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Useless Information, Commence!

Hello and welcome to my profile! Don't know how you've stumbled across my page, don't know why you're reading this, but frankly, I don't care. My name is Mai, or rather, that's what most of my online friends know me as. I am currently 16 years old and am a Junior in high school trying to balance out my schedule between AP Chemistry and US History. I do happen to be of the female species, though others have mistaken me as otherwise on some occasions. I live in the States and have a Cambodian ethnic background. I honestly don't care what you say about the hundreds of drug-dealers and producers some claim to reside there, but I still have my pride.

Some things that I enjoy doing include drawing and painting (mostly on a digital medium), reading fanfiction (if it wasn't already apparent), determining the empirical and molecular formulas of various chemical compounds in order to make myself feel like an alchemist, and also writing. Though you probably won't see any stories from me. I'm terrible at creating and structuring plots and developing characters and pretty much just story-telling. I'm too straightforward a person to possibly do anything like that. Formal writing is my strong point in that area, though I also do take some interest in literary theory and the like.

I sound like a rather boring person, don't I?

Anywho I'd also like to mention that above all else (or according to what matters most on this site), I am a fan! Shocking, isn't it? My favorite book so far is Life of Pi by Yann Martel, though I have yet to see any fanfiction for it (not that it needs any, anyway). Some more popular series I like include Harry Potter, Maximum Ride (though I've grown tired by how long it's been drawn out), The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson & the Olympians (hats off for this one, it being my very first fandom and all). I also like a couple anime and manga, though I haven't started anything new in ages. My favorite anime/manga would probably be Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, closely followed by Darker Than Black and Code Geass. Other notable anime and manga include Angel Beats, The World God Only Knows (manga), and Death Note.

My favorite categories of fanfiction include crossovers, well-made AUs, stories with lots and lots of plot, and stories that explore the relations between characters or those that analyze characters in unique ways. Stories I am not a big fan of, however, include most high school AUs, most crack-fics, most character abuse and adoption fics, song-fics, gener-swap fics, "character reads..." fics, etc.

Also if you'd like a Beta for grammar, spelling, and writing flow, feel free to drop a PM. Also if you want to just talk, feel free to do the same for I am rather lonely. :I

Also EdWin. OTP forever :V


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Rue by Maya Sushi reviews
His whole body hurt. He needed to start thinking, really thinking things through. The Truth must have had a reason for putting him here, and if they wanted to play this god damn game he would play it. For Alphonse. No matter how long it took. (This story is officially KIA, sorry)
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