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Author has written 29 stories for Ed, Edd n Eddy, Total Drama series, Hellsing, Homestuck, Amazing World of Gumball, X-overs, Misc. Cartoons, Simpsons, Gravity Falls, Mario, Misc. Games, Steven Universe, Big Bang Theory, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, and Naruto.

UPDATE MOST LIKELY TO HAPPEN NEXT (Legit): Paper John: Sticker Star Chapter 2, "Grasslands. And a Mountain." Might just take a few weeks to write, so... it'll probably be out before the double-digits of March.

UPDATE MOST LIKELY TO HAPPEN NEXT (SBIG, that "multi-series" is ending soon so this will be deleted eventually): Sweet Jade and Hella John Chapter 2, "Dang it, Jade." No idea when that's coming out.

RANDOM FUTURE "LEAK" (It's not a real leak if it's told by the very same creator of the story, is it?): If I rebuild Bl:oodswap with knowledge of the Extended Zodiac, I'm gonna pretty much do the same twist that Chapter 2 did.

Good afternoon.

...Boy is this profile kind of cringe-worthy as it stands. (And my stories are mostly updating faster than my profile. When I actually started filling this out around my "Total Zeksmit/Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals era," it was the other way around.) Soon I'll look through the whole thing again. I might get rid of a lot. Just maybe skip to the list of the update progress on my stories and ignore everything else. Even the links, they don't work. EDIT: As of January 15th (2017, but maybe I'll get to it on 2018 as well), I've begun removing some of the cringier ideas that probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Didn't get to see what Temples was supposed to be? Too bad, you'll have to wait until I hide it off on Tumblr and try to never talk about it again. Considering Escape From Fanservice Island, I think you'll understand that my standards are already pretty low in the first place. Anyway, I would recommend just reading up to the list of works until you see stuff that isn't published, then skip straight down to the stories. Or, better yet, click "hide bio" right away. This is still very much under-construction-y.

Oh, and all of the length is me explaining stuff. I don't put any of that copy-paste meme thing you would see on some other profiles. I personally think that this fact makes this profile less impressive, not more, because of how much junk I put in it.

Let me start this out by saying that I do not do drugs. Many of my ideas just come from... well, they're usually inspired by something. My later stories less so. But most of the time I go through with them because I don't find anything else like the concept anywhere in the fanbase, and if I do it's usually either hiatus'ed before it really takes off or... not... exactly... satisfactory.

I have written some info on my TV Tropes and Wikipedia pages. Original fiction will be at my Fictionpress right here. This page is going to be for my fan fiction stuff, while I plan on remaking the other two to be more of a typical user page. I have (mostly) already done this with my TV Tropes page. But those two pages aren't completely useless! I have two "Unpublished Works" pages for my fan fics on TV Tropes and a trope page for TZP, and I do have a tiny bit of (very spoilery, but it's mostly SBIG and stuff) information on my Wikipedia sandbox.

If you're "overwhelmed" by my stories and have no idea where to start, I'll give a few self-recommendations. If you want to start with the "SBIG" series, I'd actually suggest Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals if you want a "good first impression," or you could be boring and start in publish-order with The Eds' EDventure and Zombie Attack! (And then HUC comes after those, publish-wise). I would not recommend starting my original stories in publish order, because Total Drama World Tour Rewrite, even with its remake, is still kind of garbage IMO. It's just garbage on purpose. I would recommend run:gifocalypse as the "highlight" of my non-joke fan fiction, and it's also a good start for my "element lore." In general, I'd say that both "SBIG" and not-"SBIG," my writing's probably at its relative highest for my Gravity Falls fics, while it's at the lowest for my Homestuck ones (Bl:oodswap as the potential exception). Like, my HS stuff is so bad that if you print out of one them, draw a pentagram from blood, and put the story in the middle, you could probably summon something evil. (But don't do that, seriously. Don't do anything with real blood. Red paint? Knock yourself out as long as you don't get high off of it.)

My Tumblr page, which is currently primarly about my fanworks, can be found here. Be foreward in that, as of the ending of Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals's part of the Great Typo Cleanup, there will be uncovered butts of either gender on that. EDIT: If the link isn't working (for some reason none of the links here seemed to work for a period of time), my main Tumblr is great-pikmin-fan. I have an opinion-themed sideblog called gray-pikmin-fan (if anyone thinks it's great material for riffing me, don't get too excited: I rarely add anything to that), and something called 361-bios, which is centered around one of the two sort-of reincarnations of 360 Degree Duck, an original story on fictionpress I started but then kind of lost interest in. The other one... actually, update, there might be several now.

Basically 361-bios is just a ripoff of Wonderful 101's member file thing, covering a bunch of minor members that make up the team and also having some brief profiles of the main thirteen focus protagonists of note there. It might lead to something big, it might not, honestly there's a very small chance that I might not use those characters again... I said that it was one of two possible new incarnations of the 360. The other... I'm getting ahead of myself.

ANYWAY, some basics about me. I consider myself an optimist, although I'm not quite sure if I completely fit in with the definition. When it comes to what I write and what I like, I guess I could be considered something of a manchild. I am kind of obsessed with making stories over-the-top with escalation in some way, needlessly complex (the more world building and side characters, the better), and full of attractive women that don't like clothes. Yet I'm not that fond of "superhero movies." (Quotes because I'm being a little broad here...) I actually do like romance some times, as long as it feels natural and isn't some dragged-on back-and-forth drama plot. I generally like upbeat stuff that takes itself at least somewhat seriously, and have a low tolerance for cliches and unoriginality. I'm also kind of stubborn when it comes to getting in to something new, which usually results in me setting rock-bottom expectations, which usually results in something I try out actually meeting those expectations and ending up liking the series. (I thought Gurren Lagann and Gravity Falls were going to be overpraised crap before I got in to them, and now I can barely stop shoving them in to everything. On the other hand I thought Star Vs the Forces of Evil sounded like something I would really like but I gave it a few episodes and kind of put it on hold because it didn't really hook me in like those other creator-driven shows it's often compared to did (I don't think it's even remotely bad by any means, just not my sort of thing). On the third hand I thought Steven Universe sounded interesting and I did end up genuinely liking it.) I'm really not fond of graphic violence or jump scares. I don't know why, but in my opinion the funniest stuff is something that's spectacularly bad in all of the right ways, whether by intention or not. ("So bad it's good.") The scarriest stuff involves bugs. I like them individually, but screw swarms of them. Seriously. (I know, ironic, seeing what video game franchise is in my current username.)

Depending on the story I'm doing I either tend to kill off a lot of characters or pretty much kill of nobody at all. There's little middle ground. Right now I'm doing a lot of the latter, but expect the former to creep in. Especially in my original fiction.

Quick note: There seems to be a glitch where viewing this profile under the "permanent name" url will underline everything after the first bullet list. I think this happens with all bullet lists. Or bullet lists with links in them. Edit, this glitch seems to be happening right now even under the temporary name. But it's not in the source when I edit it. Huh. Double edit, I don't think it's a glitch, but rather some sort of spam-filtering. I read that the private messaging system will not allow links to anything other than this site or fictionpress. I guess it also applies to profiles.

Speaking of plural pages: Quick links to TV Tropes pages (in order of the fic's creation date):

  • General SBIG (Also has trope lists for Eds' EDventure, Zombie Attack!, Shelding and Lenard Tock About Fysicks, Kids Fit the Trolls, Gumball Vs Satan, SBIGlets, Act 5 Vs Act 6, Kids Fight the Zombies, naruto the guy with the ninja, and Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage.)
  • Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals (Currently includes tropes and such from Hecksing: The Dawn)
  • Total Zeksmit Plains (And Campsites Around the World, when it comes out... eventually)
  • Sweet Jade and Hella John
  • Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals (And covers some information about Housestuck: The Split)
  • 496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems (Can't externally link this one for some reason (link length? Target length?); it's here: )
  • Carl Stevens Universe
  • run:gifocalypse
  • HUC, SJAHJ, CSU (Don't ask me why this seemed like a good idea at the time), TZ, and HHC also have their own character sheets.

    EDIT: ...Just go to TV tropes, go to any page, and replace the "Main / " with "Fan Fic / " minus the spaces (Webcomic / in the case of Sweet Jade and Hella John), then write out the titles as spelled without any special characters. Except for 496, that one's just "Four Hundred Ninety Six Reasons" (again, without spacing).

    I accept criticism as long as the points brought up make sense. Mindless bashing I don't like. Although, if you do bring up something you don't like, chances are I'm well aware of that flaw but never actually get to working on it. (TZP fails with Bridgette and Gwen's characters, can't really find its genre quite yet, and Ezekiel's character seems to fluctuate between calm, planned host and terrible ameatur, for example, and that's of one of my favorite fan fics.) I also plan on critiquing other fan fics through reviews. Mostly ones with glaring flaws.

    I used to mainly go through the Total Drama fandom and look around for competitions. Except app stories, yet I'm trying to get into them. Now I just browse around for anything in the event that I may find a story with a premise that catches me in. So far I haven't found too much luck, but it might be because I'm a pretty picky reader.

    I don't review often, but I will respond to almost any review to me. Here's a guide:

    - The comments to the review will be at the bottom of the most recent chapter (even if the review is directed at an earlier chapter), between the footnotes and the closing AN.
    - I will not comment on redundant reviews, even if they are written by different people.
    - Bewarned that I could go off topic on my comment, so don't expect a direct response.

    This profile is still under construction. One reason being is that I plan on adding sections for every fan fic series I'm working on.

    Note to Total Drama writers: (Or maybe, but I hope it doesn't come to this, writers of other fandoms) if you're thinking about making your first competition one where other people submitts their characters, you might want to think again. Not only are these against the site rules (I think), but half of them never go anywhere and I believe that you should practace trying to characterize either canon characters or your own OCs before taking on this concept. I'm not saying I completely discourage the idea, but the sheer ammount of these plus the general quality of most of them (several of them never even get enough apps. Take that as a warning sign) makes me want to put a warning like this out there.

    Profile as of 2/25/2018 (If the "profile updated" says otherwise, it probably just means that I only made a quick update. Quick enough for me to forget about this.)

    For future reference, I just want to get out of the way that nothing I write is a reference to Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Neon Genesis Evangelion. You'd know if I'm referencing something if I do it a lot and it's painfully obvious.

    FAVORITE works of fiction (In order to gaining interest): Mario series, Pikmin series, Total Drama, Homestuck (no, I have zero interest in Hiveswap, don't bother asking), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, The Binding of Isaac. Things I only have a mild interest in (or just really like, but this list is what I REALLY like) aren't here, but instead on...

    Other things I like (In no real order): [Will complete] Sonic games (though I have not really gotten any of the recent games; not that I believe in the negative reviews or anything, it's just that I've never been that interested in getting them), Ed, Edd n Eddy, Adventure Time before it got boring, Homestuck before it basically used its meta commentary as an excuse to avoid being well-written, Clarence (I ended up liking this a little more than I thought I would, and I just flipped to this via Video on Demand because there was nothing else to watch and... well), Minecraft, Terraria, Dwarf Fortress (my first fortress is on its third year and lasting a lot longer than I thought it would... it's still ongoing).

    "I'll get to trying this out" list: Phineas and Ferb, Rick and Morty, I guess just about almost everything that's been mentioned in SBIG except for the stuff like Halo and Ren and Stimpy.

    "Get that thing away from my face!" list: Modern Simpsons (I have very, very rarely laughed at the entire show's - regardless of season - humor. However, the older episodes used to have heartwarming and interesting moments that I really liked. Now though, they've dropped the more human aspects of the show in favor of being "wacky" and "recent" with the only real attempts at being emotional being Homer and Marge reconciling for the umpteenth time, and as a result I think the whole show just became an earsore.)

    Goals (when it comes to writing stories and stuff): To confuse so many readers that they set up a wiki in hopes of deciphering my stuff (it could even be ironic, joke-y, and mean-spirited; I'd just like to see "Professor Dove" or "Lawyer Guy" link to valid Wikia pages some day); to convince some people to not write copy-paste stories; to inspire something else but not like a copy-paste ripoff; to publish some MUGEN characters; performing a "Colbert Bump" to something obscure; oh yeah, and most importantly, complete world domination.

    Works Summary: My stories can definitely be described as crack, fan fic or original, but at the same time they're really consistent internally (even the stuff that's outright bad on purpose) and it's just not in my nature to go full whacky random lololol. Believe me, I actually tried with the original Sweet Jade and Hella John, then for some reason I felt the need to tie it all together, resulting in a mess of a plot.

    Fan Fiction Stats:

    Published/Working on: ("Top priority" means it's currently the project I'm focusing most on.)

