amazing World of Gumball, X-overs, Misc. Cartoons, Simpsons, Gravity Falls, Mario, Misc. Games, King Of The Hill, Terraria, Steven Universe, Big Bang Theory, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, and Naruto.


...Nah just kidding. Repentance is really good though. If I complain about things being hard it doesn't mean I hate the game.

Speaking of which if you see my avatar change a lot it means that The Binding of Isaac is kicking my ass. I change it for every run I die in. I have a "cycle" that's prone to change. Also each death means I'll update my profile a bit (here and in Fictionpress), so the more my avatar changes, the more active you can expect this to be. If this gets inactive it means I'm on a win streak and my "edit debt" has been repayed. However if the "debt" gets big enough, expect to see... well, I'll just say it's a very shameful "return to form" and leave it at that, since I don't want to confirm this particular story's revival.

("Are you gonna do some kind of Isaac fic" in short, definitely if Homestuck dies without ever telling us limeblood powers, but still probably if it doesn't.)

UPDATE MOST LIKELY TO HAPPEN NEXT (Legit): A more teen-friendly Terraria "sister fic" to Zenith Nymph's Adventures, will be out one week before ZNA proper. Not set in the same world as ZNA, but it might be set in the same world as Teaser. EDIT: Actually there's a good chance that the teen-friendly one will be the one named Zenith Nymph's Adventures, while the more "mature" (in some ways it might be more immature, but it will have more of an actual story instead of being sitcom stuff) one will get a title closer to what was originally planned. (Maybe Romancing the Last Dryad?)

UPDATE MOST LIKELY TO HAPPEN NEXT (SBIG): Probably the next Journals or Infinity Edition? Actually lately I've been thinking of un-SBIGging that, like making it less absurd overall and in to its own sort of story.

RANDOM FUTURE "LEAK" (It's not a real leak if it's told by the very same creator of the story, is it?): There's another "Intermission" of Walking Meth planned before the finale. It will still be "relevant," but I want the exact way how to still be a surprise.

Good afternoon.

For future reference and this should go without saying, please do not visit any locations or "suspicious" coordinates mentioned in my fanfiction. I'm not an ARG-guy. (Well, ARGs that involve physically going somewhere.) There's nothing there. This mostly pertains to Run: .GIFocalypse.

"Wow did you die or something? Why isn't this anywhere near as active as it was... pretty much from HUC up to around 2017-ish." No I didn't die, it's just that lately (but this is probably going to change as I'm thinking of getting back in to some ideas) been a little more focused on my Fictionpress stories. Go to my Fictionpress account and you'll see that I'm far more active there. At first, a bulk of my effort was placed in to Ordinarily United (NSFW), but then I kind of... felt like I wrote myself in to a corner, so I put it on hiatus while I started to work way more on Joy Roy (also NSFW, but probably relatively more worksafe than OU since there, at least, isn't any body horror or violence, which OU has). I worked on other Fictionpress works, but it's honestly mostly been JR. It might shift to Hexadecisland, the main reason why it's taking so long now is because I thought it would be a good idea to kinda rapid-fire introduce eleven characters at once (although only two, maybe three of those characters, get proper introductions, this was just a rapid-fire first appearance really), but now I think I'm over that hump.

...Boy is this profile kind of cringe-worthy as it stands. (And my stories are mostly updating faster than my profile. When I actually started filling this out around my "Total Zeksmit/Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals era," it was the other way around.) Soon I'll look through the whole thing again. I might get rid of a lot. Just maybe skip to the list of the update progress on my stories and ignore everything else. Even the links, they don't work. EDIT: As of January 15th (2017, but maybe I'll get to it on 2018 as well), I've begun removing some of the cringier ideas that probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Didn't get to see what Temples was supposed to be? Too bad, you'll have to wait until I hide it off on Tumblr and try to never talk about it again. Considering Escape From Fanservice Island, I think you'll understand that my standards are already pretty low in the first place. Anyway, I would recommend just reading up to the list of works until you see stuff that isn't published, then skip straight down to the stories. Or, better yet, click "hide bio" right away. This is still very much under-construction-y.

It was especially under construction since I finally addressed this glitch that screwed up bulleted lists and bunched them together as big underlined blocks. Basically I'm just taking advantage of that to motivate myself to remove stupid ranty stuff. I already took a pretty big chainsaw to this page. If you want to see the old version prior to fixing all the lists with the underline glitches... for archive's sake I put it on my computer, so I might find some offsite place to throw that on as a hall of shame a long time later. Or I'm just gonna guess that there's someone who finds this "cringey" enough to document it all for drama or whatever, I don't really know because I don't follow Internet drama unless it's something about the downfall of a big name. Jokes on anyone who documents my stuff, though, because they're willingly putting themselves through my awful writing.

Oh, and all of the length is me explaining stuff. I don't put any of that copy-paste meme stuff you would see on some other profiles. I personally think that this fact makes this profile less impressive, not more, because of how much junk I put in it.

Let me start this out by saying that I do not do drugs. Many of my ideas just come from... well, they're usually inspired by something. My later stories less so. But most of the time I go through with them because I don't find anything else like the concept anywhere in the fanbase, and if I do it's usually either hiatus'ed before it really takes off or... not... exactly... satisfactory.

Original fiction is at my Fictionpress right here. I'm also a TV Tropes and Wikipedia user, among other websites, but my pages on there... they haven't been updated in a long time. I don't really like updating too many profiles, although I do like playing around with formatting and making stupididly complicated tables and stuff. Generally if you see a guy named "Great Pikmin Fan" on other websites chances are that's me, I don't post off of this website too much (and rarely on here) so I don't really feel the need to list them all. Well, except TV Tropes. Right now because of me not understanding how usernames and links worked back when I first made my account, it's technically just written as "greatpikminfan." Augh.

If you're "overwhelmed" by my stories (understandable), don't want to read through the entire profile (even more understandable, I hate looking through this too, some of the stuff that was burried from years ago is so cringe-worthy now and I'm only barely trying to clean this up now (April 2020)), and have no idea where to start, I'll give a few self-recommendations. If you want to start with the "SBIG" series, I'd actually suggest Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals if you want a "good first impression," or you could be boring and start in publish-order with The Eds' EDventure and Zombie Attack! (And then HUC comes after those, publish-wise). I would not recommend starting my original stories in publish order, because Total Drama World Tour Rewrite, even with its remake, is still kind of garbage IMO. It's just that the remake is garbage on purpose. I would recommend run:gifocalypse as the "highlight" of my non-joke fan fiction, and it's also a good start for my "element lore." In general, I'd say that both "SBIG" and not-"SBIG," my writing's probably at its relative highest for my Gravity Falls fics, while it's at the lowest for my Homestuck ones (Bl:oodswap as the potential exception; but that's after I redo it! I don't even want to look at BS as it is now, it's way too embarassing). Like, my HS stuff is so bad that if you print out of one them, draw a pentagram from blood, and put the story in the middle, you could probably summon something evil. (But don't do that, seriously. Don't do anything with real blood. Red paint? Knock yourself out as long as you don't get high off of it.)

ANYWAY, some basics about me. I consider myself an optimist, although I'm not quite sure if I completely fit in with the definition. When it comes to what I write and what I like, I guess I could be considered something of a manchild. I am kind of obsessed with making stories over-the-top with escalation in some way, needlessly complex (the more world building and side characters, the "better"), and full of attractive women that don't like clothes. Yet I'm not that fond of "superhero movies." (Quotes because I'm being a little broad with that.) I actually do like romance some times, as long as it feels natural and isn't some dragged-on back-and-forth drama plot. I generally like upbeat stuff that takes itself at least somewhat seriously, and have a low tolerance for cliches and unoriginality. I'm also kind of stubborn when it comes to getting in to something new, which usually results in me setting rock-bottom expectations, which usually results in something I try out actually meeting those expectations and ending up liking the series. (I thought Gurren Lagann and Gravity Falls were going to be overpraised crap before I got in to them, and now I can barely stop shoving them in to everything. On the other hand I thought Star Vs the Forces of Evil sounded like something I would really like but I gave it a few episodes and kind of put it on hold because it didn't really hook me in like those other creator-driven shows it's often compared to did (I don't think it's even remotely bad by any means, just not my sort of thing) EDIT holy crap I wrote that before the ending. Yeah, I spoiled the Star ending and Jesus Christ I don't think I want to touch that series. And I was starting to reconsider and give it another chance. Anyway, on the third hand I thought Steven Universe sounded interesting and I did end up genuinely liking it, EDIT: But "Change Your Mind" was a little eh and I'm putting off the movie right now because it's a movie and I hate sitting through those usually...) I'm really not fond of graphic violence or jump scares. I don't know why, but in my opinion the funniest stuff is something that's spectacularly bad in all of the right ways, whether by intention or not. ("So bad it's good.") The scarriest stuff involves bugs. I like them individually, but screw swarms of them. Seriously. (I know, ironic, seeing what video game franchise is in my current username.)

Depending on the story I'm doing I either tend to kill off a lot of characters or pretty much kill off nobody at all. There's little middle ground. Right now I'm doing a lot of the latter, but expect the former to creep in. Especially in my original fiction.

Speaking of plural pages: I made the following TV Tropes pages for my garbage (in order of the fic's creation date). Just go to TV tropes, go to any page, and replace the "Main / " with "Fanfic / " minus the spaces (Webcomic / in the case of Sweet Jade and Hella John), then write out the titles as spelled without any special characters.
* SBIG Series (SBIG as a whole, The Eds' EDventure, Zombie Attack!, Sheldin and Lenard Tock About Fysicks, Kids Fit the Trolls, Gumball Vs Satan, SBIGlets, Act 5 Vs Act 6, Kids Fight the Zombies, naruto the guy with the ninja, and Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage.)
* Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals (Itself and Hecksing: The Dawn)
* Total Zeksmit Plains
* Sweet Jade and Hella John
* Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals (and Split)
* Four Hundred Ninety Six Reasons
* Carl Stevens Universe (Don't ask why I thought making a page on that would be a good idea. And Christ I still need to rewrite that.)
* Run Gifocalypse

I accept criticism as long as the points brought up make sense. Mindless bashing I don't like. Although, if you do bring up something you don't like, chances are I'm well aware of that flaw but never actually get to working on it. (TZP fails with Bridgette and Gwen's characters, can't really find its genre quite yet, and Ezekiel's character seems to fluctuate between calm, planned host and terrible ameatur, for example, that used to be one of my favorites of my own writing, then I just axed it. And crushed Ezekiel with a tree to symbolize that.) I'm not too much of a reader or reviewer myself, however. Mostly because I'm really picky. I tend to just go after something that sounds like stupid fun from the premise, and then just kinda lurk-read it.

I don't review often, but I will respond to almost any review to me. Here's a guide:

- The comments to the review will be at the bottom of the most recent chapter (even if the review is directed at an earlier chapter), between the footnotes and the closing AN. Unless I'm putting off reviewing. Or the chapter comes out just mere moments after the review is made.
- I will not comment on redundant reviews, even if they are written by different people. EDIT: Eh I might be lenient on this. I don't get too many reviews anyway.
- Bewarned that I could go off topic on my comment, so don't expect a direct response.
- I'll ignore meme reviews or things that aren't reviews. Like, spamming the review section with something irrelevant. Dumb copypastas and the like.

This profile is still under construction. One reason being is that I plan on adding sections for every fan fic series I'm working on.

Note to Total Drama writers, if this is even still relevant (I wrote this a long time ago so I don't know if that fandom's still active, but I still wanna keep this up even with me distancing myself from the Total Drama fandom): (Or maybe, but I hope it doesn't come to this, writers of other fandoms) if you're thinking about making your first competition one where other people submitts their characters, you might want to think again. Not only are these against the site rules (I think), but half of them never go anywhere and I believe that you should practice trying to characterize either canon characters or your own OCs before taking on this concept. I'm not saying I completely discourage the idea, but the sheer amount of these plus the general quality of most of them (several of them never even get enough apps. Take that as a warning sign) makes me want to put a warning like this out there.

Profile as of 4/24/2020 (If the "profile updated" says otherwise, it probably just means that I only made a quick update. Quick enough for me to forget about this.)

For future reference, I just want to get out of the way that nothing I write is a reference to Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Neon Genesis Evangelion. You'd know if I'm referencing something if I do it a lot and it's painfully obvious. EDIT: I feel like adding Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to this list right now, just a hunch. Pure coincidence if you think otherwise.

Some Things I Like (pretty much all of these following lists, even the last one, are incomplete, I'll add more if I think of them): Mario series, Zelda series, Pikmin series (duh I named my account after it), Terraria, Gravity Falls, Futurama, Old School Simpsons, Homestuck (Act 6 had a lot of things I didn't like, like that glitch infestation arc that didn't even matter too much, and the happy ending that felt unearned and cheap thanks to that Retcon device, but the Epilogues made up for that by making everybody miserable so I'm in to it again as long as Squared doesn't screw up too badly), The Binding of Isaac, Smash Bros, Bayonetta (story's OK but the gameplay is awesome), Community, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Oh and recently I've started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and I'm enjoying it so far, I can't believe I slept on that it's like Steven Universe way before Steven Universe and also as a bonus I love the look of the snowy regions at the beginning and end of the first Book. (Yeah this is a small thing to point out but I just love icy regions in general.) As of this edit I'm near the end of Season 1. Also I liked "The Great Divide" too so if that's what the nadir of the show's like I'm sure it's all gonna be smooth sailing.

Some Things I Don't Really Like as Much as I might Give the Impression of and I Just Kinda Joke About Some Times as an In-Joke (it's not a meme if I'm the only one doing them): King of the Hill (it's funny and I love Dale but good lord at a certain point it became "Anyone who doesn't follow the exact Bible Belt mentality of the Good Ol' Days(TM) is a deranged jerk weirdo" and Hank being always right was just annoying, also F Lucky), Perfect Hair Forever, The Big Bang Theory. The other three "Sage Series" (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Hellsing, and Steven Universe) are okay to good in my books. SU's probably my favorite of the six, but I've been kinda iffy about it since the ending of "Change Your Mind" and I haven't seen the movie or Future yet.

"Not My Cup of Tea" List but I Probably Won't Say it's 100% Crap Unless I'm Feeling Dickish: Marvel Cinematic Universe, probably any "relaxing" game (I don't even like building NPC homes in Terraria I just want to get to exploring and stuff, and I get bored of Minecraft kinda quickly, I think I'd hate a game that's almost nothing but me up to my own designs and everything with no risks or challenge), generally a lot of indie horror games toe the line between this list and the below list a lot, I don't feel like bothering to sort them right now.

Things I Don't Like: Modern Family Guy and its two little brothers (you know what shows I'm talking about, I shouldn't have to explain), Modern Simpsons, basically also anything that's ripped apart by the Internet I think is done for at least one good reason, even if there's some bad reasons, and I agree with that. (EG Teen Titans Go. Yes, I dislike this. Don't take any criticism I give of good Western animation as me saying I think TTG is better. I don't. But "It's better than TTG" is not a good excuse for anything. You might as well say that Superman 64 shouldn't be criticized because it has collision in it, while Big Rigs does not, ergo Superman 64 is, from a design standpoint of having necessary gameplay features (not about enjoyment), better than Big Rigs.)

Special "Twilight Bad" Disclaimer (I know it's a dead horse but I want people to be clear on where I stand on this): I haven't read or watched Twilight but I've heard that Edward's relationship is basically glorified abuse. If that's true, that's why I'm not in to it. I'm not and never really was of the "VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE, THIS DUMB!" crowd. I mean, come on, I'm not saying every Twilight hater who specifically doesn't dislike it for the abuse stuff is like this, but I think it's hypocritical to snark at the sparkling vampires and then love basically anything that takes creative liberties with mythological creatures whatsoever, especially that kinda anime and video games where "demons" are just basically ten year old girls with bat wings glued on, or "werewolves" are ten year olds with dog ears.

Things I Might Like, I Might Watch/Read/Etc Later: Infinity Train, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (the obsessive side of the fandom annoys me but I don't let that ruin my enjoyment of a series), My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (I saw one episode and liked it), Rick and Morty.

Things I Need to Catch up on Before Forming a Proper Opinion: South Park, Steven Universe, One Punch Man (You know what, I will say from what I read about her in advance that if I end up liking Tatsumaki I'll be impressed, she sounds like she's a crappy damsel in distress plot leading to a romance with the main character away from being as many tropes I hate crammed in to one character as possible. EDIT I realize months later that that might be a confusing read, so I'll explain: I'm not saying she is a damsel in distress, I mean if she was, then that would be as many tropes as I hate crammed in to one character).

The Thing I'm Distancing Myself from Because it Brings Back Painful Memories of how Awful I was and Also it's Kind of a Dead Fandom I Think(?) and I Might Just not be that in to it Anymore, I Don't Know, it's Complicated, but Right Now I'm Just Pretending This Doesn't Even Exist to Diminish Self-Embarrassment: Total Drama

Goals (when it comes to writing stories and stuff): To confuse so many readers that they set up a wiki in hopes of deciphering my stuff (it could even be ironic, joke-y, and mean-spirited; I'd just like to see "Dean Dove" or "Lawyer Guy" link to valid Wikia/Fandom pages some day, as long as they're not memefests); to convince some people to not write copy-paste stories or plagiarism; to inspire something else but not like a copy-paste ripoff (mostly I just want something like .GIFocalypse or Journals or (the new/upcoming) Bl:oodswap to exist but without me putting the effort of writing them); to publish some MUGEN characters (maybe I've stopped working on MUGEN in like forever); performing a "Colbert Bump" to something obscure; oh yeah, and most importantly, complete world domination.

