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Yo? I'm My Soliloquy. Nicknames are appreciated.

I write various parings, considering I'm now starting to branch out. However, you're unlikely to find anything but Seiner actually shown to the rest of the world.


Ongoing Stories/One-shots/Drabbles:
(Updated 6th September 2010)

Fortuitous - Chapter 4 in the works. I'm in college now, guys, and lots of stuff's happened. I can promise that I'll finish this, though, even if it takes me as long as OHSoS!


SECTION ONE: The "Favorite" Questions

1. Your favorite KH guy?
Sora. He’s just so cute and... SQUISHY! 8D

2. Your favorite KH girl?
Yuffie, all the way (and shhhhh, she doesn’t count as FF, she’s in KH... and Olette’s pretty cool too)

3. Your least favorite KH guy? Why?
King Mickey. Popping outta nowhere and then disappearing! It’s just not done!

4. Your least favorite KH girl? Why?
I don’t have one. There’s, like, four girls and a gazillion guys.

5. Favorite World? (Includes both KH1 and KH2)
Pride Lands!

6. Least Favorite World?
They were all so fun~ But does The World That Never Was have to be so plain?

7. Favorite Weapon? (Includes both KH1 and KH2)
The Keyblades – duh! Roxas’ two, Oblivion and Oathkeeper, are made of awesome.

8. Least Favorite Weapon?
I’d say Luxord’s cards and die, but, hello Xemnas, have you ever heard of a thing called ‘plagiarism’?

9. Fav. Summon? (includes both KH1 and KH2)
SIMBA! Closely followed by Mushu and Genie

10. Fav. Form? (aka. Sora's Forms)

11. Favorite Pairing? (includes yaoi coupling) Why?
Erm... Seiner. And CLC. I just write more Seiner.

12. Least Fav. Pairing? (includes yaoi couples) Why?
Least favourite pairing? No such thing. I’m up for anything. Throw ‘em at me!

13. Any cool crack pairings you've heard of? List 'em.
Squall/Demyx! (Seriously, PM me and I will give you a beautifully written fanfic about these two)

14. Weirdest Pairing(s) You've Ever Heard Of?
Every non-canon pairing is weird... and there are no canon pairings as far as I know.

15. Any "Kh-pet-peeves" you have?
Kairi and/or Xion and/or Larxene and/or any-other-female-character-that-gets-in-the-way-of-your-yoai-pairing bashing. Seriously, that’s not cool.

16. Fav. Partner in KH? (includes both KH1 and KH2)
Auron. Cool old man.

SECTION TWO: Do you believe it, or not believe it?

17. Do you believe in the Xemnas/Saix theory?

18. Do you believe that Zexion is emo?
Huh... I just think he’s got a weird haircut.

19. Do you believe that Marluxia is gay?
He’s doesn’t have to be... he’s just flamboyant. Doesn’t mean he isn’t though.

20. Do you believe that Kairi is the most annoying character in KH
No! She’s great! :3 Except her keyblade. X3

SECTION THREE: Answer Yourself!

21. If Roxas had to choose either Namine or Olette, who would you root for? Why?
Namine, because Olette belongs with Pence. End of story.

22. What's your theory on KH: Birth by Sleep?
None, sorry.

23. Was Chain of Memories a waste of time?
No! We got to look at more Nobodies! :D

24. If you had the choice of meeting ONE (and ONLY ONE!) KH character, who would it be?
ONLY ONE?! Okay. Um. Seifer. So I could tell him to pull the stick out of his ass, crabby meanie head. (But probably actually Sora. He’s too cool and cute!)

25. Which KH character do you relate to the most? Why?
Hayner. I’m short, I’m stubborn, my best mate’s a flamer and my two other best friends are so going to get together. (And my rival’s the hottest thing since the sun.)

26. What's the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to you that had something to do with KH?
The first time I saw Pete on KH2 I screamed “FAT ASS IS BACK!” and my mother had walked in the house just a second beforehand.

27. Have you ever cosplayed as a KH character? If so, who? If not, who would you like to cosplay as?
I’d probably crossplay as Squall.

28. The Funniest Moment in all of KH would be...?
Every time Donald speaks.

29. The Hardest Enemy/Boss was...?
Luxord or Saix~

30. What was a good edition in KH2 that made it oh-so-addictive?
The characters!

SECTION FOUR: Decisions, Decisions...

Note: You MUST only choose one! "Both" or "Neither" in unacceptable!!

31. Hayner or Pence?
Hayner 8D

32. Zexion or Marluxia?
Zexion. He’s cool.

33. Riku or Roxas?
Roxas. Riku’s... not related as closely as Roxas to Sora. xD

34. Roxas or Sora?
Sora. Definitely.

35. Axel or Demyx?
Demyx! Or Axel... erm. Enie meanie miney mo… Demyx it is!

36. Kairi or Larxene?
Larxene, Yay for lightning!

37. AkuRoku or SoRiku?

38. Namixas or Namiku?

39. Zemyx or AkuRoku?
AkuRoku. I’m not all too hot on Zeymx.

40. SoKai or SoRiku?
SoKaiRiku – OT3, anyone? No? Plz? (but, really, SoRiku, if I have to choose)

41. Sea Salt Ice Cream or Paopu Fruit?
Paopu Fruit. I’m a true romantic at heart. Really. (I don’t like salty foods.)

42. Cloud or Leon?

43. CloTi or Clerith?
I don’t like Tifa much. Clerith.

44. Simple and Clean or Passion?

SECTION FIVE: The Last Section!!

45. List all the KH character you've fallen for. (This includes Final Fantasy character as well)
I don’t do fictional characters, but if I had to... Xigbar. Or Xaldin. Or both. (Shhh, you, my tastes are perfectly normal and fine.)

46. What crossovers would you like to see with KH?
I wouldn’t really care. More FF?

47. Does anyone in KH look like another character? List 'em all!
Axel&Reno... ‘sabout it.

48. Which new KH game can you absolutely NOT wait for?
365/2 Days! DS DS DS!! (UPDATE: I HAS IT!!)

49. Do you like KH1 or KH2 better? Why?
KH2 because it has a thicker plotline, tbh.

50. LAST QUESTION! What makes Kingdom Hearts one of the best games in the world!?
The limited females and the almost infinite of malexmale pairings! (And Sora’s adorable smile.)

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