  • The Eds' EDventure [COMPLETED] -- Part of the "SBIG" (Pronounced... well, "Sbig." As one word.) series. Random parody thing. Eds Vs Kids.
  • * Intermissions/"SBIGtermissions" [WRITING ON HIATUS (A)/CANNED COMPLETELY] -- Kids from Homestuck (mainly John and Jade) screwing around, part of the SBIG series. Getting stranded on islands, robing banks, fighting characters from a live-action sitcom, watching Ed, Edd n Eddy; that kind of stuff. Two of them will be would have been within the above work, there was going to be a third one hidden within a secret work. Chronologically the idea was between TZ series and SJAHJ, but that doesn't really matter much since these are organized by publish date.
  • Zombie Attack! [COMPLETED] -- Part of the "SBIG" series. Edd from EENE versus zombies. Originally a 'short' story as part of a TV Tropes thing. Also contains the second SBIGtermission, if I DO the intermissions. NOTE: The original story was deleted (as part of the entire badfic TV Tropes thread it was on) and, unless there's some archive site I'm not really aware of, it's not around for actual viewing. However, a while ago I saved up both the original text (TVT formatting and all), and put it on my user page on the fanfiction wiki. (It was going to be on its own page, but I chickened out.) I do plan on posting a remake of this as its own short story. This will probably be around the time I finally put TEE off hiatus. Remake thing aside, there's another, more spoilery reason as to why this is given a questionmark after the "COMPLETED." Anyway, the fic's original incarnation can be viewed here.
  • Total Drama World Tour Rewrite ["On hiatus" (A)/REMADE] -- As the name implies, a fix fic of Total Drama's third season with Ezekiel as the villain and a Harold-centric harem.
  • Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals [COMPLETED] -- A bad fic/parody of the Hellsing OVAs, part of the SBIG series. It starts off with the exact same plot as canon but then things get... weird. Has a spinoff Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, see below, and pseudo-sequel Carl Stevens Universe, also see below.
  • Total Zeksmit Plains [ON HIATUS] -- Details about the fan fic and the related series posted below.
  • Sweet Jade and Hella John [COMPLETED, REMAKE ON HIATUS] -- Surreal parody thing inspired by Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff and Problem Sleuth. Part of the SBIG series. Basically the spiritual successor to Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. Offsite, thread is here and the mirror is here.
  • Onionstuck [ON HIATUS (A)/DISCONTINUED] -- Pikmin SBURB session. I'll try to stay true to Pikmin's themes here (Edit: Wow, even if I did go back to this, I already really did not stay true to Pikmin that much...), and the focus will really be more on the Pikmin themselves than on the session. Offsite, thread is here and the mirror is here.
  • Movie Day [ON HIATUS] -- An Ed, Edd n Eddy fan fic about the kids trying to cross a long distance in order to get to a hot vacation spot, but before a highly-hyped movie premiers there (and only there, until after several weeks) and they end up missing it. This was originally supposed to be my first "serious" fic after writing several SBIG installments, although that has since changed. It is, however, my first "adventure" fan fic, which paved the road for others. (See below.)
  • Sheldin And Lenard Tock About Fysicks [ON HIATUS, MIGHT SET UP A TUMBLR FOR THEM] -- Comedic Big Bang Theory comic, part of the SBIG series.
  • KIDS FIT THE TROLLS [COMPLETED AND MIRRORED] -- Homestuck short story that's also part of the SBIG series.
  • Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals [COMPLETED] -- Part of the SBIG series and takes place in the same universe as Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. Shows the series from the Homestuck character's point of view, which reveals a lot of stuff unseen in HUC, mainly because I haven't planned HHC when I was writing any of HUC. It explains stuff such as what happened to Dracula and why the hell John and Jade were in the jury in chapter 9 even though it's in a completely different country, but a lot of this doesn't come until much later in the fan fic. While the overall plot is about the kids and trolls fighting the Felt, several chapters will focus on the side world because I didn't really like how "Hecksing Vs Millennium" took up the entire plot in HUC.
  • 496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems [DISCONTINUED] -- Homestuck fan fic where the eight humans and twenty-four trolls are stuck on a six year trip (not that exact amount, but I'll get to that) across the furthest ring because of some obnoxious "tag-along" troll ("Bororo Sierda" -- each word being a corruption of "bull" and "shit," but lengthed to fit the 6/6 naming and with the first letters changed to be the initials of bullshit.) mucking up the A1 session and screwing things up from there. Plus Meenah getting a little over confident and deciding to scratch the session instead of giving anyone the chance to actually finish. The title comes from how this is actually going to be a romance fan fic, which each chapter being a short hooking up one of the four hundred and ninty six pairing combinations. And yes, the back story is supposed to be stupid. Oh, and it has dreamselves. EDIT: Discontinued, but I gave it a dumb little "finale chapter" (after finishing up one last legit pairing chapter.)
  • Gumball Vs Satan [COMPLETED] -- Gumball Watterson was the newest face to the SBIG series. (As of when this started.) An Amazing World of Gumball fan fic where a war breaks out because the devil, who goes by the name Omarn Scratch, has a broken ladder, and for some reason his daughter Elisa thinks that it's best to use Gumball's leg bone to fix it. Loosley inspired by Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  • Carl Stevens Universe [COMPLETED, WILL BE REMADE] -- This would have been my first one-shot, but seeing as it was even longer than 496's prologue, it got split into a twoshot where both chapters were out on the same day. It was however my first fic that directly involves another fic. In this case, it's a crossover between Steven Universe and the above Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. The surviving members of Hecksing (now renamed back into Hellsing) from the end of HUC, now portrayed a lot closer to their actual depictions, move into Beach City. However, they quickly get into a few issues with the Crystal Gems, which cumulates into a paintball game with extremely high stakes to determine which gang of heroes gets to stay in Beach City. Not part of the "SBIG" series.
  • Hecksing: The Dawn [COMPLETED, WILL BE EDITED] -- Part of the SBIG series, it's a prequel to HUC that, despite its title, is absolutely nothing like the original Hellsing: The Dawn other than that it started taking place in WWII and it has a younger Walter. In addition to him is Integra and (he doesn't look different this time due to how HUC/HTD's plot works) Alucard, and together they go around fighting Hitler Revival Groups. The reason why I'm focusing on them is a bit of a spoiler for HUC, but let's just say that I plan on expanding the Crconikals verse a little bit and often times these three... don't exactly get a lot of focus.
  • (360 Degree Duck came out here.)
  • The Hair Idealization [COMPLTETED, REMAKE ON HIATUS] -- Big Bang Theory crack crossover with Perfect Hair Forever where Leonard and Penny are roped into competing with Gerald and Brenda over some challenges at a stadium. My first definitive oneshot, unless you count Zombie Attack!
  • Bl:oodswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff? [ON HIATUS, MIGHT BE REMADE FROM THE GROUND UP] -- Homestuck fan fic basically starring the Nepeta swaps from Sweet Jade and Hella John, except in a fic that's not intentionally badly done and more serious at that. They're playing Sgrub. Saying anything more will be giving off a whole lot of spoilers, so I'll say this: It's not a doomed timeline. There won't be a 'twist' that amounts to "For a story with an actual ending, check out canon."
  • Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr. Whiskers [COMPLETED] -- A remake of one of the first story ideas I had, when I was around seven or eight. Based on when I thought the Simpsons crashed in the Amazon at the end of "Blame it on Lisa," I had written what they met with Brandy and Mr. Whiskers and then... well, things quickly took a turn for the strange. If anything it was even stranger in the original plan then it will be in this redo, because the remake will be eliminating one crossover (it's a very embarassing crossover that will be covered in the final closing notes in the story proper; that's saying a lot) and "relocating" things a bit to make more sense.
  • KIDS FIT THE TROLLS 2: ACT 5 VS ACT 6 [COMPLETED AND MIRRORED] -- Sequel to Kids Fit the Trolls, part of the SBIG series. The original kids and trolls find an island and get into a quick conflict with the newer kids, newer trolls, and the Cherubim. Basically the bare-bones plot is a ripoff of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, except with the usual twists I try to give these kind of stories. It will have the same "chapter"-ish formula as KFTT, where the storyline is cut into seven short chapters of varrying length. The original can be found here.
  • THE HOMESTUCK THANKSGIVING SPECIAL, except not as its "real title" is KIDS FIGHT THE ZOMBIES [COMPLETED AND MIRRORED] -- Part of the SBIG series and a sort of "tack-on" to Act 5 Vs Act 6. Despite being planned to be out in the same post as A5VA6, this story is completely unrelated and focused on the eight humans (only one troll has any kind of appearance here and it's kind of a... "let down") fighting against zombies before things get... complicated. And weird. Can be found in the post immediately below the A5VA6 post.
  • run:gifocalypse [COMPLETED, LIKELY TO GET A REBOOT] -- Gravity Falls fan fic centered on .GIFfany, after being brought back through a... kind of complicated way (the first chapter explains it), finding various other copies of her game and using them to try to take over the whole world in some bizarre revenge plan. Only her "major" copies don't exactly listen to her, and each have their own plans for starting a world takeover or just introducing themselves to the world in general.
  • naruto the guy with the ninja [ON HIATUS] -- Naruto SBIG story, sort of a rewrite starting from the beginning. Uh... saying anything more would really spoil a big twist near the beginning. Becides the fact that the all-lower-case-titling is intentional.
  • The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage [ON HIATUS] -- Gravity Falls SBIG installment with ten chapters total. Um... it's mostly about Dipper, Mabel, and a life-given Journal #3 trying to foil both this weird Mabel almost-lookalike who calls herself Nzyvo, and a lot of returning villains. Sort of. Funny story (I'm not calling this funny I'm just labeling trivia about it as a "funny story"), the plans on this one changed a lot from the original idea.
  • The Axe Effect: Gifillions [COMPLETED] -- Just a short joke Gravity Falls one-shot involving the obnoxious recolor OCs from run:gifocalypse annoying Soos and Melody.
  • Paper John: Sticker Star [IN PROGRESS] -- If the title isn't self-explanatory enough, nor that "John" is as in "John Egbert," I'll just say that it's basically the crossover nobody asked for. Homestuck meets Paper Mario: Sticker Star and all that implies! (As always with my writing, though, there will be some original twists.) May get a Color Splash-based sequel that's a crossover with some other things.
  • Spooky's Jump Scare M- OH LOOK IT'S BILL CIPHER! [COMPLETED] -- Filler-ish SBIG fic to act as a... "break" in between the two Halves of Journals. (Ironically though I just want to rush to the second half of that, and I think of doing this as a semi-chore that I still get enjoyment out of... but there's kind of a reason why I'm placing this between the two halves.) Anyway, this is another Gravity Falls fan fic crossed with Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, where Dipper, Mabel, and maybe Pacifica go through Spooky's house. And yes, Bill's there too. The title's not a lie.
  • Escape From Fanservice Island [IN PROGRESS, TOP PRIORITY] -- If you've read through this profile, then congrats, I'll let you in on a little secret. This story is supposed to kind of be a "trap" that tries to trick readers into thinking it's just a fanservice fest. But there's an actual plot, if one that's kind of half-efforted. (Actually I had been thinking about changing even that and just making it a legitimate story) Anyway, it's yet another Gravity Falls installment about some of the adults getting trapped with three of the monster ladies (.GIFfany again, Darlene, and Pyronica).
  • Bathing Fours [ON HIATUS] -- Joke story about various "fours" of characters bathing together, which quickly turn in to surreal situations. It's Gravity Falls right now but I might shift it to a general fandom thing.
  • The Four Edges of Gravity Falls [COMPLETED, I might silently expand it a bit in the future] -- Just another short, joke story like Axe Effect without much thought put in to it. You can ignore this one. It's another Gravity Falls fic.
  • Housestuck: The Split [ON HIATUS] -- The grand finale of the SBIG series outside of Sheldin and Lenard and SBIGlets (and even those are things I want to give an expiration date to) and SBIGlets! Another Homestuck installment, focused on the split timeline created in chapter 21.
  • Gravity Falls: Ultimate Chaotic Mysterious Dark Power [WRITING ON HIATUS] -- Gravity Falls fic that's a parody of the trend of taking a lead and making them stronger. In this case, Dipper has Saitama-levels of strength. (One Punch Man, but it's not an actual crossover with OPM.)
  • Bobby Hill Gets Hit by a Car [WORKING] -- I swear, this time I've got the King of the Hill mass crossover idea pinned down. More details will be posted later, for now, I've plopped a trailer below here. Just search "trailer" or keep scrolling down, you'll see it.
  • Friends 'Till the End [TECHNICALLY DONE WITH THE FIRST CHAPTER, GOING ON TO THE SECOND SO THAT THERE'S MORE CONTENT. ...PROBABLY CANNED, THOUGH] -- A Binding of Isaac story that is meant to be kind of surreal and might either just take the whole "dungeon under the basement" idea literally or, at the very least, keep readers guessing as to whether or not it's a dying dream like the original game is. Also might involve similar color-coded character things as the Nepeta bloodswaps from SJAHJ and Bl:oodswap and the .GIFfany copies from run:gifocalypse. This is planned to be, above all else, a mindscrew. I started writing this, but just barely. Might have "yanderes" in it, I don't know.
  • Desert City [CONSIDERING ON GETTING BACK IN TO WORKING] -- Steven Universe oneshot (hopefully this time it will be a oneshot) where, during a battle with a dimension-hopping bat creature, Steven gets sent to a parallel world. Thanks to some Warp Pad modifications, the other Crystal Gems end up with him. Beach City's counterpart is what this story is named after. The majority of this is about Steven looking around the rather grim world Desert City is in, and figuring out why everything is so vastly different from his world, and learn about everyone's Desert counterpart. Just a head's up: The bat thing will die shortly after Steven enters the alternate world. It's not about the Gems trying to beat it, but instead the Gems trying to restore the alternate universe and get back to their homes. Yes, there are parallel Gems (you'd laugh if I told you their planned names before major canon events happened - this story was thought of way before even Lapis showed up, I have to re-work a lot). The villain is also not someone you would expect.
  • ...I Thought Those Were the Ingredients [CONSIDERING ON WORKING; ALSO RENAMING THE TITLE] -- Mildly long (six-eight chapters maybe) Steven Universe story about Steven setting up a five-person band to stop a crisis while the Crystal Gems are left unable to get to it for days. They eventually return, but by that point things get pretty... complicated. This story heavily draws inspiration from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, down to having dream worlds that I promise are nothing like the fake-Beach City from "Rose's Room" (the promise because of both originality (pfft what am I saying it's ripped from M&LDT) and because the Rose-Room-illusion was disturbing in a way I don't feel that replicating is my strong point). Also this is planned to be my first non-SBIG work to look like it's connecting with my other works. So things will get kind of confusing there.
  • Bill's Mask [WRITING ON HIATUS] -- Basically take The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, throw in a lot of new twists, and add in Gravity Falls characters. Think less "Dipper and Mabel are sent into Termina where everything is exactly the same as it was in that game" and more "Dipper and Mabel enter a parallel world that is to Gravity Falls what Termina is to Hyrule and meets duplicates of the locals."
  • Some kind of thing I'm calling "Megabloodswap Thing" as a placeholder title [I UH... STARTED ONE VERSION, MIGHT REDO IT, MIGHT JUST CAN IT COMPLETELY] -- A sort of parody of AUs in general involving characters meeting lots of counterparts of themselves. Despite what the name might imply, it might not be completely Homestuck-exclusive. I might get mauled for this, but picture something sort of along the lines of Five Nights at Freddy's... World.
  • New Super Dale Gribble U [WRITING ON HIATUS, POSSIBLY CANNED] -- This one is an oddball that somehow made it from "little ideas" to "oh wow I'm actually doing this." One month after Hank Hill of King of the Hill fame is forced to move to another location in Texas thanks to an incident requiring Buck to move his buisiness there (I haven't decided what it is yet, but it will be elaborated upon near the beginning of the story), his house is finally taken by Felicia of Darkstalkers fame, who wanted to start an orphanage nearby. And following that, a lot more catwomen. This is admitedly a borderline rehash of Carl Stevens Universe plot-wise (unfitting crossover character moves into another series where they're disliked), but there's some twists added. One: The majority of the story is focused on Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer (maybe Khan too as a "replacement" fourth member, why not?) screwing around without Hank there to bail them out (the naming is a nod to this; after New Super Luigi U, which axes the "Bros" thanks to Mario's absense, except Luigi is way more capable of getting things done on his own than the alley guys), and there's a bit where they're reacting to all the naked people moving in. Two: Dale follows a really, really bad idea in making contact with a certain hood-wearing Darkhunter early on. Three: There is no paintball, and the ending's different. Four: Joseph is a colossal pervert. I'm a bit nervous with this since it's, IIRC and if this is done before a currently-I-don't-have idea that fills this, the first non-SBIG story detailing a work of fiction I haven't exactly played. I'll do my best in research (it helps that only two fighters so far are planned to be in this), see all the gameplay and read up on backstories, and try not to come across as the Darkstalker-equivillent of that guy who skipped to Act 5 of Homestuck for the trolls and does fan art of nothing but them. Although the fact that Demitri isn't in this regardless might give off those signs anyway... On an unrelated note, it occured to me days after starting this that the plot is also admittedly a borderline rehash of "New Cowboy on the Block", but I'm sure I can make it different enough.
  • Total Drama Race [HAVEN'T WORKED ON IT IN A WHILE, POSSIBLY CANNED EXCEPT I MIGHT JUST GO BACK TO IT] -- Short Total Drama fan season taking place in place of World Tour, where Chris brings back the original 22 one last time and puts them into eleven teams of twelve for them to race around the world. Will start about... well, it was originally about halfway through Total Drama World Tour Rewrite, but considering how slowly I'm working on that, it's now halfway through Total Zeksmit Plains. Or... whichever comes first. See "Plans" below for specifics. Edit: By the time "The Final Five Countdown," the "halfway" mark (well 7/13, close enough), came out, I forgot about this! And then I posted "Beware of Homer," which is definitely more than halfway.
  • The Fox Crew [POSSIBLY CANNED] -- This will take some elements from SBIG fan fics, mostly the Fox Crew from Sweet Jade and Hella John but with different members, and... I'm not exactly sure what they'll be doing, but I thought that SBIG always had some mildly descend ideas and I don't like how they're just limited to being part of something that's not meant to be taken seriously in any form of the word at all. Granted, Hank Hill leading a vigilante group is nearly impossible to take completely seriously, but here's the thing - there's nothing saying that this story has to be taken completely seriously.
  • The Hill King [STARTED AN OLD VERSION, IT'S ON HOLD RIGHT NOW.] -- King of the Hill crack fics.
  • [A "Secret" Work] [I MIGHT DROP THIS IDEA AND MAKE THE SECRET WORK SOMETHING ELSE] -- I want to, for once, say that I had something out but not say exactly what it is until after it's out. Originally, SIMPSONS would have fit under this, but decreasing interest put an end to that before I even started writing it. Then Temples, but that took too long and I really wanted to share that I had yet another ectoincest story planned. Now, however, I have this. The only hint I'll give is this: It starts with the letter "I," and I don't think I can give away any other hints without making the premise obvious if you know me, down to what fandoms are involved (yes, this in itself is a hint). Oh, and it's not SBIG. EDIT: Okay, since I'm interested in either of the works and it would have been obvious anyway, I'll give away the latest secret idea too: It was a crossover between Total Drama and Homestuck called Islandstrand (originally Islandstuck) where the characters from the latter compete with Chris in the former setting. Now though, I have another secret idea, this one being a one-shot.
  • Homestuck Rewrite [POSSIBLY CANNED] -- Homestuck "remake" intended to be plagued with bad writing but not a SBIG fic. By bad writing I mean that I intend to take all of my writing flaws and exaggerate them to ungodly levels. This is mostly a parody of Total Drama World Tour Rewrite, complete with glasses-guy (John in this case) having an unwanted harem of exactly eight. (Mild spoilers: Take the A2, B1, and B2 girls. Now remove Aradia and Vriska. (If you expected me to say "Remove Jade and Jane" then you don't know me enough.) Why them? Well, Vriska just to see if I can piss people off to be honest, and Aradia... I don't remember how I came up with that, but seeing Vriska it was likely an exclusionary thing. Like "If they're part of the harem they won't die; I like killing off Aradia because I think it's funny, goodbye." It could be that the remaining troll girls, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, and Feferi, were all patrons in SJAHJ/496, but... eh...) The fact that this is to be an intended parody will not be said in the fic itself until the ending so congrats, by slogging through my profile you are rewarded with this fan fic's secret before the first chapter is even out. I also plan to launch a Tumblr before I get the first chapter out so I can announce that it's a parody there too just before getting it out, and thus have an archived reference in case anyone thinks I'm making that up to try to cover the bad writing.
  • SBIGlets [ON HIATUS] -- SBIG stories that aren't really long/complicated enough to go as their own story. While I have about a dosen ideas, the only three I am currently willing to "completely" release are:
  • * 5word -- Legend of Zelda story with Link splitting into five people. Ocarina of Time "remake" thing.
  • * Dream House -- Mass crossover, first fic where there isn't a real "full" story taking the lead out of crossover. Dr. House (House) loses memory of something one of his patients had, he gets help of an Dom Cobb's (Inception) new extraction team: Adam, Jamie (both Mythbusters) and Madotsuki (Yume Nikki). However, a certain monochrome phantom ends up invading the dream chain, causing a bit of a wreck...
  • * Isaac Unbounded -- Binding of Isaac "fix fic" that turns it into a bad action series and soon loses all traces of the original game. Ted Mosby may or may not be involved, I'm not sure if I could make that remotely funny or if it will just be stupid.
  • * Dexter Vs the Elementals -- Dexter from Dexter, not Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. He's fighting against the four elementals from Hecksing: The Dawn's third chapter. Kind of.
  • SIMPSONS [WRITING ON HIATUS(A)] -- Simpsons parody involving some of the modern episodes (and maybe even some of the older ones) and "corrupting" them. Or at least, that's how it starts. It later becomes a surreal story about a three-sided war, and that's all I'm going to say without spoiling it.
  • That's So Cliche [WRITING ON HIATUS (A)] -- Parody of Total Drama fanon cliches before shortly decending into madness.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy's Awesome Edventures [WRITING ON HIATUS, CAN'T GET IT TO WORK] -- Details about this posted below.
  • The Real Story [WRITING ON HIATUS] -- Title pending, Squirrel Boy fan fic with an odd and slightly complicated plot. Details also pending, but it draws some inspiration from Mario games (mainly RPGs and Galaxy games.) Adventure/drama themed.
  • Future/Possible/Basically Things I Haven't Started On: (In order of likeliness)

  • [Currently untitled] -- A mass crossover story involving my MUGEN roster (maybe minus a few people) and a few more characters. "Super Mario 64" is the main villain (er, actually some kind of robot project thing sent out by the real main villain), and it will involve a speed chase with an exploding mine cart, Gumball Watterson taking unexplained incredible levels of badass (because I wanted to have this happen in at least one story), and tennis with a bomb while running. Update: I have began, but I don't think it's much to make moving this to the above list worth it.
  • Extreme Musical Drama High School -- Planned to start... first it was halfway through Total Zeksmit: Campsites Around the World, but I think it could also be after Total Zeksmit Plains or anywhere in between those two points. You know Ezekiel's reality show that he went through, and eventually won the ability to make his own miniseries? This is it! It'll obviously be about him and shed some light on his other twelve competetors. Er... Most of them would probably be made in mind to be unlikeable and shallow at first (in their TZ-proper appearances) like the A1 trolls in Homestuck, except unlike them yet like their appearance in 496, this story will be focused on trying to take that idea and give it more focus. EDIT: Possibly getting canned. I feel like Total Zeksmit wouldn't exactly work giving it an expanded universe and a spinoff and such without feeling like it's way too far away from Total Drama and I just can't think of anything interesting.
  • The Swyyx Project -- Title pending, it's an original fiction MS Paint Fan Adventure about this alien called Eoflit Swyyx who had just turned of age where it is tradition to move away from her parent's home and find one of her own. Unfortunately, the planet's wildlife is far beyond hostile, and there's groups of near-unkillable criminals from yet another planet, but that planet and Eoflit's are within the same solar system.
  • Rewrite Trilogy -- Total Drama fix fics not really related to TDWTR. It consists of a rewrite of Island, a mini-season in between (possibly not), Action with different characters and three teams, and a new season with OCs, possibly one in space called Galaxy. First Galaxy was an idea I quickly made up to avoid having to write the then-titled "Total Drama: the Musical," but now I'm having a hard time going against it. I mean, I don't know about you, but a Super Mario Galaxy-esque season sounds awesome.
  • * Island: Simple redux of the first season. Was originally going to keep the team losses the same, but I read a few fan fics that did that and thought the idea made the fan fic really predictable and boring, so I'm not doing that. It's planned to give development to characters who have been neglected by fanon - particularly those who I haven't tried giving development to in TZP - regardless of my opinion on them. (Owen, DJ, Justin, etc.)
  • * Action: There's three teams now. Seven people are still out, but it's a different set of seven people.
  • * Galaxy: A few (Not sure of the exact number yet; it was originally 16 plus Sierra and Alejandro) new contestants join the old cast and they all go out in space. Challenge take place on different planets. Here's the part where the fan fic becomes complete crack. ...Which is just the way I like it.
  • Homeredux -- A second Homestuck remake thing; except not really. It's more like Sweet Jade and Hella John taken seriously and minus most of the arcs that involves crossover, and set in HS's original universe. (Or rather, an alternate version therof.) Specifically based on Act 2's storyline, though elements from the Mario Intermission may seep in (As for Act 3... very unlikely). While I have not started writing this yet, I currently have a rather in-depth outline of the story's events. Part of the goal of this is to encourage more "alternate sessions" AUs that don't use "swaps" for the base of the change. EDIT: WOW thinking back a serious SJAHJ is an extremely bad idea, and just for that and a few other ideas I had about it, this has moved down a few places on the Likelihood List. Like, below the gigantic span.
  • Misc Ideas: (Er... ignore the "giagantic span of likelihood" above. In fact, this may not necessarly have anything to do with likelihood at all) A story that will take that dead little "Creamsicle" meme on Tumblr and turn it into something badass (hey, something about the fan art of it really got to me, okay?), like the Real Story will do to Squirrel Boy once I finally resume working on it, but that's likely to be Fox Crew as mentioned above. Maybe some Epic Battle Fantasy thing. Heck, maybe even a King of the Hill story that has that color-coded rainbow thing from Bl:oodswap and gifocalypse. Between all of these, the Binding of Isaac one is probably the most likely.
  • Dead ideas (Just putting these here for the sake of having a place to have them, after all I don't want to forget them. I forgot about HTaS until I read an older draft of Movie Day's first chapter). You can use these ideas if you want, I guess just give credit:

  • Homer Takes a Step -- Simpsons fan fic that is exactly what the title says it is. Except drawn out through tiring purple prose. This kind of sank when I retired Simpsons from most of anything, and I will almost certainly not pick anoter fandom to put this in. There was a brief idea where Homer suddenly gets sucked up into some major adventure where he can barely put his one foot down (like getting picked up by a helicoper and having to cling onto it), thus preventing him from stepping and thus ending the story immediately, but... I don't know. Maybe it will be remade into a Fictionpress story later on? Like, even with flashbacks and stuff before the eponymous step happens?
  • Movie Story -- Would-be parody of Seltzer and Friedberg movies before I realized this was a bad idea. I haven't planned much for this aside from it being another Fictionpress story.
  • Pip, Rip, and Seras do Stuff -- Oh God, it was embarassing just typing the title. So that was one of the last things I did before clicking "Save Profile" in the SJAHJ-year two-profile update. (Said update just consisted of me reading over the ENTIRe profile for once and making it up-to-date) Basically... it was a prototype, even whackier version of the Hilll King, and a Hellsing story with... those characters. I can't remember if I even came up with HUC at the time, so this was a pretty old idea. EDIT: Considering what stupid crap happens in the Crconikals series, it should say a lot about what I mean when I say I hate this idea.
  • Ezekiel -- Total Drama crack fic starring the titular character. Adventure themed.
  • PDL Cronicals -- Another Total Drama fan fic, centered around people in Playa Des Losers with some rather usual plots going on. AU most of the time. (...I don't like Ezekiel's elimination. That's why the reason was changed in TDWTR.)
  • Owned -- Yet another Total Drama one. Either a complete AU or a "season between Island and Action" hosted by Blaineley. If I do this, it might involve being able to pick who gets voted off through interactivity. May not be on this site due to its rules against interactivity.
  • And finally, stuff you will likely not see me write: (In vauge genres, I'm not going to make up specific not-stories just to get the point across. That's borderline strawmanning)

  • Anything pornographic. (I don't roll that way. I once made a bet to myself where if Jade stayed dead in Homestuck I would, but her death was reset-buttoned away so this got tossed away.)
  • Angst stories, or stories that only really have angst in them. (Angst is fine but I'd rather have some kind of major action to balance it out.)
  • Exactly one original character who is suspiciously similar to the author gets picked for an adventure with the heroes. (No. By the way, I tend to have my original characters either be introduced in groups or be villains/secondary/minor characters for a reason.)
  • "It's like X, but WITH PONIES YOU GUYS!" (I'm already not really part of the fandom as I've only seen one episode of Friendship is Magic so far -- the one with those Diamond Dogs (and no, Meenah's handle in SJAHJ was not a reference to that. I just needed something with DD and that popped into my mind before I even knew that there was something with that name. In case you haven't noticed, most of SJAHJ was me improving) -- so I already have bad points of not actually being familiar with the source. But doing so regardless just feels like a cheap attempt at getting in views, and that's not how I write.)
  • Update: Relatedly, you can add "X GOES TO FREDDY FAZBEARS!" Though I might work in a Five Nights at Freddy's related element into something, since I've basically seen the whole game via Youtube let's plays, but simply plopping a character into a game setting will not be the full focus of a full story. Ahem, Hecksing: The Dawn was planned to have a scene where Kamina was working at Freddy Fazbear's in the final chapter, but it was cut both because I forgot it and because I couldn't figure out where to put it in the already seemingly close-ended chapter.
  • Interquels/prequels of canon, "perspectives," or something along those lines. (Basically, anything that "could" be canon. I know a lot of people like the thought of their fan works being canon but I'm not one of them since I'm very unpleasable and dislike how any step down from the original could be in my fanworks. Not to say that they're flawless, but there's a difference between a plot element that rubbed me the wrong way by itself and that I'm just never happy with how so-and-so element turns out. Plus, in certain things like perspective stories, I find it very boring when you already know what's going to happen anyway. "Continuation" stories aren't also likely if it, again, is something that "could" be canon - Escape From Fanservice Island is technically a "continuation" fic but the plot is purposefully just sort of... there.)
  • Edgy Stuff: I don't like dark stories. I'm a glass half full, future will get brighter, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and not Neon Genesis Evangelion-type guy. Also, I don't believe Sonic the Hedgehog (random example) would work as a platform for a large analysis of how horrible war and poverty are. Conker's Bad Fur Day at least plays it for laughs. Also, if the world is screwed and the plot's just a bunch of unlikable jerks doomed to get killed by each other... not my thing. Unless it's actually kind of like a black comedy. If it's a game and the gameplay's good, I'll also be into overly dark stuff. (See: Binding of Isaac.)
  • Yeah, total crap. I know. And I was talking about the first three lists. Not so sure about the fourth since I don't want to insult any of these ideas.

    A. Perhaps permanently, but I don't want to list a fan fic as "discontinued" unless I am 99% certain. Why are these fics listed here? Well:

    Intermissions: Innapropritate and disturbing, in general not very funny. They so far read more like a rejected Family Guy episode than like HUC or HHC. I already transfered one joke (the reader reacting to a bunch of trolls and their head exploding from the number of them) from the first intermission to Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. And the plot of the first one is sorta gonna be done in OT32 Shenanigans. I might publish the rough draft of the chapters just so that people could laugh at what I once considered comedy.

    TDWTR: (This refers to the old version) The first and for a while only indefinite-hiatus story that I've published (and that's actually part of the reason why it's on indefinite hiatus), I find it to be a flat-out embarassment. Moreso than the SBIGtermissions mentioned just above, since TDWTR was 100% sincere while SBIGtermissions was just something I wrote out of frustration towards Homestuck's Midnight Crew Intermission. The plot makes no sense, every major character's personality is butchered (Ezekiel is a competant evil mastermind, Harold is a calm and planned genious, almost every other male is a hormonal idiot, etc., and that's not even getting started on how the girls turned out), every chapter except Japan has a stupid "action" scene that just plain doesn't fit with Total Drama, the four chapters that have been published have way too many "screw yous" towards the fandom (complete with twisting Sierra's character so that she's a "parody" of something I barely researched at the time) and in general the style just isn't something I like - line this up with my other story ideas, published fan fics or unpublished original or fan fiction, at it sticks out like Hank Hill in a field of Pikmin. At first I was just stuck on this one scene at the beginning of chapter 5 where every alliance is supposed to have a massive meetup but now I'm really starting to doubt this story. If I were to update, I would want to fix the first four chapters, which will require an amount of effort that I just don't want to put into this. (Complete with redoing a good chunk of the plot since Ezekiel is OOC-ly good with his plans.) If you really want to read a competition by me, try reading Total Zeksmit Plains. While the backstory's kind of weird and Host-Ezekiel is cringe-worthy, I try to make everyone more true to themselfs than I did in TDWTR. However, this huge rant is kind of outdated because I kinda remade this. But I still want to keep the rant, because it does kinda adress my issues with TDWTR.

    Onionstuck: Idea would generally take a ton of effort and time to work on even if I made it a text-only or text-mostly adventure, however the premise is stupid, the writing is godawful even by my standards, the characters are unoriginal (Oliver is too much like Karkat, SI is too much like sober Gamzee or if you squint Vriska, EB is too much like Calliope) and I can't really care enough about them to make them different, and many of the suggestions I've gotten are joke suggestions part of a meme completely unrelated to the comic, and for that matter completely unrelated to even Homestuck or Pikmin themselves. In an unrelated note, looking back it's hard to believe that this pre-dates... mmm... Movie Day at least, since I've had that idea for a while.

    SIMPSONS: Just plain dumb. Would be like SJAHJ only less complicated, having more confusing systems, and being taken a little more serious later on. Which I wouldn't exactly reject -- but I sure as hell don't want a Simpsons fan fic to be written like this. I could transfer this to a Total Drama crackfic, however... (Or anything. I'm especially leaning toward King of the Hill, but it runs the risk of being "The Hill King (see above) with more of a plot." Just not Homestuck because I'm already writing enough fan fics of that.)

    TSC: Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals (and, to a lesser extent, Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals) already covers the "parody fandom cliches" thing with more subelty and a lot more of an enjoyable, real plot that's not 100% focused on romance. And yes, HHC is actually subtle compared to my draft of TSC.

    Notice: I am officially retiring characters from Simpsons in SBIG, and hell possibly other fan fics unless the continuity requires it via Grandfather Clause (IE updating an old story where they already appeared such as SJAHJ, HHC because HUC said Homer would be reincarnated into Hank Hill and that's actually going to be something that occures on screen in HHC through Homer's ghost. Well... actually that's the only example. HHC is the last time you will see me write something Simpsons in SBIG, perhaps). I simply despise the newer seasons that much.


    Black. Then, with a quick double-slash, two bright streams of light appeared in a diagonal cross pattern, intersecting on the middle. From there, two lines of burning flame appeared, spreading until they overtook the whole screen.

    A freshly 18 Bobby Hill wandered down to the first floor of his apartment, seeing that he finally got mail. Specifically, one letter. With a curious logo acting as the stamp: a cross? Well, regardless, he took it.

    Upon reading the contents, he gasped, and took off running to the doors.

    King of the Hill

    Lucky grinned mischeviously as he adjusted his indigo thong, while the wind blew his cape behind him.


    The water burst. There she was, first emerging with a gigantic purple octopus on her head.


    A spear ended up tearing through the dark air of Waterfall.

    Five Nights at Freddy's

    Bobby pounded a fist on the desk as the final camera went out.

    Doki Doki Literature Club!

    Bobby just kept his 'Ok Face,' definitely a standard by this point, only really flinching when he noticed from the corner of his eye that Monika blanked the photo of him and Connie that he kept held in his hand through the whole 'reboot.'

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


    Steven Universe

    "Shut up, Rose! You're a Sage?!" Asked Amethyst. "...What does being a Sage even mean?"

    The Binding of Isaac

    Bobby's sleep was soon brought to an end when a large, gray spinning portal appeared in his bedroom.

    (And assloads more, this is just Act 1.)

    Spinning chaotic swirls of deep blue and deep green appeared, until an outline was drawn around them. Slowly, the adult Bobby Hill came in to view as he was drawn completely from feet to face, and he lept in to the air. Flying around with a burning red outline around him, he landed square on a street, striking a pose ready for combat-

    And was promptly sent flying a good distance when a car smacked directly in to him. A loud crack was heard as his side hit the asphalt.

    "I'm okay!" He said, holding a hand up.

    Bobby Hill Gets Hit by a Car.

    Coming April 18th, 2018. Or maybe sooner...

    (You may call it cancer, but I call it King. Of the Hill.)

    OOC disclaimer: I'm not actually attacking any of the series mentioned here with that "you may call it cancer" line. The "cancer" is more aimed at making fun of the meme-insult. I'm actually a huge fan of... uh, I'll keep it at Isaac and Steven for the definites, but the rest are alright. I'm gonna actually watch more FIM than just one episode with an open mind because part of this story involves researching (you can tell I know very little about FIM when its "preview" is just "Huh?" with no context), and I'm just about to dive in to Doki Doki. Uh, via Rev of Vinesauce.

    Writing Pet Peeves:

    I feel the need to say this again, leaving moments from canon the same. Especially if it's taken word-for-word, pardon my French but that flat-out pisses me off. Don't rehash canon. And especially if the fan fic is one of those "what ifs" that are supposed to be all about change. (I mean if I wanted to see Ezekiel's elimination unfold in the exact same way I would just watch the actual episode of Total Drama where it happened.) Oh, if I see one more World Tour remake that begins with Gwen wanting reserved seats not behind Heather's pony hair, "My extensions are human hair," then Duncan makes a snide "You learn something new everyday" (I don't remember if this was taken from canon or a bunch of author copied one of them but regardless it's annoying) -- my head will explode.

    An entire chapter consisting of an AN. For that matter, when writers feel the need to split absolutely everything up into microchapters.

    And for that matter, when the first chapter amounts to repeating everything already said in the summary. It gives the idea that the author just came up with the concept and nothing else before getting something published. I don't mean like "496 says it's about the people on the meteor pairing together; so they've so far been being paired together so that's what the summary said," I mean that the beginning gives absolutely no real insight to the actual story. Like, if TZ's first chapter consisted entirely of Ezekiel explaining how he won the bonus EMDHS challenge and that he's starting a show of his own.

    I see this on AO3's Homestuck works a lot, but the summary literally just being some quote copy-pasted from the story proper. I might let it slide if said quote was actually elaborate of the plot, but most of the time, it's just vague and kind of a turn off. Or really, unelaborative "Then SOMETHING happened" summaries in general bug me. If I have to use the tags to figure out what the plot is (not their intended purpose, I'm sure), then I probably won't read the story unless there's signs that it has a VERY rare premise or it's centered around characters I REALLY want to see more of.

    When the fan fic takes place after current canon (or, though this is rarer, in a "split" from a midpoint in canon) and suddenly a pairing or more has hooked up offscreen. It's not just because it's often done with pairings I flat out hate (Cody/Sierra and Alejandro/Heather being the worst offenders), but also because it's really, really lazy writing. Look, I don't know why you would ship something if you can't even think of a reasonable scenario for them to get together without suddenly derailing them into lovebirds with no problems whatsoever. Offscreen hookups by themselves are fine, it's just when it's chronologically "between stories" that it feels lazy.

    The "love at first sight" cliche being played completely straight.

    When a pairing is written as some perfect make-out couple and either A: neither of their original characterizations are taken into consideration or B: the base for hooking them up really only takes one person into consideration and the other is just their trophy. (On the TD side of things Cody/Sierra and Heather/Alejandro are couples I have by far seen get it badly, and since I was never a fan of them it just gives me more reason not to like them. Honestly I don't read Homestuck fics much mainly because AO3 seems to lack adventure stories not centered around OCs but according to unpopular-homestuck-opinions John/Rose gets this, and according to what I've seen Jade/Karkat gets this too.)

    Rehashes of the Duncan/Courtney pairing being done with OCs. (Combines a pairing I hate with rehashing.)

    For Homestuck, I wrote an entire post on that. Do expect me to parody these; the first, second, and fifth bullet points have been accounted for, mostly HHC for the first (John saying that moiralligence means friends; the upcoming chpater 19 is all about the trolls being unable to understand quadrants) and SJAHJ for the second (Kankri giving a very specific list of blood colors by hex triplet) and fifth (Meenah pointing out Edwardcullensprite's apparant clothing).

    Update that I should really edit in on the post itself or make a new post: Okay, thanks to something on unpopular-hs-opinions (sadly, it seems to be dead right now), I'm kind of willing to reluctantly believe that there may indeed be very slight variations in troll's blood, since someone sampled Feferi's and Meenah's at different points in canon, and I don't think Homestuck pays that much attention to lighting details. I'll still going to only use the colors that have been confirmed on the wiki's color template table. And I'll believe that while there are some different colors, you'd have to have a close, side-by-side comparason to see the difference between them. None of this "there can be seventy shades and brightnesses of red but at some point it's arbitrarly considered mutated!" or, worse "there are actually a bazillion colors in between each color we know, but for some reason the society cuts them off and puts them only into twelve castes!"

    General works of media pet peeves: Glorified stalker characters or otherwise people who become really creepy with some "sort-of affection". An otherwise horrible character being instantly "excusable" for something stupid like a bad thing happened to them or a backstory thing (minor spoilers, crapping on this is Kankri's whole point in 496 early on). Characters who literally just act cute and have to be parented around by other characters (you could say any of my Nepeta dipictions - except KFTT, which mocks it by exaggerating it - is supposed to mock the fanon idea that she falls under this. Heck, anyone who would fit this in my works usually has been/will be either turning themselves into bigger badasses, considered pathetic, or otherwise not just "aw aren't they cute" fodder). Relatedly... I'll just link to this TV Tropes page. That thing where someone's about to use some kind of super powerful attack/form but someone jumps in and goes "NAW" and suddenly it stops before we see what they'll do (although I only remember two examples of that...). Works where only the main lead is the one who does all the major stuff (this was probably the one thing I didn't like about the second quarter of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. We have this whole team established, yet Gurren Lagann and Dai-Gurren are the only mecha that do anything of note, and those guys introduced in episode seven just stay background until around the timeskip, and hardly do anything big until near the end). "Chosen one" shticks, or the hero being able to unlock some OP power because "destiny." Love potions (wait a few days for chapter 23 of HHC. I'll mace this one good.) Dumb blonde stereotypes. Characters who are derailed into being dumb blonde stereotypes.

    And finally, not a character type, but "Good, if we point out our flaws we don't have to fix them."

    Total Drama related stuff (I might change or just nuke this completely, I'm really behind on the series and have no real plans to catch up soon, more like eventually):

    Favorite characters: Ezekiel, Bridgette, Izzy, Harold, Noah, DJ

    Least favorite characters (by the way I never count characters you're "supposed to hate" when it comes to this, unless I think they're really poorly handled): Duncan, Lindsay, Sierra (I'm sorry but I didn't like her stalking him throughout most of the season and to me her "redemption" was kind of weakly handled; she's better off as a one-shot or something, kind of like the Pre-scratch trolls in Homestuck. Also, as someone who hates pervert-type characters that get physical with someone and get away with it, I firmly believe that she deserved every bad thing that happened to her in the series.), Courtney, Katie, Sadie

    I'll turn the characters into a complete best-to-worst list w/ reasons later on.

    Fav pairings: Harold/Courtney, Duncan/Eva, DJ/Bridgette, Cody/Beth

    Least fav pairings: Cody/Sierra (Unhealthy as hell), Heather/Alejandro (I thought the season three finale sunk it but then they pulled off a move that was one of my pet peeves listed above and had them suddenly get together off screen), Duncan/Gwen, Duncan/Courtney (Duncan's a jerk and I'm glad World Tour and All-Stars cemented that), Ezekiel/Eva (she hates his guts and unlike Harold/Courtney you can't pin a blame on Duncan for it)

    Pairings I'm fond of and might get interested in: Gwen/Trent, Geoff/Bridgette, Owen/Izzy, Courtney/Owen, Duncan/Sierra (partly because of my idea in TDWTR and it just grew from there), Izzy/Bridgette (yes this is because of TZP. Those that have seen the old version before I edited it, TFSP, would know what I'm talking about.)

    This may change during my re-watch of the first three seasons, and watching every episode of the second and fourth. I've... seen the first two episodes of TDROTI but not much after.

    Homestuck related stuff:

    Favorite characters: I made a list on a topic at the MSPA Forums pretty recently (like, June 2015-recently) but I'm too lazy to dig it up at this exact moment. Basically Rose and Jade rule and so do most of the other handle users. I don't really like any of the exiles or their plots or whatever so sue me, I've always leaned more to the characters who have actual, consistent dialogue. (...Through talking or typing. I know the exile commands were a thing but that's not often enough.)

    Least favorite characters: I'll jut list my bottom three. Gamzee (Outright admitted as a walking plot device, pretty much just a diablos ex machina reason for Nepeta and Equius to die, and his stoned personality is mostly a reference to a meme. He's an even worse offender of the "It turns out I was behind everything!" schtick that Vriska had for a while), Aranea (pre-Ring of Life she was another exposition bot and didn't really have that much development that didn't revolve around Meenah, post-Ring of Life she kinda feels like some fan fiction attempt at writing Vriska while knowing very little of her character), Roxy (not because she's overloved or anything, yeah I do think she is, but I've never many of her lines entertaining but instead pretty cringeworthy. She also makes me think of those directionless and kind of pointless fan comic things you see everywhere, and the low points of Adventure Time, I don't know why). Lord English was also on here because I personally think he's an incredibly dull and mostly generic villain with some extremely flimsy ties to the main characters (yeah I'm even counting Li'l Cal) but after ordering the characters I don't actually rank him that low. I found Caliborn's dialogues with Hussie's self insert and Dirk to both be entertaining.

    Fav pairings: Any combination of the B1 kids in general, especially John/Rose and Dave/Rose (the latter I didn't really care about until I started writing Attack of the Killer Time Beetles! and found that I kind of like how their dynamic would work. At least that's what I wrote. Admitedly, it's probably not that accurate because of how long it's been since I re-read, but make no mistake I did put some effort in there).

    Least fav pairings: Vriska/Tavros, PM/Jack (Even in blackrom).

    Gravity Falls related stuff:

    Favorite characters: Stan (might come off as a surprise given how he's done pretty much nothing in Journals so far, isn't in Spooky's, and spent most of Gifocalypse kind of being kidnapped; but hey, he's complicated and a badass with funny B-plots, I like him), Bill (as an antagonist; it's refreshing to have a villain in general that's neither a complete joke nor that just boils down to "I'm super powerful and I want to kill everyone just because, now here's a ton of traits just to make you HATE ME," and also he's got this cool thing where he uses knowledge as his main weapon for most of the series), probably a lot more but I feel like actually thinking out the reasons.