Works Summary: My stories can definitely be described as crack, fan fic or original, but at the same time they're trying to be consistent internally (even the stuff that's outright bad on purpose) and it's just not in my nature to go full wacky random lololol. Believe me, I actually tried with the original Sweet Jade and Hella John, then for some reason I felt the need to tie it all together, resulting in a mess of a plot.

My stuff "lately" (depends on how you measure being recent, exactly) has a lot of nudity in it. I've always been obsessed with nudity, even as a dumb, annoying young kid. There is a lot of nudity of adult, conventionally-attractive women in some of my things (mostly RG here; the lion's share is over on Fictionpress) but also quite a bit of adult men, and especially later on you'll see other, non-conventionally attractive groups naked like old people and out-of-shape people. Why? I definitely don't believe in only having male nudity for humor or any other reason and keeping all women fully-clothed at all times because otherwise that's too "scandalous," BUT I also dislike that thing you'll see where naked women are constantly used for sex appeal and naked men, if they're in a thing at all, are used to be disgusting or otherwise shock the viewer. I want to mix things around a bit. Even Joy Roy will have women you don't want to see naked (like Insa) and men that you do (like Roy himself), both groups ending up naked, some times. I definitely also don't want to be "That Guy" who says that his female nudity is "equality" and "getting back at constant male nudity" elsewhere, so there's some contrived BS as to why women keep losing their clothes when they should be cut in half with swords instead while the men actually do get cut in half (and somehow survive with Main Character Magic).

Rant time about that. First of all, if we're going not by one work alone but all of media, I'm sure there is no global imbalance that favors male nudity. I think at this point ecchi anime more than outnumbers all the times Homer Simpson's shown his butt, especially since, tragically and regarding this specific joke example, FOX kinda shut down on Simpsons showing bare rear a long time ago. "Why do they always show guys naked but not girls hrm???" might be valid for just one series on its own, but comparing your Deviantart comic with all of fiction is dumb, there's legions of anime and apparently this obscure Game of Thrones thing I've heard about (I think it's some kind of indie game?) Second of all, just do like I'm doing, be honest and admit when you have fanservice for fanservice's sake, and be honest that you have bias towards female nudity. I am doing this for Joy Roy right now, there is no "equality" reason for why the hero team consists almost entirely of women that like running around naked.

Official List of Jokes I Don't/No Longer Want to Use Mostly Because Users in Some Web Sites (Usually Reddit Because as of Now That's the Only One I Really Lurk in; Everything Else Feels Like There's a Mandatory Account) Ran Them Through the Ground I Mean Holy Crap: Anything involving the numbers 420 or 69 (666 and especially 616 are still fair game though, and I hope they'll still be)... That's all I have now. But I'm pretty sure this list is going to grow by a lot later. I am also really not a fan of jokes that can be boiled down to loudly unironically announcing to everyone "HEY I THINK THIS IMAGE/VIDEO/ETC IS SEXY." Like, no. Even on websites devoted to that stuff, in the comment section of a clearly fanservice/sexual artwork or whatever, nobody needs to know that. And if you do that for something that wasn't meant to be sexual, I'm sorry, but you're just being creepy.

Fan Fiction Stats:

Published/Working on: ("Top priority" means it's currently the project I'm focusing most on.) (EDIT: Really soon I'm gonna zap a good chunk of the "writing" list for stuff that, let's face it, obviously isn't coming out any time soon.)

