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Hello all um well I don't like to talk to much about myself. I have three wonderfull children and to much time on my hands! I actually only read the whole series a couple of months ago.. I fell in love with the books after the movie came out and read them all in the span of a week I didnt want the series to end so I started my own version which I am now sharing with all of you I hope I dont disapoint I have little or no experience in writting so you will have to letme know by reading and reviewing it.. thanks so much. and if you like Jasper storys My Best friend wrote an incredibly awsome! Jasper story its called scars and fire look at it in my favorites well worth your time to check it out!

by the way if your interested in fan made twilight music videos i made one on You-Tube i only made one the rest of them are my family so you dont need to bother with them unless you want? so check it out tell me what you think! k well god bless and thanks for visiting!

:Within Tempataion - Frozen

:Chris Issac - Wicked game

:The red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your gaurdian Angel

:My twilight fan made music video

:The Fray - Never say Never

:Red - already over - Chapter 21

:Kate Voegele - You can't break a broken heart - Chapter 22

:Rev Theory - Broken Bones

:12 stones - Let Go - Chapter 25

Lyrics to let go at the bottom.

:Mayday Parade - Anywhere but here - Chapter 26

:12 stones - Hey Love - Chapter 27

:Egypt Central - Leap of faith - Chapter 29

:Breaking Benjamin - Breath

:Saliva - Bleed for me - Chapter 31

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:Picture of the bottle.




:Jaspers Bike - Hayabusa

:Bella's house in Maine

:Bella's Dress - Chapter 33

:Bella's Hair - Chapter 33


12 Stones - Let Go

I feel so alone again
I know that I need you
To help me make it through the night
And I pray that you believe in me
You gave me my strength
To face another day alone

And I need you now my friend
More than you know yah
When will we meet again
Cause i can't let go of you

This world brings me down again
I know that I need you
To help me make it through the night
And I know that you're the one for me
You gave me my strength to face another day alone

And I need you now my friend
More than you know yah
When will we meet again
Cause I can't let go I can't let go

As time passes by I find
Things never seem to change
When i feel alone
You bring me back to you

And I need you now my friend
More than you know yah
When will we meet again
Cause I can't let go of you
No I can't let go


(Jasper’s POV) ~OUTTAKE~

I could feel the dampness of the fallen tree I was sitting on, through my jeans. I had been gone from the house for hours, hours longer then necessary. I told Alice I needed to hunt, I knew she knew I needed to get away. The emotions in the house were overwhelming to say the least. It’s been months since Edward left, taking the last shred of my sanity with him. When he left everyone seemed to slowly fall apart, it’s insane how much power had been given him, and he never thought twice about how he was abusing that. Rosalie was right he was selfish, I know what he was thinking or feeling I might say, when he left. The guilt rolling off him was crippling, but it was no less for the rest of us. But all he saw was his own pain, and had not seen how much that affected everyone. He was so blinded by his rage he couldn’t see beyond it.

I avoided everyone in the house, staying in my room for days, only leaving to hunt. For the first couple of months I tried desperately to keep everyone’s emotions in check, but soon it proved too much for me. Esme was the worst; her pain ran too deep for me to affect her with my gift. It soon began to almost ricochet off her, and her sadness would hit me full force bringing me to my knee’s a couple of times. I never let on that it was her that was causing my collapses, she didn’t seem aware of her own pain, she was so good at putting on a show for the rest of us, she never let her true emotions show through. My beautiful wife did her best to control her emotions, but even she couldn’t contain her sadness fully. Emmett wasn’t really sad, he was more angry then anything. He felt betrayed and abandoned by Edward. His boisterous and charismatic laughter that once filled the house, was now silent, replaced by grunts and growls. The weight of their emotions bearing down on me, was like that of a human carrying twenty cinderblocks in his arms while walking up ten flights of stairs.

I got up from the log I was sitting on, and brushed my pants off. I stood there for a moment and took a couple of deep breaths, before I headed back to the house. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. I didn’t want to leave, but if something didn’t change, and soon it seemed my only option. I was only enhancing everyone’s emotions back on them, unable to alter them, there was just too much at one time.

“You gonna set up camp here, or ya coming home?” I looked to see Emmett leaning against a tree a few feet away, his face wore a smile that didn’t touch his eyes.

“Yeah, I was just headed back.” I said throwing him my own little forced smile. Just as I started to walk my phone began to ring, I froze pulling it from my pocket. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Alice, I answered it quickly.

“Alice, honey is everything ok?” I asked quickly.

“Jazzy! Edwards coming home! he will be here in less then a minute! Hurry home.” Alice squealed into the phone. I pulled the phone from my ear, in an attempt to regain some sensation in my eardrum.

“I’m on my way…” I said flipping my phone shut with a loud snap, as the plastic smacked together.