    Least favorite character: Mabel (To simplify why, from "Love God" onwards she kind of became like a 12 year old girl-version of Hank Hill near the end of his series, "Blah the story paints me as right when it actually counts, I get wrist-slapped when I do screw up, my family should bend over to do what I want").

    Fav pairings: Honestly I don't really care much. The fanbase seems kind of too fixated on writing who Dipper would end up with and I'm kind of turned off of it. I will however say Stan/Goldie for the win, the guy has an amazing taste in coin machines.

    Least fav pairings: Bill/Dipper (I've talked about this too much in Journals, go there if you want a rant on it), any Pines/Pines (there's a difference between two people raised seperately and mainly related from some ghostly-time travel cloning and, like, twins raised from birth that are also based on the creator of the show and his sister...), really any pairing in general that is written to involve a love potion (looking at fan fics here... you can also probably tell my least favorite episode from this list alone). I should also probably drop the jokes for a second and clarify that I do believe Soos and .GIFfany would be a horrible matchup, but I don't think anyone really pairs them up unironically anyways (and the one fic of mine where they do end up in a relationship is intentionally poorly written; it's the same story that shamelessly rips off Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and The Legend of Zelda at the same time, almost kind of like what would happen if those Seltzer and Friedberg movies were meant to be taken seriously). (THEN AGAIN since every single one of my Gravity Falls things so far is tagged with .GIFfany I might eventually end up with some people who are a bit more defensive of her coming at my metaphorical door. "Misaimed fandom" and all that.) For that matter, I might as well also include that no, I don't think of anything serious about .GIFfany and Melody or Melody and Rumble. Or Soos and Rumble, for that matter. Just keep the human with the human and maybe (they literally fight each other a lot, so I don't know) the video game with the video game.

    Steven Universe related stuff (This will spoil some things, for those that are still like on the first season):

    Favorite characters: Garnet, Amethyst, Connie

    Least favorite character: Ronaldo (He somehow manages to not only be an unfunny Dale Gribble, but also pulls that off in a show as well-written as this. How is that even possible?)

    Fav pairings: I'm just kind of drawing blanks here, I don't know.

    Least fav pairings: Are the fans still doing that thing where they write Jasper as some kitten and write her in lovey-dovey friendships with Lapis or something as though none of that bad stuff she did with the other Gems happened? If so, then that. I've actually been staying away from fandom stuff, but for a dumb reason: I'm not that fond of the millions of Peridot memes. In fact as of late Peridot is pretty much the only Gem I don't like in some way (as a hero, villain, or cool side character).

    King of the Hill related stuff:

    Get used to King of the Hill because it's definitely going to be one of my "running gag" lists.

    Favorite characters: Dale and Boomhauer (moreso the former), for bringing in a lot of the best humor and the former having really entertaining plots or subplots.

    Least favorite characters: Bill when he gets too creepy and thus kind of shoot any sympathy I'd have out the window, Hank when he gets too "better than you" according to the narrative, Cotton when he exists in the show, Peggy when she gets too arrogant, and Lucky.

    Fav pairings: Pfft... to be serious, I'd like to make some kind of joke here, maybe involving Sephiroth, but my mind's blank right now.

    Least fav pairings: I really didn't like it when Luanne was up with Lucky but I'd hardly say this is related to shipping so much as just flat-out bad writing. Becides, this section is kind of for "any couple with a slight following that doesn't sit well for me," not as much just canon.

    run:gifocalypse and the recent invasion of nekkid .GIFfanys:

    So some pink-haired jerk is stealing screentime in my Gravity Falls fan fics, and perhaps worse is that she's brought a bunch of OCs that act nothing like her with her. You might have noticed that, just a hunch, that someone who is not a main character and was limited to one episode is getting roles that are normally given to main characters. To break character for four sentences (or the rest of the paragraph, for those not keeping track), I'm not normally interested in fan fics that feel like they're a hair's width from being their own original thing, which is why I'm making Emazh In to expand some concepts and characters without it having to live up to the title "a Gravity Falls fan fic" that barely seems like such. I've heard people doing something similar to that with characters such as Sans from Undertale, with all these AUs that only focus on Sans and various alternate Sanses. However, I want EI to be perfect, and in order to both prepare it to be so and just in case EI actually sucks raw sewage (which is the most likely possibility), I'm still having fun with writing the .GIFfany copies. Honestly, "because I'm having fun with it" is the reason why I haven't killed Total Zeksmit.

    Anyway, because of this toxic infestation of sexualized (in case something like a certain Binding of Isaac mod that was brushed off by a certain Isaac mod showcaser/streamer comes up with my stuff, I'll confirm this right here: THE .GIFFANYS IN MY FICS ARE INTENTIONALLY SUPPOSED TO BE "SEXUAL" TO SOME DEGREE. IF YOU TELL SOMEONE "Er uh um, what makes you think that they are sexualized? Er eh um, the fact that they have boobs? Er eh um, this is literally the exact same thing as all those times Stan is around in his underwear and you're just being sexist because Stan doesn't have boobs" AFTER READING THIS THEN YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF AND A LATER STORY OF MINE WILL PARODY THAT KIND OF DENIAL) AIs is everywhere, I have taken the time to document the virus in an attempt to purge it from the system altogether. This might screw up some stable time loops I've written and retcon several whole stories off the Internet, but this is supposed to be about the Pines family and their growth over the summer. Not about some waifus with random superpowers. Anyway, I've discovered some things about them, all put together in the Guide to Avoiding and/or Navigating the Antics of .GIFfany Miyazumi/Watch:

  • If you are going to read any Gravity Falls fic by me so far (December 19 2017), you should probably start with the root of the infestation, run:gifocalypse. I'm not just saying that because I am proud with how that story turned out (it has a ton of flaws and bad writing at some points, but I still think it's lightyears ahead of my other stuff barring the brilliant Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals), I'm saying that because it introduces the "professors" at a nice, slow pace. And one at a time, instead of cramming them all in at once. The chapter "Game Complete," as said in the story itself, is optional. So is the bonus, actually. I hate how that turned out.
  • These """little""" buggers do not show up in Bathing Fours (at least, not in the first chapter) or Spooky's Jump Scare M- OH LOOK IT'S BILL CIPHER! However, I would recommend reading Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage before tacking on either of them, which does have the professors (starting Chapter 4). Oops. On the flip side, you do not need to read Journals to understand Bathing Fours or Spooky's, as both of them would still have roughly the same volume of "what the heck am I reading?" JOWPAC just "prepares" you for the style of Spooky's, and it kind of explains some of the gags between these four-way relationships.
  • You mainly just have to worry about encountering the infestation in Gravity Falls fics, although if a story says that it's part of the "SBIG" series and came out after December of 2015 (the month I started run:gifocalypse, the beginning of the infestation), I cannot make any promises.
  • Be on the lookout on September 22nd, the original air date of "Soos and the Real Girl." Especially stupid stuff tends to form around that day.
  • A general rule so far is that infested stories tend to be more sexual in nature, or at least have more sexual crap centered around the virus, than stories without. I know, you would think that Hank Hill would be the magnet for the butt jokes.
  • I've heard Movie Day and Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr. Whiskers are pretty good quarantine spots, if small in scope, that completely lack .GIFfany. There is a similar thing in at least the latter of the "mass number of humanoids," but they are nothing at all like the Giffsters and this is just a GPF thing in general. I've been planning that stuff since I was a really young kid.
  • Let me put things this way. If the infestation spreads to a lot of other writers and their stories have so much .GIFfany in them, I might just be convinced the develop an antibiotic to try to tone down my own stuff a bit (as for your content, sorry to say I have no care about your stories being infected with .GIFfanys, but you take some things word for word from my stories, I might try to pull some moves to dillute the invasion. But basically, if you have invaders, that's all your problem. Even if your invaders are the below characters, just say that they started from my stuff if you end up with my exact professor copies). Who knows, you might even see a Gravity Falls fic by me one day with zero mention whatsoever of that octopus furball if there is enough .GIFfanyfic out there. Just like literally every episode of the canonical show that isn't "Soos and the Real Girl."
  • If you want to take the full plunge and see the invasion up close, be warned that there might be some naked Soos in there too.
  • I have also compiled a general information list of the, on average, more powerful copies. They go by different names and terms, but the one in the origin to this madness was "professors." I would also like to state that this section may ruin the enjoyment of those masochists who want to dive head-first in to run:gifocalypse with no prior knowledge, since many of these professors were kept a secret by the narrative until their introduction. (Another reason why I would recommend RunGif first is because the other stories casually spoil the whole roster.) With that being said, however, I will try to be as spoiler-free as possible. "Color" refers to their hair and eyes, and their associated color. It's not their overall palette (that does, however, apply for Emazh In). I'm using the Wikipedia names for these colors, so "violet" is actually a bright blueish color with half as much red as it has blue. "Number" is their generation order. In order of their domains in RG:

  • Rose (Number: 2222222; Color: Green) is a botanist. Appears ridiculously kind by .GIFfany standards, but there is some darker side to her. All of the professors have altered their ability to move through electronics in to moving to other forms of matter. Rose has specialized in doing this with plant matter.
  • Kathody (Number: 507915; Color: Yellow) is a horror-event runner that teaches the art of controlling ectoenergy, the power used by ghosts. This means that she can kind of be on the same general wavelength as Ma, Pa, and the Northwest Mansion Ghost. She has a high image of herself and tends to take shortcuts.
  • Searah (Number: 519367; Color: Blue) is an athelete coach who is obsessed with making the perfect water, and hates cynics. A lot. She also, unsurprisingly, controls water. Kind of a jerk. Not a homicidal maniac like the original-flavor .GIFfany, just a jerk.
  • Sandy (Number: 556491; Color: Orange) is a hippie geologist that has a bad habit of drinking this herbal tea that pretty much makes her stoned. She can control/possess earth. Or metal, but so can all of them.
  • Cardia (Number: 523349; Color: Violet) is a fast food and general restaurant chain leader, kind of tradition-obsessed. And a bit crazier than most of these other professors, with one very obvious exception. She controls meat and, more importantly, can possess animals. But her skills in possessing humans are very limited, to just a single limb or so. Bill Cipher she ain't. I have no idea why I associated the color violet with meat, it just happened. Cardia has a love/hate relationship with dragons.
  • Bubbles (Number: 597278; Color: Cyan) (I made most of the numbers with a random number generating site, I have no idea why so many of them are in the 500,000s. Anyway, Bubbles) is an expert in cleaning, beauty, plumbing, and building bath houses. She likes smelling nice. Definitely tries to be a female example of a "bad boy" stereotype. Possibly can't, though, because maybe deep down she isn't "that" bad, possibly. Her special non-electronic thing is cleaners, soaps, etc; basically anything strongly basic (in the pH sense).
  • Leona (Number: 811804; Color: Rose) is an arrogant artist who can possess paint, turn herself in to paintings, attack from a 2D form (all copies can obviously do this, Leona likes to think she's special because she does it through paint rather than a computer screen), and... has the ability to flip gravity to a limited extent. I forgot why I thought that would fit her art theme.
  • Sonia (Number: 455593; Color: Azure) is a musician with oddly low self-esteem considering that she's a .GIFfany. Can possess/control sound waves. She might switch around which type of music she is in to, but will never be an idol singer under any incarnation.
  • Dian (Number: 2201940; Color: Magenta) is a doormat chemist who can possess poisons, and general acidic stuff. She, Sonia, Leona, and Bubbles are good friends for different reasons depending on the story, and have dubbed themselves the "Four Friends." Their odd clashing ego issues kind of balance each-other out.
  • Wendy (Number: 521355; Color: Spring Green) is an auto-shop and vehicle engineering expert that can possess air. Depending on the incarnation, she may or may not be a colossal fan of King of the Hill, and acts like a massive dick about it. Most works within the Gravity Falls fic verse have counterparts with different names (such as Plant Ants for Pikmin). However, KotH seems to be a universal constant. Even if Hank Hill exists in the same universe. Also, she intentionally shares the same name as Wendy Corduroy, because I'm a jerk of a writer.
  • Shannon (Number: 1140267; Color: Chartreuse) is an industrial boss that makes dream-related items (that, sadly, have nothing to do with Bill Cipher). She can possess electromagnetic waves. In other words, visible light and most of its whole family. She also has odd, other powers like size-altering and healing, mostly because that sort of stuff is losely what the "light element" is tied to in my other works. Shannon can be described as being "mysterious by accident," as she kind of does not realize how reclusive she's behaving.
  • Burnda (Number: 130734; Color: Red) is a wannabe reality show host and physicist that can control fire and heat. She's a bit... "too much," in two words. Also in sillier stories she can break the fourth wall more easily than the others. Thankfully, RG is not one of the "sillier" stories, but it has its own fourth wall-breaker...
  • Burrda (Number: 631019; Color: White and Pale Blue) is another physicist, Burnda's assistant, an inventor, and she can control this sort of "antienergy" thing she found to make something called "antifire." It resembles blue and white fire, except it's cold to the touch. She's rumored to be able to use antienergy to be able to make things below absolute zero in temperature, which may or may not be a horrible idea.
  • Dove (Number: 1 in run:gifocalypse and Journals-verses, 9 everywhere else; Color: Black and Blood Red) is an edgelord jerk that specializes in weapon-related junk. The closest thing to a specific "element" she has tied to could be described as "psychic;" she can resist mind-related attacks with much higher success than normal, allowing her to break out of illusions and get past any induced mental-discomfort. She also likes to "think big:" raising her physical defenses, possessing large things, and possessing technology that does not come from Earth. She talks like a thesaurus, which is yet another reason people tend to avoid her.
  • .GIFfany (Number: 9 in RG and Journals-verses, 1 everywhere else; Color: Pink, associated with a mini-rainbow of pink, yellow, and cyan too) is the one you actually know, obviously. She's still mostly the same personality-wise (assuming I'm not garbage with characterization, which is a tough assumption), except she has a three-dimensional body that is slightly (compared to the others) less fond of clothes than she was on the show. She thinks trying to build a "character" with her own nickname and specialty in producing something is pointless, so she instead keeps up her "student" act while simultaneously trying to be a kind of amusement park owner-figure, giving a weird result. Rarely, she'll drop trying to sweeten the deal and just resort to violence, but her appearances usually take place after "Soos and the Real Girl," where she knows that a direct attack is a bad idea. She fixates on making arcade games and various forms of "romantic" entertainment for her guest, which is usually Soos but might some times be Soos and Melody because all .GIFfanys swing both ways and some times even Melody is sucked in if the plot's dumb enough. Come to think of it, she's kind of a huge ass to Rumble. She actually has no additional powers beyond the norm of the .GIFfanys that are made three-dimensional and discover that they can turn their electricity in to metal if they focus hard enough, but she's definitely the brains behind the operations. In run:gifocalypse, a certain spoiler thing actually makes her the strongest of all professors rather than the weakest that she would have normally been, and she is the absolute final boss of Soos's entire life. In other stories, however, she's just seen as kind of an idiot traditionalist by the others that's made the leader because she's just sort of leader-y and willing to (reluctantly) talk to the other professors, who would have otherwise probably just ignored one-another. At the start of every story, she wants nothing more than to trap her player with her forever and discourage them from finding any true love, but that could change wildly depending on what other villains are lurking around. In a way, if the above professors can be considered the "Koopalings" of my Gravity Falls fics, then she's definitely the "Bowser:" keeps popping up as a major antagonist whether you like it or not, and just some times she can be pressed in to working with the good guys. But she's still not the kind of person anyone should try pissing off. While most of the other professors like pretending to be "elementals," .GIFfany's just fine taking the character of an octopus-person, or... scylla? I've looked through octopus creatures, and decided to stick wih scylla or something.
  • Eve (Number: 12; Color: Dark Jade Green, associated with a mini-rainbow of green, blue, and red too) is... well, Eve is a tough one toSGHJHIRAV ERROR. Mosquito Squad Captain (Number: Haven't Decided/RNG'd Yet; Color: White (and Black)) is clearly the most important one of them all despite not debuting in run:gifocalypse (and thus, not yet having a nickname; I'll give her one in Journals). She is inspired by the best One-Punch Man character (OOC I'm kidding about that, but I do like the casually naked ones) and looks like if .GIFfany basically tried to cosplay as her. She likes her army of mosquitos and likes drawing blood with them. Despite her association with mosquitos, she is actually a pro basketball player. Definitely not a "red shirt." it helps that she does not wear a shirt. Or anything else, for that matter.
  • Ideally these would be seen as very barebones and basic descriptions for them, they're kind of supposed to be stupididly complicated for offshoots of a monster of the week in a two-season Disney children's show (like, maybe not quite Homestuck levels of depth, but that is a goal), you can be the judge after reading RG if you think they're one-dimensional.

    UPDATE a day later: I have considered going back to the root of this and remaking it, because to drop character for a second, there are so many things I want to change that I feel a ground-up rewrite might just actually be the easiest way to do it. Here are some possible things to expect from the possible rewrite:

  • Every single domain is a two-parter, although "Game Over" might be more parts. Rose's two-parter might just be merged with "Game On," so in that case it's kind of like the old RG which starts with the town for the first chapter and moves to the forest for the second.
  • Kathody and Searah, as well as Wendy and Shannon, get their own chapters/two-parters. The stuff about the former in each pair going over to the latter is written out.
  • I might remove the Illegal Prime Neutralizer, replace it with the defeated professors just giving their numbers to a special .GIFfany Phone that the gang uses. While I like the group only being able to talk to the professors after the domains are empty, I thought it felt like a device that was handled in a clunky manner, especially since the original made it clear that the IPN is not the only effective weapon against the .GIFfanys. None of the professors or students are sucked up, they just get their butts kicked and form odd friendships with the Pines.
  • Melody's gonna be in earlier and might actively join the group. Like, maybe around Arc 2. Which leads me to...
  • ...Arc 2 is gonna have some more stuff that actually makes it feel different from Arc 1.
  • Remove the clothing damage and alter the outfits of the professors. "You're gonna censor it Fan? You Puritan" no I'm gonna the outfits more revealing (yes, even Sandy and Bubbles) I'm just not gonna have their clothes get torn to accomplish that. Rose's might stay in as kind of a "oh, she's wearing a modest leaf costume... not anymore!" but you could probably tell from like early on that I was getting sick of the clothing damage fast, which is why the later professors responded to it with bored reactions and just treat it like some obligatory thing.
  • This is still not a Dipiffica or Wendip story. And definitely not a Billdip or Pinecest story. Don't like it, write your own.
  • Kathody, Searah, and the Four Friends are all planned to get significantly more development (the others as well, but for these six, it's significant). Exploring Rose's "dark side" in more detail will happen, too.
  • I've been thinking that the remake will start out almost completely kid-friendly but slowly introduce more and more raunchy content, but it'll probably just end up being as unsubtle as the original's "transition" considering the dress code for Domain 1.
  • Domain 2 is no longer just a "regular haunted house," but it is also made out of .GIFfinium (new way of writing it). .GIFfinium was not something I fully thought up until Domain 5 - Domain 3 was a prototype idea of sorts (specifically an older version, before I made it blue; when it was gray) - and it bothers me looking back that the other domains are so different, when 5 established the trend of "building made out of the stuff that was color-coded."
  • Considering removing the cameos from other canonical characters (humans and creatures alike) because they weren't necessary and just bloated the plot. I thought they did a poor job at the "look, see? Still Gravity Falls content!" angle I was going for with them. I honestly think Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage has done/will do a better job at incorporating tons of canon one-off characters and with even more non .GIFfany characters than RG (Ma and Pa, Pterodactyl, Shape-Shifter, Summerween Trickster, "Love God," Henchmaniacs, Gideon, Manly Dan and Tambry, Mabel's friends, Pacifica, Fiddleford; spoiler alert but future chapters will have Tad Strange and possibly some others that are escaping my mind) and it's supposed to be kind of crappy. Even Halloween Trickster, Shape-Shifter etc sort of take focus off of the main plot. The Gobblewonkers might still have a half-second cameo in Domain 3, though. I'm just gonna have to face that this is primarily a .GIFfany vs Soos fic to the point where no outside party could really add to the plot. Chapters 12 and 13-A should be my favorites, but I just do not want to read the parts about the townsfolk.
  • Why not complete the foursome? Rumble might have a bigger role too. This might contradict what I just said one bullet point ago.
  • Thinking of removing Ron Ejjert (that guy from Chapter 12) not because I had a sudden change of heart about Homestuck's last legs (I am feeling more nostalgic towards the beginning as of late and after getting in to this thing called Cool and New Web Comic - by the way, I highly recommend reading that. It's like Sweet Jade and Hella John except if SJAHJ was actually good and about Sburb instead of this Mario and Hank Hill nonsense - but I still think the Void/Life Rings and the retcon thing were really bad writing), but because that joke feels a bit unnecessary and kind of hard for people to get since you have to be familiar with Homestuck (which may not be dead fandom-wise, but it feels like it's dying) and, like the "canon character cameoes," just feels like a big distraction.
  • The final battle will feel less "new crap out of nowhere-y" and work on mechanics that were talked about a lot earlier than just a brief, cryptic comment from Alma.
  • You'll actually have visual description of thirteen certain spoiler people, although I could just edit Chapter 11 of the original (and other appearances, but I won't go over those because it would be easier to figure out who I'm talking about) to describe them in more detail.
  • Male .GIFfanys (".GIFfent" after "Trent?" ".GIFffin" after "Griffin?"), possibly. Like The Sims and a ton of other games with character customization, the Giffsters have a sex/gender setting, because there are dating sims for those who like men. (Say that RA7 likely isn't one of them and I agree with you; but the .GIFfanys are trying to rope in a player for each of them, so they won't play by the original game's target audience. Soos arguably isn't part of that exact target audience, he doesn't seem like a "squid game" fan. He's innocent. Or, he was until EFFI and Journals made him go through a second hyper-puberty.) I mean, Stan outright talked about it with Risen in Chapter 9 and she just said "maybe," and literally every single professor or copy "seen" is female, so that just sounds like an obvious lack of planning. Honestly seeing what the original RG was like that sounds more like the idea for a sequel, but I will say that a true sequel ain't happening. (Unless King of the Hill is rebooted.)
  • Speaking of which, maybe less Hank Hill. I know you might be getting sick of that running gag.
  • The remake will show a lot more professors "ahead of schedule" than just Burnda and a quick cameo at Wendy. Burnda's not gonna be as special anymore. Maybe they can have meetings at the Construction Site, like Super Paper Mario does with Count Bleck's group between each chapter. Although the more I think about SPM the less I like it.
  • Speaking of Paper Mario, instead of having a lot of visual variety and coming in a ton of monster girl types, the "background"/student .GIFfanys will just have the same schoolgirl student template, but with a whopping five different hair colo- KIDDING! Quite the opposite, really. More .GIFfanys made of fire. More of them with crazy ghost-y stuff. They'll still look like their template to some degree (ideally, if this were visual, you could see any one copy and instantly recognize them as a .GIFfany. There aren't any that look more like a Pyronica offshoot, for instance), but go crazy with visuals.
  • Each domain may or may not have "minibosses" or other copies of note becides the professor, like Leona's did with the not-TMNT.
  • I think I went overboard with Risen .GIFfany, I might nerf that piece of shi[He will not. He is just saying that to get a reaction out of you. I will be made stronger and with more control!]
  • More (or rather, more spooky foreshadowing than just like one scene) of Professor EvLKGHSPURE ERROR. More of the "Mosquito Squad Captain" introduced in Chapter 11 of Escape From Fanservice Island.
  • Still no time travel, because I honestly don't like time travel (I just like some series that happen to have time travel in them). For those curious, I loved the episode "Blendin's Game" but thought "Time Traveller's Pig" was kind of meh.
  • The domains might possibly be relocated (because lore-wise they don't make that much sense, especially the American fanatic Wendy chosing India "because wind" when she can make her own tornados from just the air), or they might just kind of be spaced around Gravity Falls in like these far-apart towers or something. Actually, every domain (except 1, it will be the only one without a ton of .GIFfinium in some way) having a big, ominous tower like Domain 11 did or the "Mad Matrix" level from a laughable Sonic the Hedgehog spinoff game would be pretty cool.
  • "Game Complete" will still be in but made to be edgier. [Thank you!]
  • moar big fat nekkid thicc asian gifanty booty. dude giffs but too cuz thiss equaal

  • Total Zeksmit Series (This is currently about 90-percent outdated, for one there's only going to be two seasons.)

    This is a fan fic, planned to be a series of fan fics, of Total Drama hosted by Ezekiel with his co-hosts Justin and Geoff (last name Bacon, I thought I mentioned this already in-story), as well as a mysterious tag along Kathy (last name will be revealed as Ikaname. It's not a real last name I think, just a Majora's Mask reference. Ikaname.) who shows up time to time. The contestants are all female, with the eleven from the first canon season being the people who compete in season one. Nobody ever returns to compete after being eliminated. At least, as a full contestant in the sense of Izzy and Eva in TDI... see "lifelines" below for more information on this.

    There's two seasons definitely planned, but that's about it. It's gonna be set to end after the second one, because I don't want to spend forever on this. (I've lost a lot of interest in TZ since I've initally came up with the idea.) Following Plains will be Campsites Around the World. Challenges are mostly physical and involve skill, sometimes through tricky situations. There's no Eating Gross Crap challenges or anything unfair. (Ex. of former: Brunch of Disgustingness, second part of Chinese Fake-Out. Ex. of latter: the rewards for Search and do not Destroy, That's Off the Chain!) There are no reward challenges: Eliminations will happen in every episode that isn't an Aftermath. That's because I'm not really fond of filler, especially if it's done World Tour-style where the fact that it's a reward challenge is dumped on at the last possible minute.

    Unlike my other competitions, recaps will only be given at the beginning of Aftermaths.

    Plains takes place in the wild prairies of Zekitunakwa. TZ: CAW, however, involves Total Drama World Tour-esque travelling around various campsites that are similar in a few themes (notably such as having a tall cliff that to be honest looks quite phallic, and yes I'm talking about the cliff present in the original show). The first destination will be the TZverse's counterpart to Wawanakwa (which in this universe is almost completely clean of pollution, but the elements of it are worse than in canon). It may also involve some sort of new lifeline with a "calling" system involving the people who live around here.

    There is also a side-series spinoff, called... well... Total Zeksmit Side Stories. There are no concrete rules to what TZSS has to be about: It could be AUs of the TZ competitions itself (unlikely), or anything, but the general gimmick is that it takes place in the unusual world in TZ and doesn't focus on the competitions. Instead, it's centered around the would-be contestants and to a lesser extent the would-be show staff going on very weird adventures. This is planned to begin after I'm finished with chapter 8 of TZP, and is supposed to be a "sneak peek" at some of the new contestants for season 2. And maybe season 3 once the competitions finally hit season 2. Another spinoff, already posted above (and will probably be moved here) is Extreme Musical Drama High School, again about the competition that Ezekiel came from. And, as far as current plans go, it'll only cover the season Ezekiel was in.

    But wait, let's stop talking about EMDHS and get back to TZSS. And this also concerns OT32 Shenanigans too. Considering the release of the Homestuck spinoff Paradox Space, I'd like to say that neither story will exactly be like that. For one, the chapters were planned to be long. Like, the average length of a Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals or Total Zeksmit Plains chapter-long. At the most. For two, while some of them do take place in an AU (basically an AU of an AU since neither 496 nor TZ take place in canon's worlds by any stretch of the word), both are planned to have some kind of unifying "base" universe that will be established in their respective chapters. For three, these are just written by one guy. For four, as PS stands right now both OT32S and moreso TZSS are planned to be a little more serious and action-focused, specifically regarding fighting badguys.


    Lifelines are a concept that will be introduced in season 2. Basically, each team gets a number of lifelines that varies each season, and they can only each be used once per team. The team captain gets the final decision to use them. By the merge, any lifelines that aren't used give the captain-at-the-time invincibility in post-merge episodes, one lifeline grants one extra day. The reason for all these limitations and rules is because they are actually extremely powerful - just look for yourself:

  • Casualty: When this is used, the team gets to compete wearing whatever they want for the entire day. There will be more costume-based challenges in season 2, and just as in Plains they are going to make the costumes into dissadvantages.
  • Booster Shot: This can only be used in challenges that use a point system (and to make it more tempting in-universe, there are going to be a lot more point challenges pre-teams than there were in Plains) and it gives the team that uses it ten extra points. Depending on how the points work, this can either be stupididly valuable (IE if one contestant can only earn two points at most) or next to useless (where the points work like scoring in video games, and things in the thousands are in the norm).
  • Resurrection: One eliminated contestant, regardless of which team they were on or if they were kicked off before the teams were formed, can be summoned back by the team captain to compete in either all challenges for the episode or just one of the challenges. The person back, however, will do as well as she wants to, and could even sabatogue the team if she doesn't like them.
  • The first three ones up will probably be the final lifelines; there are no plans to add more to the three. However, there may be at least two more, not counting the plan of using the other characters from the environments (which may not be classed as a lifeline at all or be a "special" lifeline that can be used once per episode or something like that).


    So the old chapter 4 revealed elemental types for the first time. (Really I'm only bringing this up because I don't know how else to start this section now that TFS is TZ. Wow I can't believe there's still some unfinished TFS/TZ changes.) This is realistically not going to be mentioned that much and it won't really play a role in the competitions themselves so I'll just list the nine types: Air, fire/heat, earth, electricity, plant, animal, water, toxins, and death. There are also people whom don't have any such abilities (reffered to as neutrals), and hybrids of them. More on this later.


    As stated above, the original 11 will compete in season one. In season two, they will also compete alongside Sierra and a dosen original characters.

    Andrea the Weapon Obsessed, Hyperactive Commander Wannabe (or just the Weapon)

    Emerald Gemm the Mischivious One out of the "Gemm Triplets"

    Ruby Gemm the Hot-Tempered One out of the "Gemm Triplets"

    Sapphire Gemm the Smart, Calm One out of the "Gemm Triplets"

    Iris the "Puzzle" Enthusiast

    Kandi the Logical, Arrogant Nudist

    Kathy the Vocal Creep

    Miriam the Unusual, Old-Times Artist

    Natalie the Witch-in-Sheeps-Clothing

    Samantha the Gangster

    Sonia the Techno, Wanting-to-Move-Foreward Musician

    Zelda the Prarie Girl (Also Ezekiel's cousin)


    Ezekiel, Obviously

    Zelda is also Confirmed to be making a return (though since this is a prequel, it's more like a... preturn?)

    Amethyst the Annoyance

    Felicia the Musical Athelete

    Karen the "Coolkid"

    David/"Diablo" the "Emo"

    Dario? the Pirate

    For the most part, any resembelance to other OCs is coincidental, but some very light inspiration are involved. Natalie is based losley off of Nazz from Ed, Edd n Eddy though.


    Anyone who's gimmick is that they're the "second [contestant," or they're "another [contestant]" (I want to be original here.)

    A really terrible, stupid concept that's obviously not going to happen in the main TZ series (IE an actual dog as a contestant, a teenage girl expy of Adolph Hitler, the spirit of Gaia, Gwen and Trent's future daughter who time traveled to the past to try to change some aspect of the future, Katniss Everdeen who isn't an expy but literally warped through spacetime to end up in the Zeksmitverse, etc. SJAHJ and/or HHC may convince you otherwise but I do draw lines. They're just really high lines.)

    A shy girl (I can't think of anyway to not make her a worthless "aw isn't she cute" type of character. Zelda is the closest you'll get, and you'll see why she hardly counts.) Actually, taking the previous into consideration, a charater whose sole point is to be a "moeblob" or whatever you'd say

    Someone who's overly sadistic to the point of making the whole story dumb, or only intimidates the cast by being violent with them/threatening deaths (This is a Total Drama fan fic that's supposed to have a plot-flow similar to canon, not SAW. "TEH DARKURZ AND EDJIER AZ IT GEOS AWN" for the sake of being dark and edgy isn't something I like. Also eliminations have the equivilent impact of death in TZ - or at least it's close enough - thank you very much.)

    People who are like genderbents of canon male contestants (I was thinking of doing this at first, but then I thought... nah. Genderbent expies might show up in Side Stories, or in an episode that features human life outside of the game. Or as intern cameos, but again they'll only be that: Cameos.)

    The Revenge of the Island or Pahkitew Island cast (Two of the more "reasonable" options that still ends up on this list, I'll be honest. I have no plans for them at all, and I'm not going to insert canon characters for the sake of having in every canon character. This also applies to pretty much any other fanwork of mine, AU or not. My last attempt at this, at least in a blatant shoe-horn way, was Sweet Jade and Hella John (IE Auto Responder, the carapases, pretty much all of the trolls, the ancestors) and look at how "well" that went. And even individually, these guys won't really work with TZ: Staci is a joke, Dawn might contrast with the "atheistic world" TZ is set in (yeah, unlike most of my other works the Zeksmitverse is Godless and magicless even though there are elemental powers), Zoey's character just kind of ends at "is nice" (like one too many fan characters, zing!), and I haven't seen all of season four yet but I don't think Anne Maria, Dakota, or Jo could really carry stories with the TZ cast by themselves. The PI cast has better choices, but they still might not... "fit in" with the TZ game show. Especially not Ella. They might be cameoes, but that's it: Cameos.)

    Someone who wants to "prove" something IE that just because they're a woman it doesn't mean they can't fight (Both because I can already tell I'm not going to like writing them (there's nothing wrong with messages, just don't be obnoxious with them), and any hypothetical person like that who goes on a show hosted by Ezekiel thinking they can convince him anything is just setting themselves up for dissapointment.)

    A fangirl of [Insert real-life work of media or obvious fictional counterpart to it here] (I do not want to write a walking advertisement for, say, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Nor do I want to jab at fans of, say, Twilight.)

    Someone's whose sole character is being based on being a token (I would impliment people of a certain sexuality/gender/etc -- or I could even ret-con one of the OCs into filling that role! -- but I'm not going to, say, make someone out of scratch who's only notable trait is that they're pansexual. I'm fine with diversity but having it just for the sake of diversity is very risky. Plus I don't want a walking stereotype.)

    A character who constantly spouts "lol randum" (I feel dumber just typing that) or otherwise non-sequetor statements, regardless of how many other characteristics they may have (I find those types of OCs to be ungodly annoying. Turn-me-off-of-the-entire-story annoying.)

    Canon fodder for the sake of canon fodder (I'd prefer the cast to each appear to have an equal shot at winning, and each of them being at least somewhat developed. I also don't want my early eliminations to be completely predictable, because from my experience predicable/fodder early eliminations makes the story have a really weak beginning and it becomes painfully hard for me to continue reading. I read somewhere once that a story's only as good as its beginning and its ending, and the more I think about that quote the more it makes sense. Although one of the confirmed OCs for TZI is to an extent canon fodder...)

    Not a character so much as a trait, but anyone who bears a tenth elemental class (Nope. There's only nine classes, people without any powers, and combinations between them all to varrying degrees.)

    Anything that has to do with memes (I hope this is self-explanatory.)

    REMAKING: (WARNING This gives away the eliminations of chapters 4 and 5.)

    It's not that I was unhappy with the old TZ, TFS - in fact, the only thing I don't really like is the title - it's just that I think these improvements will be for the better. Here's some changes that will happen/had happened to the series:

  • The biggest change is that there will no longer be reward challenges, and that the season will only be a miniseason of 13 episodes, counting the Aftermaths and special. The removed challenge concepts might be in TZI. The axed episodes are all the original reward challenges, with one exception: "It's a Shore Thing" will be the one removed here (a swimming themed challenge would be a nice preview for season two but pushing is becoming shoving and I'd rather it be AT season two), while "Blast to and From the Past" will become an elimination episode that will take its place (I want every season to have a cavewoman challenge and a naked challenge). This will not make the fan fic rushed, I believe, because the pacing in the current series is actually really slow right now.
  • The title will change to "Total Zeksmit Plains." "Total Fan Service Plains" honestly seems like a really repelling name and I personally don't like it.
  • Katie's elimination position will be swapped with Gwen's, and Bridgette's will be swapped with Leshawna's (the original chapter 9 elimination). Being kicked off fifth instead of third will surley lessen the blow of Bridgette losing early, which is a downside, but this will be a good oppertunity to develop her relationship with Izzy just as much as in the original version of this.
  • It no longer takes place in the future. Considering how this is an alternate timeline anyway, it doesn't really make much sense and the only point it had was to jab at Simpsons and the theorists that the world would end on December 21st, both of which are unnecessary.
  • The backstory. Instead of winning a competition, Ezekiel 'won' (it will be implied that Chris rigged it) a special EMDHS challenge where the winner gets to host their own mini reality show. As much as I would like to outright state the second season and then keep it a secret for the rest of the competition until the very last scene, that will not happen in the remake because Ezekiel would not know that his minishow will get a second season in the first place. Though I could do a similar trick, only with the third season... if I decide to go that far...
  • Pop culture references in the early chapters are tonned down significantly. I only say early because the later chapters tone them down anyway. Intern expies still stay, though.
  • Ezekiel's work as Mytube video maker Zeksmit682 and his history with Kathy are out of the story; like Justin, Kathy will now be relatively new to his... "production crew." (But not as knew. Like, he literally knew Justin right before starting TZ.) Zeksmit Clipz no longer exists. Mytube, on the other hand, does still exist in the Zeksmitverse, because I really want to show off this new "futuristic" (even though it doesn't take place in the future anymore) website that in spite of its name is more than just a Youtube clone.
  • Here's what will stay the same:

  • Heather's elimination, and all eliminations in the merge. (Basically all of them that hadn't happened in the old version of this series except chapter 9's/Leshawna's.)
  • Justin's rival is still Alejandro. Courtney's boyfriend is still the same guy, which is still a secret.
  • The elemental thing stays because I really like my idea of vampire types, and if it wasn't for the classes Side Stories wouldn't really exist, and if SS didn't exist there wouldn't be much reason to have an alternate universe, Chris's EMDHS competition comes off as more jarring, and the concept of the TZ series really falls apart from there.
  • The events of the special and everything onward (seasons 2, 3, and 4) will remain the same no matter what option I take. I can't garuntee that there will be a third and fourth season, but I'm pretty sure there will at least be a second one. (No season 2 kind of paradoxically rids the purpose for the first season. This is because Plains is more of a "season zero" to the whole series.)
  • The conflicts, friendships, and relationships. (This is an improvement, not a complete redux. Swapping the SB and KJ eliminations wasn't just reduxing, it was done because I felt that it would help the flow of the story more.)
  • Recaps are still gonna be in the Aftermaths; actually this is now good seeing as the Aftermaths will be at almost every sixth episode again.
  • Still not splitting the episodes; don't really need to. They already drag on as-is.
  • All four major members of the show staff, with their same roles. Ezekiel will still be the host, Justin will be the co-host, Geoff will be the Aftermath host, and Kathy is still the background designer that shows up sporatically.
  • The OCs, including Kathy Kathy will appear in a different patten of episodes, however; her original pattern was every power of two (2, 4, 8, 16, and an exception, 20), as well as some of the Zeksmit Clipz. Her first appearance was still in chapter 2.
  • Speaking of OCs, Zelda will still get a cameo in the form of what takes the place of the auditions during the Aftermaths. "The Teal Blaze" clip still exists, but it's no longer part of a series.
  • Pretty much every other subplot not listed in the "changed" section except possibly "Homer" (which may be replaced with another thing, but will still serve the exact same purpose).
  • I would like to note that even though the chapter challenges are the same and the same pre-merge eliminations happen, just with slightly better writing, DO NOT SKIP THEM! Especially since you did NOT know who was going to get voted off on the original chapter 9! Unless you read the above bullet lists but that's not the point!

    And finally, I'm gonna close this off with some changes made from the older revivions of this, along with initial plans that don't give away or imply spoilers of what isn't out yet (EG "This character would have won instead of..."), especially since TFSP is currently offline. This does, however, contain spoilers up to the most recent update.