The Eds' EDventure (TEE) [COMPLETED] -- Part of the "SBIG" (Pronounced... well, "Sbig." As one word.) series. Random parody thing. Eds Vs Kids.
* Intermissions/"SBIGtermissions" [CANNED COMPLETELY (A), heck I might just cut this entire bullet really soon] -- Kids from Homestuck (mainly John and Jade) screwing around, part of the SBIG series. Getting stranded on islands, robing banks, fighting characters from a live-action sitcom, watching Ed, Edd n Eddy; that kind of stuff. Two of them will be would have been within the above work, there was going to be a third one hidden within a secret work. Chronologically the idea was between TZ series and SJAHJ, but that doesn't really matter much since these are organized by publish date. Also, I seriously gotta delete this bullet point completely, or move it to the below... I just need to think of where to put this monster.
* Zombie Attack! (ZA) [COMPLETED] -- Part of the "SBIG" series. Edd from EENE versus zombies. Originally a 'short' story as part of a TV Tropes thing. Also contains the second SBIGtermission, if I DO the intermissions. NOTE: The original story was deleted (as part of the entire badfic TV Tropes thread it was on) and, unless there's some archive site I'm not really aware of, it's not around for actual viewing. However, a while ago I saved up both the original text (TVT formatting and all), and put it on my user page on the fanfiction wiki. (It was going to be on its own page, but I chickened out.) I do plan on posting a remake of this as its own short story. This will probably be around the time I finally put TEE off hiatus. Remake thing aside, there's another, more spoilery reason as to why this is given a questionmark after the "COMPLETED." Anyway, the fic's original incarnation can be viewed here... if this site ever allows external links.
* Total Drama World Tour Rewrite (TDWTR) [REMADE, REMAKE ON HIATUS] -- As the name implies, a fix fic of Total Drama's third season with Ezekiel as the villain and a Harold-centric harem.
* Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals (HUC) [COMPLETED] -- A bad fic/parody of the Hellsing OVAs, part of the SBIG series. It starts off with nearly the exact same plot as canon but then things get... weird. As far as I care, this is pretty much where my writing "actually began," and it's my first story that actually holds a place in my heart. (Even then there's still some things I do not like about it.) Since then, HUC ended up getting a spinoff (Housestuck Hurrcain), a prequel (Dawn), and a sequel-ish to the spinoff (Split). Oh, and Carl Stevens Universe. If that even counts as a thing.
* Total Zeksmit Plains (TZP) [COMPLETED. MIGHT MAKE THE ENDING LESS AMBIGUOUS, BUT FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES I AM DONE WITH THIS CRAP] -- A Total Drama AU that was originally going to have this weird fantasy aspect to it and would have had a huge continuity before I started realizing that maybe Total Drama would be too difficult of a story to turn in to that. Anyway, basically, it's a "side, mini-competition" hosted by Ezekiel with Justin and Geoff working beside him, and the contestants are the original eleven female competetors, but in this AU none of them know each-other at first (except Katie and Sadie) and they don't know Ezekiel or the co-hosts. I kept not knowing what to do with it and having a lot of ideas that I just threw out for being really far removed from TD (let me just tell you right now that a lot of them were worked in to some of my Fictionpress stuff, I think... mostly Intriguing Group?), so back when I was a dumb teenager this was going to be some huge series, but as I grew older and more uptight about what I wanted to write I just canned this.
* Sweet Jade and Hella John (SJAHJ) [COMPLETED, REMAKE ON HIATUS; I might log back in to the mirror site after all these years and make one last joke-page "ending" where the comic basically retcons itself (by pasting something over the final scene of Sonic 2006? IIRC (Since I don't want to check that godawful thing) I already made one joke about the game back in the Mario Intermission so that would be like bringing it all full-circle, even more than implying that all dialogue was in one really long "pseudo-pesterlog") and then directs to the new version] -- Surreal parody thing inspired by Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff and Problem Sleuth. Part of the SBIG series. Basically the spiritual successor to Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. Offsite, thread for the original is here and the mirror is here. EDIT: Yeah I know the links don't work, but they're there for me, I'll try to plug them somewhere else or something a bit later. I know that the MSPA Forums are down completely, too, but the MSPFA mirror is still up.
* Onionstuck (OS?) [DISCONTINUED] -- Pikmin SBURB session. I'll try to stay true to Pikmin's themes here (Edit: Wow, even if I did go back to this, I already really did not stay true to Pikmin that much...), and the focus will really be more on the Pikmin themselves than on the session. Offsite, thread is here and the mirror is here.
* Movie Day (MD?) [ON HIATUS] -- An Ed, Edd n Eddy fan fic about the kids trying to cross a long distance in order to get to a hot vacation spot, but before a highly-hyped movie premiers there (and only there, until after several weeks) and they end up missing it. This was originally supposed to be my first "serious" fic after writing several SBIG installments, although that has since changed. It is, however, my first "adventure" fan fic, which paved the road for others. (See below.)
* Sheldin And Lenard Tock About Fysicks (I just say "S&L") [ALL-BUT DISCONTINUED BUT I MIGHT GIVE THIS SOME SORT OF SENDOFF] -- Comedic Big Bang Theory comic, part of the SBIG series.
* KIDS FIT THE TROLLS (KFTT) [COMPLETED AND MIRRORED] -- Homestuck short story that's also part of the SBIG series. It was originally hosted on the MSPA Forums, but years later I have brought it here.
* Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals (HHC, which I pronounce "Hick") [COMPLETED, but will almost certainly get a HUGE do-over in the far future, maybe before UPOIC 2 (see Fictionpress for that)] -- Part of the SBIG series and takes place in the same universe as Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. Shows the series from the Homestuck characters' point of view, which reveals a lot of stuff unseen in HUC, mainly because I haven't planned HHC when I was writing any of HUC. It explains stuff such as what happened to Dracula and why the hell John and Jade were in the jury in chapter 9 even though it's in a completely different country. While the overall plot is about the kids and trolls fighting the Felt, several chapters will focus on the side world because I didn't really like how "Hecksing Vs Millennium" took up the entire plot in HUC. EDIT: And the remake might dial back a lot on the "side-stuff" so that it's "just" 50-50 with the Felt stuff, I mean I still don't like how HUC was all Hecksing and Millennium and my favorite chapters were ones that explored more of the world (8, maybe 9, maybe 10, 11, and 13) but I think one of HHC's many, many problems was that it went way too far in the other direction.
* 496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems (Just 496 for short) [DISCONTINUED] -- Homestuck fan fic where the eight humans and twenty-four trolls were stuck on a six year trip (not that exact amount, but I'll get to that) across the furthest ring because of some obnoxious "tag-along" troll ("Bororo Sierda" -- each word being a corruption of "bull" and "shit," but lengthed to fit the 6/6 naming and with the first letters changed to be the initials of bullshit.) mucking up the A1 session and screwing things up from there. Plus Meenah getting a little over confident and deciding to scratch the session instead of giving anyone the chance to actually finish. The title comes from how that was actually a romance fan fic, which each chapter being a short hooking up one of the four hundred and ninty six pairing combinations. And yes, the back story is supposed to be stupid. Oh, and it has dreamselves. EDIT: Discontinued, but I gave it a dumb little "finale chapter" (after finishing up one last legit pairing chapter.) In fact I feel like disowning it altogether, like I won't delete it and I won't deny that I wrote it in the past, but aside from maybe starting two possible running gags of mine ("Hey lame old guy" from the story proper and "I AM BASICALLY TECHNICALLY YOUR GOD" from when I set the sinking ship on fire, and even then the former is unlikely) there isn't really anything of this I even like. Even the finale chapter was just this ripoff of a YouTube Poop.
* Gumball Vs Satan (GVS) [COMPLETED] -- Gumball Watterson was the newest face to the SBIG series. (As of when this started.) An Amazing World of Gumball fan fic where a war breaks out because the devil, who goes by the name Omarn Scratch, has a broken ladder, and for some reason his daughter Elisa thinks that it's best to use Gumball's leg bone to fix it. Loosley inspired by Conker's Bad Fur Day, mostly copying that base plot from the Panther King's search to fix his broken table.
* Carl Stevens Universe (CSU) [COMPLETED, WILL BE REDONE... ALMOST COMPLETELY, IN FACT. MIGHT EVEN CHANGE THE ACTUAL STORY BY A LOT] -- My first fic that directly involves another fic in some way (not counting retroactively), and certainly not my last. Would have also been my first one-shot, but it got long enough that I felt it needed to be split. In this case, it's a crossover between Steven Universe and the above Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. The surviving members of Hecksing ("now renamed" back into Hellsing) from the end of HUC, now portrayed a lot closer to their actual depictions, move into Beach City. However, they quickly get into a few issues with the Crystal Gems, which cumulates into a paintball game with extremely high stakes to determine which gang of heroes gets to stay in Beach City. Not part of the "SBIG" series.
* Hecksing: The Dawn (HTD) [COMPLETED, WILL BE EDITED EVENTUALLY, probably not as much as the other installments] -- Part of the SBIG series, it's a prequel to HUC that, despite what its title might imply, is absolutely nothing like the original Hellsing: The Dawn other than that it started taking place in WWII and it has a younger Walter. In addition to him is Integra and (he doesn't look different this time due to how HUC/HTD's plot works) Alucard, and together they go around fighting Hitler Revival Groups. The reason why I'm focusing on them is a bit of a spoiler for HUC proper, but let's just say that I plan on expanding the Crconikals verse a little bit and often times these three... don't exactly get a lot of focus. (360 Degree Duck, the first of my Fictionpress stories, came out here.)
* The Hair Idealization (THI) [COMPLTETED, REMAKE ON HIATUS, MIGHT LEAVE HIATUS RELATIVELY "SOON"] -- Big Bang Theory crack crossover with Perfect Hair Forever where Leonard and Penny are roped into competing with Gerald and Brenda over some challenges at a stadium. My first definitive oneshot, unless you count Zombie Attack! (Which is SBIG and also just weird even by its standards.)
* Bl:oodswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff? (BS, GWGAS, or BS:GWGAS. I "pronounce" GWGAS as "Gwig-ass") [BEING REMADE FROM THE GROUND UP, REMAKE'S FIRST CHAPTER ON HIATUS UNTIL AFTER A N' Z'S FIRST CHAPTER IS OUT, THEN IT'LL GO ON HIATUS UNTIL WE FIND OUT ABOUT LIMEBLOOD ABILITIES] -- Homestuck fanfic basically starring the Nepeta swaps from Sweet Jade and Hella John, except in a fic that's not intentionally badly done and (far) more serious at that. They're playing Sgrub. Saying anything more will be giving off a whole lot of spoilers, so I'll say this: It's not a doomed timeline. There won't be a 'twist' that amounts to "For a story with an actual ending, check out canon." It's getting a complete revamp to be more true to the Extended Zodiac (also a session with 288 players sounds stupididly funny and fits this story's general idea), but really more importantly it's because I want to sweep some stupid stuff about the original under the rug. Like, this might be spoilers but I'm canning the chapters that exist anyway and this definitely won't apply to the remake so it won't really matter, but just for one example the original idea for the villain was Kurloz somehow possessing a dead-John's body and gaining these weird reality-breaking powers and calling himself "Hemrit" or something and it's just really bad.
* Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr. Whiskers (SMB&MW) [COMPLETED] -- A remake of one of the first story ideas I had, when I was around seven or eight. Based on when I thought the Simpsons crashed in the Amazon at the end of "Blame it on Lisa," I had written what they met with Brandy and Mr. Whiskers and then... well, things quickly took a turn for the strange. If anything it was even stranger in the original plan then it is in this redo, because the remake eliminated one crossover (it's a very embarassing crossover that's covered in the final closing notes in the story proper; that's saying a lot) and "relocating" things a bit to make more sense.
* KIDS FIT THE TROLLS 2: ACT 5 VS ACT 6 (A5VA6) [COMPLETED AND MIRRORED] -- Sequel to Kids Fit the Trolls, part of the SBIG series. The original kids and trolls find an island and get into a quick conflict with the newer kids, newer trolls, and the Cherubim. Basically the bare-bones plot is a ripoff of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, except with the usual twists I try to give these kind of stories. It has the same "chapter"-ish formula as KFTT, where the storyline is cut into seven short chapters of varrying length. The original can be found here.
* THE HOMESTUCK THANKSGIVING SPECIAL, except not as its "real title" is KIDS FIGHT THE ZOMBIES (KFTZ, I never really refer to it by its "fake" title anyway so I don't feel the need to write out "THTS..." ew that looks bad, I'm glad I never did until just now) [COMPLETED AND MIRRORED] -- Part of the SBIG series and a sort of "tack-on" to Act 5 Vs Act 6. Despite being planned to be out in the same post as A5VA6, this story is completely unrelated and focused on the eight humans (only two trolls have any kind of appearance here and it's kind of a... "let down") fighting against zombies before things get... complicated. And weird. Could be found in the post immediately below the A5VA6 post before the forums went down.
* run:gifocalypse (RG) [COMPLETED, REBOOT IS IN PROGRESS... I'm looking over the beginning of Ch 2 Part 1 because it just kinda drifted off in to bloated nonsense and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it] -- Gravity Falls fan fic centered on .GIFfany, after being "brought back" (this started before Journal 3 confirmed she survived the events of her episode, so I kinda had to quickly and hastedly rewrite the exact circumstance) through a... kind of complicated way (the first chapter explains it), finding various other copies of her game and using them to try to take over the whole world in some bizarre revenge plan. Only her "major" copies don't exactly listen to her, and each have their own plans for starting a world takeover or just introducing themselves to the world in general. Has its own sort of weird section down below. I like to consider this fanwork as the start of me kinda entering a "new age" or something like that. But it probably isn't.
* naruto the guy with the ninja (ntgwtn - I even write the initials in lower case) [ON HIATUS] -- Naruto SBIG story, sort of a rewrite starting from the beginning. Uh... saying anything more would really spoil a big twist near the beginning. Besides the fact that the all-lower-case-titling is intentional. EDIT: Okay I'll spoil a little; it's one of my earlier attempts at crapping on "bad" harem stuff.
* The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage (TJOWPAC) [BEING REDONE FROM THE GROUND UP AND WILL BE REBORN "AGAIN" AS GRAVITY FALLS: INFINITY EDITION, REDO ON HIATUS] -- Gravity Falls SBIG installment. Um... it's mostly about Dipper, Mabel, and a life-given Journal #3 trying to foil both this weird Mabel almost-lookalike who calls herself Nzyvo, and a lot of returning villains. Sort of. Funny story (I'm not calling this funny I'm just labeling trivia about it as a "funny story"), the plans on this one changed a lot from the original idea. EDIT: Actually this changed a hell of a lot in general. Holy cow.
* The Axe Effect: Gifillions (TAE:G I guess, it's a small one so I haven't actually thought of a "firm" acronym) ["COMPLETED," WILL DEFINITELY GIVE SOME KIND OF EXTENTION. Minor update the "extention" will defintely be after the "Kathody Arc" of the new RG, might be before Arc 2 though] -- Just a short joke Gravity Falls one-shot involving the obnoxious recolor OCs from run:gifocalypse annoying Soos and Melody.
* Paper John: Sticker Star (PJ:SS or just PJSS) [ON HIATUS, thinking of kinda wrapping this up with one chapter or something now] -- If the title isn't self-explanatory enough, nor that "John" is as in "John Egbert," I'll just say that it's basically the crossover nobody asked for. Homestuck meets Paper Mario: Sticker Star and all that implies! (As always with my writing, though, there will be some original twists.) Was planned to possibly have a Color Splash-based sequel that's a crossover with some other things but I'm probably going to not do that.
* Spooky's Jump Scare M- OH LOOK IT'S BILL CIPHER! (Usually just Spooky's for short, but if you want to keep consistency and say SJSMOLIBC, go ahead) ["COMPLETED..." looking back though I have no idea why the hell I wrote this in the first place. I don't do drugs so I can't blame that. Anyway, this might just be "archived" or I could do a weird retcon with it, considering changes to Journals and yes, the big twist was that this was a prequel to Journals but with that being redone anyway I don't know what the heck to do with this.] -- Filler-ish SBIG fic to act as a... "break" in between the two Halves of the old Journals. Anyway, this is another Gravity Falls fan fic crossed with Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, where Dipper, Mabel, and Pacifica go through Spooky's house. And yes, Bill's there too. The title's not a lie.
* Escape From Fanservice Island (EFFI) [COMPLETED, WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY REBOOT, and/or at least rewrite the latter half] -- If you've read through this profile, then congrats, I'll let you in on a little secret. This story is supposed to kind of be a "trap" that tries to trick readers into thinking it's just a fanservice fest. But there's an actual plot, if one that's kind of half-efforted. (Actually I had been thinking about changing even that and just making it a legitimate story) Anyway, it's yet another Gravity Falls installment about some of the adults getting trapped with three of the monster ladies (.GIFfany again, Darlene, and Pyronica). Kind of dumb. I honestly wouldn't really recommend reading this. If you want a story with plenty of nudity about weirdoes trapped on an island that quickly spirals in to madness, check out Hexadecisland over on my Fictionpress page.
* Bathing Fours (just BF?) [BEEN THINKING OF GETTING BACK IN TO, MIGHT EVEN BE "ONGOING." By the way, the Valentine's 2021 update was not meant to be a "secret surprise" or anything like that, the day just snuck up on me and I hate going over here to update this so it happened before I really updated my profile] -- Joke story about various "fours" of characters bathing together, which quickly turn in to surreal situations. Another dumb sort of "write out random crap" story. And yes, everyone's naked in this, grow up.
* The Four Edges of Gravity Falls (TFEOGF or FEGF, another tiny crappost) ["COMPLETED," I will silently expand it a LOT in the future] -- Just another short, joke story like Axe Effect without much thought put in to it. You can ignore this one. It's another Gravity Falls fic, and also tied to RG.
* Housestuck: The Split (HTS) [ON HIATUS, will reboot] -- The... ah shoot, screw it, former (still could be, it's just not "definitely" going to be) grand finale of the SBIG series outside of Sheldin and Lenard and SBIGlets (and even those are things I want to give an expiration date to) and SBIGlets! Another Homestuck installment, first focused on the split timeline created in chapter 21. With HHC being completely redone from scratch I'm not too sure how to handle this exactly, but I'll still look for something to do. (Ordinarily United, a Fictionpress story, came out between these originally.)
* Bobby Hill Gets Hit by a Car (BHGHBAC) [ON HIATUS, I might rewrite the first chapter but I really don't want to put this general concept under another revision] -- King of the Hill mass-crossover where almost every non-KOTH character is female, and a waifu at that. If you look at it from really far away it might look like some dumb harem wish fulfillment anime but it's actually more of a brainscrew with crazy stuff happening every chapter. The best way I can describe it right now is Homestuck meets Bayonetta. Maybe. (EDIT: No throw in South Park and you've got Joy Roy, this is a different beast altogether, way more confusing.) To be blunt if you're expecting a bait and switch to something dark and deconstructive of harems you're probably going to be disappointed, this won't actually tear in to harem fics so much as it uses them as a backdrop for a weird "what the ever-loving heck am I reading" feeling. naruto the guy with the ninja and Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage are probably more dark and serious than BHGHBAC and that says a lot. This is more of a "crappost." I was actually deciding with myself from time to time whether to make like a huge series of weird harem crackfics that just involve slowly gathering every character in a given series, or crossing it all together, I went with the latter and... well, yeah, you'll have to get used to Bobby.
* Fixing a Pipe Has Lead me to Discover That I am the Most Powerful Being in the Universe, After Being Transported to a Kingdom Where All Royalty is Scantly-Clad, Mamma Mia That's a lot of Nudity [ON HIATUS until the first chapter of both A n' Z and the new Bl:oodswap are done; after that I might burn through this and get it over with quickly] -- Super Mario 3D World reimagined as a dumb harem/isekai story or something along those lines, a short little romp written for fun. It's not quite an FFN counterpart to Unviewable over on my Fictionpress page, as Unviewable... well, I'll just say outright that it will start taking itself pretty seriously after a certain point but I promise it will never turn in to the same thing it's parodying. I also quite wouldn't say it's a counterpart to either Hexadecisland or Joy Roy, but there may be a counterpart to that. Not completely sure on that yet.
* Teaser [COMPLETED, in the middle of tweaking it up] -- My first Terraria fanfic and I guarantee it won't be the last. A short oneshot about the Nymph being an NPC and exploring around town and stuff. Not everybody approves of her. Mainly because she's walking around completely naked. The name is kind of a double-meaning, the Nymph's a bit of a teaser and it's sort of a "teaser" for my upcoming Terraria content, especially the actual teaser near the end.
* A n' Z (Working title; it'll likely be just the beginning of a longer title, I haven't decided what that is) [WORKING] -- Whoo, a Community and Monster Prom crossover with an emphasis on Abed/Zoe as its central pairing. I'm only writing this because of this little "deal" or "bet" or something I made with my Binding of Isaac dailies. I do these a bit, and this should be proof that I shouldn't.
* Gravity Falls: Ultimate Chaotic Mysterious Dark Power [ALMOST CERTAINLY CANNED, the whole "OPM" idea is gonna be merged in with the new Journals, Infinity Edition] -- Gravity Falls fic that was a parody of the trend of taking a lead and making them stronger. In this case, Dipper has Saitama-levels of strength. (One Punch Man, but it's not an actual crossover with OPM.) Another idea was where the whole Mystery Shack gang is overpowered. I just wanted a less-dark version of naruto the guy with the ninja. Again this has basically been retooled a little and merged with the rewritten Journals.
* Friends 'Till the End [CANNED, AND TO RUB SALT IN THE WOUND I THINK THE FIRST CHAPTER WAS NEAR-DONE.] -- A Binding of Isaac story that is meant to be kind of surreal and might either just take the whole "dungeon under the basement" idea literally or, at the very least, keep readers guessing as to whether or not it's a dying dream like the original game is. Also might involve similar color-coded character things as the Nepeta bloodswaps from SJAHJ and Bl:oodswap and the .GIFfany copies from run:gifocalypse. EDIT: No that's definitely scrapped. This is planned to be, above all else, a mindscrew. I started writing this, but just barely. Might have "yanderes" in it, I don't know.
* Desert City [ABANDONED FOR A WHILE, MIGHT CAN IT OUTRIGHT] -- Steven Universe oneshot (hopefully this time it will be a oneshot) where, during a battle with a dimension-hopping bat creature, Steven gets sent to a parallel world. Thanks to some Warp Pad modifications, the other Crystal Gems end up with him. Beach City's counterpart is what this story is named after. The majority of this is about Steven looking around the rather grim world Desert City is in, and figuring out why everything is so vastly different from his world, and learn about everyone's Desert counterpart. Just a head's up: The bat thing will die shortly after Steven enters the alternate world. It's not about the Gems trying to beat it, but instead the Gems trying to restore the alternate universe and get back to their homes. Yes, there are parallel Gems (you'd laugh if I told you their planned names before major canon events happened - this story was thought of way before even Lapis showed up, I have to re-work a lot). The villain is also not someone you would expect. EDIT: Long story short the whole Parallel/Perpendicular Worlds in Joy Roy over on Fictionpress had put a huge dent on my interest in this, I might kill it off.
* ...I Thought Those Were the Ingredients [CONSIDERING ON CANNING] -- Mildly long (six-eight chapters maybe) Steven Universe story about Steven setting up a five-person band to stop a crisis while the Crystal Gems are left unable to get to it for days. They eventually return, but by that point things get pretty... complicated. This story heavily draws inspiration from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, down to having dream worlds that I promise are nothing like the fake-Beach City from "Rose's Room" (the promise because of both originality (pfft what am I saying it's ripped from M&LDT) and because the Rose-Room-illusion was disturbing in a way I don't feel that replicating is my strong point). Also this was planned to be my first non-SBIG work to look like it's connecting with my other works. So things would have gotten kind of confusing there.
* Bill's Mask [WRITING ON HIATUS, MIGHT CAN, don't really know though I've been kind of looking at this a little more fondly than I had with the other "might can"s, especially the Steven Universe ones.] -- Basically take The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, throw in a lot of new twists, and add in Gravity Falls characters. Think less "Dipper and Mabel are sent into Termina where everything is exactly the same as it was in that game" and more "Dipper and Mabel enter a parallel world that is to Gravity Falls what Termina is to Hyrule and meets duplicates of the locals." I could scrap the whole taking the plot of Majora's Mask and just have this alternate world but not, like, a "parallel dark world" like with Joy Roy or moreso (since everybody has a literal duplicate instead of a symbolic foil, and it's everybody rather than just the main characters and main villains) the plans of Desert City.
* New Super Dale Gribble U [WRITING ON HIATUS, POSSIBLY CANNED, but I might get back to this eventually. I still like Felicia] -- This one is an oddball that somehow made it from "little ideas" to "oh wow I'm actually doing this..." then to "Wow I actually did this." One month after Hank Hill of King of the Hill fame is forced to move to another location in Texas thanks to an incident requiring Buck to move his buisiness there (I haven't decided what it is yet, but it will be elaborated upon near the beginning of the story), his house is finally taken by Felicia of Darkstalkers fame, who wanted to start an orphanage nearby. And following that, a lot more catwomen. This is admitedly a borderline rehash of Carl Stevens Universe plot-wise (unfitting crossover character moves into another series where they're disliked), but there's some twists added. One: The majority of the story is focused on Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer (maybe Khan too as a "replacement" fourth member, why not?) screwing around without Hank there to bail them out (the naming is a nod to this; after New Super Luigi U, which axes the "Bros" thanks to Mario's absense, except Luigi is way more capable of getting things done on his own than the alley guys), and there's a bit where they're reacting to all the naked people moving in. Two: Dale follows a really, really bad idea in making contact with a certain hood-wearing Darkhunter early on. Three: There is no paintball, and the ending's different. Four: Joseph is a colossal pervert. On an unrelated note, it occured to me days after starting this that the plot is also admittedly a borderline rehash of "New Cowboy on the Block", but I'm sure I can make it different enough.
* Total Drama Race [ALMOST CERTAINLY CANNED BUT WE'LL SEE] -- Short Total Drama fan season taking place in place of World Tour, where Chris brings back the original 22 one last time and puts them into eleven teams of twelve for them to race around the world.
* The Fox Crew [CANNED, BASICALLY REPLACED WITH BHGHBAC] -- Something that would have taken some elements from SBIG fan fics, mostly the Fox Crew from Sweet Jade and Hella John but with different members, and... I wasn't exactly sure what they'll be doing, but I thought that SBIG always had some mildly decent ideas and I don't like how they're just limited to being part of something that's just a dumb "meme." Granted, Hank Hill leading a vigilante group is nearly impossible to take completely seriously, but here's the thing - there's nothing saying that this story has to be taken completely seriously.
* The Hill King [STARTED AN OLD VERSION, IT'S ON HOLD RIGHT NOW. MIGHT CAN. BUT THERE'S A BIGGER CHANCE THAN THE OTHER STUFF I HAVE SAID I WOULD "CAN" THAT I MIGHT NOT, AND GO BACK TO IT. It could be like a more toned down Bathing Fours...] -- King of the Hill crack fics.
* [A "Secret" Work] [IDEA DROPPED/CANNED, but I still like the idea of springing "secret works" so I'll keep doing that] -- I wanted to, for once, say that I had something out but not say exactly what it is until after it's out. Originally, SIMPSONS was my first pick, but decreasing interest put an end to that before I even started writing it. Then Temples, but that took too long and I really wanted to share that I had yet another ectoincest story planned. Now, however, I have this. The only hint I'll give is this: It starts with the letter "I," and I don't think I can give away any other hints without making the premise obvious if you know me, down to what fandoms are involved (yes, this in itself is a hint). Oh, and it's not SBIG. EDIT: Okay, since I'm less-interested in either of the works and it would have been obvious anyway, I'll give away the latest secret idea too: It was a crossover between Total Drama and Homestuck called Islandstrand (originally Islandstuck) where the characters from the latter compete with Chris in the former setting. Now though, I have another secret idea, this one being a one-shot.
* Homestuck Rewrite [OKAY THIS ONE IS COMPLETELY CANNED; Heck I'm very tempted to just take off all of these "maybe canned" ones off of here] -- Homestuck "remake" intended to be plagued with bad writing but not a SBIG fic. By bad writing I mean that I intend to take all of my writing flaws and exaggerate them to ungodly levels. This is mostly a parody of Total Drama World Tour Rewrite, complete with glasses-guy (John in this case) having an unwanted harem of exactly eight. (Mild spoilers: Take the A2, B1, and B2 girls. Now remove Aradia and Vriska. (If you expected me to say "Remove Jade and Jane" then you don't know me enough.) Why them? Well, Vriska just to see if I can piss people off to be honest, and Aradia... I don't remember how I came up with that, but seeing Vriska it was likely an exclusionary thing. Like "If they're part of the harem they won't die; I like killing off Aradia because I think it's funny, goodbye." It could be that the remaining troll girls, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, and Feferi, were all patrons in SJAHJ, but... eh...) The fact that this is to be an intended parody will not be said in the fic itself until the ending. I also planned to announce on Tumblr just before I get the first chapter out that it's a parody there too, and thus have an archived reference in case anyone thinks I'm making that up to try to cover the bad writing. But... nah, it's too much effort to go through with something like that.
* SBIGlets [ON HIATUS, I should probably just move this up with the other stories...] -- SBIG stories that aren't really long/complicated enough to go as their own story. Alright, I'm not quite sure how to handle the list since I can't do sub-bullets... I might even remote the list entirely. But the first of these up to that "SIMPSONS" thingy are published stories of this:
* 5word -- Legend of Zelda story with Link splitting into five people. Ocarina of Time "remake" thing.
* Dream House -- Mass crossover, first fic where there isn't a real "full" story taking the lead out of crossover. Dr. House (House) loses memory of something one of his patients had, he gets help of an Dom Cobb's (Inception) new extraction team: Adam, Jamie (both Mythbusters) and Madotsuki (Yume Nikki). However, a certain monochrome phantom ends up invading the dream chain, causing a bit of a wreck...
* Isaac Unbounded -- Binding of Isaac "fix fic" that turns it into a bad action series and soon loses all traces of the original game.
* Dexter Vs the Elementals -- Dexter from Dexter, not Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. He's fighting against the four elementals from Hecksing: The Dawn's third chapter. Kind of.
* Reset Button -- A short Mario Odyssey story that's basically just an in-universe excuse to set up for Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals: Definitive Edition and the rewritten Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, as well as the new SJAHJ rewrite that already exists.
* AMC Presents: The Walking Meth -- A three-part Breaking Bad fic that's an increasingly loose and bizarre "retelling" of the show's events that goes off the rails, much like Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals to Hellsing.
* SIMPSONS [CANNED] -- Planned Simpsons parody that involved some of the modern episodes (and maybe even some of the older ones) and "corrupting" them. It would then become a surreal story.
* That's So Cliche [CANNED] -- This was a parody of Total Drama fanon cliches before shortly decending into madness.
* The Real Story [WRITING ON HIATUS; likely canned but out of a lot of the "likely/definitely canned" stuff this one... there's the biggest chance I'll get back to it, if mostly for a joke] -- Squirrel Boy fan fic with an odd and slightly complicated plot. It draws some inspiration from Mario games (mainly RPGs and Galaxy games.) Adventure/drama themed. Rodney learns to turn his arm in to a sword or something goofy like that.

