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Hey! i'm Sara and i am obsessive Team Taylor! See, I think Edward is better for Bella, but I personally like Jake better.So, back on topic, i love writing stories, songs (just watch you WILL hear me on the radio someday!), and occaisionally strange poetry. i sing constantly, and dance even more! My friends Maeve, Divya, Kaushika and Simran are awesome, i'll post them on my favorites...

Some of my favorites:

Band-Paramore, Flyleaf, Leslie Roy, MY band

Song- Conspiracy and Breathe, both by Paramore

Book- Twilight Saga, Tithe, Gallagher Girls, Harry Potter, House of Night Series

TV Show- I don't have enough time to watch TV anymore! I know, it's sad

Hobbies- singing, songwriting, reading, writing, texting, dancing, horseback riding

People- ummmmm... nobody comes to mind...just joking! See introduction...

Occupation- Student/singer/songwriter

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Disclaimer: If I were Stephenie Meyer I wouldn't have to deo this stupid summer reading project...

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