  • I'm gonna elaborate on what I meant by "Zeksmit682": Ezekiel originally ran a show called Zeksmit Clipz, and back in the old version with reward challenges, those would play in place of auditions. It's mainly about Ezekiel, Kathy, and occasionally Geoff trying to pull off stunts. Zeksmit682 was the former's username. Ezekiel would have known both Kathy and Geoff at around the same time, and his history with Blaineley was admitedly non-existant until... I don't remember when yet. ZC was cut because without reward challenges, I couldn't think of any place to put them (they were pretty much thought up just so that the rewards could have a little side-clip like the eliminations), and they just felt a little pointless. While I was listing the changes from TFSP to TZP, I said (and currently still say; I haven't changed that yet) that Kathy will be about as new to his production team as Justin is. And the story itself even implies this by Justin saying that Ezekiel knows her as much as he knows him. Well... that was the intent, but it isn't any more. You will see when Ezekiel met Justin in TZ's verse, I'm not sure of the exact chapter, but it will be alluded to at some point in the first season.
  • Bridgette was going to have an evil split personality. No, this idea predated the reveal of Mal. In fact Mal was the straw that broke the camel's back in nixing this plotline alltogether, along with other issues. Like: It's a very strange character tack-on trait, I had no idea how to put it into competition form (as much as I thought he was a little too generic-MWUAH-HA-HA-y I have to admit Mal might give some ideas on that had I gone through with it) since she's a complete nutcase and I don't want any risks of actual deaths since that's kind of stupid on a competition, and the whole thing just sort of came across as being really cheesy. Especially since it wasn't going to come into play until season three, which meant two entire seasons of "Yeah, I have this killer alternate self whose better at fire powers than me, but you're not gonna see much of her outside of spinoffs until Woods" before she comes into play. TFSP has a little bit where Bridgette dreams of a time she "switched" while encountering a shark, and it would be implied that her alternate self beat the crap out of said animal. And shortly after, Izzy would find her meds and ask her about them. Anyway, this carried onto TZP, and its first chapter originally had a bit near the end where Justin asks Ezekiel to review the footage of Bridgette's performance, saying that her actions are a little suspicious or something. It would be implied that her alternate personality took control and threatened to fry the interns with her powers if they did not let her go. This, not bias (okay maybe a little), was the reason why Bridgette was the first to win the challenge, and her escaping the interns is all that remains of it.
  • Back in TFSP, Ezekiel had won EMDHS yet his doctor still ordered him some sunlight. So he decided to use the prise money to start up his own show. Now... I made it a little less far-fetched (that he would do this of all things), and that he instead won a challenge that specifically allowed the creation of a miniseries. And before that (maybe, I'll have to check), TFSP was just a series hosted on the internet and not on television. Which raised the question as to why the eleven canon contestants would bother signing up for a guy who does... well, Zeksmit Clipz. Finally and dwelving on both the embarassing and the unbelievable, one of the oldest plans while drafts for this existed was that Ezekiel was a mad scientist who created the contestants in an experiment (no, seriously. And his last name being "Smithy" would have slightly made more sense), lived with them, then wiped their memories for some reason but they were drawn back to the game. Side Stories might have focused a lot more on them living together and having misadventures, since this was before the idea of elemental classes hit. Rest assured, Ezekiel did not do any stem-cell work, and all of the current campers were made the same way almost any other human was made.
  • Believe it or not considering chapter 6, this would have had even more emphasis placed on fanservice. Hence the name Total Fan Service. And the reason for the swimsuits, cavewomen and naked challenges, and why I mentioned something about Beth and Eva getting redesigns. Those are the remains of that. There was also supposed to be a fanservicey outfit specifically made for the challenge almost every episode.
  • The latest chapter, which if I'm not slacking around when it comes to editing this profile should be "Bears, Bares, and a Whole Lot of Flare", was originally going to be called "Metal Gear Naked" and... well, the plan was vague. It would have involved the final six trying to navigate through a course while avoiding interns from spotting them, and there was going to be, like, barrels and boxes and stuff to hide behind. It also wasn't until later that I thought of "Hey, wearing nothing but color-coded toques". But that would have been for a season special (...I thought it would be cute if, say, there was a TZ reunion and the campers all decided to put on colored toques, but they weren't going to be naked), it took a bit longer before I merged the ideas together. The bears only came in because of the pun; I didn't want to reference a game series I haven't played, so bending the challenge so that it makes sense for this new title was the best I could come up with.
  • Okay, here's a biggie. Keep in mind that TZ - or rather, we're going back to when it was TFS - was one of my earlier ideas out of the stuff on this page. Said ideas were at the time limited to Total Drama World Tour Rewrite, The Real Story, Movie Day, Total Drama Race, a few other competitions, and several ideas that are probably dead by now like Homer Takes a Step. Oh yes, and those two SBIG stories, and the original plan of how that would go. And a few vague thoughts that would eventually become Blue Sun. There wasn't that much story to spread my ideas out on. Crossing over didn't sound like my cup of tea. Homestuck didn't catch my tastes yet, and I didn't even know it existed. King of the Hill was, at the time, just "Oh God is Hank annoying" (see Zombie Attack! and how Hank is one of the villains). And Steven Universe didn't even exist. Anyway, this was originally going to be a pretty huge work, with a lot of seasons. Going from Plains (then-titled Country) to Island to Woods (then-titled Supernatural) was a constant, but everything after was... basically picture like six Pahkitew Islands in a row. And that's just the start. They would have continued the biome theme - first with seasons four through eight being either one of the following from a New Super Mario Bros-esque mountain range, to a desert, to a tundra, to a swamp, to... I think the last one of those five was a jungle. They could be read in any order, and the order I published them would be determined by a poll. Also being read in any order by them, maybe, but the biome being hard-decided, was the ninth season: Total Fanservice Volcanic Wasteland. Taking place in some molten campgrounds really close to several pits and rivers of lava, volcanos, and the like. All six of these would have been, as I implied earlier, 13-chapter seasons with... 12? (Somewhere around the 10-14 range, but it was the same for all seasons) contestants new to each season, all of them themed after bits of the environment the season takes place. (EG one of the Total Fan Service Mountain campers would be gray, have some kind of rock theme, and a fitting personality to it - none of the characters were thought through very well, since I was still thinking over Island's at the time.) Season ten would have been Action, marking the return of gens 1-3 as they are all merged with the campers from seasons 4-9 and two new characters in a "megaseason" (that name was not part of the original plan. I came up with it just now). Following that, the series would continue the pattern of miniseasons set in different locations for God-knows how long, taking a few breaks maybe every tenth or fifth season for another mega one or something like that. Some of the locations would even be impossible under normal laws of physics, like a place that combine ice and lava. This was eventually dropped because... shouldn't it be obvious? Coming up with 117 characters and then merging them with another 34, only 13 of which aren't also my creation, and coming up with two more would be downright exhausting even with the "elemental personality" route I could cheap out on and take. Same with the challenges, even with the environments. And looking back, it would feel pretty different from the environment that season one starts. I mean, semi-mini season (back then TFSP/TZP had 20 challenge thanks to rewards), full season, longer season, then nothing but either mini or mega seasons seems a little too... chaotic? Rest assured though, you will still see the concepts for the campsites and maybe even the environment-themed characters: Campsites Around the World is pretty much a merge of all of these ideas into something simpler, yet still complex. It's not just a World Tour ripoff. I could even have the environment-themed campers come into play as background characters tied to the challenges... somehow, with the elemental class system greatly helping. In fact, the environment-themed camper idea is probably what set the stage for the elemental class system.

  • Leakstucksing: Ultimate Hurricane Chronicles! (Or Leakstucksing Ulumate Hurrcane Crconikals)

    Contains possible spoilers for both stories, but nothing of what hasn't been published

    Some word-of-god for Crconikals. Mostly to confirm/deny stuff I should have already, or that I maybe did but am not sure and don't want to go digging through all 30 chapters of both stories so far.

  • I had a complete doozy regarding Connie and the Great Typo Cleanup, but since it's kinda outdated now I'll have to find a way to change it.
  • Yes, detonation chips were removed from Hecksing. While Jan could be excused by his arm loss prompting Doctor to want to give him a new arm, this is why Rip wasn't blown up before Doctor could have the chance to see her clothes becoming see-through. Although since she's been ret-conned into a vampire so powerful that even Alucard is dwarfed in power, that probably wouldn't have killed her.
  • Rip's audacious outfit as well as having giant boobs is based on a Total Drama fan competition that I probably can't find even if I went looking for it. (If I did, I wouldn't link to it. That might be asking for trouble.) It was one of those app stories where people submit their characters. This one contestant was described early on as having her D-cups bounce when she jumps, and she sleeps in a see-through bra and thong. I actually checked the application and it listed something different for sleepwear, so either the story would have led to her becoming more modest or this was some really strange attempt to toss in fanservice. Speaking of which, I downgraded Rip's top from a shirt to just a bra later (on the first edit to HUC since finishing it), if because I never really liked shirt-underwear combinations for some reason.
  • Yes, I know I spelled some of Rip's dialogue wrong. Namely, the recap.
  • HHC is what possibly started my eventual habit of turning the 32 non-Cherub players into one big (not literal) orgy. Heck, I'll even go as far as to say that without HHC, 496 wouldn't come to be. Maybe. That probably isn't true.
  • Betrayal makes Alucard and Carl sick. I think HUC's first chapter was supposed to have a line where, after Flanders reveals himself as a traitor, Al would say something like "Traitors. It makes me sick... gosh!" but I didn't get to writing that. And Carl would have called back to it. Speaking of which, as with a certain Alejandro, Alucard was supposed to dislike being called "Al," which is why he was called "Al" so many times in the narrative and his Bro calling him that was written in bold. (As it was implying the reason why he doesn't like it.)
  • Hecksing's full backstory in Carl Stevens Universe is mostly the same, except Seras acted more in-character and didn't abuse Carl for every single thing he did. (She only does when he actually goes too far.) Oh, and the criminal from Seras's past's gun was visible. And instead of having a tank, Alucard just flew to the Eagle in the same jet, and since it was wrecked he couldn't escape Jan's blast in time. (That and he only had three seconds to leave.) The Millennium are still idiots, who went to capture the UK's prime minister (who isn't Quimby) and later on used a giant mecha thing. EDIT EDIT EDIT: If Seras will appear in later Crconikals installments, she will be remade to be a little more in-character.
  • Speaking of Seras's criminal, apart from the obvious recycling/stealing of a Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged joke (I apologize for that and HUC's edit will change that EDIT it already did), the part where he does get an actual gun only to set it on the floor before it seemingly fires on its own is based on a Haruhi fan fic I saw on a fic-MSTing forum. Oh, and on an unrelated note, originally I said that his end came because he was the guy who drove the truck that hit Luke, and Alucard went by a description Seras gave earlier, gave him a lie-test, and ate him and his familiar died along with all the others when Alucard was nuked. Then I re-read chapter 10, and at least that confirmed that Seras killed him on their second encounter. So... the guy driving the truck, that's the issue this will adress, since I had the idea to make him an established character and now he isn't. He's... Will Smith, and ironically (Men in Black) Alucard had to wipe his memory of vampires. I think CSU said this, but this memory wipe was because Integra wanted to keep vampires a secret, while Carl was more open towards exposing them. Although considering the world of HHC, this was one horribly kept secret driven irrelevant by all the weird crap.
  • Killing off all Simpsons characters was not intentional at first, and I looking back I find it amusing that two of them in HUC never crossed paths (Flanders, Homer, and Quimby were the only ones if memory serves; the first and second were killed before the second and third's introduction respectively). However, sometime from the end of HUC to HHC, I went "oh heck yes, kill off all of those annoying Simpson guys." Hence why Quimby was killed off at the very end, even though HUC's epilogue in 2041 basically gave him super plot armor for 30 years. (I found a way around it, since the very end of HHC takes place a few hours after the very end of HUC. Heh heh...)
  • By an astonishing coincidence, "Carl" is one of the few if not only first names to exist in both Earth and Mars. It's actually really exotic and rare on Mars. "Stevens" too, for surnames.
  • Yes, Integra did just let a lot of London's population to die at the hands of Millennium's army in chapter 8. That was supposed to be seen as a jerk move. I... don't know why I thought that was a good idea. I guess I just needed a reason to let that go over? Or maybe I was trying to make Carl's rise as being the new leader after her death to be seen as more of a good thing?
  • This is leaning into my general Homestuck works, but I'll answer one of the many questions nobody asked (get used to this. Heck, that's what this entire section is): "Why isn't Consort Guy/fedorafreak/this other PDA guy/the denizens/the one carapacian that blahblahblah/this animal (including Serenity)/Davesprite/any sprite but sort-of Jadesprite (you'll probably see what I mean) and Tavrisprite? for that matter/the doomed timeline self that.../His Honorable Tyrany/Alt Calliope/this celebrity/the canon fantrolls in any of these?" And similarly, "why do the exiles/underlings/SBAHJ main characters/tricksters hardly appear outside SJAHJ, the second only having small appearances in 496 where they're killed, and the former also getting some brief wording in KFTT but nothing else?" The answer to both questions is sort of in the latter: I'm not aiming to have every single character make an appearance, or at least I stopped doing that when it came to SJAHJ because it's not a perfect idea. The exiles were shoehorns (I'm not talking about canon, I'm talking about both SJAHJ and KFTT), the underlings were only generic enemies that hardly got any light on them and can easily be replaced depending on what the story is, and while SBAHJ did have a specific meaning it was kind of limited to SJAHJ's plot. The same can be said for the Felt (including Scratch) and Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. And I think tricksters stopped being fun when their design was changed because OOH CHERUBS and it's revealed that they don't really do that much becides convert their friends and make weapons and Santas. Pretty much, I only like having the human and troll groups as the stars, and I've been kind-of recently opening up to their ancestral counterparts as well. And I can't find anyway to bring in any of the sprites except Jadesprite-personality-wise (again, something will get to that, probably a big crossover) without making a repeat of canon, something I do not like doing unless the story was Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. Bottom line, they'd either be innapropriate to the story (HHC, for example, is not the kind of thing that would be continuing "John loves Nick Cage" gags - partly thanks to John himself, and HHT doesn't really belong in Act 5 Vs Act 6), impossible to not be shoehorns or come off as fandom memes (you can tell from the anti-desperate Eridan jokes in SJAHJ that I'm not too welcome with memes), contradict with the plot (Alt Calliope is impossible in 496 and SJAHJ because Cherubs don't normally exist and we already have the Quimbys, and everywhere else would seem like a deus ex machina), or again run the risk of going "Hey look it's just like what happened in canon!" (The sprites, for the last one.)
  • There's Naruto references and concepts sprinkled throughout at least Crconikals because I was under the impression that that's the kind of thing that ticks people off. This includes the title of Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. Hurricane Chronicles. That's what Shippuden means. PS, you'll be seeing a LOT more of that in Hecksing: The Dawn. And now that HTD is out, I can say that by that I'm talking about the greater emphasis on Walter's "jutsu".
  • I'm not completely sure when I decided to give the SBIG stories real names beyond "SBIG: Series Name," but Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals's name is... an obvious mispelling/play on Hellsing Ultimate. "Crconikals" because of this "Book of Historical Fafcition" or something like that, and I liked how it repeated the "F" sound twice. "Ulumate" is pronounced... pretty much like "Ultimate" but with another "u" sound instead of "ti". "Crconikals"... Cr-kon-ick-als. Also pretty self-explanatory.
  • Saving what is perhaps the most shocking of all for last: Carl is a Charlie Sheen reference. But on a more serious note, take in mind that Sheen's real name is Carlos Irwin Estévez.

  • Sweet Jade and Hella John.

    Yes, this is over. Yes, it was an ultimate old shame to end all old shames (except for TEE. Seriously, that was terrible). Yes, I doubt that many people have made it that far (I doubt anybody made it this far in my profile). Yes, I know I said editing will start shortly, yet as of November 2,014 it's untouched aside from the final update back in July of last year. However, before I update it (which, by the way, will not be until after finishing Total Zeksmit Plains at the soonest; I do not consider this a high priority at all), I want to clairify some author's word here, as with "Leakstucksing" above. These questions may or may not have already been answered in the narative, I'll have to check some time later:

  • The reason why there's a tank in the Strider household is because Sis is extremely paranoid that Sleepy Dogwoman will attack again.
  • The "human ancestors" all do kind of share names with their HHC counterparts. I say kind of because Dave's Bro and Roxy's Mom(/Sis in HHC) have been genderbent, and so it's a little bit trickier. Katana Chick is named Lily, Grand Highbuck is named Violet, Adventure Dude is named Dean, and Reddy McCoolshades is named... Dale, I guess that leaves?
  • Most of the Millennium's actions can be explained by this: Lord Major Quimby is a complete idiot. Except for Rip. Her actions can be explained by: She's crazy.
  • Um... I guess Hecksing/Hellsing (I honestly forgot which name they went by)'s backstory is the same as the first chapter of HUC, with Heavensing being an individual unit instead of part of a greater HRG. Carl did, in fact, end up killing Pip, except unlike before he ended up taking him over. Pip's death was still an accident, except Carl feels a lot guiltier about it and tries to take over his life through use of a paper-thin disguise (it's the eye-patch) so that his friends won't be dissapointed.
  • This is not just some AU/alternate timeline of Crconikals. Because I didn't like how its verse works (wiping a universe from existance from just one paradox seems a little too harsh), SJAHJ's multiverse opperates on a completely different laws of... physics? Than my other works. It also takes place in a completely seperate multiverse. The fact that Quimby and Hank are so different from their Crconikals counterparts should be an indicator of this.
  • I have no idea how Steven Universe would play in SJAHJ's world, since SJAHJ ended before I took interest in SU and indeed before it even aired. The editing will almost certainly not cover it. So unless there's a sequel, indirect or direct (neither likely), don't expect this to come up until I can make up my mind as to how "real" it is in SJAHJ's world. (Co-exists with HS/KOTH/Hellsing, part of the Mario session but otherwise fictional, show-within-a-show brought to life ala Homer/BR/CU, or purely show-within-a-show.)
  • I actually tried to avoid showing swastikas because I was not sure if that would violate the MSPA forum rules. I'm still not completely certain. A lot of the weirder things I did in this story is because I'm not sure if the original plan would violate the MSPA forum rules. Believe me, the end result dialogue, especially earlier into the story, was toned down. Specifically what Jade says. Specifically about Dave and their ancestors. I also had to lurk around before getting the idea that ectoincest won't get the story insta-removed from the site, hence why there was very little John/Jade teasing near the beginning.
  • Going back to what I probably confirmed already, Jade is characterized to be so horrible to turn around the common dipiction of her I hear of as a really nice and never agressive person and never fighting back any idea no matter how much she dislikes it. And... this one's a little more petty (and not confirmed on the forums I'm sure of it), to try to "outdo" characterizations of her that make her kind of, for a lack of a better word, really open. Like, tomboy who doesn't give too much of a damn about nudity or whatever. I don't know. The thought made sense to me at the time.
  • Oh yeah, spoilers, having Jade as one of the few survivors and not undergoing that much character development afterwards was mostly to tick people off.
  • Nepetazilla did turn back into normal, bright red blooded Nepeta (I refuse to use the term "candy red," simply because I think of candy-like blood and that sounds disgusting) by the end. The fact that her chaticon was red instead of white on the final page sort of implied this, but it could easily be mistaken for something else (convenience, since an actual white icon would look invisible and it seems like ODP is contacting John from the dead about his actions) and... oh, speaking of Nepetazilla, all Leijons have their clothing specifically design to be able to morph into any size whenever they themselves grow or shrink. These girls were just really, really prepared. In addition to the whiteblood powers, as the text itself says anyway. If anybody else tried to grow massive like that, they would probably rip their clothing. That's why the Slender Aranea-like being in Carl Stevens Universe was "naked" nah it's not Slender Aranea it's a random monster that kind of looks like her.
  • John and Nepeta's break up was kind of based on real life events, but not in the way you would think. I'll elaborate more in the "What would you do if you see someone wearing a Homestuck shirt" thread (because I think that's what the thread is also for) later, but the gist is, I didn't want to feel... I don't know, akward? that they were together. This would probably make a lot more sense in context, but the bottom line was that nobody really made me break them up. Of course, I don't really care anymore, since they (as with the other SJAHJ-patronships, and the Prospit kid's original "rivals" with their patron's A1 stand-ins) will be roommates together from... pairing nine? of 496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems, and a bunch of stuff escallates from there, and thanks to the premise they will hook up in that story anyway to become one of the 496 (snicker, snicker, spoilers there's a lot more maybe end spoilers) pairings. Oh, and if John and Nepeta were still together, then Jade might be with a still-living Kanaya, and earlier would have used her then-last two lives on Equius and Feferi, who will date Jane and Jake respectively. (Her reviving Dirk was unnecessary as with Dave killing him, and Jenn could have found life another way.) Just because all patronships, and to tick off anyone who hates SJAHJ-Jade.
  • To bring in yet another Nepeta-related thing, let me explain something: About half of the jokes based on her were based on this misconception I had that her and Meulin's last name was homophonic to "Legion." Including the last page. If the MSPA wiki is reliable, it sounds similar to "lay-on." Oops.
  • Expect to see more of the following in later and unrelated works: The Curse Woman (now with 100% more backstory!), Omega Drew Pickles, Hydra (Death Mecha and Darkhorse, on the other hand, might have met their ends in HHC, or might not have), Adventure Time characters (a future SBIGlet it planned to focus on them at least), Dave's end result (just as a seperate character), my self-insert (he'll get killed off every appearance), dream-entering, SJAHJ-styled dreamselves (these concepts I liked, and they'll probably be more of an indicator to tell the difference between dreams and reality), SJAHJ's patronships (Nepeta to John, Kanaya to Jade, Equius to Jane, Feferi to Jake), the Fox Crew (with lots of different members of course!), the Hank-Rip rivalry or at least them having some kind of relationship, and the concept of a ton of technicolor alternate selves of someone (already planned for one story).
  • Expect to see no more of the following in later and unrelated works: Elitaa, Puerco, and Activist (you can tell I'm bad with fantrolls), F.A. Mike, doll-head Silencer, A2 ancestors without A1 ancestors (Dave's Hangover being the only exception, unless Homestuck or Paradox Space updates with info on them before DH is out but I'm curious as to which one is less likely and I'm very hesistant in taking the latter worth a grain of salt), Aranea and Meenah being more important than the other A1s (I'm trying, and in fact I thought I did well with SJAHJ itself since Meenah's only roles were back in the intermission, then again she kind of started all of the vampires so...), references to other fanventures (sorry but that ship has sailed, with exceptions like the breif nod to Superego), and Everybody's Evil But the Main Characters. Oh and SJAHJ might be my last, and therfore only, SBIG installment that uses suggestions.
  • This will probably be moved to a Tumblr post later, along with other "leaks" (I guess, that's what the name of an SCP thread with a similar purpose is called) of my other fan works.