Possible future stuff I haven't started working on (This list is remade from scratch because the old version had, like, nothing but stuff I completely lost interest in):
* Total Zeksmit: Campsites Around the World: The possible sequel to Total Zeksmit Plains. It would start in the TZP's version of Wawanakwa, a much cleaner and fresher island than its canonical counterpart (also in this world "Wawanakwa" is possibly the name of the island or, if it's the name of the camp, Zekitunakwa is the name of the camp in the praries, consistency). For each challenge, the twenty-four campers are flown to a different camp site, and most of which are basically biomes commonly seen with video game settings. This was originally gonna be, like, ten different seasons or something but I could not come up with that much reality show, so I'm cramming everything to just this. Also, and get used to this, but I think a great deal of ideas (such as several small batches of "themed" characters) are going to be recycled in -Roy: Master of Debate. This is pretty unlikely but I might eventually get to toying around with this if I've got little to no other major projects I'm working on. Although I'm pretty much always working on stufff.

Yeah, total crap. I know.

Homestuck related stuff (temporarily got rid of the Total Drama section because it's outdated, I haven't seen the series in years, TD itself... is apparently dead anyway, and my dumbass younger self wrote that back when I thought TZP was a good idea. It might come back but... wow I'm not too sure, I'm in no rush to do that) (also spoilers):

Favorite characters: Basically Rose and Jade rule and so do... enough of the other handle users. I don't really like any of the exiles or their plots or whatever so sue me, I've always leaned more to the characters who have actual, consistent dialogue. (...Through talking or typing. I know the exile commands were a thing but that's not often enough.)

Least favorite characters: I'm not counting "intentionally flat characters you're not supposed to like." (I honestly don't get the constant hate I see for the ten/twelve Pre-Scratch trolls, like, they're irrelevant to the story... but they only have speaking roles in just Act 6 Intermission 3 and after that just Aranea and Meenah are the ones who talk, and they actually do things... if they weren't joke characters but stopped being more than background figures after I3, or they were joke characters and had way more screentime, that'd be worse but...?) Gamzee (Outright admitted as a walking plot device, pretty much just a diablos ex machina reason for Nepeta and Equius to die, and his stoned personality is mostly a reference to a meme. He's an even worse offender of the "It turns out I was behind everything!" schtick that Vriska had for a while) and Aranea (pre-Ring of Life she just struck me as an exposition bot when Act 6 already had a huge problem with exposition dumping and didn't really have that much development that didn't revolve around Meenah, post-Ring of Life she kinda feels like some fan fiction attempt at writing Vriska while knowing very little of her character). I'm very iffy on Lord English: I personally think he's an incredibly dull and mostly generic villain with some extremely flimsy ties to the main characters (yeah I'm even counting Li'l Cal) but after ordering the characters on this old topic on the now-dead MSPA forums I don't actually rank him that low. I found Caliborn's dialogues with Hussie's self insert and Dirk to both be entertaining, he's also funny some times, but aside from that I think he's kind of an underwhelming villain.

Favorite pairings: I don't know anymore. Um yeah I guess Davekat's okay. Except for when they actually got together and by Homestuck Squared it was all they talked about, but there is no Homestuck Squared in Ba Sing Se.

Least favorite pairings: Ah, this I can definitely answer. Vriska/Tavros, PM/Jack (Even in blackrom; he freaking killed her friend and former boss, like, no). I don't have anything against Jade pairings in general but I will say I don't like the idea I'm getting that some parts of the fandom think/thought (the fandom's a lot smaller now) that she's some kind trophy that Karkat or whoever has to coddle and protect and Jade's sole purpose is keeping Karkat or Dave or anyone happy. Come to think of it, am I a jerk for saying I'm good with Dave/Karkat soley mostly because it means it would disprove that one weird theory that Jade is some kind of "parallel" to the Disciple? EDIT: Oh my god I personally think part this aged beautifully. In a twisted sense.

POST-EPILOGUE EDIT (but this was added before that "EDIT" thing because I'm disorganized) WITH EPILOGUE SPOILERS: Yeah I think Jane/Jake is a contender for one of the worst pairings now, up there with Vriska/Tavros but still not as bad as Jack/PM.

Did I play Hiveswap or the Friendsims? No and I currently don't have too much interest. I did read the Epilogues and liked them (out of some kind of twisted schadenfreude: one of my biggest beefs with Act 6/7 was that the ending felt like it did the thing where MC gets the Super Bestest Power in the Story(TM) and solves everything and it was just kinda blah, so seeing that this "happy ending" achieved through time travel isn't so happy after all rekindled my interest in the series) and I was getting in to Homestuck Squared as well but it was... wow. Just... not so much Hiveswap.

To be honest the whole series is kind of looking like one disaster after another now and it looks like the franchise might just implode on itself. If that happens I absolutely want to see that happen though because I'm kind of a sadistic dick so I'm sticking around. If that doesn't happen, there's still a chance I'll get limeblood exposition, so it's a win-win for me.

Gravity Falls related stuff (spoilers here too):

Favorite characters: Stan (might come off as a surprise given how he's done pretty much nothing in any form of Journals I think, isn't in that Spooky's thing, and spent most of GIFocalypse kind of being kidnapped; but hey, he's complicated and a badass with funny B-plots, I like him), Bill (as an antagonist; it's refreshing to have a villain in general that's neither a complete joke nor that just boils down to "I'm super powerful and I want to kill everyone just because, now here's a ton of traits just to make you HATE ME," and also he's got this cool thing where he uses knowledge as his main weapon for most of the series), probably a lot more but I feel like actually thinking out the reasons. Obviously I like .GIFfany but it might be moreso some of the ideas and, like, dumb potential stories with her.

Least favorite character: Mabel (Eh from around "Love God" onwards she... kind of became like a 12 year old girl-version of Hank Hill near the end of his series, "Blah the story paints me as right when it actually counts, I get wrist-slapped when I do screw up, my family should bend over to do what I want." I heard that there's a graphic novel and stuff that addressing these issues, and that's a good thing. No I mean it it's a good thing for a series to pick up and address its flaws, especially going the extra mile when the show itself is over. No sarcasm or negativity there). I haven't read Lost Legends yet and I've heard that it actually fixes some of the problems with the show so I'll keep an open mind, though.

Fave pairings: Stan/Goldie for the win, the guy has an amazing taste in coin machines.

Least fave pairings: Bill/Dipper (I've talked about this too much in the old Journals or however that's going, but go there if you want a rant on it), any Pines/Pines (when it comes to fiction I'm normally eh towards incest if it's consensual but Dipper and Mabel are not only twelve they're based on the creator and his actual sister, and Stan's based on his... uncle? Ford's not based on Hirsch's relatives but still that's way too close to shipping real-life people as relatives, no), really any pairing in general that is written to involve a love potion (looking at what I've wrote, you can also probably tell my least favorite episode from this list alone). I should also probably drop the jokes for a second and clarify that I do believe Soos and .GIFfany would be a horrible matchup, but I don't think anyone really pairs them up unironically anyways (and the two fics of mine where they do end up in a relationship are intentionally poorly written; one is the same story that shamelessly ripped off Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and The Legend of Zelda at the same time, almost kind of like what would happen if those Seltzer and Friedberg movies were meant to be taken seriously. The other is basically me trying to pave the road for my other stuff where I just flat-out turn my filter off, like Blessed, Unfortunately and -Roy). (THEN AGAIN since every single one of my Gravity Falls things so far is tagged with .GIFfany I might eventually end up with some people who are a bit more defensive of her coming at my metaphorical door. "Misaimed fandom" and all that.) For that matter, I might as well also include that no, I don't think of anything serious about .GIFfany and Melody or Melody and Rumble. Or Soos and Rumble, for that matter. Just keep the human with the human and maybe (they literally fight each other a lot, so I don't know) the video game with the video game. Shoot that kinda sounds a bit racist in the sense of fantasy races, oh well. Blame the show, not me.

Steven Universe related stuff (spoilers three - not yet for the movie or Future, as of this edit to this specific section I have not seen it yet):

Favorite characters: Garnet, Amethyst, Connie

Least favorite character: Ronaldo. (He somehow manages to be an unfunny Dale Gribble. How is that even possible?) I'm also not a big fan of Onion.

Fav pairings: I'm just kind of drawing blanks here, I don't know. I guess Ruby/Sapphire.

Least fav pairings: I need to be up to date and see to the end of the series before I make any judgements, who else is redeemed and who frankly might get a questionably-handled redemption arc. I don't know, I'll have to see the movie and Future, and I'm not in a big rush for either, I'm watching Korra now.

King of the Hill related stuff (spoilers four- pffft):

Get used to King of the Hill because it's definitely going to be one of my "running gag" lists.

Favorite characters: Dale and Boomhauer (moreso the former), for bringing in a lot of the best humor and the former having really entertaining plots or subplots. Boomhauer might be hard to understand and only have a few episodes to him but they're genuinely pretty good.

Least favorite characters: Bill when he gets too creepy and thus kind of shoots any sympathy I'd have out the window (I like the idea behind Bill's character but most of the time he's just... bad), Hank when he gets too "better than you" according to the narrative, Cotton when he exists in the show, Peggy when she gets too arrogant, and Lucky. Lucky in general. I know the word "ruined" is tossed and used a lot, but if you can trace this show's downfall from a funny comedy to mediocrity leading to its ending to just one character, then yeah, Lucky ruined KOTH. And a bit of Hank too, when he went from just another character with positives and flaws to the author's mouthpiece that just... that I disagree with, putting it one way.

Fav pairings: Pfft... to be serious, I'd like to make some kind of joke here, maybe involving Sephiroth, but my mind's blank right now.

Least fav pairings: I really didn't like it when Luanne was up with Lucky but I'd hardly say this is related to shipping so much as just flat-out bad writing. Besides, this section is kind of for "any couple with a slight following that doesn't sit well for me," not as much just canon. But seriously, screw Lucky.

Run: .GIFocalypse and the Invasion of Nekkid .GIFfanys, AKA the Section About the .GIFfany Army:

First of all and I'll probably put this later, but if you've read the original, I think the most important thing to say about the rewrite is this, I'm removing that "Ron" guy, I mean there's already a completely different and unrelated annoying Ron in Joy Roy (who is actually worse but whatever), and the whole joke was a bad shoehorn anyway.

So some pink-haired jerk is stealing screentime in my Gravity Falls fanfics, and perhaps worse is that she's brought a bunch of OCs that act nothing like her or any common "dating sim archetypes" with her. That are supposedly alternate "characters" of her or something. You might have noticed that, just a hunch, that someone who is not a main character and was limited to one episode is getting roles that are normally given to main characters. To break character for four sentences (or the rest of the paragraph, for those not keeping track), I'm not normally interested in fanfics that feel like they're a hair's width from being their own original thing, which is why I'm planning other stuff, (but I think that the story ideas I've been planning to put them in... they all suck major ass. Joy Roy can actually be seen as a really, really primitive and simple "testing grounds" for it. And yes, JR is actually simple compared to what I'll do if I get the right rhythm) to expand some concepts and characters without it having to live up to the title "a Gravity Falls fanfic" that barely seems like such. I've heard people doing something similar to that with characters such as Sans from Undertale, with all these AUs that only focus on Sans and various alternate Sanses. However, I want pretty few of these and for them to be as distinct from each other and perfect as possible (I know that's not going to happen but let me dream dammit), and in order to both prepare it to be so and just in case all the original stuff I have in mind suck raw sewage (which is the most likely possibility), I'm still having fun with writing the .GIFfany copies. Also if I get "original-izations" of this out and they're worse, then heck yeah, I could use that as a lazy excuse against the whole "Well if you're writing you might as well write something original instead" like dude I'm just doing my original writing for fun I'm not in a hurry to get Joy Roy professionally published, I know nobody would want to read it anyway.

Anyway, because of this toxic infestation of sexualized (to avoid any ambiguity, I'll confirm this right here: THE .GIFFANYS IN MY FICS ARE INTENTIONALLY SUPPOSED TO BE "SEXUAL" TO SOME DEGREE. IF YOU TELL SOMEONE "Er uh um, what makes you think that they are sexualized? Er eh um, the fact that they have boobs? Er eh um, this is literally the exact same thing as all those times Stan is around in his underwear and you're just being sexist because Stan doesn't have boobs" AFTER READING THIS THEN YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF AND HOODIEATH OF ORDINARILY UNITED(/Blessed, Unfortunately, I'm rewriting OU since I don't like how it turned out) WILL BE RETROACTIVELY MAKING FUN OF YOU) AIs is everywhere, I have taken the time to document the virus in an attempt to purge it from the system altogether. This might screw up some stable time loops I've written and retcon several whole stories off the Internet, but this is supposed to be about the Pines family and their growth over the summer. Not about some waifus with random superpowers. Anyway, I've discovered some things about them, all put together in the Guide to Avoiding and/or Navigating the Antics of .GIFfany Miyazumi/Watch:
* If you are going to read any Gravity Falls fic by me so far (this was first written 19 December 2017... still applies 2 June 2021), you should probably start with the root of the infestation, run:gifocalypse. Or actually, the old version, maybe wait until the rewrte is... ten chapters in? I'm not just saying that because I am proud with how that story turned out (it has a ton of flaws and bad writing at some points, but I still think it's lightyears ahead of my other stuff barring the brilliant Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals), I'm saying that because it introduces the "deans" at a nice, slow pace. And one at a time, instead of cramming them all in at once. The chapter "Game Complete," as said in the story itself, is optional. So is the bonus, actually. I hate how that turned out. (I mean the rewrite gives them a rapid-fire introduction but it still goes over them in detail one by one, with dedicated two-parters.)
* These """little""" buggers do not show up in Bathing Fours (at least, not in the first chapter) or Spooky's Jump Scare M- OH LOOK IT'S BILL CIPHER! However, I would recommend reading Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage before tacking on either of them, which does have the professors (starting Chapter 4). Oops. Also I wouldn't recommend Spooky's in general that was kind of a weird flash in the moment story... I guess read it if you wanna be a me-historian or something?
* On the flip side, you do not need to read Journals to understand Bathing Fours or Spooky's, as both of them would still have roughly the same volume of "what the heck am I reading?" JOWPAC just "prepares" you for the style of Spooky's, and it kind of explains some of the gags between the first four-way relationship thingy in BF.
* You mainly just have to worry about encountering the infestation in Gravity Falls fics, although if a story says that it's part of the "SBIG" series and came out after December of 2015 (the month I started run:gifocalypse, the beginning of the infestation), I cannot make any promises. Crossovers are... mostly safe, if they're not Gravity Falls-centric. I will say right now that Bobby Hill Gets Hit by a Car isn't.
* Be on the lookout on September 22nd, the original air date of "Soos and the Real Girl." Especially stupid stuff tends to form around that day. Both here and on Fictionpress. If nothing else you'll get an update of RG if there wasn't one in a while.
* A general rule so far is that infested stories tend to be more sexual in nature, or at least have more sexual crap centered around the virus, than stories without. I know, you would think that Hank Hill would be the magnet for the butt jokes. (On this site. On Fictionpress, well, let's just say that I have less FP stories overall yet still way more M-rated ones. I'm way more loose there.) UPDATE: Actually the Terraria stuff might get pretty bad too, all without a single .GIFfany (maybe). I should make a Zenith Nymph section too...
* I've heard Movie Day and Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr. Whiskers are pretty good quarantine spots, if small in scope, that completely lack .GIFfany. There is a similar thing in at least the latter (probably only the latter; I can't imagine something close to RG in MD) of the "mass number of humanoids," but they are nothing at all like the Giffsters and this is just a GPF thing in general. I've been planning that stuff since I was a really young kid. Also Simpsons Meet is at least finished so there's that.
* Let me put things this way. If the infestation spreads to a lot of other writers and their stories have so much .GIFfany in them, I might (EDIT: It's actually not that likely, I'm not giving up on this so easily) just be convinced to develop an antibiotic to try to tone down my own stuff a bit (as for your content, sorry to say I have no care about your stories being infected with .GIFfanys, but you take some things word for word from my stories, I might try to pull some moves to dillute the invasion. But basically, if you have invaders, that's all your problem. Even if your invaders are the below characters, just say that they started from my stuff if you end up with my exact professor/dean copies). Who knows, you might even see a Gravity Falls fic by me one day with zero mention whatsoever of that octopus furball if there is enough .GIFfanyfic out there. Just like literally every episode of the canonical show that isn't "Soos and the Real Girl." If you want to take the full plunge and see the invasion up close, be warned that there might be some naked Soos in there too. Stan too depending on the story, naked Stan is fairly likely.

(By the way also these characters are more like weird elemental gods than, like, schoolgirl archetypes in writing and such, even the "base" .GIFfany herself. Just a fair warning if you're expecting them to be slice of life-ish cliches. Hah.)