“Edward’s home…” I fought the urge to laugh, as Emmett’s and Rosalie’s eyes narrowed at the same time in irritation.

“Well let’s not keep him waiting on the reunion…” Emmett said with a shrug of his shoulders, and darted toward the house. When we arrived, he was there talking with Esme, Carlisle and Alice. I could feel his pain the second I entered the house, it was indescribable. I had to anchor myself to the door to keep from dropping from the weight of it, so much guilt. Emmett of course greeting him with sarcasm, so many different emotions were flying around, love, disappointment, anger, happiness and pain, so much pain.

Voices seemed to blur in my ears, as if I were listening from under water. Fear and anger, overpowering all other emotions in the room. I looked up only when I heard a large thunderous crash echo off the walls. Edward’s piano now lay in ruins, smashed and disfigured beneath Emmett and Edward.

“WE MISS HER TOO!” I heard Emmett shout before he was shoved back by Edward. Alice flew to my arms, she had seen what was coming, and knew there was nothing she could do to stop it. Moments later Emmett sealed Edward’s decision, with a statement that would reinforce Edward’s reason for leaving in the first place. Blame.

Before I could blink Edward was gone, everyone’s jaw was still slack, Emmett stood frozen in front of me. Seconds later there was still no movement. Emmett’s hands suddenly flew to his hair and he grasped it tightly in his fists. “I…I… I didn’t mean it…” he turned and sprang for the door, I stuck my arm out suddenly blocking his way out. “Don’t, you’ll never catch him…” I said softly.

“Move Jasper! I have to try… I have to tell him I didn’t mean it!” Emmett barked.

“You know there no chance of catching him, he’s faster then all of us.” I said trying to get him to see reason.

“Emmett … he knows you didn’t mean It.” Carlisle said walking toward him and placing his hand on his shoulder, Emmett shrugged it off the second his hand made contact. In a blur he flew to where Edward’s piano lay, with one quick smooth movement and an anguished scream, he picked up a large section and threw it violently, through the large picture window it once stood next to, sending glass flying deep into the trees. He followed it out, and disappeared into the forest in the opposite direction Edward left. I knew he just needed time, so I told everyone to give him space.

Esme began gathering the broken pieces that remained in the house, without uttering a word. We all just stared at her for a moment, not sure what was happening. I was getting nothing from her, and when I say nothing I mean NOTHING. It was as if she wasn’t even in the room, I looked at Carlisle who had a distressed expression plastered to his face. His emotions were conflicting switching between sympathy and anger and utter heartbreak.

Rosalie took off after Emmett, while Alice and I went outside to clean up the mess, Emmett had created during his outburst. Carlisle helped Esme clean inside the house. When I got back in the house I was finally able to feel emotion coming from Esme again, but it wasn’t an emotion I had ever felt coming from her before, it was refutation, complete and total rejection. Though her face held no expression, it was flowing from her like Niagara Falls.

I was not going to spend anymore time watching my Family fall apart. I was going to find him, and bring his masochistic melodramatic ass home! I told Alice I needed to get away for awhile, that I just needed a break and I wouldn’t be gone long. She started to insist on going with me, when she froze mid sentence, as her eyes glazed over.

“What is it?” I asked as she sat slowly on the bed.

“Esme… we left …. And her future disappeared?” she said placing her hand over her eyes.

“Alice… what do you see if only I leave?” I asked taking a seat next to her. Her eyes glazed over once again and she was silent for a long moment before speaking again.

“She’s back… her future is back.” She said sadly, I knew she wasn’t sad because Esme’s future returned, only because she wouldn’t be joining me on my trip, I breathed a hidden sigh of relief, and ran my hand up and down her back a couple of times, trying to sooth her.

She helped me pack my bag in silence, not saying a word. I explained the reason for my leaving to the family, and they all seemed to understand. I held Esme tightly and assured her I was ‘not’ abandoning the family, that I would return soon, and would check in often.

I tied my bag securely to my Hayabusa and climbed on. Alice wrapped her arms around me, her eyes glossing over with venom. She held me tightly before pulling back and placed her lips gently on mine. I pulled her closer to me deepening the kiss, we stayed locked together, while I poured every ounce of love I could into that kiss. I needed her know how much I loved her, and I needed to take it with me as well.

We broke apart after a moment, and pressed our foreheads firmly together. I grasped the sides of her head with my hands, and she did the same.

“I love you Alice, more then any word could convey” I whispered to her softly, grazing her nose with mine.

“I Love you too… My only love.” She whispered back, breaking our connection as she took a step away.

I watched as she turned and headed back in the house, she stopped a few feet from the door, and turned to face me again.

“Jasper… you won’t find him, but maybe you will find peace.” She gave me a soft smile and left.

I stared at the place she stood only seconds ago, pondering what she saw, but I knew Alice’s visions were never certain. Whether I found him or not, for my family… I had to at least try.

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