    Total Drama World Tour Rewrite Rewrite

    If you liked the old version, you will probably like this. It's the same basic plot, but with better wording, pacing, and less complaining from my part.

    The following will be/has been changed from the original fan fic:

  • Ezekiel's accomplishments and atittude will be toned down significantly. He will still pull the strings behind Owen's elimination, only he won't actually mean to kick him off. He doesn't actually start making master plans until after Owen loses (scratch that, so far it's coming out as he won't until Tyler loses thanks to how I'm doing chpater 3), and even then he's terrible at them and has to get bailed out several times.
  • Removing most of the meta humor. No, just no. Also, in a less related note, I think Homestuck has turned me off of the idea of meta humor by loads. Seriously.
  • A few of the eliminations will be changed from the old version. All of the eliminations of the chapters that have been published of the old version AND a change in plans for New York, except Egypt's chapter, will be changed.
  • The ship battle in chapter 2 and a sled fight in chapter 4 (maybe not for the latter) will still take place, but the arrow scene in the first chapter has been heavily remade.
  • Lindsay and Leshawna will be on swapped teams; there's no point in having Leshawna on Victory other than dumb angst (and as someone turned off by fan fics that treat interteam interactions as something horrible or "They must be making a secret alliance!" said angst is even dumber), and Lindsay sucks too much to be a part of the "central" team. Also she gets to compete with her best friend so there's that. Tyler and DJ also "switch" in both teams and in the Guy's Alliance; it makes more sense, now all five members would be ones that have/had girlfriends. This now means that Team Chris is the only one left unchanged.
  • Removing that thing about the teams not being allowed to invite eachother over to the economic/first class since there wasn't really that much purpose to it. Also this would make way more oppertunity for the eight girls to all be together more often.

  • Ed, Edd n Eddy's Awesome Edventures

    (TV Tropes page, since I don't consider this important enough to link to on the main list above at the time)

    Like the SBIG series, this is my attempt at "irony." There are two series of episodes: "Awesome Edventures," which are mostly not connected and mostly consists of people (not just the Eds) fooling around, with abnormal incidents being very common. "Story" episodes are part of a longer, nonsense plot. Except I might not do the story episodes, or at least heavily re-work them into a simpler plot.

    This may be in either webcomic or video form. As of now, it depends on how determined I am to try to see why Windows Movie Maker won't play Speakonia files (I exported one to .WAV format and it says that it cannot play the file for some reason.)

    Episodes -- Awesome Edventures:

    [Note: Unless stated otherwise, these episodes are not listed in planned production/air order.]

    "Ed Pool:" Eddy and Edd are attempting to play a game of 8-ball, but Eddy repeatedly hits the wrong suit. They then try to play 9-ball, but Eddy keeps hitting the balls in the wrong order (might not do this scene). Frusterated, Eddy comes up with a freestyle and customisable billiards game, but things go wrong when the "mines" (which is an obstacle you're supposed to avoid hitting) turn out to be a little too realistic. Highly likely to be the pilot, and pretty much a "test" episode.

    "Breakin' Out:" A rewrite of the episode where the Eds and Jonny attempt to escape from school, wherein they actually succeeded in leaving instead of (SPOILERS!) getting caught on the fence and being shot back. Highly likely to be the first lengthy episode. ("Ed Pool" might only be a test about two minuites long, while this will be about five to eight.)

    Episodes -- Story:

    [Note: For context, the "Story" episodes take place after the movie. Also, these are in production/air order.]

    "A Awesome Beginning:" [sic] The Eds are hanging around when the Kanker sisters attack them. Angered, Edd makes a plan to gather the other kids for revenge. However, it turns out that the Kankers have gotten Jonny on their side.


    This is a word list on all of the SBIG installments. My goal is to make this, as a whole eventually much longer than Homestuck (I don't care about the rest of MSPA). Going by their initials, and in publishing order:

  • TEE: 735
  • ZA: 928
  • HUC: 25,763
  • SJAHJ: 269,986*
  • S and L (I can't use the "and" character otherwise it seems to completely bonk up the formatting) TaF: 150;
  • KFTT: 2,248
  • HHC: 133,622;
  • GVS: 7,522;
  • HTD: 9,954;
  • Total: 442,908. HS's was at around 700,000 before Act 6 Act 3.

    Asterisk: I just went to the search page, copied everything, pasted it on a word counter, and removed the copyright at the bottom and the links at the top. This seems to count the dates, so if anything it's actually lower.

    Semi-colon: So far. Only counting the latest thing I have published. Unpublished later chapters are not added. To keep this simple in case I update something without updating this (expect that to happen as I may completely forget about this), this is as of the 20th of March 2014.

    Author's notes are not counted. Neither are the footnotes of Zombie Attack!

    PS since S&L is completely visual, I individually counted the words in the actual images. (Well, at first. A formatting error wiped out the line, so I had to add everything else back up and subtract that from the total to get the result) Thanks to the short length. (Not including the "Sheldon" and "Leonard" tags, or the names or their shirts, or "unintentional" word duplications. Or the "Big Bang Theory" logo. Note that, thanks to the way it's formatted, I could very well miscount at certain spots.) SJAHJ does have some visusal-only words, I will not hand-count them.

    Yeah the second S&L strip is only 22 words long though.

    Anyway, for the future... well, I estimate that HHC will have at the absolute, if-I'm-stuck least 10,000 words per each of its six chapters in season six, followed by whatever season seven ends up like. The latter of which could range from really short to soul-crushingly long. Oh, I took the average of the words of chapters 11-17. It's around 12,000. I went with seasons four and five because their individual chapters are a lot longer and they paint the picture for how season six may go down.


    I also have the game/engine M.U.G.E.N. (no, I don't know what it stands for - the creators even forgot.) At times, I make characters for it, but I don't really have much to show for it. Probably the most edited character I have is my testing character Template Man, a Kung Fu Man edit that just has some stuff I found around the internet shoved in and a lot of technical oddities that would be very inappropriate for an actual character (such as making the stage change colors based on his stats and the enemy's health or having a hyper that purposefully can be used to make him stand on air), so I might not release him until after I've made it clear that he is not meant to be balanced at all. A lot of the other character ideas I have are either very bizarre jokes or, this is part of what would take some of them so long, characters that don't really have an existing version and also lack sprites. I'd... try to get an account for a file-uploading website but for some reason I feel very unsure and unsafe about doing that. Anyway, consider this a "mini profile" of sorts specifically about my creations, and this is the list:

    Started on:

  • Aformentioned Template Man: A KFM edit with bizarre attacks and images, a lot of them Hank Hill related. Has a luck-based hyper and an oddball with a lot of gimmcks.
  • Cheaper Edd: Currently planned to maybe be the "final boss" of my "campaign." An edit of a version of Edd from Ed, Edd n' Eddy that I found mildly cheap due to a strange auto-guarding and how his one hyper left him invincible. Currently at a very unfinished state. He's planned to have an absolute boatload of hypers and several unfair attacks but still be beatable in a boss-like way. Right now he's just Edd with some jacked up stats (I might even lower his health a little so that it doesn't take too long to KO him), a striker system that can summon one of five strikers with their own unique behaviors and dodging/blocking methods to counter them, auto-regenerating power, two additional hypers, and some weird intros. Cameo allies include Dave from Sweet Jade and Hella John, Red Bull, cheaper versions of Eddy (and later Ed), a still picture of Hank Hill Smoking, and .GIFfany from Gravity Falls. PS, Alex Hirsch confirmed that .GIFfany is how you spell her name.
  • Homer Army: The Simpsons. I started out just using this "clone-type" code on a self-made copy of Homer Simpson's file, but I might scrap that and make a new Homer-based character from scratch completely with Simpsons arcade game-based sprites. He currently has three palettes that the base Homer (Team SMRT's, for those wondering) doesn't: Pink pants, mostly black or dark gray except for red eyes and shirt, and one where I just used Fighter Factory's option to flip each color's red and blue value from the default (if you're wondering what this looks like, he has azure skin and tan-ish pants now).
  • Tagger: One of the many really weird ideas I had when I was younger and was into MUGEN in the past. You know those people on video-sharing websites who put in irrelevant words in the description just so it could come up in results? Tagger's based on that. His gimmick is that he's speedy and normally weak, and is only a two-button character, but if he uses his standing punch a number of "tags" will fly and you have to either guard fast or just be lucky, otherwise they'll quickly chip away health until you're KO'd. Appearance-wise he's a brightly-colored guy in a gas mask, and by brightly colored he's got a neon green shirt, pale blue pants, and blank-white hair in his default palette. Yes, he does take the gas mask off. It's currently his only intro, where he's seen putting it on.
  • Chin: From Hong Kong '97! This guy goes down in one hit, he does not have the ability to insta-KO his opponents, and he's a weak, tiny joke character... that's planned to have a lot of quirks that makes him pretty dangerous should you get good with him and give him powerups early in the run. I've yet to play a main Pokemon title, but I gather that he's planned to be (especially in arcade mode) like Magikarp in that he starts out with crap but eventually grows to overpower even my endbosses, like Cheaper Edd.
  • Glass of Water: A joke character that's basically a literal glass of water. It can't do anything, and if hit, it shatters and dies instantly. All I have for this thing so far is some sprites, but failure to get these sprites to work at first thanks to... I think it was palette issues? Is what inspired me to make Template Man in the first place.
  • FY: A stick figure with a modified F1 sprite. In this case, it's a key of FY (Standing for F You. Yeah, "Why not name him FU instead?" Because "You" does not start with the letter U, it ends with it.) Despite looking like an insta-kill character on a stick figure body, he's planned to be relatively "normal" and not cheap. Just... weird.
  • Super Leela...?: An edit of Warner's Leela, and I think technically the first of these characters I actually "made." The question mark is because I might not make this public if he's not okay with someone editing Leela (Team SMRT's Homer, which was an edit of Warner's, said that you can edit him however you'd like so I'm assuming something like that applies to some of Warner's other characters). INCLUDES: A whole set of technicolor-skinned palettes (done 24; considering 48 of the 'rainbow' total, not counting Leela's original palettes), strikers (barely done), she copies moves of cheap characters (got Mario 64's Kart move and Naruto-kun's kunai knives so far), a regenerating anti-cheap mode with high speed (done but I might buff it since some other characters can still beat her, even with regenerating one hit point per tick), Colonel Sanders/"Bird Brain" from Trio the Punch: Never Forget Me (done), an evil dark counterpart (not done), and of course lots and lots of butt that would even make Mai Shiranui say "Good Jesus put some pants on you red/orange/yellow chartruese/green/spring cyan/azure/blue violet/magenta/rose abomination." (I would put slashes by all of them but the site kind of erases words that are too long, so I "broke" them in to chunks of three.) In-story each palette of Super Leela is actually their own person resulting from Leela falling in to some kind of "prism pool;" they battled one-another to see who is the best, but little do they know that a being of pure evil also arose from her fall...
  • Ideas (I'm just mostly jotting at this point, only Red Pikmin is likely to be made and that's because there's actually sprites of it, which explains why a lot of this is kind of a train wreck right now):

  • Red Pikmin: From Pikmin. Planned to be really weak but mostly reliant on summoning other Pikmin as strikers. Yes, I realize that having an individual Pikmin fighting individually kind of kills the whole spirit of the Pikmin games, but... I want a playable solo-Pikmin. Or heck, a Pikmin character in general.
  • Omega Drew Pickles: Rugrats-ish. Another old idea of mine, in fact this debuted as a character for this game (not SJAHJ or HHC). He looks bizarre and his main gimmick is that he would be another overpowered boss-type. His main gimmick might be that he can only guard and/or crouch either a finite number of times per round or a finite amount of time per round, but is otherwise extremely powerful. Yes, he's still a liquid metal kill robot, in fact this came from an idea of an intro where he drops in frozen, gets shot to pieces, melts down and reforms. You know, like the T-1000.
  • Hank Hill: King of the Hill. I want a mower-related special. He'd be on the top priority if there was an actual sprite sheet of him. Might be slow but strong. Vdjh ri Iruhvw I'm sorry what?
  • Brenda: Perfect Hair Forever. Plays a lot like Roy, Lucina, and the other guy in Super Smash Bros. with having the same specials. Might even have a breakable guard. Hi no kenja
  • Sheldon Cooper: The Big Bang Theory. Over the top, laser-based, probably weak because Hollywood Nerd. He finally has a working sonic death ray. 01010011, 01100001, 01100111, 01100101, 00100000, 01101111, 01100110, 00100000, 01110111, 01100001, 01110100, 01100101, 01110010 (OOC I really hope that doesn't trigger a spam filter or something)
  • Kamina: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Needs to exist. Then again so do more TTGL characters but Kamina would get top priority from me for a fan fic-related reason that will be revealed in HHC's final season (or in Housestuck: The Split) but hints for it is worming its way to this list. SAGE OF SPIRIT! THE MIGHTY KAMINA DOESN'T USE CIPHERS!
  • Alucard Badguy: Hellsing, or rather Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. Boss-type character where he's entirely in his tank and has a limited attack set. wodahS fo egaS
  • Ed, Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures: Self-explanatory origin. Surreal boss character that's mostly a giant copy of the game itself floating in the air. Attacks entirely by sending out weid projectiles. Possibly can't block either but I don't want to rip off Omega Tiger Woods too much. Out of everyone I might actually make this... thing next, after Red Pikmin of course.
  • The Wonderful 101: Self-explanatory origin. Actually Wonder-Pink. Kinda like Red Pikmin, she'll summon the minor female members of the team a lot as strikers, but is a lot more offensive on her own.
  • Skirtless Peach: Super Mario, sorta. Another weird character based on the option in Smash Bros debugging to make Peach's skirt invisible. I thought, hey, why not try to toy around with Super Princess Peach sprites and make an oddball joke character out of this? Again, has a lot of strange and untraditional fighting game attacks. And yes, Skirtless Daisy and Skirtless Rosalina are strikers.
  • Shrek: Shrek. Shrek.
  • ? Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog. Another old idea of a highly quirky Sonic the Hedgehog with intentionally spammy attacks. This one might never get past the thinking stage because after giving it some thought it's a bit boring. The question mark is from how I want this character to be prefixed, but I can't think of an appropriate prefix.
  • Nude Bart Skateboarding: The Simpsons Movie, sorta. An intentionally terrible character that just takes "sprites" from screencaps of this web game that's made to tie-into the movie. Has attacks that don't make sense and generally would be bad, but... I might make him balanced. Definitely give him hit boxes that make sense though, I don't want to be flat-out unfair.
  • Nepeta Leijon: Homestuck. I was originally gonna plan John, Jade, and Karkat too but Act 6 is wearing on my interest so as a result this comic is probably only getting one character out of me, and I want it to be the Canadian one. (Also I used to like John but Jesus his retcon power and seeming ability to win fights just because he's mad is starting to piss me off) But to be more serious (I'm not actually calling the character Canadian it's a fan fic thing that I have yet to put into something) she'll probably not be that true to canon, especially when it comes to hypers. A lot of them may be based on my own fanworks, and as a result make zero sense. If anyone complains about that, I'd say do your own character, because I'd still like to play as other Homestuck characters and it's just that the community seems to lack them. Also I keep picturing her eventual, original sprites looking something like Dee Bee Kaw's, particularly the standing pose.
  • ULTI-HAREM SOOS: Soos as he appears in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage. I refuse to explain further; read Journals itself to get him in all his beauty.
  • Gifocalypse .GIFfany: At this point, are you honestly surprised that I'm considering that abomination?
  • I also have this one idea that would give away the end of I Thought Those Were the Ingredients, another cheap character to rival Cheaper Edd that's a bit of a self-parody of me making said character overpowered in said fan fic, maybe.

    All of these are planned to be largely originally sprited except for Tagger's mask, Template Man, Cheaper Edd, Red Pikmin, EENE: TME, and NBS.



    With Movie Day published, I still have some problems with Soap and Real Story. For the former, I have a few ideas down for chapters and the like, but I realized that I haven't given much depth to any of the characters at all. For the latter, I already have the canon characters with personalities (Bash the show all you want and say that the Squirrel Boy characters are two dimensional or whatever but I can garuntee that they have more depth than my current plans of the Soap cast.) and I have given some thought into the original characters as well, I just have no idea how to excecute the plot without it becoming either a jumbled mess or a lame "fight this one villain then go to the next then the next" storyline. (You can tell with SJAHJ that I like complicated, multi-sided plots.) I have been flip-flopping as to which of them I should do first. As of this profile update, I'm going with Real Story, but that could change.

    Originally I had a huge list about getting some fics out within a certain deadline, but after the Halloween Update (Basically GVS chapters 1 and 2; TDWTR 1 and 2; and 496 pairings 3, 4, 5, and 6) but I have no place to put this, here's me confirming that SBIG shall be annual.