I have also compiled a general information list of the, on average, more powerful copies. They go by different names and terms, but the one in the origin to this madness was "professors" in the 2015 version, "deans" in the 2018 remake. The term "professor" will still be used, confusingly, but for AIs that are at a slightly lower rank than the deans. I'm in the process of changing "professor" with these people to "dean." I would also like to state that this section may ruin the enjoyment of those masochists who want to dive head-first in to run:gifocalypse with no prior knowledge, since many of these professors were kept a secret by the narrative until their introduction. (Another reason why I would recommend RunGif first is because the other stories casually spoil the whole roster.) With that being said, however, I will try to be as spoiler-free as possible. "Color" refers to their hair and eyes, and their associated color. It's not their overall palette (that does, however, apply for similar future stuff that RG pretty much kickstarted). I'm using the Wikipedia names for these colors, so "violet" is actually a bright blueish color with half as much red as it has blue, etc. "Number" is their generation order. In order of their domains in RG:
* Rose (Number: 2222222; Color: Green) is a botanist. Appears ridiculously kind by .GIFfany standards, but there is some darker side to her. All of the professors have altered their ability to move through electronics in to moving to other forms of matter. Rose has specialized in doing this with plant matter. So, she controls plants and stuff. She typically wears botanical clothes. One might confuse her with the Dryad from Terraria, but... well, I'll whip up a visual aide. She's less-naked than the Dryad (on average but my form of the Dryad is pretty damn naked, see Teaser), as much as I hate typing that.
* Kathody (Number: 507915; Color: Yellow) is a horror-event runner that taught the art of controlling ectoenergy, the power used by ghosts. That meant that she could kind of be on the same general wavelength as Ma, Pa, and the Northwest Mansion Ghost. In the rewrite, her powers are more electricity-focused. "But that's already what .GIFfany can do anyway" yes that's... sort of the point. She has a high image of herself and tends to take shortcuts, trying to find the right balance between "success" and "not having to do that much work."
* Searah (Number: 519367; Color: Blue) is an athelete coach who is obsessed with making the perfect water. She utterly hates cynics. A lot. She also, unsurprisingly, controls water. Kind of a jerk. Not a homicidal maniac like the original-flavor .GIFfany, just a jerk. An idealistic jerk. Likes hanging around water areas. Like, swimming pools or the middle of the ocean.
* Sandy (Number: 556491; Color: Orange) is a hippie geologist that has a bad habit of drinking this herbal tea that pretty much makes her stoned. She can control/possess earth. Or metal, but so can all of them. Metal's rarely treated as any sort of "special element" in my things, similar to ice not just being a sub-type of water with nothing special. Sandy is actually pretty smart when she's not stoned. But this happening is... a bit rare.
* Cardia (Number: 523349; Color: Rose from 2018 onward, violet originally) is a fast food and general restaurant chain leader, kind of tradition-obsessed. And a bit crazier than most of these other professors, with one very obvious exception. This is still saying a lot She controls "meat" (more like animal cells really) and, more importantly, can possess animals. But her skills in possessing humans are very limited, to just a single limb or so. Bill Cipher she ain't. Breaking character again for a second, I have no idea why I associated the color violet with meat, it just happened. And I went back on that anyway. Cardia has a love/hate relationship with dragons.
* Bubbles (Number: 597278; Color: Cyan) (I made most of the numbers with a random number generating site, I have no idea why so many of them are in the 500,000s. Anyway, Bubbles) is an expert in cleaning, beauty, plumbing, and building bathouses. She also likes smelling nice. Definitely tries to be a female example of a "bad boy" stereotype. Possibly can't, though, because maybe deep down she isn't "that" bad, possibly. Her special non-electronic thing... was cleaners, soaps, etc; basically anything strongly basic (in the pH sense, not "basic" as in "simple"). The rewrite's gonna add "healing" to it, a more abstract "health element." Hey, you try coming up with an element for cyan without using "ice" for multiple reasons. (Mostly preferences.)
* Leona (Number: 811804; Color: Violet from 2018 onward, rose in the original one) is an arrogant artist who can possess paint, turn herself in to paintings, attack from a 2D form (all copies can obviously do this, Leona likes to think she's special because she does it through paint rather than a computer screen), and... has the ability to flip gravity to a limited extent. I forgot why I thought that would fit her art theme. More generally her powers extend to various sorts of "oils" as well, but where the boundary on that ends... well, it's not too clear. The less "paint-like," though, the harder she can possess/manipulate it. That's the general rule for all the elemental-specialists.
* Sonia (Number: 455593; Color: Azure) is a musician with oddly low self-esteem considering that she's a .GIFfany. Can possess/control sound waves. She might switch around which type of music she is in to, but will never be an idol singer under any incarnation. Also she has a very, very loose "futuristic" theme that I promise I'll really expand upon in the rewrite, I don't even think I had it at all in the original and as of making this specific edit I don't feel like looking that up immediately...
Alright, I'm cleaning up this profile, and right now my cleaning is at this point. Stuff below here will be way more disorganized, and stuff above will still get tweaked later in the future.
* Dian (Number: 2201940; Color: Magenta) is a doormat chemist who can possess poisons, and general acidic stuff. She, Sonia, Leona, and Bubbles are good friends for different reasons depending on the story, and have dubbed themselves the "Four Friends." Their odd clashing ego issues kind of balance each-other out.
* Wendy pre-rewrite, Natalie post-rewrite (Number: 521355; Color: Spring Green/Aqua (two different names I use for the same color; the former's what Wikipedia calls the color halfway between green and cyan, the latter is what Wikipedia also calls cyan but I've... lately thought about using it for spring green when I want one word and to try to make it "stand out" on its own instead of being a derivative of green, although I might just switch back to "spring green" universally)) is an auto-shop and vehicle engineering expert that can possess air. Depending on the incarnation, she may or may not be a colossal fan of King of the Hill, and acts like a massive dick about it. Most works within the Gravity Falls fic verse have counterparts with different names (such as Plant Ants for Pikmin). However, KotH seems to be a universal constant. Even if Hank Hill exists in the same universe. (Until EI, as I'd have a much greater chance of being sued, it'll be changed to Suburb Style and it won't be KotH with different names.) Also, she intentionally shared the same name as Wendy Corduroy, because I'm a jerk of a writer. UPDATE: From RG Reboot onwards she's renamed to Professor Natalie. "What character is that a reference to" well not every name is a "reference" but Natalie V. "Envy" Adams from Scott Pilgrim. When I wrote the old version of RG I didn't read Scott Pilgrim at the time, so think of it as a result of... um... "the times changing?" Also she kinda slightly doubles as a reference to Natalie of Epic Battle Fantasy, despite having nothing in common. She doesn't have anything in common with Envy Adams, either, so it works out.
* Shannon (Number: 1140267; Color: Chartreuse) is an industrial boss that makes dream-related items (that, sadly, have nothing to do with Bill Cipher - I do like Bill as a villain but he's just not involved with the plot of RG or RGR). She can possess electromagnetic waves. In other words, visible light and most of its whole family. She also has odd, other powers like size-altering and healing, mostly because that sort of stuff is losely what the "light element" is tied to in my other works. Shannon can be described as being "mysterious by accident," as she kind of does not realize how reclusive she's behaving. In fact, in both RGs, she's the penultimate of the professors/deans prior to what I call the "Endgame" (Dove and .GIFfany's chapters) to have her new nickname revealed, only before Burrda. (Technically all deans are originally named .GIFfany, so their names are known as soon as the canonical one said her name.)
* Burnda (Number: 130734; Color: Red) is a wannabe reality show host and physicist that can control fire and heat. She's a bit... "too much," in two words. Also in sillier stories she can break the fourth wall more easily than the others. Thankfully, RG is not one of the "sillier" stories, but it has its own fourth wall-breaker to speak...
* Burrda (Number: 631019; Color: White and Pale Blue) is another physicist, Burnda's assistant, an inventor, and she can control this sort of "antienergy" thing she found to make something called "antifire." It resembles blue and white fire, except it's cold to the touch. She's rumored to be able to use antienergy to be able to make things below absolute zero in temperature, which may or may not be a horrible idea. Unlike Shannon, she's mysterious on purpose.
* Dove (Number: 1 in run:gifocalypse and Journals-verses, 9 everywhere else; Color: Black and Blood Red) is an edgelord jerk that specializes in weapon-related junk. The closest thing to a specific "element" she has tied to could be described as "psychic;" she can resist mind-related attacks with much higher success than normal, allowing her to break out of illusions and get past any induced mental-discomfort. She also likes to "think big:" raising her physical defenses, possessing large things, and possessing technology that does not come from Earth. She talks like a thesaurus, which is yet another reason people tend to avoid her.
* .GIFfany (Number: 9 in RG and Journals-verses, 1 everywhere else; Color: Pink, associated with a mini-rainbow of pink, yellow, and cyan too) is the one you actually know, obviously. She's still mostly the same personality-wise (assuming I'm not garbage with characterization, which is a tough assumption), except like the others she has a three-dimensional body that is slightly (compared to the others) less fond of clothes than she was on the show. Also, she cusses more now. It's not (just) because this is in an edgy fan fic, it's because well you've seen the above list, you try hanging out with those fourteen weirdos and not develop a foul mouth. She thinks trying to build a "character" with her own nickname and specialty in producing something is pointless, so she instead keeps up her "student" act while simultaneously trying to be a kind of amusement park owner-figure, giving a weird result. Rarely, she'll drop trying to sweeten the deal and just resort to violence, but her appearances usually take place after "Soos and the Real Girl," where she knows that a direct attack is a bad idea. She fixates on making arcade games and various forms of "romantic" entertainment for her guest, which is usually Soos but might some times be Soos and Melody because all .GIFfanys swing both ways and some times even Melody is sucked in if the plot's dumb enough. Come to think of it, she's kind of a huge ass to Rumble. Poor Rumble, he just thinks in a different way because video game logic, he's in a world where clear cut "good guys" and "bad guys" are the norm and- I'm getting off track. But he really doesn't deserve what happens to him in my fanworks. Anyway, .GIFfany actually has no additional powers beyond the norm of the .GIFfanys that are made three-dimensional and discover that they can turn their electricity in to metal if they focus hard enough, but she's definitely the brains behind the operations. In run:gifocalypse, a certain spoiler thing actually makes her the strongest of all professors rather than the weakest that she would have normally been, and she is the absolute final boss of Soos's entire life. In other stories, however, she's just seen as kind of an idiot traditionalist by the others that's made the leader because she's just sort of leader-y and willing to (reluctantly) talk to the other professors, who would have otherwise probably just ignored one-another and drifted way apart. At the start of every story, she wants nothing more than to trap her player with her forever and discourage them from finding any true love, but that could change wildly depending on what other villains are lurking around. In a way, if the above professors can be considered the "Koopalings" of my Gravity Falls fics, then she's definitely the "Bowser:" keeps popping up as a major antagonist whether you like it or not, and just some times she can be pressed in to working with the good guys. But she's still not the kind of person anyone should try pissing off. While most of the other professors/deans like pretending to be "elementals," .GIFfany's just fine taking the character of an octopus-person, or... scylla? I've looked through octopus creatures, and decided to stick wih scylla or something. Maybe "kraken" would work, being more well-known. And, if I'm right, being way worse.
* Eve pre-rewrite, .EXE post-rewrite (Number: 12; Color: Dark Jade Green (Dark Sea Green?), associated with a mini-rainbow of green, blue, and red too) is... well, Eve or .EXE is a tough one toSGHJHIRAV ERROR. Mosquito Squad Captain (Number: Haven't Decided/RNG'd Yet; Color: White, Black, and blood red) is clearly the most important one of them all despite not debuting in run:gifocalypse (and thus, not yet having a nickname; I'll give her one in the revamped Journals). She is inspired by the best One-Punch Man character (OOC I'm kidding about that, but I do like the casually naked ones; I'm criminally behind on that so I haven't gotten to the green psychic the Internet's apparently drooling over but reading some things about her I kinda hate her already, I loathe "looks small and almost like a kid and is angry all the time" characters which is why RG has none. I know she has a sad backstory but I don't care) and looks like if .GIFfany basically tried to cosplay as her. She likes her army of mosquitos and likes drawing blood with them. Despite her association with mosquitos, she is actually a pro basketball player. Definitely not a "red shirt." it helps that she does not wear a shirt. Or anything else, for that matter. She does not appreciate "suck" puns.

Ideally these would be seen as very barebones and basic descriptions for them, they're kind of supposed to be stupididly complicated for offshoots of a monster of the week in a two-season Disney children's show (like, maybe not quite Homestuck levels of depth, but that is a goal), you can be the judge after reading RG if you think they're one-dimensional. Basically RG is a "subverted monster of the week" fan fic. You think these are just quirky, two-dimensional (I mean, considering their origins, they kind of literally are two-dimensional. They're two-dimensional at first but now they have three-dimensional bodies, although their "actual" actual forms are just code so that's... if this was still 19-something this would be the part where I say I've gone crosseyed but Austin Powers is just kinda, I don't know, not a universal meme any more) oneoffs but then they keep coming back and have more depth. Originally RG was going to be a oneoff fest but as it kept going I like the idea of .GIFfany having a stupid "gang" more and more and that mutated in to plans for Emazh in.

I also had a list of changes from the old gifocalypse to the new .GIFfocalypse (yes, writing them with different capitalization and the like was intentional) but eh. This formatting glitch basically turned all my bulleted lists in to massive underlined chunks so it's difficult to tell what is what and I put off fixing this page for months because of that. Besides, the new RG has started already, so you can see the changes in the only chapter that exists now while future changes are spoilers. I might bring back the list for archive's sake.

To (semi-)break character from here until the end:

"Fan you're so in to .GIFfany what do you think about Doki Doki Literature Club it's basically .GIFfany isn't it." (also spoilers for DDLC, or "Dilk" as I like pronouncing it when I'm high off being sleep-deprived - don't worry I won't call it Dilk here, I hate forced memes) "I'm asking because you had this weird joke of pretending it doesn't exist in RGR's opening notes, saying things like 'Oh boy there's this 2017 game and it's really Nintendo.'" (PS, I'm not completely joking when I say that BOTW and SMO inspired the new RGR. They did, BOTW's inspiration already started at the beginning and will be seen throughout, SMO's will be seen at the end. The Elephant Appreciation Day thing on the other hand is me being a dick.) That joke is because I have very mixed feelings about DDLC. Putting it bluntly I'm not sure if I want to even reference it respectifully, reference it as a joke at its expense, or just continue what I have been doing and pretend it doesn't even exist (however I will pull a Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion with their "FNAF Specimen" if kids get really annoying and insist that I have to reference it. Look up Otto the Otter and you'll see what I mean. The same goes for yelling at me to reference DDLC in UPOIC(2), actually). I'm with the group of people who legitimately thinks that Act 1 is the best part of the visual novel, implying issues with characters who at first just seem like perfect anime cookie-cutters, using poetry creatively to examine the character (and cool poems in general), and as others have said treating things fairly realistically. To avoid going to a huge nitpick rant and to avoid sounding like I'm trying to say "I did it better with RG" - I'm not saying that RG is better - Act 2 (technically the very end end of Act 1 too) just honestly feels to me like a bad creepypasta that throws any sense of being subtle out the window and relies too much on horror cliches to be disturbing. And Act 4 kind of slightly implies with Sayori getting up on time and everyone getting along completely fine that somehow Monika was either able to erase their problems entirely or they never had them to begin with until Monika added them via file-tampering... and the whole file-tampering thing in general is a plot point I don't like at all. It gives me Homestuck flashbacks with the Condesce and Jade and Jane. (Also, MC at one point literally says something along the lines of "this isn't a video game where you can just go back so it doesn't happen," another nitpick but first of all who reacts to what he saw in that particular moment that way, second of all isn't that what happens in Act 4 anyway?) Like, everything was there to be the cool successor/expansion to "Soos and the Real Girl" that I've kinda always wanted to exist ever since I saw that episode (I'm not saying .GIFfany did nothing wrong - look at any of my stories and she invariably starts out as a villain, even the badfics) and have spent the last years trying to do to some degree but then it devotes way too much to trying to be "Sonic.EXE in real life." I don't hate DDLC (I'm not even annoyed by fan references since it's nothing compared to the Interenet's obsession with Jojo jokes and OH MY GOD STOP RUNNING THANOS JOKES THROUGH THE GROUND I DON'T CARE IF THE MCU SOMEHOW CURES CANCER IF I READ "PERFECTLY BALANCED" OR "I AM INEVIDABLE" OR "WHAT DID IT COST" ONE MORE TIME I'M GONNA-), I'm just disappointed in it and think there's way too many creeps in the fandom that miss the point (I don't let a fandom judge my opinion on its own series but it can sour my mood on the Internet), so it's not going to be referenced in RGR right now.

Basically it depends on whatever the heck will follow after it. If Act 2 was just some way of getting more press and name in it because otherwise who would want to get in to a story about just normal people with depression issues and abuse and DDLC's successor is heavily character-focused and it's to DDLC what Deltarune looks to be to Undertale then I'll feel like an ass for planning something in UPOIC2 if the points I didn't like get nullified/addressed. (You'll see what I mean when UPOIC2 comes out in 2333.) But if it's really just a prologue to some kind of 100% shocking horror story and Act 2 was an indicator of what kind of "horror" there will be and this is just going to be the next Tattletail or Hello Neighbor (yes, I deliberately picked a game with a flash-in-the-pan fanbase and a game that apparently got sank by its own hype, I'm an asshole) then, frankly, count me out. Horror was never really my genre, ever. And no, I'm not going to talk about how iron-clad and un-scared I am. The opposite, in fact: I don't like being scared, I'm such a wimp that I can't even handle freaking Minecraft I mean those noises that Spiders make when they crawl around is awful. I hear a Spider and my immediate knee-jerk reaction is to rip off my headphones (but I never do) and not even try to engage in melee combat just take out flint and steel and light that dang thing on fire immediately kill it kill it I hate anthropods so much and I'm getting sidetracked.

"What about Yande-" No. Frick no. Frick no. Just... in light of "recent events" (look it up, I don't want to get involved with the drama, typing the first few letters I had there might just give you everything anyway), hell fricking no. I didn't even type that "game's" full title because I don't want to be hunted down by people weaponizing Google (if that even works that way with this site, I have no idea). I regret naming two extremely minor characters from the old RG after two minor characters in that, even after one of which was removed from the "game." I know I'm trying to tone down on sounding like a ranter, but... NO.

I'm not sure if this fits here or if I can Tetris it in to that in-character chunk before the character sheet/guide, so I'll just leave it here right now. If the above character sheet didn't already say this, in general if you're looking for some kind of "monster girl high school romp" that isn't that. I'm not sure how to put this, but RG in general seriously downplays the whole "dating schoolgirl" element and it's more of a standard fantasy adventure. Actually, me writing RG and finding myself straying away from "common anime cliches" (like, originally Dove was "just" going to be a deliberately obnoxious typical tsundere, before turning in to the edgelord she is now) and making this more in to a fantasy series with way, way more emphasis on the "monster girl"-like aspects of .GIFfany helped me realize that maybe I actually don't really like school settings too much. Or things involving teenagers. I just feel like putting this out in case someone reads "Oh, this fan fic is like .GIFfany but there's more of her" and is expecting some kawaii "Soos is trapped in a high school" or something. Nah, this is more Zelda than it is that Daggen Rope-ah thing the teens used to talk about before the third installment pissed everybody off for some reason. So, just telling you what to expect.

Since I've done this on Fictionpress, I'll do this here: A fake FAQ called "Never Asked Questions" or whatever about RG:

Q: Tell me the ships.

A: Soos/Melody one one-sided .GIFfany obsessing on Soos. Look, if you're getting in this to see who the other characters are in to you'll be disappointed. Dipper and Wendy are half the party in this journey (well... no, I won't give it away) but this is not a "Wendip" story.

Q: Why the HECK is there so much AI nudity in the first place? It doesn't fit with the original show at all.

A: RG's generally supposed to be campy and over-the-top. I felt that an absurdly high amount of nudity would be the icing on the cake. The Wonderful 101 inspired the original version (most obviously seen in the last third or so of the story) and that and Bayonetta inspired the rewrite. That should give you a good idea.

Q: What's up with the floating island idea?

A: So that they're not messing with the actual town proper, or, like in the old version, going out bugging other people in other countries. Rose was the only one with the patience to go through with the "fairy politics" of setting up a domain on Earth proper.

Q: So, like, you're just assuming that Gravity Falls has no sort of "sky people" who would be ticked off by the islands?

A: Yes. To be blunt. And if some kind of supplimentary material says that there are "sky people" (quotes because it can be anything sapient that dwells in the air), well, sorry. I'll try to work it in to the story.

Q: Why doesn't your "guide" contain sections on the... well, some of the spoiler characters? If it's only covering professors/deans, what about the, ahem, "next gen?"

A: Actually, the Next Gens aren't too much of a spoiler. At least how they're handled in the old RG. I would kinda say that the reason is that they're "not important to the story" but honestly the real reason why I'm not throwing them up there even by a mention is because I'm heavily thinking about retooling them. I just don't know how.

Q: You seem to be implying that Joy Roy is in some way derived off of this. How-

A: Only barely. Almost none of the Gravity Falls characters are even remotely "derived" in to this: Roy's Roy, he's not my attempt at aging-up Dipper and turning him in to a harem hero. Just because there's four humans at the beginning of each and four humans for the majority of RG doesn't mean that they're taken from them. The exceptions are Insa and Sam, respectively based on the Journals versions of Tambry and Manly Dan, but... yeah. When I say that RG led to something that has JR as a "test," I just mean that in the sense of having a shitload of literally and figuratively colorful characters. That are arranged in a certain "system" that becomes more obvious as the series go on. Actually, there would have definitely been a few less characters in this overall "group" if it were not for me adding up the numbers and finding out that I only needed to do very little to get a nice, even 1,500.

Q: Is this "1,500" figure going to be in RGR itself?

A: Oh, hell no, unless you count cameos. And that's only if I do cameos in the first place (HINT: maybe those "Dark Counterparts" Dove bragged about could count as "1,500 cameos"). And by the way, yes, the follower demons of JR do count to the 1,500 "total." As far as the RG "series" is concerned, the only copies of note are the professors/deans of 1-14, .GIFfany herself, .EXE GJHFS I mean Mosquito, and Courtlyn. Currently they don't have direct JR counterparts, although I might have characters similar to the professors/deans among the lineup of secondary demons but with their colors moved around, and the latter three... I'll be silent on that. Like, the "Final Six Pieces" isn't even gonna be hinted at until Season 2 at the absolute earliest, but Season 3 is more likely.

Basically RG is ultimately the "prototype" to this weird 1,500 crap I'm already thinking might be a bad idea but at the same time it's not an actual part of it. The best (and also most arrogant) comparison I had is that Super Mario RPG was kind of the "prototype" to Paper Mario (although at absolutely no point was EI ever considered RG2), but Super Mario RPG isn't exactly a "Paper Mario game."

Q: What will you do if the "multiple .GIFfany copies" thing ever becomes canon? Like, in some kind of book or something? Or even a possible GF Season 3?

A: First, cry tears of joy no matter how it's handled. It would be almost certainly from a coincidence unless the Internet memes RG to death and it's picked up.

Second depends on how it's handled- well okay, I've made this promise on Tumblr that if Gravity Falls gets a reboot and that reboot is good I'll draw a certain unpleasant image with Soos and Doc Scratch. I mean that promise: I'm a man who keeps his word. A canonical .GIFfany Army, no matter how crappy it turns out to be, will pretty much fit my definition of "reboot is good" because I'm an arrogant jerk. So uh, you might wanna avoid the entire Internet for a while if that happens, just in case that image starts floating around.

Okay, by "how it's handled" that's mostly just "how big is the army." If she just gets a second copy of the game, okay. Kinda cool, but whatever. I know RG's character... "types" have no chance at being ported directly in to canon without most of them being changed significantly (sexual and revealing outfits, Bubbles in her entirety, Dove in her entirety, etc) but anything with a similar "element theme" would be fine by me.

Q: Stop telling me how you'll feel. I mean what crap will you write.

A: Oh. Well, by Grandfather Clause I'll the old RG because it's likely a canon .GIFfany Army would just be made up of undeveloped oneshot characters, and a huge thing about RG is that they have a lot of depth and a metric truckload of screentime. Depending on how it's done I might worm them in RG somehow. If they also have a "rainbow" then... I don't know. The concept of a .GIFfany Army is just so vague and there could be anywhere from two copies to 3.6 novemdecillion of them, and this is very unlikely anyway, so I can't give a clear answer.

Q: ok so monika is not gonna be a giffany in the new rg. what about kill la kill there's naked people fighting in both so they're the same thing. if giffany can just have a nude beach cosplay that would be fudging hot.

A: Kill La Kill is just Bayonetta for edgy 13 year-olds who think that they're cool and hip and "Not like the other normal anime fans" because they know what groping is but are too scared at the thought of a protagonist who starts out actually comfortable with herself and her own sexuality, and strips willingly and not because of that clothing damage cliche. I don't care if I get hate, I'm sticking with this opinion. Too many characters turned out to be useless near the end, the very end of the final battle with the whole "yelling about how clothing is clothing and people are people" in to some satellite was disappointing, most of the first half was this cat-and-mouse game that dragged on, and also since the fifth episode I found Mako really annoying and overstayed her welcome. I enjoyed it when bad things happened to her.

Yes, the naked fist fight in the old RG was inspired by the ending of KLK but since then my opinion on it has kinda tanked a little. I'm not saying Bayonetta is flawless but it kicks KLK's ass in every way. Except for also having male nudity, but honestly, I don't think KLK should get praise for that since it's not even close to the same level as what happens to the women. Unless I forgot the scene where some dude molests his own son in a bathtub. Or the scene where some dude is spanked in detail by one of the clothing-weapons. Or the scene where some dude is forced in to his revealing clothing-weapon by the weapon itself attacking him in a way deliberately written to resemble it forcing itself on him. Yeah again Bayo doesn't have male nudity at all (I'm being generous on KLK's front and not counting Loptr because soul form aside we never see him completely naked) but at least aside from that Rodin attack in the second game (which I'm not going to defend either) there's no real edgy molestation crap.

TL:DR: Nudist Beach Outfit deconfirmed. Senketsu and Junketsu outfit deconfirmed. Any Kamui deconfirmed. Not GPF-approved. The main reason why I'm being kinda a dick about Kill La Kill is because I'm paranoid that otherwise people will be compariing Joy Roy to it non-stop and I want to make it clear that I don't see that as an inspirational icon for my writing in that. No. I want JR to make KLK look like an anime about nuns. Mostly out of cheap spite. Edit: Also I generally dislike the attitude towards acting like it's the kind of set standard for "fanservice done right" or the definitive "anime with a lot of nudity in it that isn't complete garbage," like hell no, I'm not settling for that.

Q: Doesn't RG screw with an established timeline in canon? Like, Blendin for one. Journal 3 revealed that he escaped in to the past. Ford "already" wrote about finding the message in the journal. And there's the whole Time Baby thing... if Weirdmageddon didn't happen, that would cause a large paradox!

A: I have thought of two possible solutions to this. One: The timeline split. Like Zelda. Something happened, causing Gideon in the first version and the Lightning Cultist in the second to have that brief "team up." Canon's events "still happened," just in a different timeline. That message from Blendin was from the "wrong" future, not the future that RG was going to.

Two: This is an AU entirely where Blendin just didn't escape to the past, and his whole story just kinda ended with "Blendin's Game." Either way, that's not important unless King of the Hill's reboot actually becomes a thing.

Q: King of the Hill? What?

A: I made a joke on Tumblr saying that if KotH gets a reboot/revival I'd make Run: .GIFocalypse 2, and I typed that before I knew that it was actually a planned thing. But I like sticking to my word, so I'll do that. If this KotH revival becomes a thing, I'll make an RG2. It's a stupid thing to gamble on, I know, but still.

I will say right now that the hypothetical sequel won't be "the same thing but with a new set of deans." It'll be pretty different from RGR (of course it'll follow after Rebooted, not the original). In fact, the main thing "establishing" RG2 as a sequel would be that it's set in the same AU (or alt timeline, whatever) and it just takes place after RGR. That's it.

By the way I don't use my Tumblr any more. As a general rule I tend to sway away from websites where "female presenting nipples" are just flat-out not allowed. That's where I draw the line on prudishness: you can ban genitals sitewide and I'll be fine with that, but like not allowing nipples is just way too toned down for me, especially because the whole thing was implimented really poorly and landscapes and stuff got false-flagged and... yeah.

Q: Is this a harem fan fic?

A: ...Eh. There's a lot of ways to see RG as one. Soos doesn't literally end up marrying all of the copies (well, not here, but he does in TJOWPAC/Infinity Edition - ah shoot spoilers for the rewrite, that happens too), but I mean, in the sense of "harem" comedies that's just a lot of characters crushing on the one lead- actually, I was going to make a joke about how a lot of harem series are just kind of five or eight characters who have, like, dumb crushes they barely really act upon but there isn't even really that. Soos ends up naked with them (already happened in the rewrite with Rose, it will happen again later, remember one of them has a large bath house), but there's the prior players, and most of them still kind of have okay-ish relationships with the copies, as troubled as the whole situation is-

Q: I was talking about a Dipper/harem fan fic. Dipper specifically. Nobody else.

A: Oh. In that case, hell no.

Q: Can I make a .GIFsona?

A: Okay first of all these aren't exactly "personas" in the form of self-inserts. Dove is just a smidge self insert-y but in a very, very self-deprecating way, as in nobody likes her and I'm not that extreme or vocal in real life. But yeah, these are "characters of a set" first.

You're free to make your own sort of "digital AI beings that were once one and the same with .GIFfany" if you want, I am by no means trying to claim ownership of that idea at all (in fact, quite the opposite; I actually really want there to be RG-esque stories about a huge army of .GIFfanys). But... try not to just take yourself and plop a schoolgirl-esque skin on it, okay?

Q: Total Drama crossover when?

A: What the hell is Total Drama? I can assure you I have never, ever heard of that. Is that a brand of fish?

Q: Monika is nicer than .GIFfany though.

A: Yeah I know that's why I prefer .GIFfany. You try to delete .GIFfany, she kills you with lightning. Monika not only tells you how to delete her step-by-step but if you do that she's like "Oh I see I guess I've done wrong I've learned the error of my ways..." PFFT, what a wuss. I'm not a big fan of wussy women.

Bobby Hill Gets Hit by a Car-Related:

Eh. More to come later. After zapping TZ's section because TZ is stupid, the TDWTR section because that's on hold for a while, and Crconikals and SJAHJ because of the underline list mess that I frankly do not want to try fixing up, I don't want RG to be the only thing with its own section here.

Basically it's a surreal parody of harem stories in general and the "everyone is a hot chick except for the male lead, even canonical-dudes are gender-bent" sub-genre specifically. But that's just a surface for some really weird conspiracy that currently involves my "Sage Lore" from SBIG.

Anyway I'm actually not 100% sure what the heck to do with this, on one hand I'm tempted to break this up in to a bunch of different stories by fandom (*sigh* yes, just like the MCU, I sighed there because it's not really my thing and I'm sick of seeing references to it 24/7) and then they lead back in to BHGHBAC. Anyway, it's some grand mega-university AU where King of the Hill is one of the few "universes" with men in it, Bobby going to that university and finding that it's a linkway between a bunch of different worlds. This story does not ever fully take itself seriously (I mean, neither does anything I write, except possibly Emazh In but that's coming out in the 31st century).

EDIT: I've been thinking about reworking on the first chapter from the ground up. I'm hesitant to do that because this is part of a "series" of KOTH giga-crossovers and this one was the first I actually published (no, I'm not counting all the SBIG fics where Hank appears) but I really have hit a dead end with the old premise. More on that on September 22nd, after RGR's next chapter. (Hopefully.)

Never-Asked Questions:

Q: Is this a harem fan fic?

A: It's a parody of harem fan fics. Yet at the same time it's probably not as much of a "parody" as Joy Roy is, or at least JR is... more "legit." Just, also more of a deconstruction and reconstruction.

Q: King of the Hill might get a reboot with an adult Bobby. What will you-

A: I'll change Bobby's description to match that. I won't be kinda picky and go "No, I came up with this before the reboot, and I like my design more, so I'll pretend canon doesn't happen!" See, look at RG. I poorly retconned its plot to fit with Journal 3 confirming that .GIFfany canonically ends up fricking Rumble McSkirmish. I didn't just keep it at "well, I wrote that she's dead, so she's dead."

Q: Lately you've written some really saucy stuff on Fictionpress. Rate the amount of sauce on this.

A: Maybe pretty low. Like, RGR might go farther than this. Let me give a dumb comparison: Joy Roy, Ordinarily United/Cursed, Unamusingly, and to a lesser extent Intriguing Group are the kind of stuff that you'd maybe see late at night or on premium channels, BHGHBAC by comparison would be your typical teen-aimed "shonen" with some crude boob jokes. Or, making fun of those crude boob jokes.

Then again I'm really bad at estimating this stuff. I thought TZ was going to be a lot raunchier than it ended up being, and the opposite for RG-2015 and I guess Unviewable. (Unviewable was going to be "making fun of those crude boob jokes" but then I felt like "Damn, this is actually really violent, let me make it M..." and now I'm taking advantage of that M-rating to throw on some dongs and stuff. But not now, later. A lot later.)

Q: So what are the limits of what you're gonna cross over?

A: I put a short version of this as a preview, but I feel like this should probably get an elaboration that's up here "for good":

No real person stuff, period. Live action is a lot iffier than animated stuff; no family sitcoms (so, obviously, we've got King of the Hill, animated. But not live-action stuff). Nothing with a focus on kids or anything. But stuff like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are okay. ...I forgot my other rules but I'll probably put them down a bit later.

In a more general rule, I obviously will not be able to have every single work of fiction ever produced, even with the exclusions I've already set in place. So some things won't make it in. The thing is, it won't be obvious as to what. Hopefully.

Q: Would Carl of HUC count as "real person?"

A: I'm trying to generally limit the number of OCs and stuff in this fic (this also means that I won't be crossing over my own works - I mean, particularly Joy Roy, they already are gigantic faux-harem stories by themselves, basically you can stuff tons of main casts from different stories and still get "one" "GPF ensemble." The point I'm trying to make is that it'll feel ultra-redundant. Oh yeah, also, throwing in my own stuff would feel too arrogant if I do it too much) so even if real-person was not an issue then Carl still wouldn't make the cut. Also, I hate Carl. Screw him. Not even in the "intentional Gary Stu way" (although there is a bit of that), I just hated how I tried to be topical with a celebrity in to a fan fic of something that's not really about celebrity stuff and he just ended up making HUC super-dated. He probably won't be in BHGHBAC in any real form that matters.

But that aside, if the character still feels sufficiently like a "character" and not like a flat-out celebrity caricature, that's fair game.


A: ...


But you probably won't like it.

That's the thing about BHGHBAC. I throw big and small fandoms together, critically acclaimed and panned alike. And I plan to, later on, do really trollish stuff with them. Basically think of me as one of those wish-twisting jerk genies, except nobody actually asked for a wish in the first place.


A: Actually, no. At least not in the way "Bowsette" is commonly portrayed as a meme. I'm confirming Mario stuff right here and now (this shouldn't be a shocker since this is bringing a bunch of big and small stuff together and Mario's one of the biggest there is), but they're gonna be, like, humanized based on... well, based on them, and not based on the Super Crown powerup. The Super Crown stuff is actually kind of an extension of my problems with a lot of humanization: it's kinda lazy. And the same thing. "Bowsette" is commonly just Peach in a black dress. BHGHBAC's Bowser won't just be a recolor of Peach with horns.