  • 2009: The Eds' EDventure
  • 2010: Zombie Attack!
  • 2011: Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals
  • 2012: Sweet Jade and Hella John, Sheldin and Lenard Tock About Fysics, Kids Fit the Trolls, and Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals
  • 2013: Gumball Vs Satan
  • 2014: Hecksing: The Dawn and SBIGlets
  • 2015: Act 5 Vs Act 6 and Kids Fight the Zombies
  • 2016: naruto the guy with the ninja, Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, and Spooky's Jump Scare M- OH LOOK IT'S BILL CIPHER!
  • 2017: Ideally, Housestuck: The Split, which would also end the chain completely. Because, as I said in the huge list above, HTS is the end of the line!
  • By fic - Published:

    Total Drama World Tour Rewrite: Finalized most of chapter 3, finished chapter 4's rough draft. Started on 5. I would have this updated by now, but I don't like the attention it's getting compared to TZP (not saying much) and I don't want it bumped back on the first page again. So I'm delaying this until a little after TZP's next update. Which is soon. Look below.
    Total Zeksmit Plains: On chapter 10. It may go on hiatus so that I can A: Make room for Journals and guy with the ninja, and B: Because it's just starting to get boring and dragging-ish again.
    Movie Day: After servere writer's block on chapter 2's beginning, things have been getting just a little bit better now. By the way, since I don't want to give this its own section yet, I will use this to say that by MD being an "experiment" I mean that it will sort of pave the general "adventure" template for future works I class as an adventure. Soap, Real Story, Everburn, maybe even THE BEST FAMILY and 360DD will have a few themes in common with it. Like the whole travel idea. MD is literally almost all about traveling, an element that future adventures will downplay but still have. And like exploring new environments, although these future works will not be downplaying that, believe me. And, of course, all five of these are definitely going to be more complex than MD and a little darker (in some cases, the latter's not saying very much).
    Sheldin And Lenard Tock About Fysicks: There will probably only be five comics total. Even so this is still a low priority.
    496: The final "regular" chapter and the joke chapter to close it off will both be out on Valentine's Day of 2016.

    By fic - Unpublished: (Not finished, listed by likely publishing order)

    New Super Dale Gribble U: Doing kind of well, I made it a thing to work a little on this daily. Then I made it to the end of the story and haven't touched it since, waiting a bit before I do the final version.
    Desert City
    I'd say I'm about... halfway done. At the very least. With the rough draft. EDIT: Canon had something extremely similar to what would have been the massive plot twist, and now - basically - the plot as it stands makes zero sense. I am mildly annoyed at this. This probably won't affect what I've written greatly, I'll just need to change a few things.
    ...I Thought Those Were the Ingredients: Kind of off to a decent start. EDIT: Canon beat me to concepts like Connie being a sword-using badass and a whole kind of "mind world." I am, again, mildly annoyed. Thank god Gravity Falls only has one (hour-long) episode left, there's very little risk that something will happen that will make a large twist in run:gifocalypse redundant.
    Soap: Writing steadily but slowly into the first chapter. Because I will be trying to get the first two chapters of this and the first chapter of TBF out before December 12th, all three of said chapters might be a little short by my "seriousfic" standards. 360DD's chapter itself, though, will be longer, since I worked a lot more on it a lot longer ago.
    THE BEST FAMILY: I have almost no plans for this at all aside from being a sort of thing that "builds" from Soap. I have a few concepts floating around, and I did promise myself to get this out before 360DD, but still. Just a few plot points. I am beginning to tie them together though.
    A Slash of Mortality: I do try to work a little on it daily, and I am probably very close to the end of chapter 1's rough, but this probably won't be out for a while. Thinking about it, this might only have... 13 chapters? It's not going to be that long, but as current plans stand it's probably going to be longer than Soap.
    Everburn: ...Well the beginning's done and the ending part of the first chapter's done but there's a lot of holes in between. Particularlly towards the earlier points. And I don't really like the beginning that much either. I started on the second chapter at least.
    The Real Story
    : Started this 3/26 of 2013 after I made a bet with myself over a certain fan fic over whether it will do a cliche move. I lost the bet (I would give kudos to the author since the cliche in question (bringing Blaineley into a fan TD season on to have her not do anything and get kicked off first) is highly overused, except that fan fic has a self-insert so blatant and untollerable IMO that it pretty much ruins the story and I'd rather not give publicity negatively to specific fan works. Also I forgot what it was called.), so I have started on this.
    Total Drama Race: Barely started, haven't done much.

    By fic - Unstarted: (Just planned dates on starting, mostly)

    Housestuck: The Split: If Homestuck either ends on or reveals the "A1cestors" by/before 4/13 of 2016, then I'll shoot for getting season one of this out on September 13th. Otherwise, nope.

    Final Line of Story-Writing Advice:

    Every time you rehash canon - just copy-paste dialogue word-for-word if you're doing some kind of remake/divergence story or whatever - you make a random kitten cry. Please don't do that. You can re-use dialogue if it's supposed to be for a once-in-a-while flashback, but I prefer a story to go in as many original directions as it can.

    And if you just plagiarize another fan fic or whatever, you're a flat-out jerk.

    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    Hunters' Chorus by BeardedFrog reviews
    What ever occurred between the Monster and the Huntress after the attack on the Adler? A relationship exploration of sorts. Manga-verse; takes place during Alucard's voyage to London. Alucard/Rip.
    Hellsing - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Supernatural - Chapters: 3 - Words: 12,901 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 112 - Follows: 65 - Updated: 1/29/2015 - Published: 11/21/2009 - Alucard, Rip Van Winkle - Complete
    Total Drama Action Redux by Lord Akiyama reviews
    An alternate universe story based around my idea of how the series would have gone. - Chapter Ten: Full Metal Drama
    Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 10 - Words: 112,298 - Reviews: 126 - Favs: 70 - Follows: 53 - Updated: 12/9/2012 - Published: 9/12/2010
    Total Alternate Island by Jason Kreuger Myers reviews
    We all know what happened 1st season, but what if 6 more campers and 4 sibling interns were added to the fray. Couples both fanon and canon. Dedicated to my idols Kobold Necromancer and Winter Rae
    Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 86 - Words: 396,622 - Reviews: 312 - Favs: 93 - Follows: 42 - Updated: 2/6/2012 - Published: 5/11/2009 - Complete
    Total Drama Alternate Tour by tigerty reviews
    What if Duncan hadn't quit? What if Ezekiel had a second chance? What if Bridgette didn't get stuck to a pole? It's yet another season 3 rewrite.
    Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 10 - Words: 64,437 - Reviews: 51 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 24 - Updated: 1/1/2012 - Published: 9/19/2010
    Total Drama: OC Parody by Ritzy1 reviews
    Send in Mary and Gary Sues, with no faults whatsoever! Send me your bubbly and popular yet sarcastic and loyal cheerleaders. Send me an exact copy of Duncan, Gwen or Courtney except with different names! The sky is the limit.
    Total Drama series - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 325 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 7/12/2011
    TDWT: Reducks Redux by The Kobold Necromancer reviews
    In this requested redux of TDWT, things are quite different and more insane! Currently in Yukon, where the ship teasing heats up the frozen zone! But how much tease can you take? How much cold can they hold up to? Get ready, because it's sledding time!
    Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 8 - Words: 85,986 - Reviews: 143 - Favs: 102 - Follows: 69 - Updated: 3/23/2011 - Published: 10/5/2010 - Lindsay, Chef Hatchet
    Total Drama Comeback by The Kobold Necromancer reviews
    The original 22 contestants return to Wawanakwa for a second season, almost straight after the first. Who will win? What new friendships and love interests will form? Will Heather endure, can Ezekiel survive, and will Izzy find the elusive jellybean smuggler? Completed, official pairings and more.
    Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 53 - Words: 375,353 - Reviews: 1899 - Favs: 638 - Follows: 204 - Updated: 2/10/2009 - Published: 9/4/2008 - Chris M., Izzy, Bridgette, Ezekiel - Complete
    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    naruto the guy with the ninja reviews
    Part of the "SBIG" series. It's just a small, intentionally badly written (so much that its name is in all lower case) story I kind of did out of boredom. The plot's about Naruto becoming a huge power-lord, eventually realizing that his actions have... consequences. There are typoes but very few, and the content's aimed to not be anything worse than some mild swearing.
    Crossover - X-overs & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 30,256 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Updated: 2/25 - Published: 1/31/2016 - Naruto U., Sasuke U.
    Housestuck: The Split
    The final installment of the "SBIG" series, and a sort of spinoff/not-sequel to "Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals." In HHC, our "heroes" go back in time and meet their guardians and ancestors when they were the same age. Now, they decided to split the timeline, and the "first generation" is equals with them. Also, we finally find out Nepeta's backstory.
    Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 12,485 - Updated: 1/15 - Published: 12/31/2017 - [Nepeta L., OC] [John E., Jade H.]
    Total Zeksmit Plains reviews
    Alternate Universe not related to the canon series, with small fantasy elements. Ezekiel, after winning a special challenge by Chris, now hosts a show of his own starring eleven rather familiar girls as they compete in the wild prairies of Zekitunakwa. Day 10: The final challenge. At the end of what HAS to be the longest summer ever...
    Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 11 - Words: 142,046 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 12/31/2017 - Published: 10/3/2011 - Justin, Ezekiel
    The Four Edges of Gravity Falls
    "Inspired" by Shadow the Hedgehog and some other things, I realized that I had made an intentionally edgy counterpart to .GIFfany, and an edgy counterpart to Mabel over my fan fiction writing history. Written entirely in a week, here's a one off involving both of them. Sort of. I'm going to come back and fix this, I'm just publishing this now because it's RunGif's anniversary.
    Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,046 - Published: 12/30/2017 - [OC, Soos] Mabel P., Giffany - Complete
    Escape From Fanservice Island reviews
    After an expedition goes wrong, Stan, Ford, Soos, and Melody find themselves on a strange island where they get into risque naked adventures with past threats - .GIFfany, Darlene, and Pyronica. With a mysterious new beast lurking in the woods, can they survive? Rated M because of a lot of focused nudity in general, especially a lot of butts.
    Gravity Falls - Rated: M - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 179,634 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 12/21/2017 - Published: 1/15/2017 - [Giffany, Melody] Grunkle Ford, Pyronica
    The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage
    Part of the "SBIG" series and the third-to-last installment. A ten-chapter, intentionally poorly written joke story where the Journals come to life, and things get confusing really fast. Features a lazy palette swap of Mabel or two, "inspiration" from the "Light of Courage" animations, Soos kind of being involved in a harem, and it's set after "Little Gift Shop of Horrors."
    Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 7 - Words: 69,761 - Updated: 11/7/2017 - Published: 9/13/2016 - [Soos, Giffany, Melody, Rumble McSkirmish]
    Bathing Fours
    Extremely surreal one-shots about groups of four characters bathing (a quick story for each pair, then all four together). I might rework this from the ground up later. The first chapter was written, in its entirety, over just one day. WARNING: This story has Hank Hill. Yes, he's the guy on the cover art. Massive crack fic. Might be moved to a general fandom thing.
    Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Humor/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,980 - Published: 9/22/2017 - [Giffany, Melody, Rumble McSkirmish, Soos]
    Sweet Jade and Hella John
    Ground-up remake of this fossil-old (2012-2013) thing I did back on the MSPA Forums, part of the "SBIG" series and the original fourth installment. Black comedy, deliberately poorly-written misadventures of John and Jade. NEW FEATURES: no Mario Intermission because that dragged on too long, more coherance, it's in Super HD 2160p now (but text-only), and no "pointless" characters.
    Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,478 - Published: 8/29/2017 - [John E., Nepeta L.] [Jade H., Kanaya M.]
    Spooky's Jump Scare M- OH LOOK IT'S BILL CIPHER
    Part of the "SBIG" series and the second-to-last installment. A short, intentionally poorly-written joke crossover with "Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion." Dipper, Mabel, and Pacifica get trapped in Spooky's mansion and must get out. Meanwhile, Bill and .GIFfany harass them. Now complete.
    Crossover - Misc. Games & Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 15,822 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 4/23/2017 - Published: 12/31/2016 - Dipper P., Pacifica N., Bill, Giffany - Complete
    Part of the "SBIG" series. Just a collection of several stories that are intentionally badly written, in an attempt at comedy. The fics can be about anything I feel like writing about, or even be sequels/spinoff/prequel chapters to existing installments. And even have sequels. Just about anything goes.
    X-overs - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 4 - Words: 22,891 - Updated: 4/7/2017 - Published: 12/29/2014
    run:gifocalypse reviews
    Divergence fic. Soos, Mabel, Wendy, and Dipper travel the world to stop an army of physical .GIFfany copies, but things are a bit more complicated than they appear. Join them on this adventure with dragons, elemental powers, bizarre locations, creatures new and old, and loads of naked .GIFfanys. Now complete, and with a bonus time skip chapter.
    Gravity Falls - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 17 - Words: 250,690 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 2/14/2017 - Published: 12/30/2015 - Dipper P., Mabel P., Soos, Giffany - Complete
    Part of the "SBIG" series of intentionally poorly-written stories, the original twelfth installment, and the third and final "short story" that I am mirroring from the MSPA Forums. What starts out as Thanksgiving "fluff" quickly turns in to a story with a yandere OC-parody, giant monsters, and general inspiration from the "Sonic Zombie" series.
    Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,561 - Published: 2/12/2017 - Rose L., Dave S., Karkat V., Jane C. - Complete
    Part of the "SBIG" series and the original eleventh installment, mirrored here from the MSPA forums. A sequel to KIDS FIT THE TROLLS, in case the title was not obvious enough. This is also an intentionally poorly written story where the pre-Act 6 characters get into a conflict with their "counterparts" on... Angel Island.
    Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,638 - Published: 2/11/2017 - John E., Rose L., Dave S., Jade H. - Complete
    Part of the "SBIG" series. A mirroring of a much older (dating back to 2012) intentionally poorly-written short story where contrivance gets the original four human kids to fight against the original twelve troll kids. "In Homestuck tradition," there's time travel, dream selves, god tiering, and... Petey Piranha?
    Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,280 - Published: 2/10/2017 - Dave S., Jade H., Feferi P., Aradia M. - Complete
    Paper John: Sticker Star reviews
    A timeless, original tale where a dialogue-heavy protagonist journeys unique settings with an A-plus combat system. Which Homestuck character plays which Mario character also makes complete sense. (But seriously, in two words this story can be described as a "joke crossover." With Paper Mario: Sticker Star. A parody four years too late, but still.)
    Crossover - Mario & Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,988 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 12/2/2016 - John E., Karkat V., Nepeta L., Jack Noir/Spades Slick
    The Axe Effect: Gifillions
    Just a really short, stupid parody involving characters from another fan fic of mine, run:gifocalypse. In short, an army of annoying physical .GIFfany copies hold a "race" in something inspired by the "Axe Effect: Billions" ad. Reading run:gifocalypse is practically required in order to understand what's going on and who these people are, but this isn't "canon" to RG.
    Gravity Falls - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,946 - Favs: 1 - Published: 10/31/2016 - [Melody, Soos] Giffany - Complete
    Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr Whiskers
    A four-chapter crack fic based on some really bad idea I had when I was a kid. This is what happened when I tried putting that idea into my more recent "story style." Basically, the Simpsons end up stranded in the Amazon after a kind of AU from "Blame it on Lisa," then things get... very weird.
    Crossover - Simpsons & Brandy & Mr. Whiskers - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 4 - Words: 20,264 - Updated: 7/28/2016 - Published: 12/17/2015 - [Homer S., Marge S.] Brandy - Complete
    Bl:oodswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff?
    AU, A pretty odd twist on the bloodswap concept. A thirteenshot where it seems like the original trolls have been replaced by a Nepeta with the same blood color. Then things get weird. Fair warning that this isn't so much focused on Alternia or anything as much as it is a strange story that's based on taking a "joke idea" seriously.
    Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 4 - Words: 47,899 - Updated: 6/6/2016 - Published: 11/11/2015 - Dave S., Nepeta L., Jake E., OC
    496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems reviews
    Basically I took the "make short ficlets of every combination of characters" meme on AO3, set them all in the same story, and added loads of polygamy to it. The eight humans and twenty-four trolls are all stuck on a meteor, and thanks to a certain Most Impurrtant Character they eventually all end up dating eachother. DISCONTINUED, but I gave it a half-hearted ending.
    Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 51,486 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 2/14/2016 - Published: 2/14/2013 - Meulin L. - Complete
    Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals
    Part of the "SBIG" series. It's a stupid, deliberatley badly written thing I made in a spinoff to another also deliberatley badly written fan fic I wrote before. Main plot's about the kids and trolls fighting the Felt, but the majority of the fan fic involves a bunch of sidequests with the citizens. Completed.
    Homestuck - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 26 - Words: 305,439 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 9/13/2015 - Published: 9/13/2012 - [John E., Jade H.] Nepeta L. - Complete
    Gumball Vs Satan reviews
    Part of the "SBIG" series. It's a stupid parody thing that's intentionally badly written. I'd suggest to ignore this if you don't like deliberately badly done fan fiction. Actual story is where the Devil himself has some problems and Elmore Jr. High gets caught up in it, before the story quickly turns into something even more... out-there. Now edited to clear up "typoes."
    Amazing World of Gumball - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 6 - Words: 16,921 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 8/31/2015 - Published: 10/30/2013 - Gumball W., Darwin W., Carrie, OC - Complete
    Zombie Attack!
    Repost and remake of this really old thing I did years ago. Part of the "SBIG" series. An intentionally badly written short story about Edd fighting zombies.
    Ed, Edd n Eddy - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,484 - Published: 8/31/2015 - Edd - Complete
    The Eds' EDventure reviews
    Part of the "SBIG" series, an old intentionally poorly written fan fic made for total fun. Now a bit of an old shame, if you ask me... UPDATE: Finally, truly finished.
    Ed, Edd n Eddy - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,007 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/31/2015 - Published: 4/18/2009 - Eds - Complete
    The Hair Idealization
    Crossover with the weird [adult swim] show Perfect Hair Forever and a challenge to myself. A short, surreal oneshot that doesn't take itself too seriously and kind of based on "The Sweaters" from the Amazing World of Gumball, where Leonard finds himself having to challenge Gerald and Brenda in a series of trials. Thankfully, Penny helps him out.
    Crossover - Misc. Cartoons & Big Bang Theory - Rated: T - English - Humor/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,109 - Published: 12/31/2014 - Leonard H., Penny - Complete
    Hecksing: The Dawn
    Part of the SBIG series. A prequel to the intentionally badly written "Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals", focused on... "the past", sort of. Alucard, Walter, and Integra go on several missions spanning through the contemporary era, fighting a number of evil organizations led by the former's evil brother. Completed.
    Hellsing - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 6 - Words: 39,759 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 9/19/2014 - Published: 6/11/2014 - Alucard, Integra, Walter, Rip Van Winkle - Complete
    Carl Stevens Universe reviews
    Nearly three years after an obnoxious Parody Stu somehow became the leader of Hellsing and got Rip and Seras on his side, the three move to Beach City. Problem is that, unlike London, the Stu isn't so welcomed and soon the Crystal Gems have to do something a little... silly to deal with them. Kind of a huge crack fic...
    Crossover - Hellsing & Steven Universe - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 23,744 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Published: 12/18/2013 - [OC, Rip Van Winkle] Amethyst, Steven U. - Complete
    Movie Day reviews
    The twelve kids race to a distant but popular vacation city in time to see a movie that will only premiere at that city until after three weeks. This fan fic is really more of a test than anything.
    Ed, Edd n Eddy - Rated: K - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,976 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/16/2012 - Ed, Eddy
    Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals reviews
    Part of the "SBIG" series. It's a stupid parody of the OVAs/manga before later chapters get more "original." I'd advise to ignore this if you don't like fan fics written bad on purpose. Completed, and my first fan fic to be so. Edit: And now touched up a little. The old version will be on the fan fiction wiki.
    Hellsing - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 30,111 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 4/13/2012 - Published: 9/13/2011 - [Seras, Rip Van Winkle, OC] - Complete
    Total Drama World Tour Rewrite reviews
    Remade from the ground up from an older version! My attempt at this. All 24 contestants are competing, with a certain unnexpected someone being the villain. Fans of canon pairings... be cautious.
    Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 21,377 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 5/13/2011 - Published: 4/1/2011 - Chris M., Chef Hatchet