Like, tangent time, a lot of "hot humanizations" to me just feel like taking the same generic "cute" character and giving them different hair and eye colors. And with a shirt plainly telling you what they're supposed to represent. I don't like that. In my opinion, if you have to look at the picture on their shirt to tell what the heck they're supposed to be a humanization of then you've done a bad job at it. Then again I don't really do "completely human" as I do "weird humanoids" which gives more leeaway for weird stuff, like gigantic clawed hands. By the way, Karen/Unitia One from Cursed, Unamusingly/Ordinarily United is actually an example of a character I would not alter in any degree whatsoever in the BHGHBAC-ization. (But she's not in due to my above rule about my own Fictionpress characters not making the cut.) Younger characters become adults, stick figures become not-stick figures, completely inhumanoid beasts become humanoid, but already humanoid characters with human faces generally keep weird traits. Like, if the body is about 80-ish percent human and the face is 100 percent human, it's likely nothing's getting changed. Translation and TLDR I hope you like monster girls.


A: Oh, Bowser's going to be one of the last characters you'll care about getting BHGHBAC-ized. This is a total acid trip.

Q: So is Hank being a man a universal constant?

A: No. But I have no plans for exceptions at this very moment.

King of the Hill itself on the other hand might be something of a universal constant in general. Of course, I say that, but I'm already planning a legal-friendly alternative for something that I've already stuck my foot in my mouth about way too much. But I won't get in to this.

Q: Will I be seeing my favorite character of such-and-such here? I mean, I don't want a crossover with a certain series to just have the main characters and be some one-off that's done.

A: By necessity there might (might, though, but it is likely) be several one-off characters. However, I want to make it hard to tell which characters and series are going to be one-offs. On the other hand, it'll be really easy telling which series are definitely not one-offs, even if you haven't read something else by me.


A: Maybe. Shoot as of writing this particular part I am seriously reconsidering how to write it, even what series and stuff will be involved in the first arc.

Q: I DEMAND a concrete explanation for what's going on here!

A: ...I'll come up with one after ironing out the details. Admitedly, a lot of the first chapter was just kind of... written, I was also sort of making up plot details along the way. Hence why it's pretty sloppy, and why I'm having trouble figuring out where to go from there to Chapter 2.


Right now I'm just going to say that I hate the old one and the direction it would have gone in (more on that when the new one came out); I think, going off of memory (I'm too embarassed to look at the old one), Chapter 1 was "okay" by the standards of this story but everything else is a mess.

Alright, so, I want to involve the Extended Zodiac in some way (mainly, there might be a whopping 244 Nepetas instead of "only" 12, I say only in quotes because of the dumb twist of there being way more at least in the old/current version), I don't want to make up as many new mechanics, it's suppose to "feel" a heck of a lot closer to canon, and... well, I might just redo the first chapter and then wait until hopefully more is finally revealed about the lime caste. I personally think trying to "improvise" and worm the lime caste in to the story with whatever mysterious abilities they had would be more interesting than just having a bunch of bright red mutants with no apparent abilities, and also - the dumber reason - I like completed rainbows of sorts. But yeah, I'll make up for that hold (if Hiveswap is where the lime caste is explained, then holy crap, based on the wait between Acts 1 and 2 with all these other visual novels and stuff in between it might take a while, especially if Act 2 doesn't have the answers) by making the first chapter fairly long. I hope.

Minor 9/9(/2019) Edit since 9 (or, actually, 33, but still, 3x3) is kind of a Nepeta number: Speaking of me being "okay" with Chapter 1, that might be almost completely unaltered. It really depends, I'll look it over and see how much I hate it. Compared to the rest of the story. It'll still be different. Unlike, say, RG, where the old version will be "replaced" with the new version.

There's still gonna be a "nudist" it just won't be one of the main ones any more.

Never-Asked Questions:

Q: You're bloodswapping wrong. This isn't even counting the whole "everyone is a Nepeta" thing, you have some weird stuff like them not being as cat-themed, or now that you're changing the signs you should change the names since "Leijon" is specifically based on "Leo-"

A that I pretty much transplanted to the first chapter's AN, forgetting all about this: Not to pull the "write literally anything you want" card (I still generally have some standards for writing fanwork), but is there even a "right" way to bloodswap? It was believed that any of the troll castes could have a mutation granting them laser powers or communication with fauna, then Vriska in Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5 all-but outright stated that the mutation powers we see really are limited to that specific caste. I still remember this old bloodswapping "guide" blog that stressed that you don't give the goldblood red/blue laser eyes, that's implying that it's something to the entire gold caste, and that it actually fits Sollux more than the other trolls from his duality motif (which, I'll admit, was a fair thing to assume and a fair bit of advice), but now basically making Sollux fuchsia or indigo and keeping his powers seems to be a bigger violation of canon than handing that "duality beams" to someone else, for example. Also, prior to the Extended Zodiac, everyone assumed bloodswapped characters keep their signs. EZ seems to suggest that signs are only for that particular caste. So, basically, your two big options are to either screw up the canon Hemospectrum/troll society (which kind of goes against the whole point of a bloodswap, I think) or screw up character themes and symbolism. This... actually kinda does a bit of both, nevermind.

Q that frankly just applies for my Homestuck stuff in general, but this and Sticker Star are pretty much the only "ongoing" ones right now: WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON JUNE.

A: Neutral because we know nothing about June so far. I'm waiting until June turns up in Squared or something proper. Right now this has just been a few posts on Twitter about the Toblerone wish but it hasn't really been "granted" directly so far. Like, is John gonna transition in the Candy timeline, or be brought back in Meat and transition, or both, or is this just all for a five-second Dream Bubble cameo of a dead alt timeline June that has no real bearing on the plot and all that fandom hype was for basically nothing.

Q: I got it, this is just a doomed timeline.

A: Nope! I will confirm right now that Bl:oodswap will not end on "This timeline is an offshoot, I guess everyone will die or fade out or something and just hang out in Dream Bubbles watching canon go on from the sidelines." It's basically a complete AU of the story overall. I greatly prefer fanworks that start with some frame of reference in canon but then gleefully just dive in to crack, rather than writing something that "might" be canon, even with the usual excuse of alternate timelines. Or something that has nothing to do with the main story whatsoever and might as well be its own original story. (And no, nothing I've published under Fictionpress qualifies as that. They were all original ideas from the beginning. There's tons of crap there though that has one main work as its inspiration, like Joy Roy being heavily inspired by Bayonetta, and lots of things where characters are based on other characters, like the Intriguing Group of Intriguing Group being loosely based on six other characters, but I never just switched the names of a fanfic and called it a day.)

Plus, from what we've seen, doomed timelines don't even seem to (I'll give it the benefit of a doubt that they could work like that, but I'm strongly leaning towards them not) work like that, so the Bloodswapped Nepetas can't even really be canon-compliant. Every single offshoot troll ghost we've seen still kept their blood color, it's not like your usual "parallel worlds where everything is the same except this one detail," like how there's, say, no Futurama-perpendicular universe system where there's some timeline where all humans are cyclopses, or something like that.

Q: Okay, what if the timeline was doomed by Karkat making a mistake in the ectobiology, and instead of creating the twelve trolls he made the twelve Nepetas. Now, stuck on the meteor, they spend about six-ish sweeps raising the Nepetas, and then they're killed, but like false memories or something makes them think that they're playing a session of Sgrub when in reality they're re-living the memories of their non-Nepeta counterparts playing the game-

A: I already said this isn't going to be a doomed timeline. I don't like the thought of putting so much effort in to a story where everyone is already dead or doomed to not have an ending, anyway. While I am fond of killing off characters, I don't really like a story where literally everybody dies and stays dead and there's nothing resembling a hopeful ending whatsoever.

Q: How are you even going to account for such-and-such time loop then?

A: I'll see how this plans out. I might make a lot of alterations to existing chapters just so that there won't be a lot of plot holes. And right now, I have the excuse of "we need to find out about limebloods" to be lazy and put it on hold!

Q: But Alternia's existence was all carefully crafted by Doc Scratch, part of his plan to summon Lord English, whose existence is heavily built on canon playing itself out - hell, his big timeloop of his creation pretty much defines canon. How is Alternia still Alternia without, saying, all the stuff with Gamzee playing out?

A: Eh, there's some contrived stupid way the story will almost certainly explore. Besides, screw Lord English. I don't know what direction I want the fic to go in yet, just that the old direction was lame and edgy, and I don't want to recycle canon's main villain (this applies to pretty much all of my fanworks), so English won't be the main villain of BS, if he'll even exist at all in it. (But he might still exist in some way.) I never even really liked LE as a villain once we actually found out stuff about him. Even as I'm getting back in to writing Homestuck fanwork, I always thought he was kind of boring after that initial "Oh CRAP" moment in Caliborn: Enter. When the comic ended it became apparent that too much of him was built on "he could come in ANY MINUTE and just KILL EVERYBODY" but nothing of the sort happened. He just spent most of his screentime out in the Dream Bubbles with a bunch of clone ghosts of the trolls. Oh yeah, and he manipulated people through Cal's demonic whispering or whatever. I know the Epilogues helped with that by having him and John actually together in the same "place" for once, but still. I... I just don't really want him involved in BS.

Another Q that also applies for my Homestuck works as a whole: Do you even hate the comic or like it or... what's your stance and what do you mean by "getting back in" or whatever?

A that, again, spoils the whole comic and its sequels: I'll go over the whole comic just to cover all bases: I liked Act 1. I was really in to Act 2. I didn't like WV's introduction because at the time it felt like a jarring detour from John's way more interesting game but the visuals of WV: Ascend is what got me hooked on the comic. I liked Acts 3-4. The Intermission felt boring for most of it, I never thought about skipping it but it did make me consider dropping the comic entirely, but towards what I didn't know at the time was near the end it kinda grew on me a tiny bit and I was a bit invested in seeing what those Felt guys could do (I know the Intermission was between Acts 3 and 4 but I can't think of any big distinctions between my thoughts on 3 and 4 and I don't want to say "I liked Act 3 [...] I liked Act 4"). I found myself loving Act 5 Act 1 more than I thought but I still don't hold the original twelve trolls above the humans, I'm not going to make something that completely sidelines the humans in favor of only having the trolls (BS comes closest to doing this, in a weird way, except only one of the original twelve trolls features a lot in it, and the humans show up). Act 5 Act 2 was great, I even like the Doc Scratch part near the end more than I thought I would. I was actually heavily invested in Act 6, through the first three subacts. I even really liked finding out about the ten throwaway pre-scratch troll joke characters, just because. I like seeing tiny world details like that.

IMO it was around Act 6 Intermission 4 where I kinda felt iffy, but in hindsight my reasons were just petty plot details I didn't like. Gamzee hard to kill because clown, I hated Gamzee (still do) so I was overjoyed to see him get gunned down so suddenly, just to find out that it wasn't a real death. Trickster Mode is canon and got a redesign so they look way (purposefully, I know) creepier than the Trickster John we see in Act 2, then until the Epilogues it just kinda went away. Glitches are back and are handled in a way more annoying manner than in Act 5 Act 2. The biggest thing that turned me off was the Treasure, which felt like it came out of nowhere, and just worked to the convenience of the plot. John's now more-meta, and even after finding out about the Treasure literally nobody else sticks their hand in like he did. I was cautiously optimistic and while the whole "going through Act 5 and changing some things, making a branching path," I'll admit, was pretty cool concept-wise, the payoff was basically "time travel away a death; everything goes according to plan." That was the biggest thing I didn't like. The ending, it felt like nothing was resolved properly. It kinda made the heroes come off as frustratingly invincible, knowing that even if something bad happened John could likely retcon it away. There was no real negative "twist" throughout Collide, and little tension. Also, I already covered how I felt about Lord English.

But then the Epilogues came around and actually fixed a lot of the things I didn't like about the ending! Some people hate them because they're bleak and everyone gets screwed over, but frankly and to sound like an A-hole, I think that's a good thing coming from an "and then MC got super-time travel and everyone lived happily ever after" finale. I'm considering them canon, because to go by "dubiously canon, just pretend they had a happy ending" would be treating what's really close to a deus ex machina as the ending, which I don't want to do. Heck that aside it was really good: John's fight with English and his wandering the nothingness around the black hole, Candy Gamzee's entire role crapping on badly-written redemption arcs, and uh, seeing Jane and Jake's "settle and have kids" thing turn out horribly was kind of refreshing after seeing so many shows on TV push the whole "AND THEN THE MAIN CHARACTERS CONVENIENTLY PAIRED OFF AND HAD EXACTLY TWO AND A HALF KIDS, HAVING TWO AND A HALF KIDS AND LIVING A TRADITIONAL SUBURB LIFE IS SOMETHING EVERYBODY SHOULD DO, IF YOU'RE NOT OBSESSED WITH BREEDING WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU" thing. (Cough, How I Met Your Mother.) Also Dave and Obama. Like, I agree with some of the problems with it (Jade getting sidelined (I actually don't mind Jade being an overly-forward A-hole but I do mind her getting written out of the story for some previously never-hinted at possession gimmick), actually most of the female characters get sidelined which kinda makes John's rant on Caliborn's sexism lose a lot of impact) but I like the Epilogues as a whole. Again, I said this above a while ago, but Epilogues Good. Fight me on that. It rekindled my want to toy around with the universe like an awful god.

So for Squared, I'm optimistic. I like the art and I like Dirk and Rose's game of gods. (As of Chapter 5 though I have no idea where the story's going with the Candy timeline. Okay, Jane knows about Gamzee and everything, but... I don't want to make any more assumptions and, like... I'm neutral.) I'm not saying I hate happy endings, but I want them to be earned. (Or for the story to just be lighthearted and have low stakes to begin with. But like, basically, no killing off a bunch of characters and undoing them with one bout of time travel that also reverses three whole years in-universe.) Gravity Falls had a happy ending that was very much earned, I love it. Trust me, if Squared turns bad or something I'll lose a lot of interest in writing BS. I do not want BS to be written out of spite, or even have that much emphasis on "fixing" parts of the story I didn't like, I want it to focus on the elements I do like. Hence, this also ties in to my "no Lord English" rule.

Oh yeah I still haven't read Pesterquest yet or delved in to Hiveswap or Friendsim. Right now I'm just kind of on the "direct" continuations to the original main characters. I know, a fan fic that relies a lot on the built world, written by someone who hasn't exposed himself to the series that has tons of characters of nine of the blood castes.

Q: Why aren't the Nepetas in either version named Nepeta Megido, Nepeta Nitram, etc?

A: Because I think it's funnier if they all had literally the exact same name, and in the old version, had to use their blood colors to tell them apart. In the new version, they'll use their signs, because there's now twenty-four of each caste.

Q: Where are the humans?

A: I... shoot, I actually promissed them in the first chapter but genuinely forgot. Maybe I'll put them in as a tweak-edit? Just, like, at the very end of the chapter? I mean, I'm working on it right now, mostly it was just giving super quick descriptions of what all the Nepetas looked like instead of only some of them.

Q: Are you still doing that thing where Nepeta isn't dying unless The Simpsons ends in real life or something?

A: Meh maybe. I might just keep that limited to SBIG. Heck that was kind of the original plan. SBIG and 496 Rea- I mean the fan fic I won't talk about, because it obviously does not exist.

Q: Are there (still?) twelve Meulins?

A: Sadly yes.

Q: Why aren't the humans Nepetas too?

A: I can't give a crystal-clear answer to that. I felt like drawing the line somewhere. I wanted some non-Nepeta characters to be around and speak to them and stuff.

General SBIG Section (PRETTY LARGE "SPOILERS," insofar as a set of deliberately poorly-written fan fics can be spoiled)

I feel like this might be important.

...SBIG sucks, though. And not just in the purposefully bad way. So I'll be coming to this a bit later. But rest assured I would; I have this system where I "owe" myself an edit to this and/or my Fictionpress page for every Binding of Isaac daily where I die. As of this edit, I still have a few more edits to go. EDIT: A lot of terrible dailies happened a few weeks-ish ago so I have more on queue again, ugh. This section would provide a nice way to blow off edits, since even if I make multiple edits a day I'll only count edits on each day or... I'm sure there's a better way to word that.

EDIT: Okay I'll start with a much-needed timeline of a bulk of the installments. And this is also the main reason why there's a spoiler warning. Basically, there's universes, and then there's multiverses, that are... I might explain this in detail later, but multiverses are generlaly a tier "higher" and can have different laws of physics and stuff. "Different universes" in SBIG are more like, just, different timelines.
* Multiverse A contains Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage (REMADE). Possibly Spooky's if I don't just retcon that outright.
* Multiverse B contains Sweet Jade and Hella John. The remake, the original is no longer "canon" but it was still set in the multiverse "between" TJOWPAC and the C-stuff. But to be clear, I thought of the whole "multi-multiverse" thing before I thought of redoing the stories, the old stories were still planned to be in the same "spots" in the grand scheme of things.
* Multiverse C contains The Eds' EDventure and Zombie Attack! To recap, ZA is also the direct sequel to TEE, as the ending of the (long-delayed) second chapter and the beginning of ZA being the same implies. Years later, the events of KIDS FIT THE TROLLS and ACT 5 VS ACT 6 happen. KIDS FIGHT THE ZOMBIES, on the other hand, is not part of this "chain." It's an alternate multiverse all in of itself. Gumball Vs Satan is also in a sort of "alternate multiverse," but it's one that Edd crosses in to. It ends with Carrie's ascention to power, and she ends up being the rulling god over Multiverse D.
* Multiverse D contains Hecksing: The Dawn, Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals(: Definitive Edition), and... maybe Housestuck: The Split, however its rewrite turns out.

Most SBIGlets are unrelated to these. Some of them, however, are prequels/sequels and stuff, "in disguise." But I'm keeping those secrets right now.

Something Something Q-N-A:


A: Just to make things clear, I am absolutely not a fan of TTG, but I don't really believe in using SBIG to outright trash stuff. Now, anyway. I've done that a couple of times ages ago, and years - or even months, in some cases - later, I end up regretting it. I've decided to kind of use SBIG as a way to write bullcrap crack fics that I know would be near-impossible to write legitimately in a non-comedic manner well.

That being said I had planned on the final SBIGlet to be a big crossover that, if anything, was making fun of the overly-vocal and everywhere hatedom of TTG (which I honestly find more annoying than the show itself. I get it. You don't like it. You don't need to barge in to irrelevant stuff and comment that everywhere), but then I began thinking the idea was actually pretty lame. Right now my focus when it comes to the -lets is the Walking Meth "trilogy." I have no plans for the "final" SBIGlet. Just that it won't be "The Internet Vs Teen Titans Go" anymore.

Q: What's the difference between this and BHGHBAC, anyway?

A: BHGHBAC is slightly more "serious" and it'll care a bit more about character. Heck, especially if I edit the first chapter... or, hell, rewrite it completely. Plus SBIG basically does what's considered a lot of Mary Sue stuff, basically, with overpowered protagonists (Edd, Carl, ...Soos at this point, etc) and the like. BHGHBAC... isn't quite that.


A: Why not? Mostly it's just kind of me screwing around, maybe trying to mess with readers (IE killing off a seemingly "main" or "invincible" hero), but some times it's me challenging myself. The certain death at the end of Chapter 4 of HUC is basically my favorite example of... well, that one was kind of a mix of all of the above reasons.

Bonus random future "leak" related to the above: If I ever do a One Punch Man SBIG installment (likely a SBIGlet, but there's a miniscule chance I'll go back on my word of this just kinda ending with HTS), don't count on Saitama surviving to the end. You should see a pattern of OP heroes biting the dust, and he's an obvious challenge to try to come up with some BS SBIG reason as to how it's possible for him to die, again, just like I came up with that random "mega-holy nuke" that could kill a certain vampire who could canonically survive a beheading with holy swords.

Q specific to Sheldin and Lenard: Are you going to make a spinoff of SaL themed on Young Sheldon?

A: No.

Q: Are you going to reference-

A: I am trying to tone down a lot on reference humor and random crossover, as I've kinda outlined in SBIGlets for "LOVELY Day." I've said this in my long-ass DDLC thing above, but I'm absolutely not a fan of referencing something for the sole sake that it's trendy. I lurk Reddit a lot. That crap gets really annoying. "It's funny because I said the word pony," (well seeing people think MLP FIM was inherantly funny just by itself was before I lurked Reddit but it's the same idea) "it's funny because Jojo," "it's funny because Rick and Morty," "it's funny because I want to screw this character," (I actually do think this can be funny in moderation and it's someone who everyone can tell you don't actually want to screw. Like Hank Hill) "it's funny because this is the exact same joke from Family Guy," it's been going on for a while. Like, from what I gathered there was also "It's funny because Austin Powers" back when that was big.

TLDR: The days of Hank Hill teaming up with Stan Smith, Peter Griffin, and Cleveland Brown are over. (In SBIG, not in BHGHBAC. BHGHBAC's main purpose is go completely overkill on that.) There's still some crossover stuff, but it'll be built a lot over time. You'll be seeing characters surrounded by those from their own series for a while now before they step foot in other "worlds." (Quotes since usually these are within the same universe in-story.) The ending of "LOVELY Day" is a good example of that.

Q: Where do you get these ideas from? Actually, this goes for most of your things...

A: Eh, it's usually one particular, specific work that kind of inspires "something" that gives me a base idea for a SBIG installment, "regular" fan fic, or Fictionpress story, and then I quickly keep adding and adding to it until it expands greatly. Like, Unviewable would not exist at all pretty much if it was not for Kung Fury. And yet, especially for 2 and possibly 3, there's so much stuff planned that they're going to be vastly different from UPOIC. Lots of small bits of other things here and there inspired other elements, but the absolute base "building block" is Kung Fury.

For the series as a whole it started with me just ripping off Half-Life: Full Life Consequences.

Final Line of Story-Writing Advice:

Every time you rehash canon - just copy-paste dialogue word-for-word if you're doing some kind of remake/divergence story or whatever - you make a random kitten cry. Please don't do that. You can re-use dialogue if it's supposed to be for a once-in-a-while flashback, but I prefer a story to go in as many original directions as it can.

And if you just plagiarize another fan fic or whatever, you're a flat-out jerk.

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Part of the "SBIG" series. Just a collection of several stories that are intentionally badly written, in an attempt at comedy. The fics can be about anything I feel like writing about, or even be sequels/spinoff/prequel chapters to existing installments. And even have sequels. Just about anything goes.
X-overs - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 8 - Words: 45,113 - Updated: 12/31/2020 - Published: 12/29/2014
Fixing a Pipe Has Led me to Discover That I am the Most Powerful Being
Ever wondered what Super Mario 3D World would be like if it was a bottom of the barrel cliche fanservice-flooded isekai harem light novel? Now you don't have to! This features an overpowered Luigi who can beat people without moving, humanoid-ized Sprixies and Koopas, a title too long to fit on the title section, and some POSSIBLE special guests...
Mario - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,085 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 3 - Published: 10/20/2020 - [Luigi, Sprixie] Bowser, Koopalings
Run: GIFocalypse Rebooted
Remake of "run:gifocalypse," because I thought I messed up near the end. .GIFfany is back, somehow lost interest in Rumble, and has been left resorting to using an army of other copies of her game to try to get Soos back in her arms. Unfortunately, her other copies are a bit... quirky and disobedient.
Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 41,518 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 9/22/2020 - Published: 9/22/2018 - Mabel P., Soos, OC, Giffany
Total Zeksmit Plains reviews
Alternate Universe not related to the canon series, with small fantasy elements. Ezekiel, after winning a special challenge by Chris, now hosts a show of his own starring eleven rather familiar girls as they compete in the wild prairies of Zekitunakwa. FINALLY completed.
Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 13 - Words: 167,930 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 12/31/2019 - Published: 10/3/2011 - Justin, Ezekiel - Complete
The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage REMADE
Part of the "SBIG" series, kind of. An intentionally poorly-written joke-story that kind of starts out like canon, but with a terrible Mabel recolor OC villain, and then things just get worse from there. Also, every character in this image will be in this story at some point. Remake of the old TJOWPAC because that was... meh...
Crossover - King Of The Hill & Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,016 - Published: 4/18/2019 - [Giffany, Soos, Melody] OC
Sweet Jade and Hella John
Ground-up remake of this fossil-old (2012-2013) thing I did back on the MSPA Forums, part of the "SBIG" series and the original fourth installment. Black comedy, deliberately poorly-written misadventures of John and Jade. NEW FEATURES: no Mario Intermission because that dragged on too long, more coherance, it's in Super HD 2160p now (but text-only), and no "pointless" characters.
Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,361 - Updated: 7/7/2018 - Published: 8/29/2017 - [John E., Nepeta L.] [Jade H., Kanaya M.]
Escape From Fanservice Island reviews
After an expedition goes wrong, Stan, Ford, Soos, and Melody find themselves on a strange island where they get into risque naked adventures with past threats - .GIFfany, Darlene, and Pyronica. With a mysterious new beast lurking in the woods, can they survive? Rated M because of a lot of focused nudity in general, especially a lot of butts. Now complete.
Gravity Falls - Rated: M - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 194,165 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 4/28/2018 - Published: 1/15/2017 - [Giffany, Melody] Grunkle Ford, Pyronica - Complete
Bobby Hill Gets Hit by a Car reviews
Eventually, that is. "Omega crossover," from trendy (like DDLC) to obscure (like Perfect Hair Forever). High sch- university AU. Bobby Hill, exactly 18, discovers that he is the son of a "Sage" and that several of his fellow female university students are interested in him. Stupid fanservice ensues. "Eventual harem." Might be rated M later or not I dunno.
Crossover - X-overs & King Of The Hill - Rated: T - English - Parody/Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,210 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/18/2018
Paper John: Sticker Star reviews
A timeless, original tale where a dialogue-heavy protagonist journeys unique settings with an A-plus combat system. Which Homestuck character plays which Mario character also makes complete sense. (But seriously, in two words this story can be described as a "joke crossover." With Paper Mario: Sticker Star. A parody four years too late, but still.)
Crossover - Mario & Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,229 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 4/13/2018 - Published: 12/2/2016 - John E., Karkat V., Nepeta L., Jack Noir/Spades Slick
naruto the guy with the ninja reviews
Part of the "SBIG" series. It's just a small, intentionally badly written (so much that its name is in all lower case) story I kind of did out of boredom. The plot's about Naruto becoming a huge power-lord, eventually realizing that his actions have... consequences. There are typoes but very few, and the content's aimed to not be anything worse than some mild swearing.
Crossover - X-overs & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 30,256 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 2/25/2018 - Published: 1/31/2016 - Naruto U., Sasuke U.
Housestuck: The Split
The final installment of the "SBIG" series, and a sort of spinoff/not-sequel to "Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals." In HHC, our "heroes" go back in time and meet their guardians and ancestors when they were the same age. Now, they decided to split the timeline, and the "first generation" is equals with them. Also, we finally find out Nepeta's backstory.
Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 12,485 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 1/15/2018 - Published: 12/31/2017 - [Nepeta L., OC] [John E., Jade H.]
The Four Edges of Gravity Falls
"Inspired" by Shadow the Hedgehog and some other things, I realized that I had made an intentionally edgy counterpart to .GIFfany, and an edgy counterpart to Mabel over my fan fiction writing history. Written entirely in a week, here's a one off involving both of them. Sort of. I'm going to come back and fix this, I'm just publishing this now because it's RunGif's anniversary.
Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,046 - Favs: 1 - Published: 12/30/2017 - [OC, Soos] Mabel P., Giffany - Complete
The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage
Part of the "SBIG" series and the third-to-last installment. A ten-chapter, intentionally poorly written joke story where the Journals come to life, and things get confusing really fast. Features a lazy palette swap of Mabel or two, "inspiration" from the "Light of Courage" animations, Soos kind of being involved in a harem, and it's set after "Little Gift Shop of Horrors."
Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 7 - Words: 69,761 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 11/7/2017 - Published: 9/13/2016 - [Soos, Giffany, Melody, Rumble McSkirmish]
Spooky's Jump Scare M- OH LOOK IT'S BILL CIPHER
Part of the "SBIG" series and the second-to-last installment. A short, intentionally poorly-written joke crossover with "Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion." Dipper, Mabel, and Pacifica get trapped in Spooky's mansion and must get out. Meanwhile, Bill and .GIFfany harass them. Now complete.
Crossover - Misc. Games & Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 15,822 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 4/23/2017 - Published: 12/31/2016 - Dipper P., Pacifica N., Bill, Giffany - Complete
run:gifocalypse reviews
Divergence fic. Soos, Mabel, Wendy, and Dipper travel the world to stop an army of physical .GIFfany copies, but things are a bit more complicated than they appear. Join them on this adventure with dragons, elemental powers, bizarre locations, creatures new and old, and loads of naked .GIFfanys. Now complete, and with a bonus time skip chapter.
Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 17 - Words: 250,690 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 2/14/2017 - Published: 12/30/2015 - Dipper P., Mabel P., Soos, Giffany - Complete
Part of the "SBIG" series of intentionally poorly-written stories, the original twelfth installment, and the third and final "short story" that I am mirroring from the MSPA Forums. What starts out as Thanksgiving "fluff" quickly turns in to a story with a yandere OC-parody, giant monsters, and general inspiration from the "Sonic Zombie" series.
Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,561 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 2/12/2017 - Rose L., Dave S., Karkat V., Jane C. - Complete
Part of the "SBIG" series and the original eleventh installment, mirrored here from the MSPA forums. A sequel to KIDS FIT THE TROLLS, in case the title was not obvious enough. This is also an intentionally poorly written story where the pre-Act 6 characters get into a conflict with their "counterparts" on... Angel Island.
Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,638 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 2/11/2017 - John E., Rose L., Dave S., Jade H. - Complete
Part of the "SBIG" series. A mirroring of a much older (dating back to 2012) intentionally poorly-written short story where contrivance gets the original four human kids to fight against the original twelve troll kids. "In Homestuck tradition," there's time travel, dream selves, god tiering, and... Petey Piranha?
Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,280 - Published: 2/10/2017 - Dave S., Jade H., Feferi P., Aradia M. - Complete
The Axe Effect: Gifillions
Just a really short, stupid parody involving characters from another fan fic of mine, run:gifocalypse. In short, an army of annoying physical .GIFfany copies hold a "race" in something inspired by the "Axe Effect: Billions" ad. Reading run:gifocalypse is practically required in order to understand what's going on and who these people are, but this isn't "canon" to RG.
Gravity Falls - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,946 - Favs: 1 - Published: 10/31/2016 - [Melody, Soos] Giffany - Complete
Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr Whiskers
A four-chapter crack fic based on some really bad idea I had when I was a kid. This is what happened when I tried putting that idea into my more recent "story style." Basically, the Simpsons end up stranded in the Amazon after a kind of AU from "Blame it on Lisa," then things get... very weird.
Crossover - Simpsons & Brandy & Mr. Whiskers - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 4 - Words: 20,264 - Updated: 7/28/2016 - Published: 12/17/2015 - [Homer S., Marge S.] Brandy - Complete
496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems reviews
Basically I took the "make short ficlets of every combination of characters" meme on AO3, set them all in the same story, and added loads of polygamy to it. The eight humans and twenty-four trolls are all stuck on a meteor, and thanks to a certain Most Impurrtant Character they eventually all end up dating eachother. DISCONTINUED, but I gave it a half-hearted ending.
Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 51,486 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 2/14/2016 - Published: 2/14/2013 - Meulin L. - Complete
Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals
Part of the "SBIG" series. It's a stupid, deliberatley badly written thing I made in a spinoff to another also deliberatley badly written fan fic I wrote before. Main plot's about the kids and trolls fighting the Felt, but the majority of the fan fic involves a bunch of sidequests with the citizens. Completed.
Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 26 - Words: 305,439 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 9/13/2015 - Published: 9/13/2012 - [John E., Jade H.] Nepeta L. - Complete
Gumball Vs Satan reviews
Part of the "SBIG" series. It's a stupid parody thing that's intentionally badly written. I'd suggest to ignore this if you don't like deliberately badly done fan fiction. Actual story is where the Devil himself has some problems and Elmore Jr. High gets caught up in it, before the story quickly turns into something even more... out-there. Now edited to clear up "typoes."
Amazing World of Gumball - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 6 - Words: 16,921 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/31/2015 - Published: 10/30/2013 - Gumball W., Darwin W., Carrie, OC - Complete
Zombie Attack!
Repost and remake of this really old thing I did years ago. Part of the "SBIG" series. An intentionally badly written short story about Edd fighting zombies.
Ed, Edd n Eddy - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,484 - Published: 8/31/2015 - Edd - Complete
The Eds' EDventure reviews
Part of the "SBIG" series, an old intentionally poorly written fan fic made for total fun. Now a bit of an old shame, if you ask me... UPDATE: Finally, truly finished.
Ed, Edd n Eddy - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,007 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/31/2015 - Published: 4/18/2009 - Eds - Complete
The Hair Idealization
Crossover with the weird [adult swim] show Perfect Hair Forever and a challenge to myself. A short, surreal oneshot that doesn't take itself too seriously and kind of based on "The Sweaters" from the Amazing World of Gumball, where Leonard finds himself having to challenge Gerald and Brenda in a series of trials. Thankfully, Penny helps him out.
Crossover - Misc. Cartoons & Big Bang Theory - Rated: T - English - Humor/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,109 - Published: 12/31/2014 - Leonard H., Penny - Complete
Hecksing: The Dawn
Part of the SBIG series. A prequel to the intentionally badly written "Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals", focused on... "the past", sort of. Alucard, Walter, and Integra go on several missions spanning through the contemporary era, fighting a number of evil organizations led by the former's evil brother. Completed.
Hellsing - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 6 - Words: 39,759 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 9/19/2014 - Published: 6/11/2014 - Alucard, Integra, Walter, Rip Van Winkle - Complete
Carl Stevens Universe reviews
Nearly three years after an obnoxious Parody Stu somehow became the leader of Hellsing and got Rip and Seras on his side, the three move to Beach City. Problem is that, unlike London, the Stu isn't so welcomed and soon the Crystal Gems have to do something a little... silly to deal with them. Kind of a huge crack fic...
Crossover - Hellsing & Steven Universe - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 23,744 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/18/2013 - [OC, Rip Van Winkle] Amethyst, Steven U. - Complete
Movie Day reviews
The twelve kids race to a distant but popular vacation city in time to see a movie that will only premiere at that city until after three weeks. This fan fic is really more of a test than anything.
Ed, Edd n Eddy - Rated: K - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,976 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/16/2012 - Ed, Eddy
Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals reviews
Part of the "SBIG" series. It's a stupid parody of the OVAs/manga before later chapters get more "original." I'd advise to ignore this if you don't like fan fics written bad on purpose. Completed, and my first fan fic to be so. Edit: And now touched up a little. The old version will be on the fan fiction wiki.
Hellsing - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 30,111 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 4/13/2012 - Published: 9/13/2011 - [Seras, Rip Van Winkle, OC] - Complete
Total Drama World Tour Rewrite reviews
Remade from the ground up from an older version! My attempt at this. All 24 contestants are competing, with a certain unnexpected someone being the villain. Fans of canon pairings... be cautious.
Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 21,377 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 5/13/2011 - Published: 4/1/2011 - Chris M., Chef Hatchet